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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 14, 2019 9:00pm-9:31pm CEST

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this is g w news live from berlin tonight in northern syria how close is a showdown between the turks and the syrians turkish forces have advanced deeper into syria in their campaign against the kurds pulling down kurdish flacks the kurds have turned to president assad for help meaning a face to face between the turks and the syrian army is now possible also coming up
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angry catalans protesting after spain's supreme court finds the politicians who pushed for independence guilt of sedition and disobedience and a win for the populace in poland the ruling nationalist law and justice party increases its majority after implementing reforms that critics say are anti democratic. and what works and what does it in the fight to reduce global poverty the nobel prize for economics goes to a trio of u.s. based researchers including only the 2nd female winner ever broke new ground on efforts to lift the world's impoverished. i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us we begin tonight in northern syria of syrian governor. troops have arrived in the north of the country setting up
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a potential showdown with turkish forces the syrian army headed for the border region after joining forces with the kurds who have controlled this area until now the kurds reached out to the regime of president bashar al assad to fend off a turkish invasion turkish backed forces have been advancing into kurdish held areas in syria they are preparing to take the strategic town of money. now syrian state television says that syrian troops have arrived in monbiot ready to defend it . our let's get the latest now from our correspondent dorian jones you standing by for us in istanbul good evening to you dorian so what are you hearing from beach well like you said the syrian state media have confirmed the syrian forces have entered and this is part of the deal with the syrian kurds whereby towns and cities
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under they control would be opened up to the syrian regime forces the same time we getting unconfirmed reports that there have been some clashes on the outskirts the city of syrian rebels that up backed by the turkish turkish forces earlier today president one said that beach would be the next target of the turkish forces in this ongoing operation why mom bitch because mum but she says he is among the most important cities in this area it's located on a key highway that connects syria to iraq and to iran a very important supply route and beyond that it is the gateway to aleppo syria 2nd city so all forces and people parties involved in the syrian civil war have been battling for control of this and that's why it makes it the most likely flashpoint between turkish backed forces and syrian regime forces and dorian how likely is it that we're going to see some type of collision here of face to face between syrian and turkish troops. well ever since the syrian civil war started and
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he became one of the strongest backers of the syrian rebels and president committed himself to bringing down syrian president bashar al assad has been the fear that some point down the road syrian regime forces and turkish forces would eventually face off with one another now we have turkish forces on the ground. in play in the cities and towns that are also being contested by the syrian regime and as we speak there is a race across this area the syrian regime forces to go to the control of syrian kurdish forces and these are also stated targets of president of the man at the center of this is the russian president vladimir putin he's the strongest backer of the syrian regime for the same time has developed a close relationship with what he will now be working out a way to avoid he's to. getting involved in a full scale conflict and there is a european component in all of this is well if the european union opposes
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a turkey's moves on syria president of turkey has threatened to scrap the agreement between his country and the european union which is designed to control the flow of migrants who are trying to get to europe how serious is his threat well we have to realize in the last couple of months there has been an upsurge in refugees crossing the gnc to greece from turkey this is already overwhelmed the overstretched facilities of the greeks in these islands and this is seen as a warning by turkey that he can open the gates again if you call in 2015 over nearly a 1000000 people from turkey went to greece and on into europe this is the biggest fear of the european leaders that turkey once again can use this as a way of applying leverage on the rest of europe and that view is the biggest they have and they've made it clear they are ready to use it. right or dorian jones on the story for us tonight in stamboul dorian thank you. well the european union has
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condemned turkey's incursion into syria and e.u. foreign ministers meeting in luxembourg have agreed to restrict the livery of arms to turkey though they did not agree on sanctions against encore. brussels bureau chief max hoffmann he has been covering those talks force in luxembourg you foreign ministers who have started down the path of economic sanctions against turkey they could have also started down the path of when you wide arms embargo against turkey but they didn't they chose weaker measures one of them condemning the military operation by turkey in north korea the other one recalling the national effort the national arms embargo by you member state of unity but at the weak signal that many think it's so weak because some of the e.u. are very worried that turkey could terminate the e.u. turkey migration agreement and that would spell real trouble so
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a signal of unity but it most likely will not make a difference on the ground there was max hoffman reporting from luxembourg 2 years ago the european union pledged to take in tens of thousands of refugees fleeing conflict zones such as syria and also libya and according to the u.n. the humanitarian crisis in libya is in particular is worsening with thousands of refugees held in overcrowded detention centers access to health care is limited and many of them are at risk of abuse at the hands of smugglers and human traffickers and one of the country's leading the resettlement pledge is german. our aim is to prevent illegal migration and replace it with little opportunity. that. germany will accept 10000 refugees selected by the u.n.h.c.r. in the current resettlement program. more than that the world we prefer her korean
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war zone. rather it was the german chancellor angela merkel speaking so have the european union germany have they kept their promise to talk about that i'm joined by tom wills he's from w.'s dated team they've been crunching the numbers forwards and before i start i think it's we have to work point was worth pointing out that we're not talking about the deal between turkey and the e.u. so tom i mean what did you find out did they keep their promise no they didn't and the european union has not been very open about this recent program so they haven't published an update on the numbers since june and with the deadline looming at the end of this month we have to ask them what was going on let's take a look at the figures when the scheme was announced back in 2017 e.u. said it would all for resettlement for 50000 refugees by the end of this month now that he's admitted it's not guns meat from it's according to the latest figures only $37000.00 people have been resettled so far and even the original target was criticised for not being enough to put in context $250000.00 recent places are
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going to be needed in the next 5 years according to the international rescue committee so the european commission is now working towards an extended deadline of the end of this year to try to hit $50000.00 promised but things are really going to have to speed up if that's going to happen immediately or big numbers we know that it's a total of 20 countries pledged to take in refugees did anyone meet the goals you knew would keep their promise some of the countries did those leaves and in britain have taken roughly 8000 people each as they promised germany is way behind as mentioned so the interior ministry has told us that only 4800 refugees arrived on this program so far that's less than half the 10000 that we heard angela merkel promising just a moment ago from pledged to take the same number of people as germany and they've accepted about 90 percent of them so far so there's a lot of difference do we know why the european union has not met its goals well we
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asked all of the countries that. behind on their resettlement promise is for an explanation not everyone gave a concrete reason germany said that the delay in forming a government after the elections in 2017 how to help things that held up the perforations belgium which is set to just over half the numbers it promised said it had responded to recess a month because the number of asylum applications from people already in belgium was higher than they'd expected to are there are consequences to this absolutely i mean some of the people waiting to be resettled are those people in some of the camps in libya people who've been in fact waits in neighboring new. under u.n. program and the u.n. refugee refugee agency is trying to use recess cement to get people out as soon as possible of those terrible conditions in libya but they're saying without the places available to send people to it's not happening fast enough right will is
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crunching the numbers from our view they did see tom thank you very much well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world in britain a 30 year old man has been jailed for a minimum of 15 years for attempted murder in august sally deliberately drove his car into pedestrians cyclists and police officers in central london in an attempt to imitate previous terror attacks 7 people were injured the head of the vatican police force them an eco gianni seen here on the left has resigned earlier this month the name of 5 vatican officials being investigated for financial irregularities were leaked to journalists the vatican says that gianni was not responsible for the leak but has resigned quote out of love for the catholic church . now to spain a judge there has issued a new international warrant for the arrest of former cattle on president carlos
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forged a mob who fled belgium after the failed the 2017 independence bid the warrant comes after the supreme court today convicted 12 other cattle on separatist leaders 9 of whom were given lengthy prison term. fines in barcelona read the political prisoner. the judgment was declared samson's took to the streets that outraged by the longer take handed down to catalonia protests. the 11th incident is horribly unfair and goes against the fundamental right of freedom of demonstration and freedom of expression. punishment is a disgrace it proves our democratic system is incompetent but on the bike a crime this is unbelievable. but for the supreme court in madrid it is clear that the council on leadership is guilty of the gifts and the former
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vice president orioles on camera was sentenced to 13 years in prison and 8 other defendants also received a lengthy prison sentence. according to the judge and those sentenced organize the independence referendum in october 2017 despite a ban when the former president of catalonia college pushed him on declared independence from spain and clashes with the police broke out this resulted in madrid imposing direct rule over catalonia and one of spain's most serious political crises prime minister petra sanchez who said that it will now and the matter once and for all. following the supreme court decision we need to turn the page on open a new cup there based on peace who quit systems think of an owner who dialogue within the boundaries of the don't understand them. but many cattle don't seem ready to give up the fight and the ruling was handed down demonstrators began
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blocking railway tracks and and poor independent of the one they are preparing for what they're calling democratic and. well it is a clear win for populous in poland with all the votes now counted the conservative law and justice party garnered a little over 43 percent of the vote now that's an increase on the last election 4 years ago and it is enough for the party to form a government alone in their last term the party implemented judicial and media reforms that drew criticism from the european union the e.u. accusing the polish government of the roading the rule of law all. 3 of them this is. not the time in power for poland's conservative nationalist nor and justice party we have as. i said not me well that struggle steadily we had 4 years of hard work ahead of us.
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both sides because poland must continue to evolve and improve not upset. with him and say we must maintain our credibility which it may not ensure that no one poland has any doubt that what we're doing is good genuine and responsive. dance social welfare programs and immigrant policy some social conservatism a popular with many polish people but the biggest opposition bloc says that divisive the you think people want cooperation they want us to show that we are able to overcome. the splits that are in our country people don't want poland to be divided into parts people don't want their hearts broken because poles are not able to understand each other we're the ones who are promoting cooperation it's the smaller policy it's also made against it's
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a left wing coalition is back in parliament and the far right exceeded poland's national votes in threshold and will also get seats. but the big winners of the lauren justice party during the campaign they promised to raise the minimum wage and not to grant rights to gay people it's this and judicial reforms that have drawn new criticism it says the party is weakening the rule of law and undermining poland's democracy. british and european leaders have about 2 weeks left or find agreement on breaks it if britain wants to avoid crashing out of the european union our minister boris johnson is under pressure to secure that deal or he will have to ask for a break delay now earlier today his government's planned legislative agenda was presented to parliament by the queen she delivered what's known as the queen's speech her very 1st words were about you guessed it bricks my government priority
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head has always been to secure the united kingdom's departure from the european union. my government in can order a new partnership with the european union. free training and friendly cooperation. there was the queen's but your earlier today i think we're in store for another big week in that never ending saga known as break city to be used for exit analysts she's your busy woman aren't you know it's 4th wife and she's here to talk with this. talk about this queen's speech queen's speech 1st of all you and i were talking earlier it's basically the speech that the prime minister's office gives her to read and it was it all about bricks right well it wasn't all about bricks it so we saw the public we saw the pageantry of the queen arriving in in westminster going to the house of lords to read as you say the words that boris johnson's government wanted her to read so she talked about other issues on the agenda such
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as fighting crime health care except about the pick issue here isn't boris johnson's government doesn't have a majority so therefore none of this is likely to get through and instead it was more like an election manifesto for the conservative cause we know that there is likely to be a general election in the u.k. in the next few months even the next few weeks so really everything is about bret's it in british politics at the moment will the u.k. leave the european union on the 31st of october and the truth is nobody really knows yet you also have the feeling that the queen today was delivering a campaign speech for boris johnson if you listen to it concerning the you know the parameters you're describing what about the u.k. in the european union they're still trying to reach this brics an agreement where they are and still the main issue is what happens with northern ireland not just
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from mines in northern ireland as part of the united kingdom the republic of ireland will remain part of the european union neither side wants to see a return of a hard border between the 2 partly because they want to. ensure that peace remains intact there are 2 years a sectarian violence and also to ensure that goods a committee of between the north and the south freely now at the end of last week there seemed to be some good news in that live arrived coheres the irish prime minister met with boris johnson they seem to have come to some kind of agreement there are proposals in the offing but then only last night we heard from the brics it negotiating michel barnier saying that the bush proposal simply wasn't good enough and that more concessions were needed you know and all the while the cloth is ticking right yeah that clock is really ticking and boris johnson is desperate for the european council of ministers which meets this week to agree on these new british proposal so that he can then put those proposals to british parliament on
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saturday in the hope that he can get to do by the 31st of october and even tonight we heard from the finnish prime minister who said that there simply isn't enough time for this to happen before thursday so. there's nothing guaranteed here it was a let's remember that if we can't get a deal agreed to parliament doesn't approve it to go i mean as to resume a she knows what that's like what's going to happen well it's very difficult for them because binaural on saturday if you cannot get this deal through parliament that he has to do for another delay to bret's it to bret's it extension he doesn't want to do that he said it will happen do or die but it is looking very difficult for him now there's talk already that negotiations could actually go into next week that maybe they could even be and know that the council's summit before the deadline of the 31st of october this is never ending and i think it is going to go
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out right to the wire we do not know whether the u.k. will leave on the 1st of october or not the prime minister he has said he'd rather be dead in a ditch for a break that extension but by a wall that's what he has to do right what he has to do right alex for why he is always thinking of the story never ends you're right. doing away with global poverty well it sounds as easy as saying save the climate but 3 economists they have taken on the problem in a new way breaking it down into smaller pieces the result a new array of practical solutions that ignored traditional theory their work has now been rewarded with the nobel prize in economics this year's nobel prize for economics goes to 3 economists specialized in poverty and how best to combat it. french born s. to do follow her indian born husband ben a g and american michael kramer has helped millions of children by savoring
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practical steps to tackle the problems of a theory all 3 elected let us universities. take a broad question. of learning in school and when they break that down into many more difficult questions and then they combine do. you know something about on the like or some forward policy come back for. their oil swedish academy of sciences lord of the trio for what it called groundbreaking research into what works and what doesn't in the fight to reduce global poverty their work showed how poverty can be addressed by breaking it down into smaller and more precise its use in areas such as education and health care the new solutions with untested on location. etc do flow is only the 2nd woman to be awarded the nobel prize for economics and also the youngest at $46.00. it was
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incredibly humbling to tell you the truth i thought i didn't think it was possible to win the nobel prize in economics. and you have to take your 1st. to khloe and her husband our b.g. manager you have been studying the problem surrounding poverty for a decade. they're also the 1st married couple to be given the accolade. india's prime minister narendra modi congratulated the trio on twitter and a stream of well wishers and journalists were also quick to visit bandages mother in the indian city of kolkata 3 economists did most of their research and field testing in poor regions around the world. maybe you've seen them they strut they wildly crawl out of an bolted barn door i'm talking about the farm animals that start in rush hour videos that chris franklin of southwestern england has been
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posting online with tens of thousands of followers the videos of king hill farms morning ritual they have become an internet sensation take a look greeting them good morning sometimes good night he's fresh air time is a good morning to you everywhere you. rush hour this is what farmer chris franklin calls the moment when he opens the barn door in the morning and everyone pours into the farmyard. oh give me. 4 celery screeched owned by name and with some friendly words oh my goodness clearly you can come through here he always has a smartphone at his sign chris record it is exchanges with the animals and post the video some mind. you there now miss social media sensation kane hill farm has fans around the world every day chris receives comments from people saying how happy they feel when they watch the animals going about their daily business. i don't really believe it now with some of the said
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i've gone viral afford to go and see the doctor. came hill farm it's not a traditional farm instead the focus is on education chris and his team want to bring countryside learning to children young people and communities the animals are often mean by the young visitors here among them are cuthbert the goose. don't. trigger the pot bellied pig is very popular. go down the middle of the donkey they go to weather expert chris asks him what the outlook is. going to be from me right ok. chris needs to take a look at this time coco is a big carrot fan and that microphone looks mighty tasty and i've always talked to the animals and they've always talked back and it's called the imagination of people busy bees this morning and by the way we're looking face also likes talking
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to flowers through the good morning some flowers her way. through enjoying the early morning sunshine are you sure having it is wonderful oh you do well. so how's things going. this is. these are our top stories syrian government troops have arrived in the north of the country setting up a potential showdown with turkish forces who are in the same area the syrian army has teamed up with the kurds you have until now controlled the border region the kurds reached out to the regime of president bashar al assad to fend off a turkish invasion. police and protesters have clashed at barcelona's airport after 12 cattle on separatist leaders were sentenced to prison for their roles in catalonia failed secession bid back in 20179 leaders received jail sentences of up to 13 years. poland's ruling conservatives have won the country's
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parliamentary elections but they have lost control of the senate the law and justice party has clashed with the european union over judicial reforms the european union says those reforms undermine the rule of law. this is d.w. news from berlin and you can head to d.w. dot com for more news. you're watching the w. news live from berlin i'll be back at the top of the hour with more news followed by the day i hope to see this.
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picture ask for our beautiful beaches the magic castle and nuclear power plant. but it would make most people in france approve the use of nuclear power that's part of the country's national identity. why is does. not show more no
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and you know what time it all voices. the 77 percent talk about the issues. from politics to flash from housing boom boom boom town this is where. welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend g.w. . the for the beaches of normandy are famously beautiful except for one block on the landscape. the film on the nuclear power plant partly obscured by the haze on the horizon. the power plant is one of the largest in france. let's
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