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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 14, 2019 4:00pm-4:31pm CEST

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this is c w news live from berlin and turkey advances deeper into northern syria and its deployment against the kurds but kurdish leaders have sealed the deal with syria's government to cooperate in halting the turkish offensive that is as the kurds former ally the united states withdraws from its conflict zone also coming up. space supreme court hands long prison sentences to capital and separatist leaders for holding a referendum on independence the former head of the catalan government calls the sentences and atrocities as and international arrest warrant is issued for him. and
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poland's ruling conservative security huge electoral victory the law and justice party is set to increase its majority after implementing reforms that its critics call asti democratic plus crunch time yet again on brags that. it's going to be a force if you look at the. e.u. citizens working in the u.k. many of them in the food industry say that they're worried about deportation as the country faces more briggs's deadlines. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program turkish backed forces are advancing further into syria as fighting continues along the 200 kilometer stretch in the north of the country in the last few hours the turkey backtrace syrian army is reported to have taken the. city of tehran bad fighters there have been removing flags of
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kurdish backed troops in the area to raise their own flags it's part of a coordinated push directed by the turkish government after american forces started to withdraw from the region. and turkey's president branch of type there to watch has indicated that turkish troops are also ready to launch an assault on the syrian city of men bid which is held in the west of the country by syrian kurds turkish media report that the country's forces were preparing for an operation on members and were positioned at the city's edge having pushed into the area in the last 24 hours so let's get the very latest now from our correspondent dorian jones who is joining us from istanbul dorian what does anyone want to achieve with this planned attack on man bench. well man beaches are crucial to teach equally important city in northern syria it sits upon a vital motorway that connects northern syria with iraq and ultimately with iran
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and beyond that it is the gateway to aleppo syria's 2nd city so all sides in the syrian conflict have been true striving to get control of mom bitch now that the u.s. have withdrawn it is now seen as a possible leads the turks canal sees it and prisoner one speaking today said that this is returning to its rightful owners and who he means by that are the syrian arab forces that have been fighting the regime who are now allied with turkey the syrian free army and. taking hold of my beach as part of his wider strategy of returning between one and 2000000 syrian refugees back to syria many of them with the opposition to the syrian regime now the syrian regime the mask is determined to take back monday and crucially the syrian kurds who are currently holding it as part of the deal have said that they will hand this over to damascus forces this brings the likelihood that syrian and turkish forces could be heading for a potential confrontation and you know you've highlighted the some of the dynamics
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that are shifting there on the ground. dorian you know the fact that the kurds now have reached this agreement with the syrian government how is that changing arab ones approach you think. well there for a moment one is saying that in this business as usual in fact it does seem that turkey now are further ramping up their operations i think they believe that the window of opportunity could be closing as a way that this deal with the damascus forces does bring the risk of a confrontation between turkish and syrian forces and that is something un crow will be wary of particularly as the key backer also to mask this regime is moscow a moscow is also an ally with turkey now uncle will be wary of getting the wroth of moscow given the fact in the past these 2 countries went to crisis over syria and now it seems that moscow is a key player here mosco its allies with both sides it is now coming needs to come up with a solution that i'm voice
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a confrontation with its 2 key allies in the region dorian jones but the view from turkey thank you dorian meantime the european union has condemned turkey's military intervention in syria. and luxembourg worryin foreign ministers have been meeting to discuss that matter max the e.u. foreign ministers they've they've concluded their meeting what did they agree on in their efforts. that. one point you just mentioned to me about is probably the most important point you can find in that declaration that was released by the e.u. foreign minister that they condemn the military action that's one point the other point that is no working here is that they commit or the member states commit to strong national positions regarding their arms expert paul this year to turkey now it sounds good but don't confound it with an e.u. wide arms embargo because it's not the same thing this leaves it up to the member states to do whatever they want regarding certain. and isn't that
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a strong or rather weak signal would you say tour in turkey. if you look at where they came from and what some countries wanted for example french wanted economic sanctions and then we had talk about an e.u. why the arms embargo this is rather weak especially if you consider that even this position was in doubt because the u.k. wanted it watered down even further we understand that frederick the e.u. chief diplomat was strongly opposed to that to put it nicely and so in the end they agreed on this but if you ask me you know one of the scale of one to 1010 being the strongest possible signal this is the week 3 to 4. and max you know when we look at the number of factors that are at play here i'd just like to drill in specifically it to one of them what could this mean for the current agreements with turkey for example the migration deal given how you know relatively weak
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and given the fact that it most likely won't change anything on the ground they probably did not provoke the ire of turkey's elder wand and that was of course something that many here had in mind because if he gets too angry it's been it's been something that's been talked about over the last month actually he might not honor the e.u. turkey migrant deal anymore which keeps a large part of the migrants that we syria out of the european union and that's topic remains political dynamite in the e.u. so this is one of the top priorities of the ministers here also to get that deal intact and you can bet that at least i'm not going out on a limb here if i say that that played a role in the fact that this is only condemnation and not in the you why arms embargo or even the economic sanctions in luxembourg. meant in luxembourg thank you max. while the fighting is for now affecting mostly in northern syria it is also spilling over into turkey our correspondent yulia han has this report now on
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turkish towns that have been hit by the shelling. in the turkish border town of such a public outpouring of grief. the women mourn the death of their village chief he and 2 other men were killed in a mortar shelling an apparent reprisal attack from across the border in syria. we want this war to stop nobody should die no soldiers no civilians we just want peace you would have thought we had of course we're scared we're scared for the whole country for turks for kurds for everyone no one should be killed you son or none have been remiss and you are never secure. a lot of people show us where the weak timbs died. within a radius of 20 meters traces of bomb fragments. to sounds windows
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walls vehicles battered by shrapnel. and. i don't think it came from the outside maybe from over there i don't know but this is from a bomb those were. similar stories can be heard in many turkish border towns. if people believe the war is just across the border in syria they know better now. but still the mayor of supports the turkish offensive he claims the army is fighting for a good cause the enemy here in october we are hosting 125000 syrians you might be able to imagine how difficult that is we want to same. zone to resettle the 3500000 refugees that have become a burden for turkey over the past 8 and a half years but europe occasionally sends
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a little money but we pay the real price syrians should go back to their homes. the area northeast syria that is supposed to become a safe zone is anything but. for days the turkish army and syrian opposition fighters have clashed with kurdish militia and while they are busy fighting each other there are concerns that isis jihadists which are already defeated in the area might be able to regroup. international criticism of the turkish military campaign is growing the united nations say the offensive has caused more than 100000 civilians to flee but the consequences have also been dramatic on this side of the border in turkey and many people we've talked to here are hoping that the violence won't continue to escalate but this includes people in suits who are grieving over the death of their village chief. and pray that the turkish military operation will
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and before they have to bury more of their loved ones. were murdered. let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world wading through needy waters emergency responders are searching for missing people after typhoon huggy best hit japan over the weekend a super typhoon has already claimed dozens of lives the damage done by flooding and landslides in cities and towns near the capital tokyo is still being assessed. in ecuador indigenous leaders agreed to end protest after president. agreed to reinstate fuel price of cities agreement came after nearly $2.00 weeks of violent street protest people were angry over austerity measures brought in to obtain a multi-billion dollar loan from the international monetary fund and the 2019 nobel prize for economics has been awarded to 3 researchers for their work to alleviate
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global poverty. bannerjee after do flow and michael kramer share the award. a spanish judge has issued a new internet warrant for the arrest of former cattle and president carlos pushed a man who fled to belgium to avoid prosecution over the failed 2017 independence bed the warrant comes after the supreme court convicted 12 cattle and separatist leaders 9 of home or head of lengthy prison terms. extra police deployed outside barcelona's main station protests began as soon as the sentences were announced demonstrators are condemning the court's decision to slap long jail terms on the politicians and activists. you're sort of just wanted to punish nothing else we don't like that is radical thought so it's a disgrace with certs europe would help us but they did nothing. spain supreme
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court gave its verdict on monday morning the former vice president of the catalonia region. was sentenced to 13 years in prison for sedition and misuse of public funds are the politicians were handed sentences of between 9 and 12 years state prosecutors had been calling for sentences of up to 25 years. the convictions over their role in an independence referendum in 2017 which the regional government carried out despite spain's constitutional court steaming it illegal beforehand. it led to violent clashes at the time. today's verdicts have already exacerbated tensions in catalonia the end tendency movement says it's a launch a mass mobilization over the next few days. to poland now where the country's ruling conservatives have secured a big election when the law and justice party is projected to have enough seats in
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parliament to govern alone with nearly all votes counted from sunday's ballot the right wing party has backed additional and media reforms that drew criticism from brussels for eroding the role of law her or her. all right another time in power poland conservative nationalist rule and justice party who are her out. said not me well that's the goal started we have 4 years of hard work ahead of us. because poland must continue to evolve and improve. with human parts we must maintain our credibility i must ensure that no one has a hole and has any doubt that what we are doing is good genuine and response made. their social welfare programs anti immigrant policies and social conservatism
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a popular with many polish people but the biggest opposition bloc says that divisive. people want cooperation they want a conservative and a popular with many polish people but the biggest opposition bloc says that divisive. people want cooperation they want to show that we are able to overcome the quick that are in our country people don't want poland to be divided into parts people don't want their hearts broken because poles are not able to understand each other we are the ones who are promoting cooperation from the small apartment also may gain seats elect wing coalition is back in parliament and the far right exceeded poland's national voting threshold i'm alone so i guess. but the big winners are the lauren justice party during the campaign they promised to raise the minimum wage and not to grant rights to gay people. and judicial
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reforms that have drawn in new christmas and says the party is weakening the rule of law and undermining poland's democracy. for more i am joined now from devious polish desk wojciech salon. he here in studio so what does this mean indeed for democracy and rule of law in the country well this election is the day shows that poland is still a free and democratic country however i believe that the democracy in poland is under pressure because the peace and justice party in poland is taking control over . many independent institutions like the judiciary or the media which are there to control the executive and what this election means and what this success of low in just this party means i believe this process of taking control over almost every think will advance it will proceed because this is what the ruling party wants to achieve it wants to has half the control over almost
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everything in the country and it will i believe lead to some more tensions with for example european union european commission which does one doesn't one does to happen in poland given that those tensions you know have been really apparent with the european union. why is this party so popular isn't it we have voter turnout you know greater than 60 percent as the exit polls suggest what is behind the sweeping victory for the law and justice party well you know poland is a very polarized country i think we may compare it a little bit to the situation in the united states with the democrats and republicans it is somehow similar in poland and below in just the spots he's also introducing this program i would call poland 1st fighting for polish economy and giving back dignity to the polish people but the most important thing is that the
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standard of living in poland has really improved in the recent 4 years the economy runs really good in poland and just this is the 1st party after 989 which set its enough sabin we can spend money now these parties giving money to the people so i believe the voters don't see much need or don't want to change something right now because the level of the standard of living in poland as i said has increased. polish deaths thank you thank you. the u.k. government has reaffirmed its commitment to delivering bragg's if i october 31st in the queen's speech delivered earlier today the government laid out its priorities including the aim of achieving a new partnership with the european union that's rooted in free trade but in the meantime uncertainty is surrounded by exit is making life tough for millions of e.u. citizens living in the u.k. they were told last week they could be deported if they don't apply for
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a so-called settled status. it's 10 am at the lunch recess through inclusively and stuff assembled for their morning meeting dutch. opened this place just 4 months ago despite the uncertainty caused by pricks it know the government has said e.u. citizens like her could face deeper to. nation if they don't file the proper paperwork in time to have recent headlines like that feel like a threat. thank you for moving the goalposts up 1st you have to apply one way then you have to buy another way and there's also no trust that the system actually works it's a shock and it's basically comes down to. being quite feeling quite on welcome things are heating up in the kitchen as the chefs prepare from that wish they called their food new european cuisine and their vicious commentary offerings come from all over europe is just the stuff themselves 8 of the 10 people who work
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here come from outside the u.k. yeah it's going to be a spicy few months i think but as a lot of focus is the call for a customer. to. leave all european stock they don't know where they stand and oversee for us we try to keep it a bit same together after a quarter of all employees in british bars and restaurants come from other european countries but was bret's it looming fewer and fewer ply to fill these jobs julia i only recently arrived from each of the far 1st ever real job finds the political situation here hostile and hard to understand just why they are so upset they do want to fight us like we're doing. them and we're not we're just working they just leaving that being said i want to her boss has taken a gamble by pouring his savings and energy into this restaurant many other investors have been scared off by bricks it for her though this is
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a passion project she wants to believe in its future right here right now i love i love invent something and it's something that has just struck me just one time in 20 years and i really don't want to live the way. the dutch word described. a place where people enjoy each other's company and she looked nice here it's a refute from the truth world of bricks it right outside the stores. to athletics now and birgitte cars gave made history at the chicago marathon on sunday with a new world record didn't just break the women's marathon record she shouted it by a stunning anyone seconds previous holder paula radcliffe record had stood for 16 years because he finished the race clock in 2 hours 14 minutes and 4 seconds afterwards she said that she thinks it's possible to go even faster. good and they are familiar jedi know what and what take would run even to 14 to reduce
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even to mistake and reduced to. maybe one minute to be 213 it's possible for a lady to do stuff the minute. and euro 2020 qualifying facebook area and sofia later knowing a win will are in the place in next year's tournament but football has taken a back seat in the build up to the clash with discussion focusing instead on racism angle and have asked for stronger support from football authorities in dealing with racist fan chance while bulgaria insists it is their opponents with the worst track record. of genuine sporting significant looms for england but one that is being overshadowed by racism rouse and finger pointing england players including writing sterling and tommy abraham have threatened to leave the pitch if they are racially abused by both gary offends both players have recently experienced racist abuse in the premier league. we do not have
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a problem with racism in the boke area and championship we have many black players in boca area and we don't have as much of a problem with racism as you do in england perhaps because the immediate. problems with racism have been a recurring theme throughout england's qualification campaign gareth southgate's players were subjected to racist chanting in montenegro in april he's called on you a foot to take tougher measures to prevent it from happening in future. we have to prepare our players because of what happened to us in montenegro so that was a process that we needed to go through before next away fixtures but. outside of that we trust the authorities to make sure everything is in place england players w.a. for sanctions against montenegro too lenient repeated pleas to wait for to hold the guilty parties to account has evidently been taken as an accusation by both gary
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and officials a hostile atmosphere awaits in sofia but one that both sides hope doesn't spill into anything more sinister. and former chelsea and czech republic goalkeeper pet or check. hung up his gloves in 2019 few gaffes that it would be to try on a different pair but after a glittering football career the champions league winner is now trying his luck on the ice rink the 37 year old has signed a semiprofessional contract with english ot ice hockey so i go for it phoenix hill combine goalkeeping for his new team with his duties as chelsea's technical director he proves that he's still a cool head under pressure saving 2 penalties on his debut to help his teammates to victory. now they strut waddle bow and crawl out of an unbolted barn door farm animals are the stars of rush hour videos that chris franklin of southwestern england has posted online with tens of thousands of
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followers the videos of cain health farms morning ritual have become an internet sensation have a look through you then good morning good night he threw a chair a time of good morning to you everywhere you. rush hour this is what farmer chris franklin calls the moment when he opens the barn door in the morning and everyone pours into the farmyard. oh go. for surgeries greets the owned by name and with some friendly words oh my goodness surely you can go through here now he always has a smartphone at his side chris recorded to 6 changes with the animals and posted videos online. and. they're now on the social media sensation kane hill farm has fans around the world every day chris receives comments from people saying how happy they feel when they watch the animals going
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about their daily business. i don't really believe it now when someone said i've gone viral or afford to go and see the doctor. came hill farm it's not a traditional farm instead the focus is on education chris and his team want to bring countryside learning to children young people and communities the animals are often named by the young visitors here among them are cuthbert the goose. trigger the pot bellied pig is very popular. there is a bloke with a donkey the go to weather expert chris asks him what the outlook is like today. for me right now ok. chris just needs to take a look at this time coco is a big carrot fan and that microphone looks mighty tasty and we've always talked to the animals and they've always talked back. to school the imagination of people
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busy bees this morning and by the way we're looking chris also likes talking to flowers green good morning some flowers her way. through enjoying the early morning sunshine are you. going it is wonderful. you would do well. to house things. coming up next the interview means enjoy with my colleague better g i c r kelly and really make you so much for watching. it's
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my mail and i'm going to look at this brand new delusion by most books it's personal it's device it's about topics that affect us all solutions climate change and the turn. fullerene sense check out. this is the news a shot coming up. no one wants to do it has dreamed much of the philippines nearly 2 decades after being educated in the country we go to manila to find out why and look at what's being done to halt the outbreak also coming up. another weekend of hong kong protests follows a similar pattern but the warning from china does not president xi jinping
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indicates how much these willing to tolerate bust.


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