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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 14, 2019 7:00am-7:16am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin turkey pushes on with its offensive against kurdish fighters in northern syria. but as towns fall to turkish troops a new alliance is forming to oppose the kurdish forces say there are a lot of themselves with the syrian government as the u.s. pulls its soldiers from the conflict zone also coming up. in this show results show that poland's ruling conservative law and justice party has won the general election the full indicates that the party has increased its majority result comes
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after it introduced controversial judicial reforms. and tons of this rips across japan rescue efforts are at full stretch as large areas of the country face record rains flooding and landslides leaving thousands with no power or water . spice or flood to have you with us kurdish forces in northern syria are allowing syrian government forces to deploy along the border with turkey they say that will help them counter the turkish army's incursion into the region it means a major shift in alliances for the kurds who say the united states has abandoned them by withdrawing its troops but the political moves change nothing for the refugees fleeing the fighting. thank. you know.
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when the 1st. mile took her 2 children and fled their border town leaving all their possessions behind the pregnant mother has no idea what the future holds. they were there why doesn't anyone help us our children will suffer and want to go to the post where are we supposed to go helpers of just the children it's the luck and oh . more than 200 people are filtering in the school about 5 to a classroom who did mortar us medical supplies to you and yet conditions here are better than all their friends and relatives still in kabul i know he purported to me tonight that show a desperate situation that was was going on all of that will help a little since yesterday have been bombing without interruption entering houses laying mines detonating them and destroying everything everything credible to be
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with i'm not going to be. tens of thousands of people are fleeing towns on the turkish border to our interior it's just 75 kilometers from i know but right from air raids at least from. this small town struggling to cope with the influx. no i don't know if you've been mulder schools are full already. we don't have the infrastructure to provide for so many people. are hot and they're very limited. and hopeless so is treating wounded from the front terrorists if you've been to one. is one of them your mother hasn't left his son laid. out what occurred we haven't done anything to anyone. want to i mean every day they demonstrate or not like us for their homeland the
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fighters and against what they regard as opine courses. german chancellor i get a metal has joined other european leaders and demanding that turkey end its offensive in northern syria there's widespread concern in germany that turkey is fighting with weapons sold to it by european nations german chancellor angela merkel and french president emmanuel mccall have a long list of urgent issues to discuss brags that europe trade conflicts are not least of all turkey's offensive against kurdish forces in northern syria. i spoke to president earlier one for an hour today turkey does of course have justified security interest but i believe as does the federal government that the offensive must be stopped in view of the great humanitarian consequences. of humans and the fact that turkey's offensive is being powered by weapon systems acquired from the west angers many berlin in paris of now halted all weapons exports to
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turkey but that's not enough say german opposition parties the international reaction is feeble we have to hold a very clear stop sign. there to one for his part has threatened europe saying that he'll send 3 and a half 1000000 migrants on into europe if his offensive is called an invasion and it's a threat many experts believe must be taken seriously. mr atta one has shown he's capable of anything he's lock people up so i would take a stretch seriously it's imperative that we shut an economic muscle their economic might. pending weapons exports to turkey and also possible sanctions will be discussed by e.u. foreign ministers later today in luxembourg. what measures are we going to take it's clear that we will do something as germany and france have already done that we will surely keep a few further options on the table depending on how turkey behaves in the near
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future. and their comments for her according to the experts time is running out in a conflict that has serious implications for europe if your hometown were stakeholders with considerable interest but despite that i say our lack of power is too obvious not just from a military standpoint but also diplomatically martial law. and in berlin kurdish demonstrators are pointing out that they believe they stand to lose the most through western inaction. in poland initial results suggest that the governing conservative party has clinched a 2nd term in power after sunday's general election it also looks as if it may have enough seats in a 460 seat parliament to govern alone without having to form a coalition. her they would be reelected to government for a year and it looks like poland missed little until its proxy will mean when or
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perhaps even increasing its parliamentary majority. her. we have a victory and we're very happy about that but remember these are only exit polls this is not the final victory but anyway we have reason to be happy that you know this social welfare programs and immigrant policies and social conservatism a popular with many poles but the biggest opposition bloc says that device if. people want cooperation they want to show that we are able to overcome the quick that are in our country people don't want poland to be divided into. heart people don't want their hearts broken because polls are not able to understand each other we are the ones who are promoting cooperation. of the smaller economies also make gains elect when coalition is back in parliament. we're coming back to where the electors have always belonged to the temple of democracy that took
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a poll of parliament after 4 years. and the far right exceeded the national hoaxing threshold and will also get seats in parliament. her. but the big winners were the law and justice party that campaign focused on replacing business and cultural elites with more of a patch feel to congress and containing what they see is the court's interference which chimes directly with the european union's criticism that their weakening the rule of law and undermining poland's democracy. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world. in ecuador indigenous leaders agreed to end protest after president let in more and accepted to council a hike in fuel prices the agreement came out to nearly 2 weeks of violent street protests people were angry over a stair the measures brought in to obtain a multi-billion dollar loan from the international monetary fund a commission will now find different ways to cut government spending. mexican
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officials have broken up a caravan of around 2000 migrants which had set out from southern mexico to try to get to the united states the migrants are from central america africa and the caribbean under pressure from the u.s. and mexican authorities have been making it increasingly difficult for migrants to make their way to the u.s. border. when donald trump was campaigning for the u.s. presidency in 2016 he made pledges of support for the coal industry but the irony is that while many welcome the revival in mining some knew that more jobs in coal would mean more disease especially one called black lung it's what you get if you breathe in coal dust every day in east kentucky they're seeing more and more cases of it and they're fighting for compensation. but. for danny even the few paces from the car to his front door are
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a struggle. toxic dust particles that he and hailed for decades working as a coal miner have destroyed his lungs. just 45 years old his lungs operated under hof of their potential capacity. if he were from 43 to 43. like thousands of other miners in east kentucky danny has been diagnosed with black lung until the radiologist brandon crumb began collecting information the overall number of patients suffering from the lung disease had never been reliably recorded after collating the data what crime found was terrifying they would have to classify it as an error but there are significant increase in the number of black lung. patients there were also b. and c. and more and more severe forms of the disease affecting younger miners long working hours and the rising concentrated dust just
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a few causes of the disease now the state of kentucky has reacted there not as expected radiologists and now no longer able to undertake diagnoses only young specialists are there are just too such specialists in kentucky to crum it's an absolute scandal goes political you know probably father too much black lung disease on their state workers comp claims. they want to me to stop their human fewer specialists mean fewer diagnoses that can be used by those affected to claim against health insurance but even with cases that are relatively straightforward it's difficult for them to get their claims paid. attorney was adding 10 volunteers to help the sick and their families sued for their rights they know everyone knows our client you know whether it's a sick miner or it's a widow who has lost her husband. that they're entitled to benefits yet they
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continue to litigate can litigate. thousands are fighting insurance companies while fighting a gates there in curable disease nonetheless danny says if he could he would still work in a coal mine in east kentucky that's the only way to away. it was forecast to be the most powerful storm to hit japan in 16 years now typhoon haiyan this has roared across the country leaving at least 35 people dead and many more injured rescue efforts are underway after record rains triggered major flooding and landslides. the rain that battered japan through the longest of nights has mostly stopped falling water still dry goods across large parts of the country for emergency workers with the task of rescuing thousands daylight gave them a better chance to see those in danger but also taking the massive scale of the task that lies ahead the rescue operations continue countrywide up to hundreds of
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thousands of people were forced to evacuate their homes surrounded by water the some the only way out was up. so i pray for the pros who lost their lives. and the well being of everyone affected by the storm now you'll inevitably rescue focus will turn to recovery as the unprepared and mortal labels begin to recede. what am i the only stuck with you are now your now or me thought now you've never yet experienced such intense rain and taken. before the rain and water it was the wind which landed the 1st close those gusts reached 225 kilometers an hour some neighborhoods were flattened others washed away as small and rivers undermined some scrapes house by hand.
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the final and potentially most deadly element to the typhoon would landslides that have many residents hearing the worst of the hunt begins but those missing i mean the guy. who are here i'm worried about my sister. as for now the human cost remains unclear in the wash up from a storm of historic proportions. and finally residents of albuquerque new mexico have been treated to a colorful aerial spectacle as scores of hot air balloons took to the skies for the farewell event of the international balloon fiesta the final flight is called the massive ascension is the 48th time the annual festival has graced skies brings together balloon enthusiastic and hundreds of thousands of spectators from around the world this year more than $600.00 balloonists piloted over $500.00 balloons. and you're watching news live from berlin i'm next peiser coming up next red moon
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rising a film about russia's secret lunar program and its spectacular failure don't forget you can get all the latest news from around the world on our web site that's g.w. dot com thanks for your company and so use of. unity and jews jews and freedom the 1st words of the german national lampoon and the 3 central values that form the foundation of this country have these feelings developed to post war germany produces. and to do surveys. for germany starts oct 21st own d w.


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