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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 12, 2019 10:00am-10:16am CEST

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this is deja vu news line from berlin turkey continues its assault against the kurds in northeastern syria to find calls from washington to stop. we oppose and are greatly disappointed by turkey's decision to launch a unilateral military incursion into northern syria we are not abandon me our
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courage partner forces. meanwhile footage has emerged apparently showing islamic state fighters and their families trying to escape the detention camp gonna buy the goods also coming out. hopes for an end to an rest in ecuador in team master indigenous latest project a proposal from the country's president to hold direct talks protesters are demanding that the government reinstate a fuel subsidy. plus it's one of hanoi it's hot spots for self he say kids but now vietnamese playing son cracking down on a photo craze they say has gone off the rails. i'm rebecca ritter's welcome to the program the u.s. military is warning turkey that its incursion into syria could jeopardize progress in the facing the so-called islamic state kurdish led forces in the rage inside.
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prison is contained and hold back the turkish military the u.s. defense department is calling on its nato ally to halt operations has already begun one explosion near an outpost of u.s. special services and the u.n. says 100000 people have fled their homes since the offensive began 3 days ago. attacked on all sides the kurds are pounded by turkish artillery with death and destruction on the ground. and from the air turkish military footage shows the shift force with which they're targeting could ish militias. turkey is battling for territory held by the kurdish led syrian democratic forces ankara says the offensive will secure turkey's border and create a safe zone for syrian refugees. but right now this part of syria is anything but safe. this is the 6th time we've had an explosion in the city people are afraid of this house you see here there were children playing off
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a mortar fell and killed a boy the girl she lost her leg. and the u.s. pentagon wants turkey to stop to be clear we are not abandoning our courage partner forces and u.s. troops remain with them in other parts of syria the impulse of action the president or want to invade northern syria has put the united states in a tough situation given our relationship with our nato ally turkey who has fought alongside the united states in the past and president trump is threatening sanctions. if turkey does something that they shouldn't be doing we will put on sanctions the likes of which very few countries have ever seen before now the u.s. is backpedaling that troops are still on patrol a few kilometers from the conflict zone as and they evacuated just days ago they've also come under fire from turkish artillery although with no reported injuries. this is c.c.t.v. footage of a large camp holding tens of thousands of family members of islamic state militants
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and it shows an apparent escape attempt the camp is controlled by kurdish forces and they say the situation is critical and in the kurdish town of kmita a car bomb claimed by us. turkish president richard has lashed out at the u.s. his criticism him no those we weren't stop no matter what anyone says. he says threats are coming from the left and the right for us to stop this. i've told mr trump and others if you're going to stop this stop it but you haven't so we'll take matters into our own hands. civilians who wants fled i-s. and now again desperately seeking refuge as another humanitarian crisis unfolds in syria. dying jones is standing by for us in istanbul daryn what's istanbul's
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reaction to the u.s. threats well perp resident heard one in a very tough speech said we're not going to step back we're going to continue with this hope operation even though we are facing what he describes as threats from the left i'm from the right from everywhere and he outlined that that the scope of the operation is to create this safe zone of 32 kilometers into syria and which it will be all the syrian kurdish militia or terrorists as ankara calls them will be removed from that area so there is no stepping back from across in fact if anything they are ramping up the pressure on the syrian kurdish militia and there is expected to be a further. acceleration of the of this operation given the fact that encore is aware it is under increasing international pressure. and kurds are fleeing this fighting understandably where are they seeking shelter and who's helping them. well that is the big fear among all aid agencies we've already understand that around
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a 100000 people have been displaced by the fighting of a group saying that that figure could rise 230-0000 it's around half a 1000000 people located about 5 kilometers into syria where this operation is it is continuing now where these people will go no one really knows because they really don't know where its safety is are unclear how far these talks operation is going to go we have reports of bombing is already 3040 kilometers deep into syria and beyond the cisneros strip of inhabited towns and villages is mainly arid desert and that is a big concern among aid agencies if these people head into this area it will be very hard to provide assistance and support to these people and we've been hearing a lot about this assault increasing the risk that i ask jihadists could escape from prisons that the kurds are guarding so how much of a danger to they pose to people in northeastern syria. well we've already had reports that there was a bombing in commercial town right on the border where strikes by turkish forces
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hit a prison where that many islamic state people were being held in that town those people some people are believed to escape and it believes that some of those may have been responsible for this latest bombing and this just gives an insight into the wider danger that the international community are really worried about because there is over 10000 islamic state militants in your heart is being held by the syrian kurdish forces that are on top of that there are tens of thousands of sympathizers family members also being detained what will happen to those people given the fact that this operation does seem to be extending accelerating where will these people go will these people escape trump said it's huge the turks are for it will be turkey's responsibility but it's unclear how turkey will take over sponsibility given the fact that this is increasingly becoming a war so the major concern among the internet community is among those jihad it's believed as many as 2000 foreign nationals some of them are believed to be europeans. russians on from russian area of the region so there is also growing
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concern about what will happen to those your heart is. standing by for us in istanbul thanks very much the u.s. and china have agreed on a partial trade deal according to u.s. president donald trump that means the u.s. is suspending plans to increase tariffs on about 200 $50000000000.00 of chinese imports president chinese president. agreement as early as next month investors welcomed the new u.s. markets closed higher on friday. but if the possible partial deal looks like progress to some politicians to many business leaders in the u.s. it's a different story. corps to has the reaction from the new york stock exchange the u.s. corporations are still having a really really tough time to make investment decisions because there's still so many open question when it comes to intellectual property when it comes to
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subsidies for chinese run companies so if you're a manager if you run a corporation and you're still in this uncertain environment you're probably still very hesitant to make big investments so unfortunately even if those talks showed some progress well we still there's still this uncertainty and that says will be with us for quite some time even if the u.s. president donald trump is saying that the trade war is shortly to getting to an end now to some of the other stories making news around the world the acting head of u.s. homeland security has resigned after just 6 months on the job kevin macallan name is matt kelly neiman is leaving to spend more time with his family according to a tweet from the u.s. president mccallum name is the 4th person to hold the position which oversees border security and immigration since donald trump took office. the ugandan
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government is reintroducing anti-gay legislation and says it will get enough support from lawmakers when put to a vote the state minister for ethics and integrity has previously called for tough legislation criminalizing her sexuality after an earlier bill was struck down by ugandan courts 5 years ago. a top level emergency brain warning has been issued in japan as typhoon haiyan has closes in on the coast one man has died after high winds overturned his car in the city of ishihara new tokyo meteorologists say the typhoon could be the most dangerous in the in 60 years hundreds of thousands of residents have been told to evacuate areas in the storm's path. hopes for an end to days of unrest in ecuador a fading after indigenous ladies rejected a proposal from the residence from the president to hold direct talks they want president lennon merino to reinstate a fuel subsidy that was taken away as part of a $4200000000.00 deal with the international monetary fund. is chaos
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on the streets of ecuador's capital quito day by day the violence between protesters and police becomes wild. protesters invade buildings and fight with improvised weapons police are unable to control the situation. crowds of indigenous people have come from the amazon swelling the numbers in the capital demonstrating against austerity measures. one woman called on her fellow protesters to stop their violence she says the president isn't there the politicians are there people of the earth what are you thinking of. but her words disappear under the noise of homemade mortars exploding and police firing tear gas and rubber bullets into the crowds several protesters have died hundreds have been wounded. there's no well there's no no these are not
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rubber bullets these are real bullets bullets that kill people they're killing people they're killing the people of ecuador lennon moreno is killing his own people and the support. for the protesters ecuador's president already know is the cause of this trouble last week he cut a 4 decade old fuel subsidy protesters want him to reinstate it the cut was part of the deal merinos government struck to obtain a 4200000000 dollar loan from the international monetary fund in a television address on friday merino pleaded for the violence to stop i will like call on the leaders to talk directly with me i repeat i call on the leaders to talk directly with me let's sit down. but the chances of negotiating an end to this crisis seem slim anger is fueling violence and violence is fueling even greater anger. well it's the end of the line for an instagram hotspot in vietnam's capital
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city hanoi authorities have become restricting access to alleyways traveling an urban train line saying that the throngs of picture take as risking their lives for the perfect snap. a century old rail line now flanked by homes and businesses in vietnam's bustling capital hanoi the alleys have become an iconic backdrop in the instagram era drawing tourists from all over eager to snap their own photos. enterprising locals hoping to cash and set up shops and cafes making the tracks a popular spot to hang out superior for and the fact that you have coffee shops and people who are actually living in this area every day having to see this it's quite remarkable. but authorities decided to put an end to the fun after a train had to make an emergency stop last weekend to avoid hitting tourists.
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they've put up barricades and signs ordering tourists to stay off the tracks no pictures allowed they've also ordered the real side cafes to bring their tables indoors business owners disapprove. makes you heard on one level it's on but i'm sad because it was a good tourist attraction that we should be promoting the i think the authorities should find solutions that balance the 2 sides seem like they need to ensure safety live and at the same time showcasing how beautiful and lively vietnam and the people here are. to make sure everyone complies with the new rules police are on patrol many tourists say authorities have gone too far and erring on the side of caution some they'll get their photo no matter what. and video from that but to go could it get up going to go in and think that the joke but i've always thought i'd be trying to get the whole morning up about a way to get you. know the area is
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a little less lively and for hanoi visitors there will be no more photos souvenirs like these. you're watching dean of a news line from berlin coming up global family on documentary on somali relatives torn apart by conflict i'll be back at the top of the hour thanks for watching. unity and justice and freedom the 1st words of the german national anthem and the 3 central values that form the foundation of this country now have these values developed in post-war germany hardison to find answers to these principles in our laws. our germany starts october 21st on t w.


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