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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 14, 2019 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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this is g w news live from berlin tonight u.s. president donald trump reversing course the u.s. president says american forces will not be leaving northern syria and he is promising sanctions against turkey for the assault on the kurds it is a dramatic u. turn as turkish forces advance deeper into syria the kurds have turned to president assad and russia for help meaning that a face to face between the turks and the syrian army is possible also coming up
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a greek catalans protesting after spain supreme court finds the politicians who pushed for independence are guilty of sedition and disobedience. it's good to have you with us tonight longstanding alliances in the middle east are crumbling and it comes only a week after that announced pullback of u.s. forces in syria today syrian government troops moved into towns in the north east of the country at the invitation of the kurds is setting up a potential showdown with invading turkish forces it's all happening in areas controlled by the syrian kurds and the focus now is the strategic town of the turks have long threatened the town and now syrian troops have been the wild in to defend it. a local official in the town confirms that syrian troops have
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entered that there they are and like. syrian troops heading towards the takesh border 8 years after assad lost control over northern syria his army is moving back and the kurds who control the region saw no alternative but to relinquish their hard won autonomy and unless the syrian government help. turkish air strikes and artillery continue to rain down on the border town of ras ein the 1st 6th straight day. turkish that rebel groups have already expelled the kurds from tile at b.r. another town on the border. right in nearby tell tom our troops are right to hope the turkish advance. that we came here to tell time are to face the turks attack against syria and to ensure the safe your family from the random turkish shelling by the knowledge of. the development risks
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a direct confrontation between the syrian and the turkish military. syrian government media claims the troops had entered the town of mandate even as turkish backed rebels say they are advancing on the city alongside turkish units. meanwhile u.s. troops are continuing their withdrawal from northern syria. president trump said on monday that turkey will face sanctions print the country for against the kurds. the european union has also condemned the operation to block agree to limit sales of weapons to turkey but short of announcing sanctions. former morsy the puppet formally it was not possible to have an embargo at all countries are committed to no longer remembering turkey. and really they. don't. make no now don't ask me right now what is happening with the ongoing contract. to
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the country to see what they do. is nevertheless a very strong decision. but turkish president wretched tired after one found it to press on it over but regardless of the threat from pressures determined to continue the operation until the end. i think clearly we were absolutely finished the job we started as turkey continue to grant it to civilians who will act to pay the price let's get the latest now from our correspondent or you jonesy standing by for us in istanbul good evening to you dorian so what are you hearing from one beach. well like you said the syrian state media have confirmed that syrian forces have entered this is part of the deal with the syrian kurds whereby towns and cities under their control would be opened up to the syrian regime forces the same time we're getting unconfirmed
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reports that there have been some clashes on the outskirts of the city with syrian rebels that are backed by the turkish turkish forces earlier today president. said beach will be the next target of the turkish forces in this ongoing operation . because mum but she says he has won the most important cities in this area it's located on a key highway that connects syria to iraq and to iran a very important supply route and beyond that it is the gateway to aleppo syria 2nd city so all forces and people parties involved in the syrian civil war have been battling for control of this and that's why it makes it the most likely flashpoint between turkish backed forces and syrian regime forces and dorian how likely is it that we're going to see some type of collision here of face to face between syrian and turkish troops. well ever since the syrian civil war started
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he became one of the strongest backers of the syrian rebels and president committed himself to bringing down syrian president bashar assad has been the fear that some point down the road syrian regime forces and turkish forces would eventually face off with one another now we have turkish forces on the ground engaging in play in the cities and towns that are also being contested by the syrian regime and as we speak there is a race across this area the syrian regime forces to go to the control of syrian kurdish forces and these are also stated targets of president and the man at the center of this is the russian president vladimir putin he is the strongest backer of the syrian regime at the same time has developed a close relationship with what he will now be working out a way to avoid these 2. getting involved in a full scale conflict and there is a european component in all of this is as well if the european union opposes a turkey's moves on syria president of turkey has threatened to scrap the agreement
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between his country and the european union which is designed to control the flow of migrants who are trying to get to europe how serious is his threat well we have to realize in the last couple of months there has been an upsurge in refugees crossing the gnc to greece from turkey this is already overwhelmed the overstretched facilities of the greeks in these islands and this is seen as a warning by turkey that he can open the gates again through cold in 2015 over nearly a 1000000 people from turkey went to greece and on into europe this is the biggest fear of the european leaders to turkey once again can use this as a way of applying leverage on the rest of europe and that view is the biggest they have and they've made it clear they are ready to use it. on the story for us tonight in stamboul dorian thank you. dramatic developments from the united states to from the president let's go to washington our correspondent on the story good
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evening to you all over this is a dramatic reversal in the u.s. president's plans for withdrawing forces from northern syria so the president now ordering those forces not to leave what are you hearing from the white house. while president made an announcement where he is. such jesting that he will soon sign a sign a. an order an executive order imposing tariffs on turkey and in particular we are expecting 50 percent on steel tariffs those tariffs were just reduced a little while ago in may in addition to that some turkish officials are supposed to be targeted here and also a stop to an ongoing trade deal between the united states and turkey is expected that is not being taken place so far it was an announcement made by the president
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by the white house just a little while ago but it shows very much under how much pressure he is he is desperately trying to make up for that withdrawal as he's losing support also from within his own party ranks he insists fiercely criticized by some of his most avid supporters within the republican party among them is senator lindsey graham and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and president trump you're trying to make out for that decision to withdraw the american troops from syria and there have been there's been this new realignment going on ever since the decision was made a week ago that forces were going to leave the area right. that's right and the president now says that 1000 troops that were supposed to leave syria will now remain in the region the region of the middle east of course in order to be able to combat isis should it come back that also shows that there
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is really a lack of a strategy here by the u.s. president and the latest news we're getting from syria are also not great for him. and reiterate the criticism that he is receiving that is that now a russian backed dictator bashar al assad is sending his troops out to the north some parts of the kurdish part of syria and that is certainly not in the interest of the president so he's getting more criticism on that and certainly you can also see that if you follow his twitter account the way he lashes out there even more than he usually does and all of these moves that we're following here today are certainly a response of that certainly seems very chaotic that is for sure oversold in washington all over thank you. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world one person has died 4 people have been injured during protests in guinea's capital opposition parties and activists want to block
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potential changes to the country's constitution which could allow for the president's alpha kong day to run for a 3rd term in office in india local media are reporting that at least 12 people have been killed in a gas explosion officials believe a cylinder of cooking gas blew up causing a building to collapse it happened in the northern state and talk pradesh in britain a 30 year old man has been jailed for a minimum of 15 years for attempted murder in august so licata deliberately drove his car into pest pedestrians and cyclists and police officers in central london in an attempt to imitate previous terror attacks several people were injured in that attack. a judge in spain has issued a new international warrant for the arrest of former kettle on president. he fled to belgium after that failed independent spirit back in 2017 the warrant comes
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after the supreme court convicted 12 other cattle on separatist leaders 9 of whom were given lengthy prison sentences. the signs in boston learn to read free the politico prison as. after the judgment was declared that thousands took to the streets that outraged by the long sentences handed down to catch a name in a separatist leader is. that 11th english sentence is horribly unfair it goes against all fundamental rights freedom of demonstration and freedom of expression. this punishment is a disgrace a truth our democratic system is incompetent this is the time that i could cry this is unbelievable. but for the supreme court in madrid it is clear that the cuts and the need to ship is guilty of sedition. the former vice president orioles youngcare us the sentenced to 13 years in prison and 8 other defendants owns the received lengthy prison sentences. according to the judges those sentenced
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organize the independence referendum in october 2017 despite a ban when the former president of catalonia college puts demands declared independence from spain violent clashes with the police broke out this resulted in madrid imposing direct rule over catalonia and one of spain's most serious political crises prime minister petra some says he hopes that this verdict will now and the matter once and for all following the supreme court decision we need to turn the page and open a new chapter based on peaceful coexistence in catalonia through dialogue within the boundaries of the know and the sponsor solution. but many catalans don't seem ready to give up the fight since the ruling was handed down demonstrators that began blocking railway tracks and airports in the independence activists warn they are preparing for what they're calling it democratic tsunami. and soccer news no
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and as feared england's euro 2020 qualifying match against gary and sophia was overshadowed by racist behavior from the home fans or garry and fans were caught on camera making nazi salutes and directing monkey chants at england players as a result the referee stopped play twice in the 1st half with warnings made over the stadiums speaker system in accordance with your wafer protocol a 3rd stoppage would have led to the match being abandoned that didn't happen england won the match 6 neal. here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you syrian government troops have arrived in the north of the country setting up a potential showdown with turkish forces who are in the same area the syrian army has teamed up with the kurds in the region to fend off the turkish invasion. protests have erupted in the kettle one region spain after the country's supreme
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court convicted 12 separatist leaders for sedition nothing to them every seed lengthy prison sentences. you're watching to be induced kristoff is up next with business stick around for that. says he joins. a long conflict in the philippines between the muslim and the christian population. as fighters occupied the city center in 2017 president church's response was.


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