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this is deja vu news live from berlin syria's kurds strike a deal to fight off a turkish offensive the kurds say they've made painful concessions to syria's government to help them stop turkey's advance now that is the kurds former allies the united states withdraws from the conflicts of last the leaders of germany and france urging turkey to end its offensive in syria that's part of
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a growing international campaign pressuring congress to change course also coming up. partial results put poland's ruling conservatives on track for an electoral went along just as party is said to increase parliamentary majority africa and limiting reforms critics call anti-democratic. and crunch time yet again on bracks that. database but she must think. in the u.k. european union residents there say they're worried about deportation that is the country faces more of brecht's a deadlock. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us kurdish officials in northern syria have forged a deal with damascus. to fight together against turkey's north sorry in what's seen
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as a major political shift kurdish led forces are to deploy side by side with syrian government troops in the region along the country's border with turkey the kurds living there were previously allied with u.s. forces but president trump announced their withdrawal last week now that move paved the way for turkey to launch its attack turkey sees the kurdish fighters as terrorists and wants to create a so-called safe zone encourage held territory to resettle syrian refugees living in turkey let's get the latest now with dorian jones joining us from istanbul good morning dorian what are you hearing about the agreement between the kurds and damascus could syrian government forces be deployed in the north of syria well we're not hearing any details on the precise arrangement in fact there hasn't been any fishel confirmation by damascus that a deal has been struck off of them that they are deploying forces towards the
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border with turkey now believed to move into the town of campania right on turkey border very strategically important but i'm understanding of this deal is that they will ultimately secure the whole of syria's northern border with turkey but as i said there are real no details of what the make the details of how this will be carried out be i think the understanding is that the syrian kurdish forces are accepting that they are now falling under the control of the damascus regime and that one statement from a prominent kurdish leader said we don't trust these people were very unhappy that a very bitter pill to take but the alternative was genocide and i think that gives you an understanding of the choice you make around themselves and ok what about turkish story and what are they saying about this development and how might respond . well there's no been really any facial announcement or reaction from monk or a yet i think they think taken aback by the speed of developments they expected
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this to be a prolonged battle and possibly further weeks down the road the kurds would probably reach out to mass because the fact is this all happened in days in a matter of hours in fact the situation change i think has taken a minute back and they are now in a very difficult position of recalibrating what do they do they are now facing a prospect of facing off against syrian regime forces that brings the prospect of a possible confrontation but at the end of the day they are aware that much moscow is backing damascus and moscow is seen as a very important ally for turkey in this region at the moment so a very difficult situation for turkey because turkey is original plans of securing the border well damascus will say that has been achieved but beyond that their ideas of resettling millions of syrian refugees that are far from clear now well that will be able to occur ok during we want to take a broader look now about the fighting and how it's not only affecting northern syria but i was also spilling over into turkey our correspondent yulia han has this report on turkish towns that have also been hit by the fighting.
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in the turkish border town of. the public outpouring of grief. the women mourn the death of their village. and 2 other men were killed in a mortar shelling an apparent repairable attack from across the border into syria. from a sunni we want this war to start nobody should die no soldiers no civilians we just want peace. of course we're scared we're scared the whole country turks are hurt for everyone no one building. and you are never. heard people showing where the victims died. within a radius of 20 meters traces of bomb fragments. windows
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walls. the little girl i think it came from not so good maybe from over there i don't know if you remember the word the word story can be heard in many turkish border towns. people believe the war is just across the border in syria you know better now. still the mayor of. the port. he claims the army is fighting for a good cause. here and there to carlow we are hosting 125000 syrians you might be able to imagine how difficult that is we want to think to resettle the 3500000 refugees that have become a burden for turkey over the past 8 years europe occasionally sends a little money but we pay the real price syrians should go back to their homes.
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syria supposed to be coming. it turkish army and allied syrian opposition hiding to clash with kurdish militia and while they are busy fighting each other there are concerns that isis druggists which are already defeated in the area might be able to regroup. international criticism of the turkish military campaign is growing united nations idea things it has cost more than 100000 civilians to leave but the consequences have also been dramatic on this side of the border in turkey and many people we talked to here are hoping that the violence won't continue to escalate. into the eagle impurity who are grieving over the death of their village. and praying that the turkish military
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operation will and. to bury more of and of the ones. her are doing and we just heard there about the years about islamic fighters and we're getting reports now that at least $900.00 lawmakers. being held by the kurds have escaped can you tell us anything about that and they could pose. well this is all in a camp that was very near the fighting and thunder circuit yesterday there was an op right thing by many of those the in the camp when they heard that the turkish forces were moving close now they saw obviously this is an opportunity to escape given that they know the syrian kurds are very much now on the back foot and they think that feat and they see them opportunity now it's understood that many of those at this gate are believed to be foreign nationals they are meant family members and sympathizers of the jihad this group islamic state and this really is
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causing alarm among the international community given the fact that there are about $12000.00 militants held by the syrian kurdish forces and tens of thousands of other family members and sympathizers i think that they will possibly be relief if it is true that they have reached an agreement with the masses forces that they will now take over control of these camps because there was a fear that these could all of kate and then it could lead to the restarting of the climate in the region which has been a very painful battle to meet during your own thank you michael bring us up to date promise more. all over the weekend pro kurdish demonstrations took place in a number of capitals including here in berlin international condemnation of turkey's offensive is mounting with germany and france urging angara to pull back some of you countries have already announced their curtailing weapons exports to turkey the european union has warned that turkey's deployment threatens to destabilize the entire region. or european union foreign ministers will
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be meeting in luxembourg this morning to discuss their response to turkey's offensive johnson machall and the french president manuel mccall spoke to turkey's president by phone over the weekend to express their concern. i spoke to president erdogan for an hour could a turkey gulf of course have justified security interest but i believe as does the federal government that the offensive must be stopped and healed the great humanitarian consequences for the community good outcome and will it for this offensive to stop a strong belief is that. as we can already see on the ground. in which the risks of creating an unbearable humanitarian situation. as well as allowing diaster to reemerge in the region. let's get the latest from los
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sumburgh now where did the years max hawkins of following that meeting of the e.u. foreign ministers today good morning max germany france and the netherlands already announcing a ban on weapons for turkey what can we expect to see happen in luxembourg today. if it were up to the french for example we could expect additional sanctions on turkey and we've also heard from e.u. parliamentarians calling for the e.u. to use its economic muscle to do something about the situation but bryan the reality of things is that a lot of e.u. member states are concerned that turkey that has a refugee deal with the e.u. could open up what many call the floodgates again for now turkey is preventing many migrants to come to greece to come to the european union and if they change that then many are worried much more migrants could make it to the european union and that's why we don't expect any additional sanctions here in luxembourg but only
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strong condemnations ok you mentioned this fear max about the floodgates as you put it being opened as a result of this fighting or or turkey choosing to do that could the e.u. foreign ministers be taking up the issue today of a possible new wave of migration as a result of the 5. there are 2 things that really concern the european union in this conflict the 1st one of course we mentioned it migration and that is something that you foreign ministers here in luxembourg are extremely concerned about they will talk about this the reason for this is that migration is political dynamite in the european union it's the most divisive issue that the e.u. has at the moment and that is really turkey is a key player in all that and the 2nd one of all of course and we talked about that earlier in the show our foreign fighters from isis from the as many here call it that might return to the european union and if you remember the wave of terrorist
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attacks for which isis was responsible in the past you can get an idea of how concerned foreign ministers are about the security within the european union so both topics high on the agenda here in luxembourg ok m.x. is also another potentially explode. of element in the story turkey is a nato ally what's been the e.u. response that they were talking about nato is completely different of course but the europeans how are they reacting right now to news that kurdish forces have agreed with damascus that syrian troops should help them fight against turkey a nato ally. let me focus on that use here brian because you're right nato of course is a different story but something we will see play out in the future must the german foreign minister upon arrival here acknowledged of course that this situation does nothing to pacify the region and pacifying the region was always a top priority for the european union but again we need to talk about the reality that you really doesn't have
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a say in what's happening in the region they have economic might but they don't have the military muscle to change anything so right now they really are bystanders to what is happening in northern syria max often thanks very much for that from luxembourg this morning we'll have more from that you foreign ministers meeting as it moves forward. let's check in 1st with some of the other stories making the news today thousands of people gathering in central berlin sunday to protest against anti-semitism and right wing violence on wednesday 2 people were shot dead near a synagogue in the eastern german city of hala the gunman had tried and failed to break through the door of that synagogue to kill worshipers inside. in ecuador injured in an indigenous leaders agreed to and protests after president rayno agreed to reinstate fuel price subsidies agreement came after nearly 2 weeks of violent protests people are angry about austerity measures brought in to obtain
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a multi-billion dollar loan from the international monetary fund. a new political star has emerged in budapest after sunday's may oral raise their center left opposition leader gave couric showing up winning that vote which calls for bringing hungry closer to brussels it's the 1st electoral blow for nationalist prime minister viktor orban since he came to power in 2010. it's to poland now a partial election results for the country's ruling conservatives on track for a comfortable parliamentary majority along just as parties projected to have the seeds to go govern alone after sunday's general election the right wing party is back to dish on media reforms and drew criticism from brussels eroding the rule of law. that they would be reelected to governments. and it looks like poland nationalist law and justice party will agree when. even increasing parliamentary majority her current.
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we have a victory and we're very happy about that but remember these are only exit polls this is not the final victory but anyway we have reasons to be happy that the social welfare programs and immigrant policies and social conservatism a popular with many poles but the biggest opposition bloc says that divisive. people want cooperation they want to show that we are able to overcome the quick that are in our country people don't want poland to be divided into part people don't want their hearts broken because we are not able to understand each other we are the ones who are promoting cooperation. of the smaller parties also made against elect when coalition is back in parliament now and. we're coming back to where the electors have always belonged to the temple of democracy not to the
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polish parliament after 4 years. and the far right exceeded the approaching threshold and we'll also get seats in parliament. you know her her but the big winners were the law and justice party that campaign focused on replacing business and cultural elites with more of a patch feel to congress and containing what they see is the court's interference. which chimes directly with the european union's criticism that they're weakening the rule of law and undermining poland's democracy. and to find out what's ahead for poland i'm joined by different views published as the morning. 46 percent that's the latest number for the official results what does it look like. ken peace govern alone can the conservatives do that yes that's very probable yesterday we had some exit polls that party will probably have to look for
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a coalition partner but now those latest partial but official results it's enough 46 maybe even to 49 percent and that should be enough this party law and justice party will be able to govern alone for the next 4 years ok that that's quite a victory for them what's behind this conservative victory and bowled well i would say the most important thing is that the standard of living has really improved in the last 4 years in poland the economy in poland is running really well there is there's almost no unemployment and the low in just a spotty is a party which fulfills most of its promises people. like this party and important think is that it's a party which for the 1st time after 1909 in poland said it's enough saving it's time to spend money this party is simply giving money to the people that's why
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these standard of living is is getting better and it's ok we know now they have the expanded majority of somewhere between 46 and 49 percent right now we're not quite sure. were what will they be doing though in terms of their relationship with brussels that secures them of of curbing freedom of the press for example and packing the courts well i expect some more tensions between warsaw and brussels because. quite clear that the new government will try to continue its controversial or controversial reform of the judiciary which brussels doesn't really like i'm afraid the government will take some steps towards taking control over the private media in poland so there are new tensions ahead i believe however there is no big un to european attention in poland poland is not a country wanting to leave the european union pose don't want it the government
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doesn't want it there's no poll exit ahead in poland ok richard what about the opposition what are they going to do now and what are they running on well it's it's not easy to fight against the law and justice party is very part of a very coherent program that the opposition doesn't really have its i the opposition doesn't have a clear leader a very popular political and below and just body party not always playing fair towards the opposition for example having already control over the public media and poland and those public media are attacking the opposition very very unfairly ok where judgments you from the poster thanks very much for coming in thank you. well the u.k. and brussels are preparing for another crucial week regarding bracks once again from minister boris johnson facing a deadline to secure a bracks
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a deal or get parliamentary orders to seek another extension is due to lay out the details on his government's agenda in the queen's speech that's coming up later today meanwhile unanswered questions about bracks are making life tossed for millions of ease citizens living in the u.k. they were told just last week that they could be deported if they don't apply for a so-called settled status. 10 am at the 103 and completely and stop assemble for their morning meeting dutch if you can test them out open this place just 4 months ago despite the uncertainty caused by predicted now the government has said you didn't like her could face deportation if they don't fire the proper paperwork in time to her recent headlines like that feel like a threat. thank you for moving the goalposts. but you know you fly one way and you have to find other way and there's also no trouble that actually work it's
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a joke and it basically you know comes down. been quite fitting quite on welcome things are heating up in the kitchen and the chefs prepare for the call the food new european cuisine and their missions come in every offering come from all over europe it's just that. 8 of 10 people who work here come from outside the u.k. yeah kind of a price you must think. of ok you. look out for a. good night. all of all your friends don't they don't know whether it's on the web or not and of the for our products even greater they get up to a quarter of all employ you can produce bars and restaurants come from other european countries but was record looming fewer and fewer of ply to fill these jobs . julia i got jackie only recently arrived from excellent for our 1st ever real job quite the political situation here hostile and hard to understand or you just don't
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get why. you want to quite heartbreaking we're going to war against them and we're not we're just working for you you mean. taking a gamble by pouring my savings and energy into this record and many other investors have been scared off by threats and for her though this is the passion project she wants to believe in a future right here right now i love i love it. and it's something that. i really don't want to move away or the ducks were there any describes a place where people enjoy each other's company and you don't hear the refuge from the mark for the world of record right outside. let's check in with some of the other stories making news today thousands of people marching in barcelona over the weekend calling for a united spain spain supreme court is expected to convict and sentence 12 cars
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along separatist leaders on monday a separatist push was made in the autonomous region of tata lonia by how long leaders and their supporters in 2017. after by deep waters emergency responders are searching for missing people after typhoon give us hit japan over the weekend the super typhoon has already claimed dozens of lives the damage done by flooding in populated areas near the capital tokyo is still being assessed. offloading from the typhoon has also proven disruptive for the world of sports some japanese gone 3 races or delayed over the weekend but formula one driver valtteri bottas did claim victory in suzuka the win secures a 6 straight constructors title or 2 mercedes. ferrari sebastian fettle star and pull position but it was mercedes driver valtteri bottas who made
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a blistering start defend when from 31st by the 1st corner trouble quickly and suited to suit a circuit there are always charts leclaire collided with max for stop and as the red bull driver tried to pass around the outside pushing his car into a spin and leaving the ferrari damaged the clerk's car shed a bodywork in a shower of the bri before eventually having to pick for repairs. and it was the pits which once again played a crucial role in the race mercedes forced lewis hamilton to stop twice after initially gambling on a one stop strategy the move left the driver frustrated. child child we lost top on bentyl. while both us remain in control of the race the real battle took place behind him hamilton chase down fettle in the closing stages of the race but the german held on to finish 2nd behind the finn. to victory secured a 6 straight constructors title for the team. yes starting 3rd here is never easy
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but it was there no point ever to give up on anything and i knew that it is possible today and opportunities where we're at today. despite the victory but us is still $64.00 points behind hamilton with 4 races to go. hamilton can wrap up the championship next race in mexico. while in qualifying for the euro 2020 germany overcame a pre-match controversy and an early shock in the game to be the. no after just 14 minutes emira khan was sent off but 2 goals from. set up that 3 know victory the 2 germany players were turkish roots cause the controversy before the match even kicked off both have liked an instagram post depicting turkish national team players who are celebrating a goal with a tribute to turkey's military operation against kurds in syria khan and going to
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long later unlike that posting issued statements denying any political support. this is due to the news live from berlin i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks so much for being here and don't forget we'll be back again at the top of the hour.
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the melting the arctic. and spitsbergen the temperature is rising 15 times faster than anywhere else in the world researchers here are observing the effects of climate change firsthand. close to its month which by mid-morning here for 20 years and i've seen how things have changed to me to see such
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a piece because it does fit in the. next on d w. rooms . are always a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslim. christian population. with us fighters on the central coast and 17 president church's response was. just different really never any political game of. the reconquest term tragedy. that's not liberation at all this is not the kind of freedom that neon.
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how did it become a gateway to islamist terror. until now the saudi got under most in brazil. an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the science of bias starts october 24th on d.w. . griffith. this is the norwegian island of speech patterns that catered in the spiral down archipelago in the arctic ocean. the town of new oyster is home to more than a dozen permanent scientific research centers it's the northernmost settlement of its kind in the entire world.
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right now some of the scientists are getting ready to start their working day.


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