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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 13, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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this is d w news live from by in a turkey pushes on with its offensive in northern syria as international criticism mounts with turkish baksh troops and ramping up their bombardment of kurdish militia the death toll is rising and german chancellor angela merkel tells turkey's president the assault must stop immediately also coming up the people of poland elect a new parliament today in the wake of controversial justice reforms we meet the judges being targeted for criticizing the ruling party. plus typhoon haggard
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basically rips across japan rescue efforts are in full force as large areas of the country face record rains flooding and landslides leaving thousands without power all the more so. i'm headed home for a glad you could join me german chancellor angela merkel has told turkey to and mediately halt its offensive in northern syria merkel made a demand in a phone call with turkish president type at a one on sunday that's according to a german government spokesperson now it comes a day after germany announced it would stop arms exports to turkey but the fighting rages on in this driving thousands of people from their homes. safe at last sheltering in a school classroom in a hostile fire when the 1st bomb was found see her. is mile took her 2 children and
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fled their border town home leaving all their possessions behind the pregnant mother has no idea what the future holds. why doesn't anyone help us our children will suffer and what it was supposed to do where are we supposed to go help us if just for the children it's a small block and oh. more than 200 people are sheltering in the school about 5 to a classroom food and water are scarce medical supplies to you and yet conditions here are better than for their friends and relatives still in. videos purported to originate that show a desperate situation. all of us of since yesterday have been bombing without interruption entering houses laying mines detonating them destroying everything stealing everything credible we will be. tens of thousands of people are fleeing towns on the turkish border to our
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interior it's just 75 kilometers from the castle i mean but it's safe from air raids at least so far. this small town is struggling to cope with the influx. but when all the schools are full already. we don't have the infrastructure to provide for so many people. options are very limited. because hospital is treating wounded fighters from the front terrorists if you believe the one son is one of them his mother hasn't left his son made. the kurds not terrorists we haven't done anything to anyone we haven't attacked people. in every day they demonstrate on our streets for their homeland their fighters and against what they regard as occupying forces. and
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joining me now from istanbul is the correspondent dorian jones dorian german chancellor angela merkel has told turkey to immediately halt its offensive in northern syria have we heard any reaction from the turkish side. no there's been no reaction as of yet but it is expected to make what is a listen to these latest call in fact earlier in the day speaking mocked european leaders calls for an end to this operation underline the turkey's commitment that they are going to pursue this operation until all their object is or have been achieved and the present heard one does appear to be indicating a further expansion in the initial objectives of creating a 30 kilometer safe zone it now talk of expanding the operations far further than that i'm speaking to a source head of the operation he said the turkish military persians could be as far as 100 kilometers deep into syria possibly the taliban health sako where the many of the reminded of refugees are fleeing to possibly took shoppers could extend
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as far as that turkey really sees this is an opportunity of securing its border in its mind once and for all and even possibly staking a claim in the future of syria given the fact that the situation is rapidly deteriorating the turkish military to see an opportunity here and it appears president wanted to turn in to grasp the opportunity in spite of calls from european leaders to end the operation well despite an apparent ramping up of the operation before that phone call germany and other countries also announced an end to weapons exports to turkey here's how president edouard responded today take a listen. despite the fact that we've been saying this for months. there are those who are threatened with economic sanctions and embargos. those who think they will turn turkey away from its path have been mistaken and are mistaken. now we should say that the netherlands france norway and others have
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also announced an entity weapons exports and yet all of those countries including turkey all nato allies so where does that leave added one does he have any allies right now. well speaking to turkish officials ahead of this operation they says soon on the question of its what they say is their fight against terrorism turkey hasn't had any alos allies in nato from many many years months if not years they say that they are fighting this war against terrorism on its own much to its anger and it's always been a big source of tension between turkey and its nato allies so the fact that these countries now are threatening arms embargoes will not come as a surprise to uncrate says you're never with us before so why should we care if you're not with us now and given the fact that turkey has a very developed into fence industry these threats of an arms embargo will have very little effect at least initially on the ongoing operation where turkey does he has an ally is in the u.s. president donald trump but now donald trump does appear to be standing by turkey
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not enforcing sanctions that are being demanded by all of us within washington so for now the most important person in her cares about internationally is president trump now another facet to this whole situation of course is the fact that kurdish officials now say that more than 700 islamic state supporters of escape from account in syria as kurdish guards left to fight what more can you tell us about that daria. well we understand several 100 posse as many as 700 people have escaped from this prison was under so that they rose up when they realized the fighting was very close to where their prison was these people. are freedom the kurds have been their enemy with the kurdish militia brought them to their knees and ended up in prison now they are facing being destroyed by this military offensive these people have a chance of freedom and they least in this one prison the fact that there are estimated to be around 12000 jobs is held by the syrian kurdish militia along with
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tens of thousands of sympathizers and family members all across this war so it will be a major concern of all of turkey's western partners and the big fear is that this will be a door to the resurgence of islamic state and that is the big concern was so much pressure . president trump said it's on course responsibility to deal with this situation but the fact this is a war zone is no realistic possibility of a handover between the 2 sides are the prospects of more of these scaping can only be seen as more likely. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the walls in hong kong pro-democracy activists have held multiple small protests across the territory establishments linked to mainland china including banks and a.t.m.'s were vandalized police say they made dozens of arrests they used tear gas and pepper spray to disperse the demonstrators. thousands gathered in central ballin on sunday
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to protest anti semitism and right wing violence it comes after 2 people were shot dead in the east in germantown hala a gunman attempted a massacre at a synagogue where around 50 people were observing the young kapoor holiday. polls have now closed in tunisia in the decisive 2nd round of the country's presidential elections retired law professor backed by resurgent islamists was slightly ahead in the 1st round of voting his opponent is media mogul nabila cavalry who has just been released from prison he still facing money laundering and tax evasion charges. and coated voters are choosing a new parliament today the incumbent nationalist lord justice party under yaris was kaczynski was ahead in pre-election polling and is hoping for an absolute majority today so the party is presenting itself as a defender of traditional catholic values against what it calls quote l g b
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t ideology of the vote is also being closely watched in european capitals after the law and justice party and acted controversial justice reforms saw the country's judges say they're being targeted for speaking out against the reforms but despite the pressure they say they're determined to keep fighting to uphold the rule of law . judge christiane markovitch regularly receives hate mail online he's the chairman of the judges association that supports the rule of law in poland. that's when i can decent words they use that i don't wish to they attack me directly saying i am an accomplice to the class of judges and that someone should silence me that someone should find out something about me that would ruin me whew that is about the courts a culture which ignores english thousands of hate mails tweets and posts against targeted judges are thought to be organized by the deputy justice minister officials and other judges closely tied to the regime according to reports in
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poland the wife of a pro-government judge was supplied for nearly 3 years with sensitive information from personnel files such as about judges affairs or drunk driving this confidential material was then planted in social media. the 1st president of poland supreme court has also received much hate mail she used to think it came from disturbed marginal individuals. yes them so that i am appalled that a state official could have done something like this if a state official can perform such shameful acts that means there is no longer a statement by stifel mosher book on live much duckie if tindall intimidating people through targeted hate commentary and indication of the erosion of social norms in poland a new parliament will be elected on sunday even though the extent of the hate campaign against the judges has come to light recent opinion polls show the ruling law and justice party has a clear lead. letters for cost to be the strongest storm to hit japan in 60
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years and now typhoon haiyan bases roared across the country beating at least $33.00 people dead and many more injured rescue efforts are underway as record rains have triggered major flooding and landslides. the rain that battered japan through the longest of nights has mostly stopped falling but the border still bright is across large parts of the country for emergency workers charged with the task of rescuing thousands die like gave them a better chance to see those in danger but also take in the massive scale of the task that lies ahead the rescue operations continue countrywide off to hundreds of thousands of people forced to evacuate their homes surrounded by water to some the only way out was a. case of so little i pray for the souls of those who lost their lives. and for the wellbeing of everyone affected by the storm you know you
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don't and never to believe risky focus will turn to recovery as the unprecedented water levels begin to recede. what a mother stuck with you and now you'll know or me thought now you've never yet experienced such intense rain and precipitation. before the rain and water it was the wind which landed the 1st blows as gusts reached 225 kilometers an hour some knighthoods were flattened others washed away as swollen rivers on the mind some streets house by house. the final and potentially most deadly element to the typhoon would landslides that have many residents fearing the worst as the hunt begins for those missing amid the chaos the relief i'm worried about my sister. as for now the human cost remains unclear in the wash up from a storm of historic proportions. formula one now in the sadie's drive of
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us has eased to victory at the japanese grown praying suzuka the race weekend had also been disrupted by typhoon hunter bass with qualifying also taking place on sunday now the finns victory secure was a 6th straight construct his title for his team and also guarantees one of the mistake his teammates will win the joy of his title artist is $64.00 points behind his team mate new as hamilton with 4 races to go come out and kind of wrap up the championship at the next race in a mexican. now gymnasts and i'm biles a so good either way have keeping a trouble keeping up with her but competing in the world championships in she took up isles tied to the all time mark yesterday collecting her 23rd medal and she went on to top that record today collecting medals on the $24.25 with gold in the 4 events files to posses vitale shot about to become the most decorated gymnast made all female in wild championship history. you're watching the news
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a life from ballet and i'm helena humphrey thanks is that your company unceasing. sitting rooms are a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines and between the muslims and the christian population last night as father spoke to card the city center in 2017 president of church's response was 5 whole. different. game good game.


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