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tv   Drive it  Deutsche Welle  October 13, 2019 8:30pm-9:01pm CEST

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the rom's code that the breakdown of the 5 minutes. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language with the 1st word published in the book. rico is in germany to learn german why not go with him simple online on your mobile and free to suffer from the learning course nikos fake german made easy . or low and welcome to drive in your motor magazine on t w coming up a magnificent classic strikingly streamlined. popping the top of the fianna $124.00 spider. and the v.w.
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touring now facts of. a pristine natural environment millions of years old the perfect place to relax go hiking or drive around ok i would use all 10 dimensions it's our car expert might discourage it miss of the vehicle he's testing today isn't exactly politically correct in fact it's just the opposite after all who needs heavy a diesel engine in an s.u.v. a vehicle most of us don't need either. the point is what are you going to use the issue before that's why he's come to iceland off roading is illegal here so people need a car they can use to drive around on the streets and highway. but the term street he says means something different here and it. as back in germany. if in
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the. streets here present all sorts of obstacles gravel. rocks mud and even rivers and. you never know what you'll find around the next curve so it's good that the touring v 8 comes equipped with a height adjustable matic suspension system that features a maximum ground clearance of $250.00 millimeters and you that will show up this as a touring v 8 has a lot more to offer than you might think and you can get a feeling for the awesome power of this vehicle just by looking at it although some of the models competitors try but they come across as a bit over the top. and be about the color. most people buy this s.u.v.
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for performance not for looks 85 percent of all touring models are sold to people who live in rural areas not big cities of course that doesn't mean that these vehicles are used exclusively in the countryside but that number is still way above average for the s.u.v. class. this points out to the jury gives 1st and foremost an s.u.v. have i not enough road or in the traditional sense. that for example there is no gear reduction or differential locks but the cars are electrical and their suspension systems still do a good job of getting you to places where you wouldn't think a car could go he said let's hope. so i don't alter any color code to. the touring speak t.d.i. for leader in. it features
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a power output of $310.00 kilowatts and 900 meters of torque. says it burns an average of 7.4 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers but the actual figure is closer to 9 liters still for a high performance vehicle like this one claps not back to. the v.a. version of the tour it doesn't look that different from a 6 cylinder version it just sports a few extra logos here and there and comes standard with chrome fittings that are available only as options on other models even after a hard day on the roads of iceland this vehicle still retains a certain understated elegance. the models name is spelled out in silver letters and back. in the tail lights are large.
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the exhaust system meets european 60 standards which are pretty strict. the jury v. 8 offers a number of features as standard than are options on other models the basic price for the s.u.v. insure many is 90000 euros but if you want to add some extras the price could quickly rise to over 100000 so the question is why spend all that money on a top of the line s.u.v. that's just going to get banged up while you're driving around out in the countryside. above. the arab. either to help put enough to says a lot of people buy this vehicle because it's got enough power to pull a heavy trailer like up to. 3 and a half tons in fact that's where
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a big engine comes in handy to me that a touring can haul a trailer into remote or mount a serious that most other vehicles could not. be missed style a bag. i kind of pissed off wrote. 3 quarters of all people who by ensuring the order of the electronic trailer coupling device and even if you're not pulling a trailer you could always use the s.u.v. to pull another car out of a ditch. how did i let a lot of us says that the touring the 6 is basically just as good as what's he a cousin so you have to ask yourself whether you're really going to need all that extra engine performance but since the v.a. doesn't use a lot more fuel than the v 6 version there's no reason not to go for it i thought.
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oh. well if. it's time for the opel astra to get another facelift it's been 4 years since the last one after all the astra brand has been around since 1991 his predecessor the opel cadette made his debut in 1936 so let's see what's new about the 2001000 oster since the brand was taken over by peugeot in 2017 we can probably expect to find some french technology here. coming via artistry manuel schaefer says the most important new feature is the 3 cylinder engine capacity options range from one to 1.5 liters but the engine was designed by opel not to. as in. today because. there's
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a diesel option and 2 different gasoline models with performances that range from $77.00 to $107.00 kilowatts. if you are a man who was test car features the $94.00 kilowatt version but even in the lower engine performance range this vehicle has a lot of get up and go at least until you get out onto the autobahn engine performance drops off a little at higher speeds that's that. the i stress has good acceleration 0 to 100 kilometers in just under 10 seconds top speed is 215 kilometers per hour. the new ashtray engines are about 20 percent more fuel efficient than the old ones . nothing worth the amount of all
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points out that the asterisk overall design hasn't changed a lot at least up front so they've made a few changes to the front bumper. and the new grille really stands out with these chrome wings this design makes the front end a look over the lighter he adds. the extras aerodynamic design has been improved to increase fuel consumption one new design feature is the use of adjustable flaps behind the grill other match the car doesn't look a lot different from older models and the backend is identical. to. the un peu mano says that they've made a few minor adjustments in the interior just. i know including an embroidery to the
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infotainment system apple corer play and android auto are both available android that's good news for people who prefer google maps to the car's built in navigation system. to get their own systems. here's a new feature a semi digital instrument panel. there's a board in the center console where you can plug in your smartphone. the seats are quite comfortable shows as they were in previous astra models as good news if you're headed out on a long drive. there's also a station wagon version called the sports tour. but it's back to the 5 door sedan the shock absorbers have been redesigned and that
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makes for a comfortable ride i dynamic chassis option is also available but considering the engines relatively modest performance a lot of people will probably cash on that. that's basically my no says he likes the new answer but it needs a better engine that may happen in a couple of years when peugeot unveils the next generation of this model which will be based on its technology. and i like things because again the whole. astra is no longer available with a natural gas powered engine but that could change in the years to come as peugeot comes up with a new design it's highly likely that the new lineup will include an astro plug in hybrid. b.m.w. has extended its high end 8 series or. grand touring cars with the addition of
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a 4 door sports model based closely on the 2 door version the new grand prix claims to bridge the gap between sportiness and long range comfort because it's 6 centimeters taller and has a wheel base that's 20 centimeters wider there's a lot more space inside than in the smaller 8 series sports car but with 250 kilowatts of power under the hood the grand coupe a can still hit 100 kilometers an hour and under 4 seconds prices in germany start at $91500.00 euros. with the $208.00 crews euro has released the fully electric version of its copulate super mini visually the new model is nearly identical to its fuel driven brother which has also gone through a facelift and relaunch the $208.00 features a 50 kilowatt capacity battery which gives it a range of up to 340 kilometers and if it's hooked up to a rapid charge $100.00 kilowatt station the battery can be loaded up to 80 percent
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in just 30 minutes. if it was accomplished testing the fee at $124.00 spyder he says the critics claim it's little more than a knockoff of the managed to m.x. 5 cars come off the same assembly line in hiroshima so let's find out what the spider has to offer out a little bit but if i tell us that. let's start by taking a look back at the roots of the fee of $124.00 spider and operated soft top even in 1966 was one of the models trademark characteristics over half a century has passed since the current models ancestor 1st hit the road but some things have stayed the same.
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back then as now people who bought this car like to feel the wind in their hair. another thing that hasn't changed is that the spider still has rear wheel drive and just like the 1st of its kind today's model packs a 1.4 metre engine but of course it's grown more powerful back in 1966 it only put out 66 kilowatts of power the sporty is variant of the new 125 spider the abarth version churns out 125 kilowatts. on the outside fiat's designers have brought back the 1960 s. in other ways like the round head lice that sit over the blinkers as well as the shape of the grill. and also like earlier models the latest spider features twin powered domes on the hood that give it a receiver look and similar when the classic sports car proportions are obvious
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with a long hood and wheel base and short over hands. one big reason why the 124 spider is so light be easy to manage soft top. unlike the monster a m x 5 which is built on the same platform the fiancé exhaust pipes peep out to the right and left. and while the mazda uses a naturally aspirated engine the fi out is powered by a turbo charged $1.00 leader gasoline driven motor. could put so $103.00 kilowatts of power which can push the spider to 100 kilometers an hour in a respectable 7. point 5 seconds its top speed is 217 kilometers an hour also
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unlike the mustang which only comes with a 6 here stick you can order a spider that has an automatic transmission but lewis decided to test the manual version. but he says the handling of sporty in the car reacts quickly when you hit the gash boys the gears are tight he adds and steering is very precise. as it doesn't do it says that when he found out that he was going to test this car he wondered whether $140.00 horsepower it was really enough for roadster and that he says it is a scar is lots of fun on country roads. and that's largely due to the spiders lightweight just a little over 1100 kilograms with peak torque at 240 newton meters which are reached at just $2250.00 r.p.m. the spider is powerful and sporty in the middle of its river range. they do as has
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surprised and pleased about how quickly and precisely the spider takes curbs. in general although there is some overlap between the 2 models when it comes to price the fia costs more than the mazda who is took out the new so trim package which includes $17.00 inch wheels leather seats and automatic climate control inside the fi at 124 spyder and mazda m.x. 5 look and feel very similar. in both cars the tank ometer occupies a central position among the gauge. and the center console is also pretty much identical one drawback is the lack of trunk room another is that the seats can't be adjusted for height.
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the in the woman who is says the interior is really minimalist there isn't even a couple there but he doesn't mind her the way that feet solve the question of the convertible top all you have to do is unhook it here and push backwards. if yes i do it says the feel 124 spider has a lot going for its edge and it's a lot of fun on the road but it also has a couple of negative points like a lack of storage options and adjusting the seats can be difficult or is it suppose it's. is a recommendation from potential buyers definitely trying out the seats before signing a check. one of the pioneers of aerodynamics is put to the test. patrick
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87. the brand contra ranks among the world's oldest automobile manufacturers it began producing motor cars as early as $897.00 and what's now the czech republic. p.s. if it's our car chester crew stopped by our explains that the 1st cars to come out of cup should need to still carry the name as well door that's what the town was called before world war one when the still belong to austria hungary and up should needs is also the only town as far as he's aware to have a car in its coat of arms proving just tell important the industry was for the region in 1020 the company changed its name to tathra after the highest mountain in former czechoslovakia the austrian carmaker hans led v.k. and his team created truly revolutionary designs and. this stuff also mentions the
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streamlined shape of the brand's most iconic feature in a brand new concept that. if. the 1st streamlining experiments began in the 1926 a new teardrop shaped body was used to minimize air resistance max my speed and reduce fuel consumption and on a diverse range of different vehicles including airships aircraft trains and of course cars. and how does even office stuff explains that the tatra 87 and its direct predecessor the 77 were some of the world's 1st vehicles to be developed in a wind tunnel the engineers and list of hungary unsettling builder. for help christophe says the most successful product of their ambitious research was arguably this car that time to 87 presented in 1936 with
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a drag coefficient of just 0.36 and that's still very impressive today. one that comes. to. a modest $75.00 horsepower is still enough to accelerate the time to train $87.00 to over 150 kilometers per hour with a recommended cruising speed of $135.00 in the 1930 s. the tantra was one of the world's fastest series production vehicles. christophe recommends taking your foot off the gas to really experience how streamlined the car is and just carries on rolling totally unaffected by the wind and of course less air resistance means lower fuel consumption this car uses just 12.2 liters per 100 kilometers most cars i was similar performance would get through twice that i get christophe would say it's a cross between a luxury sedan that was and is super car and a miracle of fuel. sumption which nowadays he says is
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a real rarity sulfides about to say. i think him in the interior too he's surrounded by pure luck sheree leather as far as the eye can see and this is our decode style cockade has so many but one has no owner couldn't possibly know what they all do bureaucracy. he also mentions the fantastic streamlining with a giant tail fin attached in the center and it is supposed to provide a smoother drive at high speeds and you might have noticed a similarity to the v.w. beetle says christophe and that's just a coincidence the builder hustlin vehicle was good friends with $39.00 porsche of the father of all swag and what fog so who's still whose idea well it's certainly a bone of contention and christophe staying well out of it took.
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the front section with its 3 headlights is one of the most striking features of a touch or 87 along with its enormous air scoop to ventilate the rear engine and its unique silhouette with covered aerodynamic rear wheels. the craftsmanship is without a doubt 1st rate. but there's one very odd design flaw the trunk is only accessible from the inside. but still the top trick $87.00 is an undisputed gem of pre-war automotive design a true work of art.
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i'm christopher explains that in this town tri vientiane isn't fitted at the front but under a gigantic could at the back it's an air cooled v 8 engine with a 3 liter displacement from an overhead camshafts and 75 horsepower and the engine block and transmission case are made from electronic a super lightweight magnesium alloy which reduces the car's way to just 1370 kilograms that's 500 kilograms less than its direct predecessor. the 4 speed gearbox with unsynchronised 1st and 2nd gears does take some getting used to. and it's prone to a crash or 2 visibility out the back is awful the split windshield and the dorsal fin restrict the field of view so what goes on behind the car is anyone's guess.
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but the tatra is reliable check adventures area and never subsequent successfully travelled the world in the 8087 between 19471950. s. has the risk of calls this a groundbreaking car that in its day was light years ahead of the competition but it was a rare beautie production was put on hold in 1939 because of the 2nd world war manufacturing resumed and continued into the 1950 s. but only 3023 models were ever built up still it was the 1st series production sedan whose design was based on the aerodynamic research gleaned in a wind tunnel to so he feels the trip $87.00 is definitely a milestone and a lot. no to his straight announcing yesterday i my abstract knowledge will be
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shipped to. one the company wouldn't continue today joshua only makes trucks. next time i'm driving we put the porsche cayenne turbo as she hybrid through its paces. and check out the pioneering fuel economy concept and the mazda she actually 30.
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sujit years after the fall of the berlin wall no summer night w. . are we alone it's a fundamental question on humanity trying to figure out whether or not. life existed on mars pretty clear water was there and quite abundance while that would be if so on mars the atmosphere is a 100th of all we have here on earth it's very very cold and at the fast it's like antarctica you could imagine bringing some supplies and you know if you do them to build. a little self-contained pressure vehicle or vessel which would be on the surface there are things like oxygen that you can harvest from the atmosphere to help make living possible. if you want to think of humanity if we really want to survive forever we're going to have to move off your of the bench away i know that
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seems a little crazy but you've got to start somewhere. this is d.w. news live from by a name that potent out of crosswords is voters elect a new parliament today these are live pictures from the ruling conservative nor in justice party's headquarters as we await the results on the exit polls. and turkey pushes on with its offensive in no.


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