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the only recent speech about. the book. club and. this is g.w. news live from bonnie and gemini faces up to an uncomfortable truth alternate tack outside a cynical. uses for tom yesterday's brutal crime. has shined a whole country. gemini's interior minister says an anti semitic attack that left 2 people dead confirms that the threat of far right terrorism in the country is
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growing the coming up. with what we've. just today off to his troops moved into northern syria takis president adding one has launched the european union if you dare to criticize what we're doing in syria all open the gate and flood you with refugees. plus this year's nobel prize in literature goes through a controversial austrian confessed his exploration on the human experience and the polish or the wins last year's nobel prize for how work touching on the docket chapters of how countries popped. down scoring a goal against repression iranian women win access to the 1st ball stadium and are allowed to take their seats at a men's international for the 1st time in a much functioning.
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i'm headed home free glad you could join me we start here in germany where the government is warning that the threat of nationwide right wing terrorism is now quote very high this comes after a gunman killed 2 people in an anti semitic attack in eastern town of howler on wednesday in tack and city's jewish community fell on the holiest day in the jewish calendar young people. a city in mourning for the victims and in solidarity with the survivors germany's president frank walter steinmeier among those taking part signs of the attack still imprinted on the synagogue door which stopped the gunman from claiming 50 more lives trial but to the tune i'm still trying to process it all but i just can't understand what tacitus a 40 year old woman was the 1st to fall victim by chance as she passed in front of the synagogue minutes later the attacker killed a 20 year old man at a combat shop some streets away. the accused attacker was carrying 4 weapons and
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4 kilograms of explosive material. during the night police raided his apartment in ben-dor a small town some 40 kilometers away. the 27 year old lived here with his mother he grew up in nearby hell brought former neighbors remembered him in a lot an old house to spy without ever smiling he couldn't say hello to nicole you know or how can i say when this is he was kind of a loner and you know wednesday afternoon the suspect was transferred to colleagues were meanwhile a judge issued an arrest warrant germany's federal prosecutor said his attempted massacre was an act of terrorism. e.o. boy to he was attempting to emma tate's similar acts that had previously been carried out and as far as we know he wanted to instigate others to do the same so not. on chieftain. germany's interior minister horst see her. visited the crime
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scene both already as have defended the lack of police protection at the synagogue saying they had been no warning. to see hoffa delivered a clear message he says will tell if. you just wrote a crime carried out yesterday is a shame on our whole country would you she with our history of such things must never happen in germany plus you. has pledged to improve the protection of jewish sites and deploy more personnel in the fight against right wing extremism his counterpart in the state of sex meat on hold says some politicians carry blame . you just well those who used the language of the nazis might not be legally responsible for what occurred. but they laid the path and lit the fire if you guys did but i'm sure if the. hundreds joined in a march of mourning through hala to the synagogue laying flowers and candles signs
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of their rejection of terrorism and those who spread hate. hold it up any correspondent called us and sent us this update from hala the city of hala came here today to remember and memorialize those 2 victims of the attacks hundreds of people coming to light candles and lay flowers at a makeshift memorial here in the city center in a sign of solidarity against far right by alliance many here in hala told me that they were shocked that an attack like this could happen here and that shock registered on the national stage as well with many german politicians being forced to admit that far right extremism is a growing problem in the country and that perhaps incidents of anti-semitism were not taken seriously enough the question now for germany is this how to prevent more candles from being needed in the future. we spoke
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to an eyewitness who was inside that synagogue in her at the time of the attack this is how she describes the events and we wear out actually right in the middle of reading torah when so what i saw and heard was like one explosion followed by a smoke like a cloud of smoke that i saw through the window another explosion another cloud of smoke and then for some seconds like everyone was silent and confused because no one really understood what was happening and then all of a sudden things move super fast and so there's a surveillance camera outside and the screen inside so you can see what's happening on the street and the cantor who was leading the prayer he had for some reason when he turned like sort of around he had a perfect view of the screen so he saw what was happening on the street so he saw that there was an armed man outside in full gear i didn't see the screen so i actually was like really thanks to the cantor who had a press and amazing reaction who immediately understood the situation the 1000000 or so was happening look at the screen turn around and told everyone to like leave
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the room go to the back room and then actually go upstairs and get down on the floor stay away from the windows it's like you know you switch into that kind of mode where you're not really thinking about what exactly is happening but more like what needs to be done and what needs to be done is like to get people into a safe room and then sort of like make sure that we're all ok. all right let's take it up now some of the other stories making news around the world. a 21 year old man in texas has pleaded not guilty to capital murder in the fatal shooting of 22 people in august for the say that patrick cruz he has confessed to targeting mexicans in the attack at a wal-mart in el paso prosecutors have said that they will seek the death penalty. in ecuador thousands of indigenous people have gathered for more protests in the capital quito is the 7th day of nationwide demonstrations that are frequently involved clashes with police the president has evacuated his administration from
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the capital unrest was originally inspired by cuts to fuel subsidies and other austerity measures. too as those years of u.s. president donald trump lawyer rudy giuliani have been arrested while trying to leave the u.s. soviet born businessman live upon us an evil freeman are accused of trying to buy influence over u.s. policy on ukraine to help introduce me to ukrainian officials who have been called as witnesses in the impeachment inquiry against trump. and she has the opposition presidential candidates now the katherine has called for a delay in runoff elections set to sunday calgary was just released from prison on wednesday what he called trumped up charges of money laundering he said he needed time to campaign with. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations has warned turkey it could face quote consequences if it does nothing to protect civilians as it pushes ahead with its offensive in
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northern syria now it didn't say what those consequences would be but international calls for turkey to moderate its action in the region all growing thousands of residents fled on thursday as turkey pounded kurdish militia for a 2nd day. another day another pounding along the border. turkish jets bombed towns just inside syria plumes of smoke in areas controlled by the syrian democratic forces or s.d.f. a coalition of kurdish fighters and other militias. kurdish led forces control parts of northern syria right up to the border with turkey the s.d.f. forte alongside u.s. troops against islamic state to harvest. fleeing for the 2nd time around half a 1000000 people near the border are at risk wants the un refugee agency but many
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are already far from home having come here to escape the fighting in other areas of syria turkey wants to push out the kurdish fighters and create a buffer zone that it controls on the syrian side of the border in a fiery speech turkish president at one slammed critics of the plan. really hate european union. pull yourself together you know. i say it again if you try to label this operation an invasion. it's very simple we will open the gates and send 3600000 refugees your way richard would all turn your mood to june this is the regular unleaded i. this time in turkey and a possible retaliation turkish state and news agencies say the rockets that hit these towns people came from kaddish held areas on the syrian side of the border
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but it's not just civilian injuries and deaths that are the concern here kaddish forces from the prisons holding islamist fighters from the so-called islamic state these prisoners were captured during the war in syria. one of the prisons in which the i as president kept under the control of s.d.s. forces was bombed by turkish warplanes yesterday and probably some of the members have escaped. and these battle hardened kiddish forces who helped contain fighters in syria now face a fresh assault from turkey. the nobel prize in literature has been awarded to 2 or. this year's award in potence all got to cut a check was named the winner for 28 now the unusual delay was due to a sexual assault scandal at the royal swedish academy. off to the swedish academy's
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crisis mats malmo is now making his 1st major appearance the new permanent secretary an ounce to prize winners today austrian p. to hand could take the wood for 20192 of his most well known works are offending the audience and the goalkeeper's fear of the penalty but the highly praised 76 year old feels that his readers judgment is the most important as he said in this 2017 interview when we come to some of the leaves for me it's about the readers what the people say how they read or heard something just to see him moves me. but of course an award is a nice bonus. hunka is not uncontroversial politically during the war in yugoslavia he not only showed littery support for then president milosevic he also attended his funeral but that didn't play a role for the committee. even him the prize is a matter of course he's a great artist for 70 to 80 of his works in various genres
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a great creative ability that continues unbroken. to polish right to olga to celebrated surprising success with her novel the books of jacob she received the 2018 prize retroactively. can i get to some of your what she really does well a theme that cross borders she writes across borders and that's clear even in her style so tell us more from where you start the performance they will find she's crossing borders at the moment on a book tour in germany. now some 3 and a half 1000 women integrand spent the day doing something that has been banned since the reagan revolution of 1979 cheering on the radio football team from inside the stadium now the men beat cambodia but the female fans claimed a bigger victory in the fight against repression. you can call it iran's football revolution silenced for decades these women were ready to make some noise.
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3500 women brought tickets to the country's world cup qualifier against cambodia a 1st since the samak revolution of 1979 no one of these 100 fans showed up ahead of the match. it's a very nice feeling an incredible feeling something that cannot be described. hope you get it's a very good feeling it's a great thing i hope it will be repeated because women need to come to the stadium for happiness and to support that scene. but not everyone agrees with the lifting of the ban some religious hotline has met the decision with protests. fearing in government partially lifted the ban on women in football stadiums for world cup qualifiers after pressure from world governing body fifi who threatened to exclude
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the asian nation from the 2022 world cup in qatar the women still sit in different sections than the men but for now they are happy to claim the step as a victory. over news live from berlin i'm helena humphrey coming up next it is our dog film featuring the bronze card i'll be back with more news from you at the top of the hour because your company unceasing. unity justice and freedom the 1st words of the german national anthem 3 central values that form the foundation of this country have these values developed in place for joining. our using. these principles to.


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