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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 10, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm CEST

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after the fall of the berlin november going to w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin facing up to an unfortunate truth germany's interior minister reacts to wednesday's deadly attack in holland. uses today's brutal crime. as shamed a whole country. he says it looks like this is an anti-semitic attack and the threat of right-wing terrorism in germany is very high that's also coming up
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turkey's president has just done millions of refugees to the european union after it criticised this is authentic against kurdish militants in northern syria the loss of billions begin to flee the invasion. and austrian author peter honeycutt has won the 2019 nobel prize for literature and the whole of the polish author old up to par check is made to 2018 a year late. i'm sumi so much that's good to have you with us we start here in germany where the country's interior minister haas a whole file is warning that the threat of nationwide rightwing terrorism is very high they hope for was speaking at a press conference after an anti-semitic attack on a synagogue in a nearby shop in the eastern city of hull it. he says the government would do
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everything it could to protect german jews and that given the legacy of the 2nd world war germany must ensure the jews can live in the country without fear the german interior minister also said wednesday's fatal shooting which left 2 dead had a shame to germany he says will tell if yesterday's brutal crime has shamed our whole country. without history. something like this must not happen in germany. unfortunately we must look the truth in the face. and the truth is and has been for a long time the threat level from anti semitism from right wing extremism and from far right terrorism in germany is very high. you see a whole. our political correspondent thomas sparrow has been following all the
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latest developments on this story for us hi thomas some very stark words there from the interior minister tell us more about what was said at that press conference essentially what was said was a long list of challenges that authorities have not only in the next few days and weeks but i would also say in the long term when it comes to tackling one of germany's biggest challenges as we just saw there from their home and that is the challenge of far right extremist violence it has been described as a state is one of the biggest challenges the country's facing now a days. long list of tasks and challenges begins with for example more police presence at synagogues in holly and the surrounding areas but it also goes beyond that in trying to ensure safety measures across germany and the homogeneous safety measures across germany trying to review legal issues as well trying to and i think that's very important also understand more what happens online what happens on the docket and trying to understand what authorities exactly can be can do to monitor
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what happens on line and what type of crimes can be punished online so those are issues the german authorities have announced that they're going to deal with and in fact on friday there will be another meeting by german security officials not only to take stock regarding what has happened here but also to look for understand how they can better tackle these issues whether they can have more personnel where they can have better equipment whether they need to increase the number of dealing with these issues they have already mentioned some of these aspects the fact they're going to hire more people to deal with these instances but we can clearly see that it clearly says to me is that this is a very big challenge for german authorities and one that they want to deal what about this horrific attack and yesterday what have we found out about the perpetrator and what happened well there was another press conference in the city of karlsruhe that's where federal prosecutors have been working that's where. they have led their investigation and they revealed details of what is known and all
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some of the big questions that are still unknown we talk about the questions how this person became radicalized where he acquired his guns and also where there is a network surrounding him and when we talk about what is known it was clearly stressed that he wanted to create a big impact a big damage on the jewish community that he wanted to imitate other shootings that he has seen for example the christchurch shooting in a news event but that he also wants to be an example this person a german national has already had an official arrest warrants that he's officially arrested and more deep emotional can details have also been released by federal prosecutors for example that he had 4 kilograms of explosives in his car so you can clearly see they already know a lot about the suspect but they also want to know more in order to understand not only who was surrounding him whether there was a network or there was no can also more details about the actual motive which has
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already been described by german authorities as under semitic in nature and also far right extremist all right our political correspondent thomas sparrow bringing us up to date thank you thomas as. many germans are still in shock over the violence and hala the attack aimed at the city's jewish community fell on the holiest day in the jewish counter young kapoor earlier today germany's leaders reacted by pledging that the government would stand firm against racism and anti-semitism. the day after the deadly attack of the doors of how the synagogue chancellor angela merkel her to fight extremism in germany. so i let you know it means 1st and foremost and for that i stand before you that they were present it is of a constitutional state must use all the means of a constitutional state to fight hatred violence and contempt for human life mention there must be what 0 tolerance the toddler hands meanwhile and the emotion and
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tension will pop a bill as german president. joined a jewish community in mourning. you can see them on dawn's history is a reminder present as a challenge and we must take sides on something. does images were filmed yesterday by resident they showed a standoff between police in a month dressed in combat type gear shortly after a gunman killed 2 people need a city synagogue. the 1st was a huge bang and then someone tried to get into the jewish cemetery he fired several times with a shotgun at the cemetery at the door. and then the woman came along the one who was shot she just came along from the tram stop quite by chance to synagogue was full when it was attacked young people the holiest day of the jewish calendar had brought together between $70.80 worshippers isurava axemen and americans freshly arrived in germany was one of them. i think the energy was was fairly calm given
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the situation today i feel more kind of. just because people were killed but yesterday it was more about just kind of being really think for a kind of america that he couldn't get through the door and that like a much bigger tragedy was. didn't happen the synagogue door didn't open but the attacker then turned his gun towards passers by killing another man at a restaurant the suspect was captured by police outside hala he's a 27 year old german citizen in a video the alleged killer ranted against foreigners women and use india aftermath of the attack germany has presented a show of unity but many questions remain not least what could have been done to prevent it from happening. and we have dr
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berger with us she's the senior european affairs advisor for the a.j.c. the american jewish committee she joins us in our studio thank you very much for being with us ken jews really still feel safe here in germany yes they can there was a heartwarming response a show of solidarity in many cities in germany last night and above all german officials i think have made it clear that they understand the current level of security is simply insufficient i want to ask you something about something that the interior minister said hoarsely hope for earlier he said we have to unfortunately face this truth which for some time already is the threat of anti-semitism right wing extremism right wing terrorism is very high he said it himself this is been a problem for some time has it not been taken seriously enough it clearly has not been taken seriously enough or i think there would have been more preparations to protect synagogues on during the holy days the highest holy day of the jewish new
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year i think the unraveling network of right wing extremism and terrorism is happening at such an accelerated rate that people perhaps have underestimated the impact of it we should have thought that if a german politicians burgard by right wing extremists that there is a very high level of threat anti-semitism is part of every right wing idiology in the end it all comes back to blaming the jews so how could you not think of the importance of protecting your jewish community i think it was a very unfortunate lack of preparation and it needs to be changed immediately so what is the answer are you saying that there needs to be absolutely more police presence in front of every synagogue every jewish institution in this country what about training police what about sensitizing people to the problem of anti-semitism so you're absolutely right security protection is only part of the solution we need to help police understand what is anti-semitism went to at. act the level of danger
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they didn't tails i think there was also not quite understood in khalid yesterday it took much too long for the police to respond. and why should police understand so much about anti-semitism there needs to be far more training teachers are not taught how to deal with the problem schools it's really barely taught at teacher education institute so it's a very important step law enforcement officials who are still issuing verdicts about attacks on synagogues being only criticism allegedly of israel an attack on a synagogue as an attack on a synagogue as we had in berlin just on friday night there was also an attack that was barely discussed so the last part of this is public awareness we need to have people understand that anti-semitism is very much a threat a threat to life but also a threat to democracy and it affects everyone in the end all right peter bergen the senior european affairs advisor for the a.j.c. the american jewish committee thank you so much for sharing your time with us today
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. moving on to some other news now and a turkish forces have taken at least one village from kurdish fighters on the 2nd day of an assault on northern syria turkey has deployed borth both airstrikes and artillery on towns and villages along the turkish syrian border meanwhile turkey's president regift has lashed out at international criticism of his offensive singling out the european union now since turkey launched its offensive on wednesday civilians have started fleeing northern syria here's what's been happening. artillery and aerial bombing light up the sky as turkish troops continue their offensive in northeast syria. they're not getting takis plan to carve out a buffer zone along the border and to move against their longtime enemy the kurdish led syrian democratic forces they could say several civilians and soldiers have
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already died in the assault and they claim tucker's bombs a struck a prison holding fighters from the so-called islamic state retaliates restrikes came from within syria. some hitting homes on the turkish side of the border. turkish president rejects edda one of a so the start of what he calls operation peace spring it's an offensive made possible by washington's decision to clear the way by withdrawing u.s. troops we were put into this battle interjected it was supposed to be a 3030 day period and we've been there for many many years and it's time to get out we're speaking to both its. we've told president aragon how we feel but we are speaking a bus and we're seeing what can be made out of a situation both the u.s. and turkey belong to nato it's caution. i count on turkey to
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act with restraints. and sure that any action it may take in northern syria is proportionate on message. we must both jeopardize the gains we have made together against. isis but the residents of northeast syria aren't counting on words to save them they're escaping the border towns by any means possible to some it's only been a few years since they fled from the advance of i asked now they're back on the road with no clear destination. let's bring in correspondent dorian jones who's covering the story for us from istanbul dorian so it is now day 2 of the offensive how fast are turkish forces now advancing in syria well we all seem intensification of the fighting particularly around the towns of telling. these are 2 strategically important towns the heavy fighting last night
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and that fighting is still continuing today we've took your special forces believed to be leading the operation on top of that strike some artillery continuing to strike all along this several 100 kilometer front that has been opened up by turkey defense minister claiming that they have captured a number of important villages and of a strategic targets at the same time reinforcements are steadily building up pouring into syria also accompanied by elements of the free syrian army a force that has been fighting the syrian regime but now a closely allied with turkish forces. meanwhile dorian we've seen the turkish president lashing out at any criticism of this offensive and he's now threatening to send refugees to the e.u. let's listen to what he said. you can use a white cop all say it again. but if you try to
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describe our operation is an invasion then we'll all get in the door and send 3600000 migrants to you. it's as simple as that then your move to the regular unleaded. does not his words there what is there well i think it is to silence the growing voices of opposition to his operation coming from europe as well poles of thousands tens of thousands of refugees have been created by the fighting already along with growing numbers of civilian casualties but what i think the president on had in mind was a reaction to. the european union president of the commission me he said yesterday that he would not give a penny to turkey such safe so plans along with calling for an end to the operation and money is a very important factor in president wants calculations because in this safe so from safe so that he's planning to create our own several 100 kilometers of syria
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and up to 30 kilometers deep he wants to move in around one to 2000000 syrian refugees and to house them he's building a 1000000 houses and that's put a price tag of around $20000000000.00 euros and he sees the european union as the ones we're going to pay most of it and this coming from you can say we're not going to pay a penny will be a major blow to one and that's why he's wielding what he believes he's most powerful stick against europe the threat of another major exodus of refugees into europe. reporting for us from istanbul thank you very much. let's get a round up now of some other stories making news around the world apple has removed an app that allowed protesters in hong kong to track police movements the tech giant said the app endangered law enforcement violating its rules the move follows criticism in the chinese communist party's official newspaper which accuses apple of helping the demonstrators. police in honduras have fired tear gas at protesters
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demanding the resignation of president one orlando and that's the protests were sparked by claims by u.s. prosecutors they allege the conservative president took millions in bribes from drug traffickers he denies the allegation. japan is bracing for its biggest typhoon of the year typhoon has been warring across the pacific and is expected to hit tokyo and its surrounding areas over the weekend the approaching storm has already led to the cancellation of 2 matches in the rugby world cup on saturday. in ecuador one indigenous protester has died in clashes with riot police in the capital quito the violence follows days of protest against cuts to fuel subsidies and other austerity measures the government has declared a state of emergency and nearly 700 people have been arrested. chaos on the streets anti-government demonstrators led by indigenous groups poured into quito
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city center fire in fury in opposition to the government's austerity measures. police struggle to disperse them using tear gas the city paralyzed for hours amidst the clashes. this is the fight of the people who are unhappy with the measures the government has passed we will not stop all protest until this bill is revoked. you know the front door the door. this might be anger on the streets the government isn't will. to drop its unpopular economic reforms but it has been embarking on a charm offensive it's now meeting with protest leaders who represent demonstrators from the country's poor indigenous communities. from my point of view a dialogue with indigenous people is showing positive results we hope that it will be concluded soon to the benefit of all but no deal is in sight to end ecuador's
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political crisis the government has already left town and life in quito is overshadowed by the unrest. the nobel prize in literature has been awarded to 2 authors hit a hunka from austria and from poland. best known novels include flights from 2007 she was honored with last year's prize in an announcement that was delayed until now about delay was due to a sexual assault scandal at the royal swedish academy mean all $29.00 teams prize has gone to a hunk of a well known novelist playwright and translator. and we have karen help from to get your culture with us i care and how much is a surprise are these 2 picture well on the one hand you know it's not terribly surprising because of course both of these authors have been considered serious contenders before especially peter who's who's the elder of the 2 for many years
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considered one of the best writers writing in german on the other hand you know we have 2 european winners here one of whom is a man and this comes just days after anders olsen in the in the literature for me said that diversity was going to be a big priority that they were going to be trying to get away from their very eurocentric and male oriented past so i don't really see this as fitting the bill and therefore i do find it quite surprising the choice for this year's award and when you consider that only 14 women have won the award in the history so now 15 to carjack in the history of the entire event i think 2 women might have been in order a bit more corrective this doesn't feel like embracing diversity but what about these 2 authors kind of really set them apart ok well. outstanding writer she's 57 years old and many feel that she is definitely an excellent choice she's highly acclaimed commercially very successful very witty in her work very innovative in the structure of her novels and she won the man booker international as the 1st
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polish author to do so just last year for for that novel flights that you mentioned she's also politically very respected and a critic of her country's right wing is shimano is definitely the more controversial choice he's always been something of an awful german literature likes to be provocative and it was something of a was a defender of slobodan milosevic for instance back in the ninety's very controversially and has even denied that this river needs a massacre even happened so many people have distanced themselves from him very very. difficult stance there the goalie's anxiety at the pentateuch penalty kick was the 1st novel of his to ever be translated into english that's considered something. a modern classic his novel short letter long farewell is is definitely on the cultures list of 100 german mysteries so he's he's he's somebody to definitely read and keep track of and tell us again more about their decision to hand out 2 prizes in one year ok well that was of course on the heels of the sexual
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assault scandal involving know was the french husband of one of the academy members. and he was accused by a large group of women of sexual assault and exploitation and was subsequently convicted of rape and 20 and is currently serving a prison sentence of 2 and a half years so he's he's away from the radar and he was a big name on on sweden's cultural scene and had a club with an arts club with his wife and apparently there were some financial improprieties there as well they were benefiting from subsidies from the academy and yeah all in all a pretty sordid affair definitely shook the reputation of what was once a globally highly respected institution so i think they've still got a fair amount of work to do to regain that reputation right karen holmes that from culture thank you so much. now to in historic moment in conservative iran
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set to play out during the football world cup qualifying clash there later today women will be in the stands during the match between the country's national side and cambodia that's after the iranian regime announced it would partially relax a ban on women attending men's football but while the move has been welcomed by many international observers religious hardliners in iran are voicing their dissatisfaction. we changed in the wrong becomes inevitable friction the recent decision to begin allowing women to attend men's football matches in the islamic republic has provoked protest including from some of the women so he the right to watch life has been extended. i. my own money and as shiite muslim women are not at all happy about this because the dignity of muslim women will not be attacked that this has a major impact on us at the dignity of muslim women can be preserved if they enter an atmosphere that is specific to men most as our you know that they get it the ban
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is as old as the iranian regime but under pressure from free for all for richie's have given assurances that women will be allowed to attend games starting this week with thursday's world cup qualifier against combo dhea some accuse football's governing body of meddling that's why exactly does a foreign organization have to interfere in the affairs of a muslim country anyway i just 3500 tickets were set aside for women who sections in the 78000 seats as are the stadium in tehran iran state run news agency says they sold out in a matter of minutes october to just hardliners that's $3500.00 tickets to many as monday's demonstration outside parliament in tehran made clear. this is deja vu news these are our top stories germany's interior minister haas a whole is warning that the threat of nationwide right-wing terrorism is very high
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after an anti-semitic attack on a synagogue in the eastern city of haifa he says the attack and shamed the nation about the government would do all it could to protect german jews. turkish forces have taken at least one village from kurdish fighters on the 2nd day of an assault on northern syria tens of thousands of residents have fled turkey's president. no one has lashed out at criticism threatening to send millions of syrian refugees to the e.u. . apple has removed an app that allowed protesters in hong kong to track police movements the tech giants of the app endangered law enforcement and violated apple's rules the move follows criticism of apple and the chinese communist party's official newspaper. the swedish academy has announced the winners of the nobel prize in literature for 290-2018 austrian writer paid 101 this year's prize while polish author. when the 20000 award that had been postponed because of
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a sexual harassment scandal at the royal swedish academy. this is d.w. news for more head to our web site www dot com and follow us on twitter at t. w. news. coming up next our show focus on europe we visit syrian refugees in turkey who are worried about a possible deportation that's coming up in just a few minutes right here on the w. don't go away.
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a cleaner environment going out in the. next. we. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslim. christian population. 6 sponsors at the center and 17 dissident churches response was. you. will never come. to reconquest.
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that's not the reason at all this is not the kind of freedom that need. to come a deep way to islamist terror. until now the sorry god i mean once again as. an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the us starts oct 24th on t.w. . hello and welcome to focus on europe i'm liable oh well it's nice to have you with us turkey has taken in more syrian refugees than any other nation in europe around 3 and a half 1000000 were let into the country as they fled civil war lately the mood
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towards the refugees has shifted to one of hostility southeastern turkey and every .


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