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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 14, 2019 3:30pm-3:45pm CEST

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received. an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines. starts october 24th on t.w. . this is the news coming up. no one. has reemerged in the philippines nearly 2 decades after being hit educated in the country. to find out why and look at what's being done to halt the outbreak also coming up. another weekend of hong kong protests follows a similar pattern but a warning from china does not president xi jinping indicates how much he's willing to tolerate. blockin flooding across japan as one of the.
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it's the island nation. i'm british welcome to. it's good to have you with us it's a threat the philippines thought it had ended up in spite of the 1000 years. at least 2 children have been found to have contracted the virus it has also been detected in sewerage in manila and a waterway in the south of the country the government has declared an outbreak and efforts are being made to immunize billions of children by some estimates 3 out of 5 children in the philippines are not immunized against polio is a highly contagious disease that spreads through person to person contact and immunization is the only way to prevent it. there is one of the n.s.a.
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has been monitoring the philippines response to the outbreak and joined benaud from manila and the estimates for the number of children under the age of. about 11000000 what is being done to reach them. so the philippines after eradicating polio for nearly 2 decades confirmed 2 cases and the health department is classify this as an outbreak to curb this outbreak the health department has launched 3 rounds of vaccination targeting some 6 point $6000000.00 children under the age of 5 is vaccination drive will be in 2 sites one is in metro manila and the other is in selected areas of mindanao which is in southern philippines this is where the 2 sites where the 2 cases of polio were from for i went with the health department workers today and they were doing a sweep of the neighborhoods literally knocking on every door to ask if there were children under the age of 5 in the house and if they could be vaccinated they
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visited daycare centers they even set up kiosks train station and it was a very intensive vaccination campaign to make sure that no child is left behind but children are being left behind i know that's appears to be the reality why is that happening why is the philippines vaccination program not being as effective as expected. that's true but actions very unfortunate that a few years ago there was a vaccine scare over the dang back so and the dang good vaccine scare now that caused vaccination rates across all diseases and all health department programs just. parents were terrified of vaccines they refused to have their children vaccinated health care workers told me that when they would do vaccination grades like the ones they did today parents would hide their children they would slam the door in their faces and in one very extreme case a parent chased away health care workers with a knife so they were just very very terrified of vaccines and this vaccine trust to
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just plummet. health emergency to hit the philippines. after the measles and brick and build these together the lives of more than $1500.00 people what does that say about the philippines is. the philippine health care infrastructure is insufficient and it's got more bad news because for 2020 the health care budget has been slashed by about 10000000000 paso's or the women of about 175000000 euro this is going to affect the manpower that's needed by the health department for monitoring and surveillance programs of for it's like this one with polio and i think we also have a think about how the vaccine scare is continuing to impact the public's perception of vaccines there's been a massive loss of trust in vaccines and in the public health care system now the
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budget that would have been used to fund education programs and information campaigns to bring back that trust has now been slashed the health care department definitely had its job cut out for it and speaking to us from manila thank you very much for that. thank you. in just a few words china's leader has conjured a chilling image of how he might deal with those who want to break with the state while a visit to over the weekend president xi jinping said this anyone who attempts to split any region from china will perish with their bodies smashed and bones ground she did not blame anyone specifically but his comments come amid 4 months of empty beach in hong kong over the weekend protestors flash mobs across the city some businesses and metro stations police organized
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a muscular response and made scores of rests. a correspondent phil austin what they thought oh she's comments so you guys are taking part in another protest this evening you all heard president she's comments over the weekend how does that make you feel does it does it worry you that it doesn't work. people it's just the fact that we all. speech was but he still haven't listened to our voices 5 good men not one last i hopefully the other 4 media. ok so i want to go to my complete scrapping of the. protests is the one that's been met the other 4 demands including independent investigation to the police and universal suffrage and how that you are loved by president's comments i don't worry about what he said because . because he's afraid about his people so.
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you know. so. we can only one way we can do so we have to stand out and fight for it yes ok and have the e.u. consent. really bother me because i think. i. session harassment and push. is about kim he led government to give the rights to the policeman and of course your stare right to me says you're harassed ago sent all the boys to the protesters and also the protest grows yeah so it really gives us a break here so what you are firing to there is allegations that are doing the rounds here among protesters in hong kong that people have been sexually harassed and police stations after they've been arrest arrested and so when it comes to your
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5 to mons having heard what president xi has said how confident are you that the remaining 4 will be met we are very very close because of one demand already been answered the other 4 hopefully with the coming elections the chinese government will know the hong kong people will full o. the people who support the hong kong government with that elections. everybody will be a part of it and hopefully global or the chinese government will know what. is being as heard today the district select just that is taking place next month and how about you are you still confident that steel demands be met because you know. you can see the hong kong people in. their face to enough to to see to see people face to. progress you know how about you and for me yes i am confident too. for the protester to
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achieve this goal but. for now i think many people free of the policeman because soft behavior yes right now for me i am also afraid of the police because when i go out to the street when i see the postman i walk away so. risk jeremy. and achieve our goals. thousands of rescue workers in japan. in the wake of typhoon fighting rising floodwaters and helping stranded residents which means feed in the philippines language tagalog is one of the most powerful typhoons to hit the country in 6 decades. up to 40 percent of all was recorded in just 2
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days. as the rain winds subside the sheer scale of the disaster is becoming clear. the capital tokyo largely on sky it caused serious damage to several other regions. record breaking rains caused rivers to burst their banks and triggered landslides. the sheer force of the floods drag this house into the river. cases so i pray for the souls of those who lost their lives. and for the well being of everyone affected by the storm you know you don't. search and rescue operations continue countrywide hundreds of thousands of emergency workers have been deployed searching for survivors by boat. and even
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swimming through flood waters to find them. it was a lucky escape for this man stranded on a strip of land in calif sucky rescuers had to wade in to pull him to safety. but for some the only way to beat the rising tide was to go up. one air rescue ended in tragedy on sunday when the woman slipped from safety all 30 say she hadn't been sufficiently sick you would ask your mother at the what we sincerely apologize for the accident and stop. there's the unprecedented water level slowly recede the focus turns from rescue to recovery. though things have calmed for now in his forecast or thora he's a warning people to stay alert as new flooding and mudslides could be possible.
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on sunday for just as a record of for me to false starts of old lady liberty after all of the highest points in the city's activist project 4 hours after the summit of client. the be. the be
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the best submit. the. china's trade with the u.s. shrunk again in september a protracted trade war is clearly weighing on asia's powerhouse nevertheless beijing says it wants more talks before signing a so-called face one trade deal also coming up it's yet another crucial week for britain and the e.u. deal or no deal that's the question which keeps the british currency volatile. and the last of the nobels the prize for economics goes to 3 economists from india europe and the u.s.
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for their work on eradicating poverty will have a closer look at the 3 d. dorian its. business asia in berlin good to have you with us china wants further talks to hammer out the details off a phase one trade deal agreed by u.s. and chinese negotiators on friday bloomberg news reports this beijing may send a delegation to finalize a written deal that could be signed by u.s. president trump and chinese president xi jinping at the asia pacific economic cooperation summit next month in chile there are reports china wants trump to also scrap a plant tariff in december in addition to the hike scheduled for this week. but this comes as a fresh data from china shows just how.


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