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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 13, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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justice and freedom in our retirement. our journey. serums starts october 21st on d w. this is d w news live from berlin to turkey pushes on with its offensive in northern syria as international criticism mounts with takesh baksh troops ramping up their bombardment of kurdish militia the death toll is rising and german chancellor angela merkel tells turkey's president the assault must stop immediately also
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coming up to the people of code and to elect a new parliament today in the wake of controversial justice reforms we need for judges being targeted for criticizing the ruling party. time helena humphrey glad you could join me german chancellor angela merkel has told turkey to immediately halt its offensive in northern syria merkel made a demand in a phone call with turkish president red chip type added one on sunday as according to a german government spokesperson now it comes a day off to germany announced it would stop on's exports to turkey but the fighting rages on and is driving thousands of people from their homes. safe at last sheltering in a school classroom and. when the 1st bombs found see home is mild took her 2 children. and fled their border town home leaving all their possessions behind the
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pregnant mother has no idea what the future holds. why doesn't anyone help us our children will suffer and what agree supposed to do where are we supposed to go help us if just for the children it's a slog and all. more than 200 people are sheltering in the school about 5 to a classroom food and water are scarce medical supplies to you and yet conditions here are better than for their friends and relatives still in pain videos purported to originate that show a desperate situation. was. all of us have since yesterday been bombing without interruption entering houses laying mines detonating them destroying everything stealing everything credible we were going to be. tens of thousands of people are fleeing towns on the turkish border to
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us in the interior it's just 75 kilometers from the castle ein but it's safe from air raids at least so far. this small town is struggling to cope with the influx. but given all the schools are full already. we don't have the infrastructure to provide for so many people. options are very limited. because hospital is treating wounded fighters from the front terrorists if you believe the one son is one of them his mother hasn't left his son made. with curt's not terrorists we haven't done anything to anyone we haven't attacked people. every day they demonstrate on our streets for their homeland their fighters and against what they regard as occupying forces. well joining us now from istanbul is the correspondent dorian jones story of german
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chancellor angela merkel has told turkey to immediately halt its offensive in northern syria have we heard any reaction from the turkish side yet. well there's been no direct response to chancellor merkel's call for sunday president one has been dismissing calls similar calls from other european leaders saying turkey's england to listen to what he says is this call to end the fight against terrorism they said this is very much about the future of the country nothing will dissuade turkey from continuing its operations and in fact turkey does appear to be ramping up its operations given the fast moving developments happening in syria now that turkey very much see this is a key moment this is not a moment now to step back but rather to operations up further there's even speculation taking could extend its operations far beyond the original objective of a 30 kilometer safe so turkey really sees this as a critical moment for the whole region this is a moment the turkey has to address all its concerns and see this is
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a chance to do that it will be lost in the future and given the fact that the european leaders. that means very little to turkey given turkey has a very sophisticated developed defense industry such fretfully little to attack you and on the other side door and we are now hearing that syrian government troops on the north to confront the takesh offensive what do you know about that. well that's right the key town is believed to fall into turkish forces of this follows russia also falling this is a sign that turkey does believe it has now the momentum behind its operation we're also hearing reports syrian regime forces are about to move in on the critically important town of karbala which is very close to russia on the turkish border and also the strategically important beach both have been held by syrian kurdish forces these are happening following the announcement of the u.s.
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do appear to be removed a step forwards of removing all their forces from this area and i think any hope on the syrian kurdish force that washington would change its stance and come to its aid it is now the syrian kurds are looking to make a deal with possibly that the massacres forces backed by moscow so a fast developing situation and really what we see now is a free for all where all sides are trying to stake their claims in this area absolutely and add to that dorrian kurdish officials saying that more than 700 islamic state supporters of escaped from account in syria as kurdish guards left to fight what else do we know about them. several 100 people have escaped from this camp here happen as fighting moved closer to the camp and the inmates saw this is a chance to escape they've been know that the syrian kurdish forces are on the fact foot they probably rose up and over those protecting. and we have to fear is now this is just the beginning of a process the syrian kurdish militia are holding around $12000.00 or 2000 at least
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to be foreign nationals and that tens of thousands of sympathizers and family members the face of these people now is of concern for the whole of the international community and the belief is that if the syrian kurds on the point of collapsing and all of these people will be at large and this will cause major implications for the whole region and beyond he. i want to take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world this hour in hong kong pro-democracy activists have held multiple small protests across the territory establishment linked to mainland china including banks and a.t.m.'s were vandalized police say they made dozens of arrests they used tear gas and pepper spray to disperse the demonstrators. thousands gathered in central body on sunday to protest anti semitism and right wing violence it comes after 2 people were shot dead in the eastern german town of hull or a gunman attempted a massacre at
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a synagogue where around 50 people were observing the young kapoor holiday. polls have now closed in tunisia in the decisive 2nd round of the country's presidential elections retired nor professor chi sayed backed by resurgent islamists was slightly ahead in the 1st round of voting his opponent is the media mogul nabila cavalry who has just been released from prison he's accused of money laundering and tax evasion which he denies. well jim johnson i'm going to michael is meeting french president of money what about call in paris before an upcoming e.u. summit on the agenda will be turkey's offensive in syria the u.s. china trade war and the stalled iranian nuclear deal but with an e.u. summit in brussels on thursday breaks it is expected to be the main talking point between the 2 heads of government with britain set to leave the european union on the 31st of october. and joining me from paris now is
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correspondent lisa lewis good to see you lisa we understand that michael and merkel have given short statements what do they intend to focus on during this meeting. well absolutely as you said they were going there are going to talk about lots of international issues including the crisis in syria the turkish offensive both only did have apparently talked to the turkish leader to tell him to stop the offensive immediately but there was this red thread going through both statements with both leaders saying you know we need to be strong we need to show unity these are very difficult and worrying times as french leader in one of our cast said and angela merkel from germany said something that she'd actually in that way never said before she said that a europe needed to this strong franco german engine because they were facing new challenges and then she said you know we're going to face a new competitor we will not only face the u.s. and china but they will be the u.k.
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so we need to be stronger than ever before really interesting so paying less lip service there to a brags it and talking about that with these meetings underway can we expect any new momentum in what has been an impasse over bragg's it. well negotiations obviously ongoing to have been ongoing over the weekend tomorrow and tomorrow the head of the european council donald tusk is going to be here at the air is a meeting the french president can they will continue to talk to each other there are technical discussions ongoing but ballen you the e.u. chief negotiator talked to your investors today and said their technical discussions would be continuing and that they weren't easy actually and what angela merkel said tonight is at least an indication that things are maybe not going so well and everything might be going down to the wire really ahead of thursday's
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friday's summit e.u. summit in brussels correspondent lisa lewis in paris thanks for your insights. well in poland voters are choosing a new parliament today the incumbent nationalist nor justice party under. a was ahead and pre-election polling and is hoping for an outright majority today all the party is presenting itself as a defender of traditional catholic values against what it calls quote. ideology very closely watched in european capitals off the law and justice party enacted controversial justice reforms now some of the country's judges say that they are being targeted for speaking out against those reforms despite the pressure they say they just haven't to keep fighting the rule if you. judge christiane markovitch regularly receives hate mail online he's the chairman of the judges association that supports the rule of law in poland that's why making decent words
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a use that i don't wish to. attack me directly saying i'm an accomplice to the class of judges and that someone should silence me but someone should find out something about me that would ruin me. thousands of hate mails tweets and posts against targeted judges are thought to be organized by the deputy justice minister officials and other judges closely tied to the regime according to reports in poland the wife of a pro-government judge was supplied for nearly 3 years with sensitive information from personnel files such as about judges affairs or drunk driving this confidential material was then planted in social media. the 1st president of poland supreme court has also received much hate mail she used to think it came from disturbed marginal individuals yes i am appalled that a state official could have done something like this if
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a state official can perform such shameful acts that means there is no longer a stick and. mosher duck on the deck you have to know. intimidating people through targeted hate commentary and indication of the erosion of social norms in poland a new parliament will be elected on sunday even though the extent of the hate campaign against the judges has come to light recent opinion polls show the ruling law and justice party has a clear lead. well later today germany will face football lightweights a stone here in a euro 2020 qualifying match germany sits in 2nd place behind their group in a group behind the netherlands and have recently his fate a bad habit of throwing away promising leads meanwhile germany coach you have you nervous putting his faith in one youngster leading the line. search can average is on a hot streak 10 goals in just 11 matches for germany but even before he had top
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form now he was always a wanted man to coach you are human of. you that's why thousands just i was in london 23 times in the early 24 team to watch austin ill back then served gnabry have been given a run in that scene in january february and march playing a few games on the right wing so although he was just 17 or 18 i actually wanted to take him to the 2014 world cup but then he got injured and it seems like the for the it's not 3 missed out on a world cup winner's medal back then but this june score 2 in germany's home fixture against a stone and match their $18.00 nil estonia are already out of the running for euro 20 twentieth's but want to put up a fight in front of their home crowd having beaten big sites here in the past. i still hope and i believe truly from my heart that one day it comes again why not tomorrow to surprise for part of it and keep it there really good. and motions
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for our fans scoring goals isn't a problem for germany and not with search not reading the line it's finishing off games giving underdogs a stone a glimmer of hope. and if you fancy watching that much well kickoff is in around half an hour's time in washington have a nice life from berlin and helena humphrey coming up next is shift the tech programs off the varsity. ruins are a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslim and the christian population . with his fighters to put the city center in 2017 president.


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