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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 14, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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this is the end of the news line from. syrian troops at close to a showdown in northern syria turkish backed militias have advanced deeper into syria in their campaign against the kurds of pulling down turkish flags and tearing down signs in support of the groups and now they could come face to face with the syrian army also on the program. angry catalans protest the long prison sentences handed down to the leaders of the failed referendum for independence from spain the country's supremes court finds the politicians guilty of sedition and.
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i'm for welcome to the program forces backed by turkey are advancing further into serious fighting continues along the 200 kilometer stretch of the country's northern region turkey says its forces have taken the city of. fighters have been removing flags of kurdish backed troops and raising their own as part of a coordinated push directed by. american forces withdrew from the region. turkish backed for a fight says say they're preparing an offensive alongside a turkish militia to capture the kurdish town of man beach but they could be butting up against the syrian army that syrian state t.v. reports that troops are vented man bache a local official in the town confirm the report and said that syrian troops had entered and deployed on the frontlines. the latest
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from turkey d.w. correspondent dorian jones joins us from istanbul. age. said there are these reports now from syrian state t.v. confirming that syrian forces have entered this is part of a deal with the syrian kurds whereby that they would open the doors the gates to these key towns and cities in the region but the same time we are getting unconfirmed reports that there have been clashes in the suburbs by syrian rebels backed by the turkish forces even reports of one tank has been destroyed now this hasn't been confirmed by turkish forces with the syrian rebels have been camped just outside for many many months and the turkish president. today said that will
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be the next target of their operation which is an extremely important city it's on a key highway that leads to iraq in an interim making it a very important supply route and it's also the gateway to syria's 2nd city of aleppo all the syrian civil war in this city and now it appears to be up for grabs between syrian rebels backed by turkey and the damascus regime forces so as this complicated picture becomes even more complicated we now have syrian state forces and turkish rebels on the ground involved in the fight and likely to see a direct confrontation between syria and turkey. well i think that is the big fear now given the dramatic turn of events in the last 24 hours. since the very beginning of the civil war that the turkish regime have been backing the syrian rebels the mortal enemies of damascus to bring down bashar al assad and they've been backing the rebels that have been fighting the muskets
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regime so there has always been this potential fear that a clash could occur now we see the turkish forces on the ground facing off against syrian regime forces breanne that's prospect one step closer it's unclear what the rules of engagement are with the turkish forces and the syrian regime forces do they have. to engage in fighting or they told to avoid a confrontation at the center of all this is russia vladimir putin the russian president who has carefully orchestrated the ousting of the removal of the american from the scene now has to balance the damascus regime which he supports and turkey and the turkish president who has built up a strong relationship over syria this is a key now facing putin. thank you. well there's 5 things most affecting northern syria at the moment it's also spilling over into turkey comes bundled yulia han the ports now on turkish towns that have been hit by shelling. in the turkish border town of.
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a public outpouring of grief. the women mourn the death of their village chief he and 2 other men were killed in a mortar shelling an apparent reprisal attack from across the border in syria. we want this work to stop nobody should die no thought here is no civilian we just want peace with europe probably have of course we're scared we're scared of the whole country the turks for kurds for everyone no one should be killed no no one under the inner city or no then are. people show us where the victims died. within a radius of 20 meters traces of bomb fragments. windows walls the. back by shrapnel.
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i don't think it came from not right maybe from over there i don't know but this is from a bomb but it looks similar stories can be heard in many turkish border towns. if people believe the war is just across the border in syria they know better now. that there's still the mayor of supports the turkish offensive he claims the army is fighting for a good cause benami here in the uk to carlow we are hosting 125000 syrians you might be able to imagine how difficult that is we want to safe zone to resettle the 3500000 refugees that have become a burden for turkey over the past 8 now half years but europe occasionally sends a little money but we pay the real price syrians should go back to their homes.
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the area northeast syria that is supposed to become a safe zone is anything but. for days the turkish army and syrian opposition fighters have clashed with kurdish militia and while they are busy fighting each other there are concerns that ice's jihadists which are already defeated in the area might be able to regroup. international criticism of the turkish military campaign is growing the united nations say the offensive has caused more than 100000 civilians to flee but the consequences of also been dramatic on this side of the border in turkey and many people we've talked to here are hoping that the violence won't continue to escalate that this includes people in suits who are grieving over the death of their village chief. and pray that the turkish military operation will and before they have to bury more of their loved ones. were murdered
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all over the. european union meanwhile has condemned its incursion into syria a new foreign ministers meeting in luxembourg have agreed to restrict the delivery of arms to turkey but they didn't agree on sanctions the w's brussels bureau chief mike hoffman was there and sent us this update. that you foreign minister of could have started down the path of economic sanctions against erkki they could have also started down the path of and e.u. wide arms embargo against turkey but they didn't they chose weaker measures one of them condemning the military operation by turkey in north syria the other one recalling the national efforts the national arms embargo by some e.u. member states it is a signal of unity but it's a weak signal and many think it's so weak because some of the e.u. are very worried that turkey could terminate the e.u. turkey migration agreement and that would spell real trouble so
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a signal of unity but it most likely will not make a difference on the ground. so when a luxembourg tonight or some of the other stories making news around the world in poland the country's really conservatives have secured enough votes to win a majority of seats in the lower house of parliament but have lost control of the senate and according to official results the nationalist law and justice party backed judicial and media reforms that drew criticism from brussels for eroding the rule of law in poland. riot police have been deployed in guinea capital conakry to try to stop the protests by opposition parties and activists it took to the streets to oppose changes to the constitution that would allow the country's present day to run for a 3rd presidential term. in britain a 30 year old man has been jailed for a minimum of 15 years for attempted murder in august. i deliberately drove his car
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at pedestrians cyclists and police officers in central london in an attempt to imitate previous terror attacks 7 people were injured. the head of the vatican police force on. the scene here on the left has resigned earlier this week the names of 5 vatican officials being investigated for financial irregularities relate to journalists the vatican said mr gilani was not responsible for the lake which had resigned out of love for the catholic church. the judge in spain has issued a new international arrest warrant for former president president. who fled to belgium after the failed 27 independent 2017 independence bid the world comes after the supreme court convicted 12 other cats on sept is leaders 9 of whom were given a lengthy prison terms. the signs in barcelona read free the
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political prisoners. after the judgment was declared thousands took to the streets. outraged by the long verdict handed down to catalonia separatist leader has a sentence just 11 but this sentence is horribly unfair it goes against 2 fundamental rights freedom of demonstration and freedom of expression that explain. this punishment is a disgrace the truth is our democratic system is incompetent but i'd like a try this is unbelievable. to say. but for the supreme court in madrid it is clear that the catalan leadership is guilty of sedition. the former vice president orioles youngcare as the sentenced to 13 years in prison and 8 other defendants also received lengthy prison sentences. according to the judges those sentenced organize the independence referendum in october 2017 despite
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a ban when the former president of catalonia talers puts demands declared independence from spain violent clashes with the police broke out. this resulted in madrid imposing direct rule over catalonia and one of spain's most serious political crises prime minister petra sanchez hopes that this verdict will now end the matter once and for all following the supreme court decision we need to turn the page and open a new chapter based on peaceful coexistence in catalonia through dialogue within the boundaries of the law and the sponsors of solution. but many catalans don't seem ready to give up the fight since the ruling was handed down demonstrators that began blocking railway tracks and airports in the independence activists warn they are preparing for what they're calling democratic tsunami. cricketers and sports euro 2020 qualifying sees engeland face ball garia in severe later knowing
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that a win will place in next june's tournament but the build up to the game in the build up to the game football's taken a back seat with discussion focusing on racism england have asked for stronger support from the game's all stars is in dealing with chants from racist fans while bulgaria insists that england's fans have a worse track record when a clash of genuine sporting significance looms for england but one that has been overshadowed by racism rouse and finger pointing finger including right there ling and tommy abraham have threatened to leave the pitch if they are racially abused by bog area friends both players have recently experienced racist abuse in the press. you know i mean we do not have a problem with racism in the beaucaire in championship we have many black players in boca area and we don't have much of a problem with racism as you do in england perhaps we can move on your.
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problems with racism have been a recurring theme throughout england's qualification campaign carol southgate's players were subjected to racist chanting in montenegro in april he's called on you i thought to take tougher measures to prevent it from happening in future. we had to close because of what happened to us among negra so that was a process that we needed to go through before next away fixtures but. outside of that we trust the authorities to make sure everything is going place. the hold. evidently been taken as an accusation by both gary and officials. but warmed up both sides hope. for anything more. top story. the pushed further into northern syria.
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after the kurds have reached a deal with the regime of bashar al assad syrian forces have now arrived in the area the potential showdown with. the us. examiner says that's his business next. to. take personally. to. make the game so special. truth. justice and freedom the 1st words of the german national anthem and the 3 central.


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