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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 13, 2019 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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the. bases date every news line from berlin typhoon haggis wreaks havoc in japan rescue efforts are in full force as large areas of the country face record rains flooding and landslides leaving thousands without power and water also coming up. as turkey pushes on with its military incursion into northern syria germany and france hold arms exports to ankara tens of thousands of people are on the move displaced by ankara's offensive against kurdish fighters. and polls have opened in poland in a polarizing parliamentary election in the wake of controversial justice reforms
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playmate the judges being targeted for their criticism of the ruling party. and rebecca ridges welcome to the program typhoon haiyan this has ripped through large areas of japan leaving several dead and many more injured rescue efforts are now underway as record rains have triggered major flooding and landslides. the bride that back to japan through the longest of nights has finally stopped falling but the water's still gets across large parts of the country. for emergency workers charged with the task of rescuing thousands displaced by the sheer volume and violence of the border flow daylight gave them a better chance to save lives but also take in the massive scale of the task that
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lies ahead. the rescue operations continue country wide. so will i pray for the souls of those who lost their lives did i mean nothing. to me who do not go out and hope the well being of everyone affected by the storm or this guy inevitably these rescue operations will turn to you with coverage as the water recedes the financial cost sure to run into the building. but in my opinion you're getting stuck with the now you all know or me thought now you've never yet experienced such intense rain and persepolis haitian guy. as for now the human cost remains unclear in the wash up from a storm of historic proportions. when germany and france have suspended arms exports to turkey as international calm condemnation of ankara's military operation against kurdish forces in northeastern syria
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intensifies on day 5 of the incursion turkish artillery continued to shell kurdish positions inside syria turkish backed ground forces are advancing into the area more than 50 civilians have been killed on both sides and chris goal is to push back kurdish forces and create a buffer zone along its southern border up to 200000 people have been forced to flee their homes. meanwhile ankara claims its offensive has captured the k. border town of reza line. these people have found shelter in a school in her saka. when the shelling started they fled their homes in the us and on the turkish border. this woman is here with her children. nobody is helping us we're in a terrible state what should we do where should we go help us for our children's sake it's a disgrace i don't know was there are 200 refugees in this school food water and
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medicine are in short supply at least they're safe here unlike the people still back home in the russell i'm which is being seized by turkish troops. friends and relatives have posted horrific videos they say were shot that this is that was on one of those if they have been bombing the town nonstop they enter houses place explosives and blow them up and still everything my father will be with are now going to be. tens of thousands have fled away from the border and deeper into kurdish controlled territory and syria is 75 kilometers from russell on and has so far not been attacked by turkish forces. the sudden arrival of refugees is posing a challenge to the local authorities. whether all the school buildings are already
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full. we don't have the infrastructure to look after so many people our resources very limited. the hospital is treating wounded kurdish fighters turkey says the kurdish y p g is a terrorist force because of its alleged links to kurdish separatists within turkey the mother of one of the wounded rejects such claims that in what we are kurds we're not terrorists we haven't attacked or harmed anyone it's added one who is attacking us. in her soccer the mood remains defiant with daily protests for the kurdish cause and against the turkish offensive. and for more now i'm joined by correspondent standing by for us at the turkish syrian border here thanks for joining me day 5 of the offensive what's the situation where you are right now. i'm in the turkish town of actually about 5 kilometers away from the syrian border
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which is 2 wood said this direction now the turkish military the artillery has been targeting the area with fresh shelling today we can clearly hear the sound of the pounding now on the other side on the syrian side you have the town of talib yet which besides russell i know is one of the other main targets of this turkish offensive most of the people there have reportedly fled the area but we do expect heavy clashes and more fighting today over there in tyler on the other hand we have reports of more attacks coming from the syrian side to the turkish border areas just earlier 3 rockets or mortars have reportedly hit the place where we all right now ambulances have been rushing to the locations at least 18 people have died in the past days here on the turkish side in these apparent reprisal attacks so the
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security situation is very tense here on the turkish side as well tense situation there and there has been a lot of criticism all of this offensive also from arab states as we've been reporting some allies have begun stopping weapons sales to turkey but ankara same's undeterred prior to the embargo turkey's foreign minister measured cush of all who spoke today w. and he had this to say. this is a vital matter for us it's a question of national security of survival whatever they do whether it's an arms embargo or something else it's only strengthens us if i only took notice of whether someone wanted to impose an arms embargo so when i was studying vended not destroy an imminent threat and i would face even bigger problems in the future. nearly all 10 back to you some determined words there coming out of turkey. that was before the august took place have we heard from any response from ankara since those
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involved those there haven't been any immediate reactions about turkish officials in the past days have reacted quite angrily to sanctions threats to calls for restraint from international partners because they are saying this operation for them is a security operation to push back what they call are terrorists from they have borders they're saying the kurdish militants over there are linked to the p.k. that has waged a decades long insurgency here in turkey and insurgency that has killed thousands of people so that's what ankara responds there are no signs of relenting here they seem to be very determined to go on to continue with this operation of that's of course a huge political side there is a humanitarian side to this story as well kurds are fleeing the area where are they going and who's supporting them well according to aid organizations about health a 1000000 people in the border areas or address can now we also hear that more than
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100000 people have already escaped that they are fleeing 3rd there into deeper into kurdish controlled territory there in northeast syria cities like iraq of for example so they are not coming to wards the turkish side so people are basically grabbing whatever they can they walk or they go by car they're seeking to find safety without really knowing with safety might be right now. on up a turkey syria border for us thank you. turning now to some of the other stories making news around the world ecuador's army has taken to the streets to enforce the country's 1st 24 hour curfew in decades president lenin merino ordered the curfew after protesters ransacked and set fire to a government building over austerity measures he said his government would address some of the demonstrators concerns. mexican military police
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have stopped a caravan of some 2000 migrants trying to reach the united states most were detained and then bus back to the city of tapachula nick what amala from where they had set out on saturday morning. wildfires have forced some 100000 people to evacuate their homes in southern california thanks to slowing winds firefighters have been back places that have been burning on the edge of los angeles since thursday fire officials there predict wildfire will break out in part due to climate change. polls are voting for a new parliament today incumbent conservative nationalist lore and justice party is hoping for an absolute majority and was ahead in pre-election surveys the party is presenting itself as the defender of traditional catholic values against what it calls l.g. betaine ideology. after the party brought in controversial justice reforms judges
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in poland say they've been targeted for criticizing the government but they say they won't stop fighting to uphold the rule of law. judge christiane markovitch regularly receives hate mail online he's the chairman of the judges association few states that supports the rule of law in poland thanks for making a decent words a use that i don't wish to. attack me directly saying i'm an accomplice to the class of judges and the someone should silence me but someone should find out something about me that would ruin me whew that is about the courts have been using stretched the thousands of hate mails tweets and posts against targeted judges are thought to be organized by the deputy justice minister officials and other judges closely tied to the regime according to reports in poland the wife of a pro-government judge was supplied for nearly 3 years with sensitive information from personnel files such as about judges affairs or drunk driving this confidential material was then planted in social media. the 1st president of poland
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supreme court has also received much hate mail she used to think it came from disturbed marginal individuals yes and i am appalled that a state official could have done something like this if a state official can perform such shameful acts that means there is no longer a state by state mosher duck on what struck you when you've been if tindall intimidating people through targeted hate commentary and indication of the erosion of social norms in poland the new parliament will be elected on sunday even though the extent of the hate campaign against the judges has come to light recent opinion polls show the ruling law and justice party has a clear lead. some sports now and in the formula one must say it is driver valtteri bottas has eased the victory of the japanese from prey in suzuka offense victory secure as a 6 straight consecutive is constructors title for his taking it also guarantees
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miss avies will win the driver's title is 64 points behind his team mate lewis hamilton with 4 races to go hamilton can wrap up the championship at the next race in mexico. and the soccer germany face of footballing minnows a stone here and a euro 2020 qualifying match later today they currently 2nd in the group behind the netherlands and have recently made a bit of a habit of throwing away a promising lames coach you walk in love has full faith in one youngster lading a line. search cannot breathe is on a hot streak 10 goals in just 11 matches for germany but even before he had top form now he was always a wanted man to coach you are. you that's right i was in 5th i was in london $23.00 times in the early $24.00 team to watch also will start then served gnabry have been given a run in their team in january february and march playing
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a few games on the right wing so although he was just 17 or 18 i actually wanted to take him to the 2014 world cup but then he got injured and that you'd like to for that's not very missed out on a world cup winner's medal back then but this june score 2 in germany's home fixture against the stone and matched their 18 nail estonia already out of the running for euro 20 twentieth's but want to put up a fight in front of their home crowd having beaten big sites here in the past. and they believe. through my heart that one day it comes again why not tomorrow to . keep their really good. emotions for our fans scoring goals isn't a problem for germany not with search not reading the line it's finishing off games giving underdogs a stone yah a glimmer of hope. you're watching david the news live from berlin up
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