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an exclusive report from a destroyed city. in the sights of ah yes starts october 24th on d w. this is deja vu news live from berlin syria's turds for strike a deal to fight off a turkish offensive the kurds say they've made painful concessions to syria's government to help them stop turkey's military advance now that is the kurds former u.s. allies pull out of the conflict so. also coming up the leaders of germany and france urging turkey to end its offensive in syria part of
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a growing campaign pressuring ankara to change course but can they also coming up. partial results put poland's ruling conservatives on track for an election when the law and justice party looks set to increase its kanjorski after implementing reforms that critics call anti-democratic. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us kurdish officials in northern syria say they are working with damascus to fend off turkey's military in their region and a political and military shift kurdish led forces are to deploy side by side with syrian government troops in the kurdish controlled region of the country's border with turkey now the deal was announced after the united states ordered the withdrawal of mo. of its troops in syria u.s.
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forces were supporting the kurds in the battle against so clause so-called islamic state by the us president trump announced their withdrawal last week opening the way for turkey to launch its operations now in turkey seize the kurdish fighters in the region as terrorists and is aiming to create a safe zone to resettle syrian refugees living inside turkey. let's get the latest now with dorian jones joining us from istanbul good morning dorian what are you hearing about the agreement between the kurds and damascus could syrian government forces soon be deployed in the north of syria well we're not hearing any details on the precise arrangement in fact there hasn't been any official confirmation by damascus that a deal has been struck other than that they are deploying forces towards the border with turkey they are believed to have moved into the town of cop army all right on turkey's border very strategically important but they are the understanding of this
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deal is that they will ultimately secure the whole of syria's northern border with turkey but as i said there is real no details on what will make the details of how this will be carried out but it's be i think the understanding is that the syrian kurdish forces are accepting that they are now falling under the control of the damascus regime if that one statement from a prominent kurdish leaders said we don't trust these people were very unhappy this is a very bitter pill to take but the alternative was genocide and i think that gives you an understanding of the situation they found themselves in ok what about turkish official story and what are they saying about this development and how might turkey respond. well there's no been merely any official announcement or reaction from monk or a yet i think they've been taken aback by the speed of developments they expected this to be a prolonged battle and possibly further weeks down the road the kurds would probably reach out to mask the fact this is all happened in days in
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a matter of hours in fact the situation change i think has taken a back and they are now in a very difficult position of recalibrating what do they do they are now facing the prospect of facing off against syrian regime forces that brings the prospect of a possible confrontation but at the end of the day they are aware that must moscow is backing damascus and mosco is seen as a very important ally for turkey in this region at the moment so a very difficult situation for turkey because turkey's original plans of securing the border well damascus will say that has been achieved but beyond that their ideas of resettling millions of syrian refugees that's far from clear now what that will be able to occur ok during we want to take a broader look now about the fighting and how it's not only affecting northern syria but i was also spilling over into turkey our correspondent yulia han has this report on turkish towns that have also been hit by the fighting. in the turkish border town of. the public outpouring of grief. the
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women mourn the death of their village chief he and 2 other men were killed in a more says shelling an apparent reprisal attack from across the border in syria. we want this work to stop nobody should die no soldiers no civilians we just want peace. of course we're scared we're scared for the whole country turks are kurds for everyone no one should be killed. or never think you were people show us where the weak tims died. within a radius of 20 meters traces of bomb fragments. windows walls. back to us by shrapnel.
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i don't think it came from the outside maybe from over there i don't know but it's from a bomb. similar story can be heard in many turkish border towns. if people believe the war is just across the border in syria they know better now. still the mayor of supports the turkish offensive he claims the fighting could cause many terms here in our car we are hoping 125000 syrians you might be able to imagine how difficult that is that we want to save their own to resettle the 3500000 refugees that have become a burden for turkey over the past 8 years but here occasionally send a little money but we pay the real price syrians should go back to their homes. in . the area northeast syria that is supposed to be coming don't
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anything but. pre-dates the turkish army and syrian opposition fighters have clashed with kurdish militia and while they are busy fighting each other there are concerns that isis jihadists which are already defeated in the area might be able to regroup that. international criticism of the turkish military campaign is growing the united nations say the offensive of course more than 100000 civilians to flee but the consequences of all have been dramatic on this side of the border in turkey and many people we talked to here are hoping that the violence won't continue to escalate. this includes people into rich who are grieving over the death of their village. and pray that the turkish military operation will and before they have to bury more of their loved ones. her.
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adoring we just heard there about the fears about islamic state fighters and we're getting reports now that at least 900 islamic militants being held by the kurds have escaped can you tell us anything about that and the threat they could pose. well this is a camp that was very near the fighting it's understood that yesterday there was an op rising by many of those in the camp when they heard that the turkish forces were moving close now they saw obviously this is an opportunity to escape given that they know the syrian kurds are very much now on the back foot and facing defeat and they. are now it's understood that many of those that escaped are believed to be foreign nationals they are meant family members and sympathizers of the group islamic state and this really is causing alarm among the international community given the fact that there are about 12000 islamic state militants held by the syrian kurdish forces and tens of thousands of other family members and
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sympathizers and i think that they will possibly be relief if it is true that the have reached an agreement with the damascus forces that they will now take over control of these camps because there was a fear that these could all escape and then it could lead to the restarting of islamic state in the region which has been a very painful battles defeat door and bring us up to date from istanbul. well the international condemnation of turkey's offensive is mounting with germany and france urging ankara to stop the attack pro kurdish demonstrations took place around the world over the weekend including here in berlin chance problematical spoke to turkey's president by phone sunday to express her concern germany and france have announced they'll be curtailing their weapons exports to turkey. or european union foreign ministers will be meeting at straws burg this morning to discuss how to respond to turkey's offensive let's listen to what germany's leaders
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have been saying. i spoke to president earlier won for an hour today turkey does of course have justified security interest but i believe as does the federal government that the offensive must be stopped in view of the great humanitarian consequences when you do enforce. what measures are we going to take it is clear that we will do something is germany and france have already done. we will surely keep a few further options on the table depending on how turkey behaves in the near future is issued by a common site for her let's bring in our political correspondent al simony and good morning to you simon chancellor machall stalked with president ed one of the weekend do we know anything about what she might have gotten out of that phone call . well according to her spokes person she called on president add a one to impose an immediate stop to this military operation against the
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kurdish a y p g and as you heard there she recognizes that turkey does have legitimate security interests in syria but i think the chancellor expressed the germany is very concerned about the humanitarian consequences of this we see lots of people already fleeing the region and also about the possibility that. yes islamic state will be able to reestablish itself as a result of this. call was about from who's point of view making sure that everyone knew jim in his position in the criticism germany has concerns of course not only humanitarian but about migration as well what leverage though does berlin have in the region does berlin have with turkey right now well it is the germany and turkey about nato partners so there's some leverage in that sense but also here in berlin there's been a lot of talk about tightening the
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a weapons exports regime to turkey and that is significant because germany for instance last year exported. a 3rd of the weapons that it exported went to turkey. so i think there is leverage there having said that of course germany. has already sent a lot of weapons in recent years to turkey so turkey may well have the weapons that it needs so it's not clear exactly what can be what can be achieved by imposing now a new ban on weapons exports but germany will use whatever influence it can as part of the international community to put pressure on turkey simon thanks very much for the. let's review now some of the other stories making the news this hour thousands of people gathered here in central berlin on sunday to protest against anti-semitism and right wing violence on wednesday 2 people were shot dead near
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a synagogue in the eastern german city of hama the gunman had tried and failed to break through the door of the synagogue to kill the worshipers there. in ecuador indigenous leaders agreed to end protests after the president on a no agreed to reinstate fuel price subsidies now that agreement came after nearly 2 weeks of violent protests people were angry over the austerity measures brought in to obtain a multi-billion dollar loan from the international monetary fund. a new political star has emerged in budapest after sunday's may oral race center left opposition party leader gay kora chona what a winning the vote there was calls for bringing a greek closer to brussels it's the 1st electoral blow for nationalist prime minister viktor were gone since he came to power in 2010. is to poland now where partial election results put the country's ruling conservatives on
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track for a comfortable majority in parliament the law and justice party projected to have the seeds to govern alone after sunday's general election now the right wing parties introduced judicial and media reforms that have been criticised by brussels for eroding the rule of law. they would be reelected to government. and it looks like poland's nationalist law and justice party will mean win or perhaps even increase its parliament 3 majority. we have victory and we're very happy about that but remember these are only exit polls this is not the final victory but anyway we have reasons to be happy that that's now. the social welfare programs and to immigrant policies and social conservatism a popular with many polls but the biggest opposition bloc says that divisive.
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people want cooperation they want us to show that we are able to overcome the splits that are in our country people don't want poland to be divided into parts people don't want their hearts broken because poles are not able to understand each other we're the ones who are promoting cooperation it's automatically because of smaller parties also made against the left wing coalition is back in parliament now . we're coming back to where the leftists have always belonged to the temple of democracy to the polish parliament after 4 years. and the far right exceeded polish national voting threshold and will also get seats in parliament. was but the big winners were the law and justice party that campaign focused on replacing business and cultural elites with more of a patch or else it contra and containing what they see is the court's interference which chimes directly with the european union's criticism that their weakening the
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rule of law and undermining poland's democracy. and to find out what's ahead for poland i'm joined by the from the w.'s polish desk the morning. 46 percent that's the latest number for the official results what does it look like. ken peace govern alone can the conservatives do that yes that's very probable yesterday we had some exit polls saying that party will probably have to look for a coalition partner but now those latest partial but official results say it's enough $4.00 to $6.00 maybe even to 49 percent and that should be enough his party law and justice party will be able to govern alone for the next 4 years ok that that's quite a victory for them one. behind this conservative victory in poland well i would say the most important thing is that the standard of living has really improved in the
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last 4 years in poland the economy in poland is running really well there's there's almost no unemployment and the low in just a spotty is a party which fulfills most of its promises people. like this party and important think is that it's a party which for the 1st time after 1909 in poland said it's enough saving it's time to spend money this party is simply giving money to the people that's why this standard of living is is getting better ok now they have the expanded majority of somewhere between 46 and 49 percent right now we're not quite sure. what will they be doing though in terms of their relationship with brussels that accuse them of of curbing freedom of the press for example and packing the courts well i expect some more tensions between warsaw and brussels because it's quite clear that the new
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government will try to continue its controversial controversial reform of the judiciary which brussels doesn't really like i'm afraid the government will take some steps towards taking control over the private media in poland so there are new tensions ahead i believe however there is no big un to european attention in poland poland is not a country wanting to leave the european union pose don't want to do government doesn't want it there's no poll exit ahead important ok with your what about the opposition what are they going to do now and what are they running on well it's not easy to fight against the law and justice party because it's a very part of a very. current program that the opposition doesn't really have it's i the opposition doesn't have a clear leader a very popular politician and below and just as party is party not always playing
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fair towards the opposition for example having already control over the public media and poland and those public media are attacking the opposition very very unfairly ok which are you from the poster thanks very much for coming in thank you . well you can brussels are gearing up for a crucial week regarding bracks at once again prime minister boris johnson facing a deadline to secure breaks of deal or face parliamentary orders to seek another extension he's due to lay out details on his government's agenda in the queen's speech that's coming up later today now meanwhile unanswered questions about rights are making life tough for millions of e.u. citizens living in the u.k. they were told just last week that they could be deported if they do not apply for so-called settled status. it's 10 am at the wrists through and qusay and stuff assembled for their morning meeting dutch. displays just 4 months ago despite
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the uncertainty caused by franks it now the government has said e.u. citizens like her could face deportation if they don't file the proper paperwork in time to have recent headlines like that feel like a threat. thank you for moving the goalposts. first you you have to apply one way then you have to find other way and there's also no trust that the system actually works it's a shock and it is basically comes down to. being quite feeling quite unwelcome things are heating up in the kitchen as the chefs prepare from wish to call their food new european cuisine and their vicious kind of merry offerings come from all over europe is just the stuff themselves 8 of the 10 people who work here come from outside the u.k. yeah it's going to be a spicy few months i think as a lot of focus is looking for
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a closeness cooking tonight. will be full of all european stuff they don't know where they stand and of c. for us we want to keep it a bit same together up to a quarter of all employees in british bars and restaurants come from other european countries but was bret's it looming few in fear or like to fill these jobs. judy i got yeti only recently arrived from it's early for our 1st ever real job finds the political situation here hostile and hard to understand they just don't get why they are so upset they want to fight us like we're doing so if you guys then we're not we're just working to just leave you being said i want. her boss says taking a gamble by pouring his savings and energy into this restaurant many other investors have been scared off by bricks it for her though this is a passion project she wants to believe in its future right here right now i love i love in the london and it's something that has just struck me this 120 years and i
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really don't want to move away. to death to it to say this describes a place where people enjoy each other's company and feel it ease here it's a refuge from the truth world of brick city right outside the stores. some of the stories in the news now and in tunisia the retired law professor. has won the country's presidential election with more than 70 percent of the vote there as according to latest exit polls sired is an independent with no political experience is pledged to fight corruption and support decentralization. wading through deep waters emergency responders are searching for missing people after typhoon give us hit japan over the weekend a super typhoon has already claimed dozens of lives the damage done by flooding and landslides in cities and towns near the capital tokyo is still being assessed.
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well i have some for self only one driver while terry both houses east to victory and the japanese gone pray in saka defense victory secures a 63 instructors title for his team or c.d.'s now the race weekend was of course disrupted by the typhoon was qualifying also taking place on sunday. harare the best in settle start and poor position but it was a mercedes driver valtteri bottas who made a blistering start to spin went from 3rd to 1st by the 1st corner trouble quickly ensued at this you can circuit there are it's terribly clear collided with max for stopping at the red bull driver tried to pass around the outside pushing a car into a spin and leaving at harare damaged the car karsh out of body work in a shower of debris before eventually having to pay for repairs. and it was the pits which once again played a crucial role in the race mercedes forcing lewis hamilton to stop twice after
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initially gambling on a one stop strategy the move left the driver frustrated. that as much time we lost caught behind battle. while both remain in control of the race the real battle took place behind him hamilton chased down cattle in the cold in the race but the german held on to 2nd behind the current. victory secured a 6th straight constructors title for the team. starting 3rd here and there is never easy but always there no point ever to give up on anything on either side of it is possible today and over to me where record a. fight the victory what are still 54 points behind hamilton with 4 races to go. hamilton can wrap up the championship next race in mexico. some football now and then call fine for the euro
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a 2020 germany overcame 3 match controversy. in an early shock in the game to beat 3 nil not just 14 minutes emira khan was sent off but 2 goals from. set up a 3 nil victory now those 2 germany players with turkish roots had caused the controversy even before the match kicked off both had liked an instagram post depicting turkish national team players who were celebrating a goal with the military salute their turkey's military operation against kurds in syria khan an heir to one later unlike the post mission statements denying any political support. this is the news these are our top stories right now as towns fall to turkish troops in northern syria a new alliance is forming to oppose them kurdish forces are joining with the syrian government to try to stop the turkish advance now this means are shifting alliances
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for the kurds who say the u.s. has abandoned them by pulling its troops out of the region. partial results in poland's election put the country's ruling conservatives on track for a comfortable majority in parliament along just as parties projected to have the seats to govern alone after sunday's general election. in ecuador indigenous leaders agreed to end protest after president did the deal to restore fuel price subsidies the agreement came after nearly 2 weeks of violence free protest a commission will now be formed to agree on ways to cut government spending. in tunisia the retired law professor has won the country's presidential election with more than 70 percent of the vote of us according to the latest exit polls the conservative political outsider as pledged to fight corruption. this is good of you
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news from berlin head to dot com for more news. i'm brian thomas coming up next is our technology show shift with a look inside the gaming industry and don't forget you can always get the latest news with our twitter feed as well now the facts of this with us.
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to get. the melting arctic. unspent bargain the temperature is rising 15 times faster than anywhere else in the world researchers here are observing the approach of climate change firsthand. custards month which i've been working here for 20 years and i've seen how things have changed it makes me sad just because it's just
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not. in 60 minutes g.w. . i was issued when i arrived here i slept with people in a room. it was hard i was free. i even got white hair. this keeps me and could help me to enter the fray you want to know their story. their fighting and reliable information for migrants. to know that 77 percent. are younger than 60 pot. that's me and me and.
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you know what time all voice is 100. 77 percent. that's my. front porch to flash from. good times this is where. welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend on g.w. . when i was a teenager kids my age wanted to become pop stars all go to hollywood but today many creative teams dream of making it in the world of gaming some game designers have enjoyed huge overnight success and their products i enjoyed by millions of people around the world but what is it that makes games so fascinating and what makes a game a real hit today on ship. in
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