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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 10, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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this is news live from berlin facing up to an unfortunate truth germany's interior minister reacts to wednesday's deadly attack in a hollow. jesus will tell us today's brutal crime. has shined i'll hope. he confirms it was an anti-semitic attack and that the threat of right-wing terrorism in germany is very high also coming out. to turkey's president there who want britain to send millions of refugees to the
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european union after it criticizes his offensive against kurdish militants in northern syria meanwhile civilians begin to flee the invasion. austrian author peter hunter wins this year's nobel prize for literature and polish author shook is made to 2018 laureate a year late. i'm sumi so misconducts good to have you with us we start in germany where the country's interior minister is warning that the threat of nationwide right-wing terrorism is very high this comes after an anti-semitic attack killed 2 people in the eastern town of hala on wednesday police brought the suspect a 27 year old german man to a federal courthouse the attack came on kapoor which is the holiest day of the jewish calendar and more than 50 people were gathered inside the synagogue. police
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say they will add security at other jewish sites around the country. and let's get the very latest karl nasa minister ending by for us and hala hi karl good to see you you were at the central market place there in the hollow where some people have gathered we can see there behind you tell us what the atmosphere is like in the city today. earlier there were hundreds of people here this square was nearly full with citizens of hollow coming to pay their respects to the $2.00 victims of that attack and as well essentially a show of strength and a show of solidarity in the city remember this is a community that nearly all of yesterday was essentially on lockdown people were told to stay inside their homes for much of the day there was a potential manhunt taking place the central train station was closed as well there was a lot of fear here people say essentially didn't know what was going on and now a day later we see this show of strength and a show of solidarity people coming here lighting candles leaving flowers and photos of the victims as well and one sign that we saw says our love is stronger than your
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hates people coming out not only for those 2 victims but of course as well to speak out against what is being called an anti-semitic attack and they act of all right violence here and all are calling to go back a few hours when the interior minister abbas a whole far held a press conference let's play a clip now from that press conference he says we'll go live from yesterday's brutal crime has shamed a whole country into a constitutional. without history it would be should do something like this must not happen in germany. unfortunately we must look the truth in the face. and the truth is and has been for a long time. the threat level from anti semitism. from right wing extremism and from 5 right terrorism in germany is very high.
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you see the whole ok so cross some very clear and also sober words there from the interior minister earlier tell us more about what was said at that press conference . the absolutely i found his comments to be very stark and very honest he really did spell out what he sees as a major growing problem here in germany he puts as one of the central threats to germany he said far right violence is on par essentially with islamic violence here in the country and they hope also promising sue invests spending more money in fact he promised a higher at least 100 more people to combat the far right violence in germany he said he wanted to directly tackle that problem also said that in terms of anti-semitism more needs to be done to protect the jewish community he promised that there would be stronger patrols and security presence in front of synagogues of course we found out late last night and we have been discussing it's
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a day that there was no extra police presence yesterday on yom kippur war in front of the synagogue here there was simply one private security guard that had been hired by the jewish community here so lots of promises for more security for more investment in security in germany and an admission from the interior minister that the problem of violence is not going away in fact it's only getting stronger and karl is a city of hala recovers from what happened what is planned for the next few days. well as you can see that memorial still happening behind me tonight that's expected to be here in the central square for a few more days tomorrow there was talk at least at the press conference of a gathering a religious gathering at the synagogue botts with the jewish community and then in the coming days a religious ceremony also at the church that you can see behind me in the central square so it seems as if the different religious communities here in hala will be
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coming together as a show of solidarity after those attacks. and with the latest for us in hala thank you. all germans across the country are still in shock over the violence and hala as we heard the attack was aimed at the city's jewish community and it fell on the holiest day in the jewish calendar kapoor earlier today germany's leaders reacted by pledging that the government would stand firm against racism and anti-semitism. the day after the deadly attack at the doors of halla synagogue chancellor angela merkel vote to fight extremism in germany. so i let you know it means 1st and foremost and for that i stand before you that the representatives of a constitutional state must use all the means of a constitutional state to fight hatred violence and contempt for human life mention there must be 0 tolerance toward the hundreds meanwhile in the emotion and tension will pop up will ask german president. joined
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a jewish community in mourning. you can see the mountains history is a reminder present is a challenge and we must take sides on. days images were filmed yesterday by resident they showed a standoff between police and a month dressed income but shortly after a gunman killed 2 people need a city's synagogue. press there was a huge bang and then someone tried to get into the jewish cemetery he fired several times with a shotgun at the cemetery at the door. and then the woman came along the one who was shot she just came along from the tram stop quite by chance to synagogue was full when it was attacked young people the holiest day of the jewish calendar had brought together between $70.80 worshippers isurava axemen and americans freshly arrived in germany was one of them. i think the energy was was fairly calm given
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the situation today i feel more kind of. just because people were killed but yesterday it was more about just kind of being really think for a kind of america that he couldn't get through the door and that like a much bigger tragedy was. didn't happen the synagogue door didn't open but the attack occurred then turned his gun towards passers by killing a not a man at a restaurant the suspect was captured by police outside hala he's a 27 year old german citizen in a video the alleged killer ranted against foreigners women and use india aftermath of the attack germany has presented a show of unity but many questions remain not least what could have been done to prevent it from happening. let's check in on some other stories
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making news around the world there could be a pathway to a break that deal. cording to a joint statement from the leaders of ireland and the u.k. ireland's premier league of art carr and u.k. prime minister boris johnson met on thursday to discuss the country's even departure in 3 weeks' time the border between the u.k. and ireland has been a major barrier to a deal to associates of u.s. president donald trump's lawyer rudy giuliani have been arrested ukrainian born love pardon us and belorussian ego for months are charged with funneling foreign money to u.s. political candidates the to help introduce giuliani to ukrainian officials and they've been called as witnesses in the impeachment inquiry that is being mounted against trump tunisian authorities have released opposition presidential candidate and media mogul bill coverly from prison the move came just 4 days before the country's presidential runoff vote covering had been jailed since august on money laundering charges he says those charges are part of a smear campaign against him. the united nations says almost half
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a 1000000 civilians near syria's northeastern border are at risk after turkey launched an offensive against kurdish militants on wednesday residents have begun fleeing in the thousands turkey has deployed both our airstrikes and artillery on towns and villages along the turkish syrian border one of the offensives that 1st main targets was the syrian town of tell of yet. turkey's president to one has lashed out at international criticism of his offensive singling out the european union are. you using white cop look you know oh say it again. but if you try to describe our operation is an invasion then we'll open the doors and send 3600000 migrants to you. it's as simple as the new york. says the regulated.
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despite international calls for moderation turkey's foreign minister says the operation will last until all syrian kurdish fighters have been neutralized. by artillery and aerial bombing light up the sky as turkish troops continue their offensive in northeast syria. they're not getting tuckey's plan to cut out a buffer zone along the border and to move against their longtime enemy the kurdish led syrian democratic forces could say several civilians and soldiers have already died in the assault and they claim turkish bombs a struck a prison holding fighters from the so-called islamic state. retaliates restrikes came from within syria. some heating homes on the turkish side of the border. turkish president rejects
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edda one of a so the start of what he calls operation peace spring it's an offensive made possible by washington's decision to clear the way by withdrawing u.s. troops we were put into this battle interjected it was supposed to be a 3030 day period and we've been there for many many years and it's time to get out we're speaking to both it's. we've told the president her to go and how we feel but we are speaking to us and we're seeing what can be made out of a situation both the u.s. and turkey belong to nato it's caution. i count on turkey to act with restraints. and sure that in the action it may take in northern syria it's proportionate on much should. we must not jeopardize the games we have made together against our common enemy isis but the residents of northeast syria aren't counting on words to save them they're escaping the border towns by any means
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possible to some it's only been a few years since they fled from the advance of ai ass now they're back on the road with no clear destination. the nobel prize in literature has been awarded to 2 authors hit a hunter from austria claimed this year's award and poland's all that took it for 28 team now the unusual delay was due to a sexual assault scandal at the royal swedish academy. off to the swedish academy's crisis mats maumee is now making his 1st major appearance the new permanent secretary an ounce to prize winners today austrian peta hanka takes the wood for 20192 of his most well known works on offending the audience and the goalkeepers fear of the penalty but the highly praised 76 year old feels that his readers judgment is the most important as he said in this 2017 interview when we come to some of the needs for me it's about the readers who want to people say how they
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read saw or heard something was just to say this is just it moves me. but of course an award is a nice bonus if you're good at the show hank is not uncontroversial politically during the war in yugoslavia he not only showed literally support for then president milosevic he also attended his funeral but that didn't play a role for the committee. giving him the prize as a matter of course he's a great artist with 70 to 80 of his works in various genres a great creative ability that continues on broken. polish right to olga to celebrated surprising success with her novel the books of jacob she received the 2018 prize retroactively. can i get this and you know what she really does well a themes that crosspost this she writes across fortas and that's clear even in her style to tell us more from where you start the performance they will and she's crossing borders at the moment on
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a book tour in germany. coming up next africa 2nd biggest economy is faltering and things could still get worse for south africa monica johns will have that coming right up and give you business. and. what's the connection between bread. and the european union the nose gear. correspondent.


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