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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 13, 2019 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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safe. to. say. this is deja news live from berlin turkey wraps up its offensive in northern syria claiming it's captured a key border town. as turkish troops intensify their bombardment of kurdish militias the death toll is rising and thousands of civilians are fleeing in a desperate attempt to find safety. japan's capital tokyo shuts down as
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rain and winds from typhoon haiyan splashed the city more than 6000000 people have been advised to leave the area forecasters say this typhoon could be the worst in 6 decades. an athlete he has become the 1st person ever to run a marathon in under 2 hours he posted a time of one hour 59 minutes 40 seconds but he had help on a specially designed. by sir thanks for joining us turkish backed forces say they've taken control of a key border town in northeastern syria that's according to turkey's defense ministry it's the most significant gain since president erda once offensive into the region began on wednesday so. has forced some 100000 people to flee the area
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meanwhile both france and germany say they will not export arms to turkey that could be used in the syria operation and you foreign ministers planned to meet on monday to discuss the situation. day 4 of the offensive so fierce fighting at the syrian turkish border bombardment by. growing troops continue to make their way towards syria. alarm in the turkish border town of like to cali at least 3 grenades from the syrian side exploded in people's homes. by kurdish militia y p g it appeared to be no casualties the grenade came in here he says the fridge was destroyed and the grenade went straight to the other wall. in northern syria tens of thousands of people have left their homes international criticism of turkey is growing daily on friday the u.s.
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defense department said that turkish forces had fired on american troops in the syrian border region and kind of denies this washington has threatened sanctions and called for turkish withdrawal but turkey's president appears unmoved. we won't stop regardless of what the of us say they want to threaten his sights to trump as i've said stop its. criticism hasn't stopped on saturday the general secretary of the arab league called offensive an invasion. turkey correspondent has been reporting on the invasion since it began she sent us this report from the turkish border with syria. i'm about 5 kilometers away from the syrian border now let me show you something you can see there are many lights this is the turkish border town of jaylen pienaar now have a look at the other side you can see there as darkness this is where at some point
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the syrian border starts the town of wrestle einen northeast syria they have no electricity there right now the town used to have about 50000 inhabitants but most of them have reportedly as caped the area today turkey's defense ministry said that the turkish army and their allied forces have captured the town and we have seen video footage of them entering the industrial area. now the kaddish let s.t.'s forces say something very different they say no that's not true they have not taken that town we are still in control of it now there seem to be still clashes because we can hear shelling and we can hear gunfire so there's very conflicting information out there about what exactly is going on on the ground. turkey has reacted with defiance to criticism from of its offensive in syria from
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other nato members in an exclusive interview with the turkish foreign minister. said ankara would not be deterred. this is a vital matter for us of human it's a question of national security of survival whatever they do whether it's an arms embargo or something else it's only strengthens us 15 years ago we produced only 20 percent of the goods we needed now it's over 70 percent with all of this only strengthens us. if i only took notice of whether someone wanted to impose an arms embargo or what someone else was saying and then did not destroy an imminent threat and i would face even bigger problems in the future and in that case even if germany supplied us with more weapons this fight to be more difficult if not impossible even if our allies support us terrorist organization even if we stand
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alone even if a impose an arms embargo it doesn't matter we are fighting a terrorist organization and we will not relent. to that and now to some of the other stories making news around the world. thousands of pro career dish marchers in european cities have taken to the streets to protest against turkey's actions at least 10000 people demonstrated in cologne calling for an end to the offensive other protests were held in paris and athens. protesters in ecuador's capital quito have ransacked and set fire to a government building in new violence over austerity measures including a cut in fuel subsidies to try to quell the own going protests president moreno has imposed a curfew in quito and forced by the army indigenous leaders had earlier agreed to a proposal for talks with the government to try to resolve the crisis. thousands of
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algerians have marched through the capital algiers and other cities the protesters are demanding further reforms and corruption investigations ahead of elections scheduled for december weekly demonstrations have continued since the former president resigned in april. and thousands of protesters have marched to again in hong kong against a ban on face masks at demonstrations many covered their faces despite the threat of up to one year in prison demonstrators defied police warnings that they were gathering illegally. super typhoon had campus has made landfall and is pummeling wide areas of japan including tokyo the storm has already claimed 2 laws and at least 3 people are missing forecasters say the typhoon could be the most dangerous in more than 60 years. i hearken skies and the roar of emergency vehicles on the streets of tokyo 1 as
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super typhoon and nightfall approach central japan. just across the narrow waters of tokyo bay a tornado hit the city of. one man was killed as winds overturned his car several others were injured as the twister ripped through homes leaving empty shells. on top of damage from severe winds rain is pounding the region hard. japanese authorities issued a top level emergency rain warning for prefectures around tokyo authorities say there is an extreme risk of landslides and the japan weather agency warns rainfall could reach record levels. the agency says is packing dangerous winds of 180 kilometers per hour and gusts of more than 250 kilometers per hour.
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millions of residents have been told to evacuate areas in the storm's path. after this week's deadly far right terror attack on a synagogue in the german city of hala german politicians promise to increase security at synagogues around the country but many muslim residents are also worried about far right violence spoke with members of a mosque in berlin many fear they could be targeted next. the dar es salaam mosque in an area of berlin with a large muslim population hundreds attend friday prayers here many are worried about wednesday's far right terror attack in a synagogue and a turkish kebab shop were targeted leaving them to ask if mosques are protected enough. sick you just can't go there
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and indiscriminately shoot people it doesn't matter what religion the people followed this is very critical should anything ever happen here in any case it's questionable whether it's safe here. we would feel better if there was a police presence here for our protection. fiza facts just as much as the synagogues what happened is that the state and the police have to be more involved . germany's domestic intelligence had once watched the mosque for extremist views of its own but there is no sign of that today in a sermon the man condemned the attack in holland saying the state is tasked to provide protection for all citizens. as you can actually it doesn't matter if someone is a jew a muslim a christian or an atheist and. in the end jewish people and muslims are more
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affected because we are a target for nazis and racists before nazi on the system. and this and meanwhile not far away these people are also expressing solidarity between religions christians jews and muslims have gathered to pray for peace this kind of interfaith service is unusual appealing for intercultural dialogue working against hate and exclusion. of course you are always afraid especially when you hear about attacks like the one just now in hell or when you ask yourself tomorrow will it be us always some other group be the target the question is not only relevant for muslims but for everyone. the terror attack in holland has put germany on edge the spotlight is on authorities to provide better security for jews muslims and everyone else. in sports kenyan runner and marathon world record holder would
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keep chugging has done what some previously thought was impossible becoming the 1st person to break the 2 hour barrier for the marathon. completed a specially designed course in the austrian capital vienna in a time of one hour 15 minutes and 40 seconds the feat won't count as. as an official world record however because of certain strategies used including the way . it was paced by other runners back in his native kenya his family celebrated the feat at their home along with the rest of the country people gathering at public viewing events held across the nation. and simone biles has equal the gymnastics record by claiming her 23rd world championships medal the american gymnast is just 22 years old and drew level with a record holder vitaly share boy by winning the vault at the tournaments in
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stuttgart 17 of her 23 podium finishes have been gold medals. english and french troops clashed on saturday but this time it was a reenactment of the battle of hastings nearly a 1000 years after the original event the famous battle of $1066.00 pitted william of normandy against the anglo-saxon king harold and marks the beginning of the norman conquest in england. an ancient battlefield comes alive with a sound of steel against steel. hundreds just. to reenact about so defined english history. it was view original game of thrones facing off king harold and his saxon army against william and his normans. the swords was. arrows
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flew. and counts grew. a lot of the exhilaration of kind of fighting in the balkans is very exciting very intense you don't think about anything else because although. only pretending to be in the battle there are still people where you can actually weapons around we believe that with your generation could never do that again because they had to critical mentality to do that you have to figure out just crossing the channel like that. we've been equipment was not so modernized like we have now and conditions were very quite difficult and what is incredible i mean. the climax of a battle king harold is cut down and slain. with his rival dad. sees this being blish thriving but unlike nearly a millennium ago face bested on the battlefield to live to reenact another day.
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and a reminder of the top story we're following for you. turkish backed forces say they've taken control of roseola a key border town in northern syria. according to aid workers more than 100000 people have been forced to flee the area. you're watching to deputy news of live from berlin thank spicer thanks for watching. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language but the 1st word published in the. rico is in germany to learn german why not go with him simple online on your mobile and free to south d w z learning course nikos fake german made easy.


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