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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 13, 2019 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from poland's ruling conservative law and justice party wins the general election according to an exit poll the poll shows that the party has expanded its majority the result comes after introduced controversial judicial reform or so coming up turkey pushes on with its offensive in northern syria german chancellor angela merkel tells the turkey's president the assault must stop as mediately a syrian government troops get set to deploy along the border. at times the united
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base rips across japan and rescue efforts are in full force as large areas of the country face record rains flooding and landslides leaving thousands without power and with. my head on the humphrey glad you could join me we start in poland where exit polls suggest that right wing nationalist have clinched a 2nd term in power in sunday's sunday's parliamentary election now remains to be seen whether the lauren justice party will gain enough votes to govern the nation alone or if it will have to form a coalition about it was held amid concerns within the e.u. of the party's commitment to a future democratic system opposition party say that the outgoing government has undermined the independence of the huge issue in media as well as making poland less welcoming to us. minorities and the l g b
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t community. well here is the law and justice party leader yet us have to change shortly after the exit poll result was announced it told thought there were national. our main strengths are credibility and keeping our word. our work may well be more difficult in the 4 years ahead than it was during the previous 4 much national. but we must maintain credibility. and dispel dote but what we are doing is good real and responsible yes. you know. we ought to put it want to talk more about this now i'm joined in this year by voice action nancy from our polish that it's good to see voice hello hello anything surprising to you in these projected results well what's surprising for me is that this election night is so exciting to be honest because in this moment we
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don't really know if the rulings logan justice party will be able to form a government alone because we only have those exit polls and shall there be any change even a 41100 percent it could mean that. they're the party of heroes for kaczynski would have to look for a coalition partner but anyway of course it is a huge success and a victory of law and justice party in poland so a victory for them what makes this party so successful well law and justice party has a very coherent program that i would call poland 1st simply. and also polish economy runs really well at the unemployment is very very low. besides a law and justice party is a party which fulfills its promises which is not really a rule in poland and a very important issue it's a party which. for the 1st time after $1009.00 set enough save you it's time to
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spend money it's a party which starts with giving money to do people in politics and what about the opposition then that the voter turnout appeared what explains that well outside the opposition doesn't really have a good leader or some popular politician to pull the entire position. i would also say there is no such a clear and decisive coherent program there on the side of the of the opposition and you know it's not easy to fight against the party i mean to fight against lower just as party which is striking below the belt because it's a party having totally control over the public media for example in poland and this media is attacking the opposition aggressively and constantly for that right now of course once we get those results will then take a look at how the government shapes up do you think it'll be easy to form a government it's hard to say because one option would be
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a very far right very radical can for the rights party which is quite you in our polish parliament otherwise the possibility is the rule as party which could have some influence i believe on a lower and justice party it's hard to say how these talks will look like more interesting prospects to come trucking at 1st for months before a polish service thank you very much. has taken it now some of the other stories making news around the world. retired know professor chi sayed has won the country's presidential election with more than 70 percent of the vote that is according to an exit poll sayed is an independent with no political experience he expects to fight corruption and support decentralization. in hong kong pro-democracy activists have held multiple small protests across the territory establishment leagues to mainland china including banks and a.t.m. to evangelize clean. say they made dozens of arrests they used tear gas and pepper
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spray to disperse the demonstrators. now german chancellor angela merkel has told turkey to end mediately halt its offensive in northern syria back on may the demand in a phone call with turkish president rich uptight at a one on sunday according to a german government spokesperson meanwhile syrian government troops are set to deploy along the northern border but the fighting rages on and is driving thousands of people from their homes. safe at last sheltering in a school classroom and. when the 1st bombs fell see home is mild took her 2 children and fled their border town home leaving all their possessions behind the pregnant mother has no idea what the future holds. why doesn't anyone help us our children will suffer and what are we supposed to do where are we supposed to go help us if just for the children it's
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a slog and all. more than 200 people are sheltering in the school about 5 to a classroom food and water are scarce medical supplies to you and yet conditions here are better than for their friends and relatives still in. the deals purported to originate that show a desperate situation. as of since yesterday have been bombing without interruption entering houses laying mines detonating them destroying everything stealing everything. going to be. tens of thousands of people are fleeing towns on the turkish border to are hostile in the interior it's just 75 kilometers from the past but it's safe from air raids at least so far. in this small town is struggling to cope with the influx. but given all the schools are full already.
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we don't have the infrastructure to provide for so many people. options are very limited. because hospital is treating wounded fighters from the front terrorists if you believe the one son is one of them his mother hasn't left his son lied. about what are the kurds not terrorists we haven't done anything to anyone we haven't attacked people. in every day they demonstrate on our streets for their homeland their fighters and against what they regard as occupying forces. well joining us now from istanbul is it already correspondent dorian jones story german chancellor angela merkel has told turkey to immediately halt its offensive in northern syria have we heard any reaction from the turkish side yet. well there's been no direct response to chancellor merkel's call but for sunday
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president has been dismissing calls similar calls from other european leaders saying turkey easing into listen to what he says is this call to end the fight against terrorism they say this is very much about the future of the country nothing will dissuade turkey from continuing its operations and in fact turkey does appear to be ramping up its operations given the fast moving developments happening in syria now that turkey very much see this is a key moment this is not a moment now to step back but rather to operations up further is even speculation turkey could extend its operations far beyond the original objective of the 30 kilometer safe so turkey really sees this as a critical moment for the whole region this is a moment the turkey has to address all its concerns it's here this is a chance to do that of wise it will be lost in the future and given the fact that the european leaders are ending arms embargoes that means very little to turkey given turkey has a very sophisticated developed defense industry such for its free it'll to attack you and on the other side door and we are now hearing that syrian government troops
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are moving north to confront the takesh offensive what more do you know about that . well that's right the key. is believed to fall into turkish forces of this followed by shailene also falling this is a sign that turkey does believe it has now the momentum behind its operation we're also hearing reports syrian regime forces are about to move in on the critically important town of karbala which is very close to russia on the turkish border and also the strategically important beach both have been held by syrian kurdish forces these events are happening and following the announcement of the u.s. do appear to be removed step forwards of removing all their forces from this area and i think any hope on the syrian kurdish force that washington would change its stance and come to it say it is now the syrian kurds are looking to make a deal with possibly that the massacres forces backed by moscow so fast developing situation and really what we see now is
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a free for all where all sides are trying to stake their claims in this area absolutely and add to that daryn kurdish officials saying that more than 700 islamic state supporters of escape from account in syria as kurdish guards left to fight what else we know about them. several 100 people have escaped from this camp here happened as fighting moved close to the camp and the inmates saw this is a chance to escape they've been know that the syrian kurdish forces are on the back foot they probably rose up and over those protecting and of us kate and we have to fear is now this is just the beginning of a process. holding around $12000.00 jihad is to thousands are believed to be foreign nationals on top of that tens of thousands of sympathizers and family members the face of these people now is of concern for the whole of the international community and the belief is that if the syrian kurds on the point of collapsing than all of these people will be at large and this will cause major implications for the whole region and beyond he.
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well it was full cost to be the strongest storm to hit japan in 60 years and now typhoon huckaby's has roared across the country leaving at least $33.00 people dead and many more injured rescue efforts all under way as record rains have triggered major flooding and landslides. the rain that battered japan through the longest of nights has mostly stopped folding but the border still break is across large parts of the country for emergency workers charged with the task of rescuing thousands die like gave them a better chance to see those in danger but also take in the massive scale of the task that lies ahead the rescue operations continue countrywide up to hundreds of thousands of people forced to evacuate their homes surrounded by water to some the only way out was a. case of so little i pray for the souls of those who lost their
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lives. and for the well being of everyone affected by the storm you know you don't and never to believe risky focus will turn to recovery as the unprecedented water levels begin to recede. what a mother any luck with you and now you all know or me thought now you've never yet experienced such intense rain in pacific taishan. before the rain and water it was the wind which landed the 1st blows as gusts reached 225 kilometers an hour some knighthoods were flattened others washed away is swollen rivers on the mind some streets house by house. the final and potentially most deadly element to the typhoon would landslides that have many residents fearing the worst as the hunt begins for those missing amid the chaos. i'm worried about my sister. as for now the human cost remains unclear in the wash up from
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a storm of historic proportions. and qualifying for euro it 2020 germany overcame and the shock to beat a star in year 3 nil off just 14 minutes and ray jana was sent off the fastest a right caught in japanese history but goals from if i go and do an un team all valid us sealed the win germany now level on points with the netherlands in group c. and one on my way to qualify for the european tournament next. residents of new mexico's albuquerque have been treated to a colorful aerial display of scores of hot air balloons took to the skies for the farewell event of the international balloon fiesta the final flight is called the most ascension it's the 48th time that the annual festival has graced the skies it brings together balloon enthusiastic and hundreds of thousands of spectators from around the world this year more than $600.00 blue guests piloted over 500 believes . you're watching news live from ballet and i've had a home for
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a coming off a migrant camp on the greek island of lesbos is buckling off to the number of new your rivals from turkey sauce that story and more in a wild story my colleague nic spicer takes over at the news desk is by an hour for me and thank you company. literature invites us to see people in particular that i like to see how it sounds as the kids try and strength grown up. might object to what is to. on you tube. i was issued when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room and. it was ha.


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