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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 15, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm CEST

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this is the. turkey ignores u.s. sanctions and with day 7 of its offensive in northern syria but russia says syrian government forces now control the key town of beaches they seek to contain the turkish assault on the program the president of both carriers football federation resigned after racist abuse of england's players of the shadows a euro 2020 qualifier players were subjected to monkey chants and nazi salutes the incident raises more questions about how to tackle racism in football. violence
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breaks out in barcelona as police fired rubber bullets of pro independence demonstrators the clashes come after spain supremum court delivers long prison sentences to catalonia separatist leaders. welcome to the program. international pressure is growing on turkey to halt its military action against kurdish militias militias in northeast and syria diplomatic sources said the un security council will meet wednesday to discuss the assault is after moscow announced that syrian government forces allied with russia now control the town of man beach in northern syria these are some of the latest pictures taken from the turkish side of the border looking across to syria where exchanges of fire continue today at least 160000 civilians are believed to have fled the fighting the
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united states has announced economic sanctions aimed at pressuring me to halt the offensive president trump is sending vice president mike pence to ankara to try to broker a cease fire the president's objective here is very clear that the sanctions that were announced today will continue. and will worsen unless and until turkey. embraces an immediate cease fire stops the violence and agrees to negotiate a long term settlement of the issues along the border between turkey and syria on. let's go to dorian jones that stumble welcome dorian what sort of effect are u.s. sanctions likely to have. well initially they've had absolutely none in fact the turkish financial markets surged on the news of the sanctions or the turkish lira recording a high increase and of similar other markets as well and that's because the
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expectation was that these sanctions were going to be far more draconian in fact these measures are seen as largely symbolic and more than that it is seen that they are preventing or at least postponing the possibility of far more to conan sanctions coming from congress where there was a lot more concern so at least for now it seems that turkey believes it's dodged a bullet and you've heard a very tough statement from the turkish president richard type the one insisting this will have no effect and go on reaffirm his commitment to pursue the object of this operation to the very end and the turkish foreign minister. also china saying sanctions don't work let's talk about this this operation then if the syrian government is now in control of man big plane to us why that is so significant among beaches and extremely important strategic town is located on the key highway linking syria we have iraq and on to iran a very important supply route and also it's a gateway to a serious 2nd city aleppo so for the civil war it's always been
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a town of of major contention everyone has been trying to control it and that's why these protections president earth one has made it a priority of his operation even firm that commitment again today he said he wants to return it back to its rightful owners and they are syrian militias that are fighting with the turkish forces and these are very closely linked to fighting against the massacres regime of damascus is equally determined of baccy town will not fall into the hands of these people and the fact that they were moving so quickly to take control of it underlines a commitment a potential flashpoint is looming so let's talk about that flash point there because we're talking about a potential clash between russia backed syrian government forces and turkey which is a nato member. well absolutely this is why the whole international community is very concerned you have turkish forces in camp just around there's been reports of clashes in nearby villages in sight you have the syrian regime forces with the syrian kurdish forces and this is why the russian president vladimir putin is now
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working overtime to avoid a confrontation because he strongly backs of damascus regime but the same time it developed very close relationship with the turkish president of egypt type one who he sees as key to bringing an end to the syrian conflict given the support of rebel groups so putin is now trying to avoid the night mess. of a clash between these 2 crucial allies and we understand at the moment is that there are russian military police in between the regime syrian regime forces and turkish forces. doron jared's in istanbul thank you. malnutrition remain serious issues in more than 50 countries the new global hunger index are published today tells us that the number of malnourished people in the world increased from 785000004 years ago to 822000000 last year the situation in the central african republic is among the most alarming lack of
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food is also critical in yemen chad and madagascar as well as zambia. climate change is a significant factor in food shortages a yields of the most important crops like coal and wheat have been falling because of extreme weather conditions and dwindling water supplies this is driving up food prices making it off an unaffordable for some the somali region in the west of ethiopia has been suffering the effects of climate extra extremes with years of ongoing drought. it's been almost 6 months since that last train in this village and utopian somali region with almost no vegetation to feed on the livestock is dying. cometh and her relatives have already lost 8 out of 10 cows i mean some magician but our lives are very difficult now because we pastoralist dependent on our livestock 1st our goats and sheep started to die and the cattle. this feed came from the un's food and agriculture organization animal specialists are also
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carrying out emergency treatments and vaccinations to try and save at least some animals. during the drought animals and services that support some diseases that's why we have to treat them somehow we can't do anything for those animals that died but we hope the others will benefit from the feed and the medicine and will survive and also produce more milk. from. the pastoralist communities in ethiopia somali region are dependent on their livestock for their food and income with few alternatives it's vital to save their animals says. rebuilding is mostly little only to be very enormous and have passed. their economy kind of you know less expensive and more efficient to to there in the protect and serve neighborhoods and before you know
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last week talking with us $190000.00 animals will be treated during the supervision . thanks to the newly distributed feed families say their animals are looking stronger. i was one of the lucky ones to benefit from the program her cows are even producing milk again. given you know our cows milk had dried up but now we're able to get milk solids children and the cattle are much healthier. than the management . but drinking water is a people in the village is still stares and most health quality river beds are almost entirely dry here in the somali region where pastoralist communities have been suffering a lot for the past 5 years this year the main winning season for march 2 men has failed to bring the expected to grow but little that is left to be shared between the households. sarra such as water for her 10 children 3 times a day she would normally need 20 jerrycans a. just. this year
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we had less than 5 days of rain and there were only small showers so the grass didn't grow properly there is also a little ground water people in the community have spoken agreement to manage the water that we have so that everybody gets from. hopes are high for the small rainy season that usually comes. but as the somali region of continues to be affected by weather experts expect. in the long. haul take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world police in russia have conducted nationwide raids on offices linked to opposition leader and the valleys anticorruption foundation in september mr never helped organize mass protests in moscow ahead of local elections his foundation has since been declared a foreign agent making it subject to spot checks and increased bureaucratic scrutiny. official preliminary results from tunis his presidential election on
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sunday confirm a victory for case saeed the former law professor ran as an independent and gained more than 72 percent of the vote he's the country's 2nd democratically elected president a crowd celebrated in the streets on sunday night at the exit polls suggested that it was. a large fire has forced an overcrowded camp for asylum seekers to be evacuated on the island of samples in greece it's not you have to say what started the place although it followed earlier clashes in the camp the site reportedly houses thousands of people despite having the capacity of just a few 100. now the head of bulgaria's football federation has announced that he will step down on friday may hey loves departure comes after both gary and fans target in england players with racist abuse during monday night's euro 2020 qualifying matches and fear fans were caught on camera making nazi salutes and
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directing monkey chants at england plays a leading both garish prime minister to demand a hail of resignation despite the abuse on the 2 stoppages cost england 16 no. maryl from back to excuse me max merrill from d w sport can tell us will welcome max so garia has got rid of. the head of its football association what is your ups european football's governing body u.a.e. for doing well nothing as of yet they are still evaluating the referee's match report that's being done by the disciplinary committee and you a few in the past have issued fairly weak punishments in incidents like these in fact going into this match bulgaria already had received a punishment for previous racist behavior from fans in games against kosovo and the czech republic 5000 seats were basically not be able to be. sold by vogue area
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didn't really impact them at all because the stadium was half empty and this is quite systematic with this is quite common for us as punishment to be in my opinion very very weak and not strong enough and as you said the prime minister boyko boras of aust the foot will association president bill gary had to resign he initially declined and now says he will resign on friday when the f.a.'s executive committee meets in bulgaria and antidiscrimination organizations across the board asking for tougher punishments for instance like these and we can hear from the english phase chairman greg clarke. what a disappointing night i mean it's probably one of the most appalling notes i've seen in football game is fairly decent people and decent football fans and a few people have embarrassed the country and i would not try to take the moral high ground because we're still fighting racism in our country but i do think you a for have to take time to collect all the facts and then decide how to act
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appropriately. so that's why i was in the match called off well it could have been very nearly was all gary obviously have previous when it comes to this sort of thing and if the head of the match england had said they would walk off in the case of rice's behavior so you wait for introduce the 3 point protocol saying after 3 stoppages the match is cancelled and there was a 1st stoppage early in the 1st half a number of england players approached the referee after they heard chance and then the 2nd stoppage shortly before half time occurred and players were asked if they would like to temporarily go off the pitch they said no they wanted to finish the half at half time quite a few bulgarian fans were seen leaving the stadium and had england all the referee stopped the match a 3rd time it would have been an automatic 3 nil result now as it was a wind won by a higher margin and the england coach was full of praise for the defiance showed by his play as the bulgaria coach on the other hand we can hear from he sort of
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refused to concede that racism had taken place that image when he speaks of course this is an extremely important topic not only for poker area but for england and for all nations. like i am for strong punishments if such a thing exists but it also has to be proved if it is not proved then it is just speculation. so max merrill and given that the coach is reluctance to see what was under his nose one has to ask how much of a problem racism in bulgaria and football that is and indeed in the sports the whole yeah i spoke to journalists who were at the game they very clearly heard the chants and saw the salutes as swastikas and nazi paraphernalia are quite common in bulgarian football and eastern european football as a whole but it isn't just a regional issue this is a worldwide issue in fact in england itself english players have been abused in their own country on social media for instance very recently the bottom line is the
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have to be harsher punishments you wife it isn't doing enough it clearly isn't working and people are going to be eagerly awaiting what you waited does hear people calling for bulgaria's be kicked out of the qualification smell from t w sport. voting is underway and actions are being held for a new president in parliament is being seen as important test of a cease fire signed in august between the government and opposition rebels they don't use other increased reports from the capital. the queues have been long since morning. where 13000000 registered voters are expected to cast their vote today in a very tight election because mozambique is still one of the poorest countries in the region almost every 2nd person here lives in poverty and therefore there are high expectations for the next government spending and of course. i hope everything will get better. we need more schools they should invest more in
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education to reduce poverty. there is a lot of corruption and. i wish our country could be more developed. this in mind was a because still recovering from 16 years of civil war a fight between the socialist truly more and the anti communist. since 1902 but it's a very fragile one just in august peace agreement was high and between both sides but this was already the 3rd peace agreement at once again it's a very fragile one because some of the rain still refusing to give away their weapons yet to the former rebel group is now the biggest opposition party and the biggest threats to president felipe when you see his party the free leader who has been running the country since independence and during the current term was plagued by several corruption scandals this is why many people expect
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a tight race and election observers have already expressed concerns whether this elections will really be free fair and peaceful because the tensions are already high especially in the north and in the center of the country there are now more has asked their support. together at polling units to make sure there's no vote rigging but this was strongly opposed by the election commission because this is what led to violence during the last elections. i drink reporting from pewter now e.u. ministers have gathered in luxembourg for the last preparatory meeting ahead of a crucial of brics at summits and brussels on thursday today the block's chief negotiator michel barnier updated ministers on the state of negotiations so says at the meeting say he's asking for a written legal agreement with the u.k. by the end of today in order to recommend that any deal be approved to the e.u. summit begins on thursday. because for them to band rigorous following those discussions where i asked him what still needs to happen in order
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for a deal to come about. the breck said roadshow made a stop today in luxembourg 250 kilometers away from brussels the e.u. 27 minutes has a meeting always in october in luxembourg so michele dunne the the chief newgate there came over here to brief the ministers and he said it's difficult but it's still possible and also the chief negotiator of the united kingdom stephen buckley came here to say it's possible but difficult though there's no breakthrough both sides for the negotiate further the brits table the new proposal how to avoid a hot border between northern ireland and ireland but it's still not clear which details in this proposal so the show over the move back to brussels and then on thursday and friday a summit of the heads of states and government will deliberate about rex it and then it's still not clear if britain will be able to leave the you're opinion on
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october the 31st as planned with the with no deal or maybe the british government has to apply for an extension of the brakes at negotiations. that mean it now despite where they rachel president of catalonia says he will continue to defend his region's right to self-determination came out went on to denounce what he described as efforts to criminalize the independence movement after spain supreme court convicted 12 cuts on saturdays made his supporters of independence a battle continue their protests in the coming days the supreme court ruling sparked clashes between riot police and probably independence demonstrators in the village no capital boss allowed. protests is shouting freedom blocked barcelona appel outraged at the lone handed down to catalonia separatist leader as the $100.00 were injured in clashes.
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as thousands took to the streets. i'm going then they were sentenced to many years for a nonviolent act politically approved by the people and it was the people who went to vote while we're looking so you know about that single example they've already spent 2 years in prison for expressing their ideas and we know that the only way is dialogue not violence 2 to express ideas freely nothing more formally known as that but for the supreme court in madrid it's clear that the catalan leadership is guilty of sedition the former vice president oriole junk heiress was sentenced to 13 years in prison and 8 other defendants all serious sieved long jail terms according to the judges those centers defied a ban and organized the independence referendum in october 2017.
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when the former president of catalonia karla's pushed him on declared independence from spain violent clashes with the police broke out then madrid imposed direct rule over catalonian one of spain's most serious political crises now prime minister petro sanchez hopes this verdict will end the matter once and for all following the supreme court decision we need to turn the page and open a new chapter based on peaceful coexistence into the new through dialogue within the boundaries of the law under sponsor institution. but many cattle don't seem ready to give up the fight yet independence activists are urging supporters to keep up the pressure. a new study of political attitudes amongst germans use has found that the environment tops the list of back and signs of what also found that experts and scientists welcomed the growing number of people taking to the streets of the se. the new shell youth report was presented today in berlin
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scientists took an intensive look at the worries and needs of today's youth at the end of the day the messages that today's youth wants to take action. and you know a whole generation is speaking out and on the surface this is something very positive young people today are actively interested in politics for environmental protection and climate change are on the top of their list playing an increasingly important role for the fridays for future generation. 4 years ago when the last report was compiled 56 percent of young people were worried about global warming but today that number has risen to 65 percent. when i think about the environment i am or about every 60 minutes or so a rainforest the size of a soccer field is cut down and the oceans are filling with plastics. we have the most popular taking part in the protests each of us can do something but that isn't
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enough that's why everyone has to take action and. a government isn't doing anything we go to fridays for a future but nothing is happening no new laws are being implemented that will improve things. another unifying topic of interest for today's youth is family in times of trouble parents and siblings are a safe harbor. at the time of the last survey 89 percent believed that strong family relations were important now in 201990 percent of the young people questioned believed that a stable family is crucial. i have friends come and go but your family is always there for you no matter what happens family is very very important. as is i actually it's the most important thing because your family is a part of who you are. that are friends.
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of my family watches out for me they educate me tell me how to act their very important. consistent give feed germany's minister for family affairs plans to integrate the results of the study into her policies and keep the ball rolling by supporting political activism amongst today's younger generation. to some striking images of humpback whales off the alaskan coast marine scientists have used a drone and an underwater camera to capture unique footage that delivers new insights into the life of whales. when humpback whales feed they use a sophisticated hunting method. the whale surround a swarm of plankton squiggle fish trapping it with a net. then they dive through the bubble necked tunnel and swallow their prey.
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humpback whales are believe in whales they use a calm like structure in the opera jaw to filter out the plankton. the footage is is rather groundbreaking serving how these animals are manipulating their prey. preparing to pray for their capture so it is allowing us to gain new insights that we haven't really been able to do before. the research help scientists to understand how humpback whales feed what they feed on and how their bodies change will grow. the whales way up to 40 tons during the summer feeding period thousands of humpback whales migrate to alaska here that you'd up to $1.00 tons of plankton at a. then they had to hawaii for the winter breeding period when the whales leave their foraging grounds they don't eat again until they return several months later
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. this is g.w. news these are our top stories international pressure is growing on turkey to halt its military action against kurdish militias in northeastern syria the u.s. sanctions against turkey made while moscow has announced that syrian government forces allied with russia now control a wide area in and around the key town of mount beach in northern syria. the racist abuse of england players or euro 2020 qualifier it's a fear has prompted the resignation of the head of vogue areas football federation players were subjected to monkey chants and nazi salutes from list. to a use that she's presently goes a to michel barnier says a deal with the u.k. is still possible but london will have to move quickly as the body has given britain until midnight to come up with a written legal agreement ahead of thursday's summit of european leaders. and in
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spain the regional president of catalonia says he'll defend his region's a right to self-determination you know as winter came a day after the country's supremum court convicted 12 cartoons just leaders rules clashes between by police and crime independence demonstrations over the regional capital bosler. this is d.w. news from berlin go to d.w. dot com for more. have a good. kick
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off. i'm going getter for byron high flyer for germany's national team. the dominant 20 minutes which he previously played that's right i am but i am where josh sargent is in the starting blocks i'm ready to go.
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to a. couple. 30 years after the fall of the berlin wall november night w. . unity and justice and freedom the 1st words of the german national anthem and the 3 central valley was that formed the foundation
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of this country how have these values developed to restore germany come hard is it to live by and defend the principles of unity justice and freedom in our every day my. our german history our series starts october 21st on d w. one . of the book. we took a dip under the options and louis missouri to hear things like this. is a very driven move the guy that loves what he does and i think you see that it has been very subtle thing about the brain.


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