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i wanted to have with him for cultural understanding my name is very inadequate and i wanted to tell people. this is g.w. news live from berlin and turkey advances deeper into northern syria in its deployment against the kurds but kurdish leaders have sealed the deal with syria's government to cooperate in hatting the turkish offensive hoping excuse me that as their former ally the united states withdraws from the conflict so. also coming up
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spain hands tough prison sentences to cattle and separatist leaders for holding a band independence referendum the former head of the cattle and government calls the sentences an atrocity. and poland's ruling conservatives secure a huge electoral victory the law and justice party is set to increase its majority after implementing reforms its critics call anti democratic plus crunch time yet again on brags that. it's going to be a voice you mustn't think. e.u. citizens working in the u.k. many of them in the food industry say they are worried about deportation as the country faces war breadstick deadlines. i'm sorry kelly walk into the program turkish back forces are continuing their push
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in to syria as fighting continues along a 200 kilometer stretch in the north of the country now in just the past few hours the turkey backed free syrian army is reported to have taken the city of tell about fighters there have been removing flags of kurdish backed troops in the area to raise their own flags it's part of a coordinated push directed by the turkish government after american forces started to withdraw from the region. and there to one has indicated that turkish troops are also ready to launch an assault on the syrian city of mandates which is held in the west of the country now syrian kurds in this area. turkish media reporting that the country's forces were preparing for an operation on man beds and were put this in at the city's edge having pushed into the area in the last 24 hours
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a complete us now from our correspondents. standing by in luxembourg at the meeting of e.u. foreign ministers and during jones is joining us from istanbul welcome to both of you and henri that like to begin with you what did everyone wanted to meet with a potential attack here now on man bit. well for prisoners one that has been a target an objective for well over a year among beaches and extremely important tiles it's a major hub of communication top sitting on a main highway connecting syria with iraq and beyond that it is the gateway to syria 2nd city of aleppo and the present heard one has saying that he had to deal with the united states that they would promise the withdrawal of syrian kurdish militia if they took it more than a year ago they said america rene so much and now he's saying that we determine now to take the city i return it's what he says is its rightful owners and that is reference to the syrian free syrian army forces which have been fighting with damascus regime and now allied with turkey the key question here will be will
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damascus be happy with the handing over of such an important city to rebels that are currently still fighting the regime so a potential flashpoint is looming it seemed and that's how far you countries are willing to go to to stop this offensive that we've heard about because i mean we already have a number of countries halting the the export of weapons to turkey if it were up to some countries for example. economic sanctions here or the very least an e.u. wide embargo as you know as of now we have embargoes weapons embargoes of sometimes reasons but not the whole of the european union but as things stand at the moment it appears that you foreign ministers here are struggling for wording to condemn what is happening in northern syria and that is because some countries are very concerned that the turkey's e.u. migrant deal that is keeping many migrants out of the european union because turkey
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helping might blow up in their faces and that they would face even more migration coming into the european union and as you know that topic political dynamite for the european union. dorian what has changed for everyone now that the kurds have reached an agreement with the syrian government. will they do that really potential game changer that the syrian kurds have now reached out to the damascus forces and they are believed to be currently trying to secure syria's northern border with turkey now that brings a prospect of a potential clash between turkish and syrian regime forces a major escalation in the syrian civil war with repercussions all across the region and the key flashpoints are believed to be the beach which both sides now are laying claim to and also the kurdish controlled town of karbala in the on turkey's bolder president one has said that his forces were along with the syrian rebels
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will be the thing that parents the same time we understand syrian regime forces are rushing to that town to secure it so potential looming confrontations here and at the center all of it is moscow moscow is back in the syrian regime at the same time it has good relations with turkey it will need to find some balancing act to avoid this potential clash with 2 important allies and masters walk us through how the e.u. is reacting now that we have this word of. kurdish forces especially reaching this agreement with damascus. you know some poor ministers here have acknowledged that the e.u. basically is watching helplessly because it does have economic clout but it doesn't have the military muscle really to change things as they stand right now in northern syria but of course the e.u. itself has 2 major concerns when it comes to the region the 1st one i touched upon in my 1st answer it's more migration like political dynamite but the 2nd one is also what happens to the foreign fighters apparently the captors of the u.s. have already been released or fled the will they come back will your place another
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terror wave as we did in the past years these are all things that need to be discussed here in luxembourg but like i said we don't expect anything more than a strong condemnation if at all of what's happening with turkey in northern syria but you know turkey for its part is really talking talking tough and dorian i'd like to ask you about this turkish threat to dishonor the agreement with the e.u. over migration. house syria. is that right indeed what i mean potentially it is very serious you have to recall way back in 2015 nearly a 1000000 refugees from turkey crossed. into the greek islands in greece and overwhelmed not only greece but the rest of europe and i think it's in the back of their minds that turkey can do that again it's another one is reiterating this right again and again but it has to be said they were kept to it because in 2015 the route from greece to the rest of europe in germany in countries like the u.k.
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and france was open now that routed the thank you very close to a lot of skeptics here whether the refugees in turkey would flock in so many numbers to greet when they realize the situation in greece is nearly as bad if it's in turkey so people to suspect that this is an empty bluff. by turkey many in your may not be ready to think the terms story and jones with a view from turkey and max both men with a view from the e.u. thank you so much to both of you. well while the fighting is for now affecting mostly northern syria it's also spilling over into turkey our correspondent hughley han has this report on turkish towns that have been hit by the shelling. in the turkish border town of such a public outpouring of grief. for the women mourn the death of their village chief he and 2 other men were killed in a mortar shelling an apparent reprisal attack from across the border in syria.
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was. we want this war to stop nobody should die no soldiers no civilians we just want peace we have of course we're scared we're scared for the whole country for turks for kurds for everyone no one should be killed you son 100. percent killed the other people show us where the weak tims died. within a radius of 20 meters traces of bomb fragments. sounds windows walls vehicles battered by shrapnel. and. i don't think it came from the outside maybe from over there i don't know but this is from a bomb. similar stories can be heard in many turkish border towns. if
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people believe the war is just across the border in syria they know better now. still the mayor of supports the turkish offensive he claims the army is fighting for a good cause. here in the uk to carlow we are hosting 125000 syrians you might be able to imagine how difficult that is we want a safe zone to resettle the 3500000 refugees that have become a burden for turkey over the past 8 now half years but europe occasionally sends a little money but we pay the real price syrians should go back to their homes. the area northeast syria that is supposed to become a safe zone is anything but. for days the turkish army and allied syrian opposition fighters have clashed with kurdish militia and while they are busy fighting each other there are concerns that isis jihadists which are already defeated in the area
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might be able to regroup. international criticism of the turkish military campaign is growing the united nations say the offensive has caused more than 100000 civilians to flee but the consequences have also been dramatic on this side of the border in turkey and many people we've talked to here are hoping that the violence won't continue to escalate but this includes people inside roach who are grieving over the death of their village chief. and pray that the turkish military operation will and before they have to bury more of their loved ones. were murdered. with a check now of some other stories making news around the world wading through media waters emergency responders are searching for missing people after typhoon haiyan this hit japan over the weekend. the super typhoon was already has already claimed
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dozens of lives the damage done by flooding and landslides in cities and towns near the capital tokyo is still being assessed in ecuador indigenous leaders agreed to end protest after president lenny and maria and all agreed to reinstate fuel price subsidies the agreement came after nearly $2.00 weeks of violent street protest people were angry over austerity measures brought in to obtain a multi-billion dollar loan from the international monetary fund. and the 2900 for economic says been awarded to 3 researchers for their work to alleviate global poverty object banner g s 3rd to flow and michael kramer scuse me share that award. spain supreme court has sentenced 9 catalan leaders to up to 13 years in prison for their role in a failed independence referendum back in 2017 they were part of
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a group of separatist leaders who organized the vote to declare spain's northeastern catalonia region as an independent state referendum passed with a majority vote but the central spanish government deemed it illegal in spain journalist and bergen who in fact joining us from barcelona so what's been the reaction to this verdict i think the reaction of most people is a poor although fewer than half the population support independence right from the start when these politicians and. leaders say such incredibly intricate charges people felt that it was excessive where we're dealing with and over there were rumors sensors were being lies or in fact sense as a very visceral sense of just merrier and shock even when it was exactly like that here well the thing was that they were the 1st
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3 different charges one was rebellion which is almost as bad as prison officials and the misuse of public funds well they've been found guilty on the 2nd 2 and the thought was as they were dropping the charges were more serious. they said the larger part has happened is they've applied for more or less the marks on them some houses for the other charges so you know we're here between 9 and 13 years. for. basically for offenses that most people think these people should have been banned from politics and hard. not actually since prison. so i mean surely these verdicts are going to have major implications for the separatist movement itself where does it go from here. with it's difficult to say i think we go in for a day and perhaps several days of process of various times but the point is that
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the separatist movement has managed to mount a massive campaign over several years gained a lot of attention for its course but the fact of the matter is that it's failed it hasn't gone anywhere near independence seen a whole generation of its leaders now from holding public office and there's no clear way forward even bargain in barcelona thank you. it's to poland's now where the country's ruling conservatives have secured a base election when the lawn justice party is projected to have enough seats in parliament to govern alone with nearly all votes counted from sunday's ballot the right wing party has backed judicial and media reforms that true criticism from brussels for eroding the role of law. and order by busybodies for another term in power for poland's conservative nationalist nor and justice party who we oppose it . was said that me well that struggle started we had 4
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years of hard work ahead of us i. vote for it because poland must continue to evolve and improve upset. with him apart so we must maintain our credibility which you must ensure that no one who poland has any doubt about what we are doing is good genuine and responsive . their social welfare programs anti immigrant policies and social conservatism a popular with many polish people but the biggest opposition bloc says that divisive. people want cooperation they want us to show that we are able to overcome the splits that are in our country people don't want poland to be divided into parts people don't want their hearts broken because poles are not able to understand each other we are the ones who are promoting cooperation meet the
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smaller parties also made against it's a left wing coalition is back in parliament and the far right exceeded poland's national voting fresh hold and will also get seats. was but the big winners of the lauren justice party during the campaign they promised to raise the minimum wage and not to grant rights to gay people it's this and judicial reforms that have drawn. new criticism it says the party is weakening the rule of law and undermining poland's democracy. you're watching news still to come on the program we visit the coal miners of kentucky fighting for their compensation for their diseased lungs. but 1st the u.k. government has reaffirmed its commitment to delivering brags that by october 31st in the queen's speech delivered a short while ago the government laid out its priorities including the aim of
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achieving a new partnership with the european union that's rooted in free trade but in the meantime uncertainties surrounding drugs it is making life tough for millions of e.u. citizens living in the u.k. they were told last week they could be deported if they didn't apply for a so-called settled status. it's 10 am at the wrists 3 and qusay and stuff assembled for their morning meeting dutch ticketek the mother open displays just 4 months ago despite the uncertainty caused by pricks it know the government has said e.u. citizens like her could face deportation if they don't file the proper paperwork in time to her recent headlines like that feel like it's wrecked. they keep on moving the goalposts up 1st too you have to apply one way then you have to find other way and there's also no trust that the system actually works it's a show and it is basically you know comes down to. being quite feeling quite on
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welcome things are heating up in the kitchen as the chefs prepare for lunch they call their food new european cuisine and their vicious common area offerings come from all over europe is just the stuff themselves 8 of the 10 people who work here come from outside the u.k. yeah it's going to be a spicy few months i think about the type of focus she's going to call for a customer. go to my shoe. little european style they don't know where they stand and i don't see for us to target people people saying together up to a quarter of all employees in british bars and restaurants come from other european countries but was bret's at looming few in fear of flying to fill these jobs julia i only recently arrived from each of the 4 1st ever real job finds the political situation here hostile and hard to understand i just don't get why they are so upset they do want to fight us like we're doing. them and we're not we're just
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working they're just leaving being sick i want to tell her boss has taken a gamble by pouring his savings and energy into this restaurant many other investors have been scared off by bricks it for her though this is a passion project she wants to believe in its future right here right now i love i love england so company and it's something that has just struck me just one time in just 20 years and i really don't want to move away. to detroit to sydney he describes a place where people enjoy each other's company and feel at ease here it's a refuge from the truth world of bricks it right outside the stores. the coal industry in the united states has seen some growth under the trumpet ministration but jobs in the industry come with a serious danger for miners black lung disease rates of the illness have been rising but the government has cut the funds available to help those affected and
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our next report we travel to east kentucky or you meet some of those suffering from the disease to. me even the few paces from the current to his front door are a struggle. particles that he and hailed for decades working at the coal miner have destroyed his. just 45 years old his lungs operated on the heart of their potential capacity. so they were from 43 to 47 perverse. like thousands of other miners in kentucky donnie has been diagnosed with black lung until the radiologist brunton began collecting information the overall number of patients suffering from the lung disease had never been reliably recorded after collating the data what problem found was terrifying they would have to classify it as an epidural grew been seeing
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a significant increase in the number of black lung. patients there were also been seeing more and more severe forms of the disease affecting younger miners you know working hours and thereby using concentrated dust just a few causes. now the state of kentucky has reacted not as expected radiologists are now no longer able to undertake diagnose only lungs. there are just 2 such specialists in kentucky to crum an absolute scandal that goes political you know i think i was probably fathered too much black lung disease on their stay worker's comp claims and they wanted me to stop or even know. specialists mean fewer diagnoses that can be used by those affected to claim against health insurance but even with cases that are relatively straightforward it's difficult for them to get their claim paid. attorney was adding 10 volunteers to help the
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sick and their families for the ironic they know everyone our client you know whether it's a sick minor words and we don't know who has lost her husband. but they're entitled to benefits yet they continue to litigate and litigate. sounds and fighting insurance companies while fighting against very curable disease nonetheless that he says if he could he would still working. in a coal mine. in kentucky that's the only way away. amounts to athletics and kenya is a pretty good cause they made made history at the chicago marathon on sunday with a new world record student just break the women's marathon record she shattered it by a stunning 81 seconds previous record holder paula radcliffe to record had stood for 16 years finished the race talking 2 hours 14 minutes and 4 seconds afterwards she said that she thinks it's possible for her to go even faster
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. than would and the outcome going to be normal what and what they would run you can do what the undo to do keep in 2 minutes think and you do do to have maybe one minute to be a good thought in you. to do that community. and events possible now to qualifying for football's euro 2020 germany overcame pre-match controversy and an early shock in the game to beat a stony a 3 nil after just 14 minutes and marchand was set off was sent off excuse me but 2 goals from a good of on set up a 3 mil victory now those 2 in germany players who just happen to have turkish roots had caused some controversy earlier before the match even kicked off both had liked on instagram a post which depicts turkish national team players who were celebrating a goal with a tribute to turkey's military operation against herds in syria john and gooden
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divonne later on lights that post and have denied any political support. euro 2020 qualifying sees anyone face bulgaria in sofia layer knowing a win will are in them a place in next to june's tournament but football has taken a back seat in the build up to the clash with discussion focusing on racism instead england have asked for stronger support from football authorities in dealing with the racist fan chants while bulgaria insists that it is their opponents with the worst track record. exhaustion of genuine sporting significance for england but one that's being overshadowed by racism rouse i'm fingerpointing england players including right here sterling and tommy franks and so leave the page of a russian bottle gary of friends both players have recently experienced racism abuse in the premier league. we do not have a program in race is going to carry
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a championship we have many black ways in vogue area and we don't have as much of a problem with racism as you do in england perhaps. your problems with racism have been a recurring theme throughout your goods qualification campaign so explain this was subjected some racy. in montenegro in april he called on my son to take measures to prevent it from happening in future. really hard to prepare players because what happens or supposed to make of that was a process that we go through before actually where you fix this but. i'll sort of that we trust you with a recent issue of the employees england players don't you wait for sanctions or getting small incident wrote should lenience repeated please he worries that as a whole the guilty party still counts as evidently taken as an accusation by both gary and officials
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a hostile atmosphere of whites in south korea but one that both sides hope doesn't spill into anything more sinister. and we just have time now to bring is a breaking news because after the sentencing of the leaders of the catalan separatist movement spain's supreme court has issued a new international arrest warrant for the former cattle i need our carlos don't want we'll have more on that story as we get it right here on t.w. you can join me for another news update at the top of the hour but coming up it is eco india i'm sara kelly in by land thanks for watching have a good one. come
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comments. welcome to the bodies they get here for detail. the trying to talk about. this coverage. story more for. us and all we have. let's have a look at some of the other much surround the need to still shaking in their boots and the green a sigh of relief so you don't want to miss a. disguise we've come to w. unity and justice and freedom the 1st words of the german national anthem. and the 3
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central values that form the foundation of this country. how have these values developed the most moral challenge. hard is it to live by and defend the principles of unity justice and freedom in our everyday lives and our. starts october 21st w. hello welcome this is eco india a sustainability magazine which keeps you up to date with solutions to future proofing our life hero not a focus today is on the clothes we wear how wide and deep the impact is on the
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