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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 15, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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biala guest. managed by for. this is the news live from burlington turkey ignores u.s. sanctions and press the head with day 7 of its offensive in northern syria and russia says syrian government troops not control the key town of mansbridge as they seek to contain the turkish assault also on the program the president of both areas football federation says he'll step down on friday after racist abuse of england's
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players overshadows the euro 2020 qualifier was subjected to monkey chants of nazi salutes from the stands the incident raises questions about how to talk on racism in full. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program. international pressure is growing on turkey to halt its military action against kurdish militias in northeastern syria the united states is not economic sanctions and neither diplomatic sources say the u.n. security council will meet to discuss the issue for a 2nd time since incursion began almost a week ago meanwhile syrian government forces allied with russia have also moved into the border area and they're now said to be in control of a wide area around the key town of man beach these are some of the latest pictures taken from the turkish side of the border and looking across to syria now exchanges
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of fire continue today at least 160000 civilians are believed to have fled the fighting. d.w. correspondent delia han is in sochi on the turkish side of the border while you're so what's happening behind you there on the syrian side. well i'm actually very close to the syrian border the light said behind me and i'm not sure if you can see them this is north and syria and i'm about 5055 kilometers away from monday the area the north in syria which is one of the most hotly contested areas now after. forces have officially turns to the syrian regime and as russian ally for help there to fend off this turkish military assault now we hear that syrian government forces have taken control all of about 1000 square kilometers of area surrounding the town of monday which itself is controlled by the
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kurdish forces the turkish your army has also send reinforcements there and russia as well has sent military units military police to print patrol the front line between the syrian army and the turkish army so very tense situation there a possible escalation and it seems as we speak the map of northern syria is being redrawn. the u.s. has announced sanctions against turkey try to get it to stop this is this likely to have an effect well so far prison at one seems to be undeterred by these u.s. sanctions although sanctions are never good news for an already weak turkish economy an economy that has not fully recovered yet from last year's currency crisis but the turkish lira has not reacted never negatively today is actually gone slightly up but there might be long term consequences of course. how do people.
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at the border how do they view turkey's actions. well it depends of course where you go but this soap aeration has broad public support across turkish society it's supported by most of the political parties so not just president ad ones ruling a.k.p. and the media reporting here has been very supportive very nationalist but that's also due to the fact that most of the media here are overwhelmingly pro government and they're patrolling this operation as a security over ration trying to eliminate a terrorism threat to turkey's border and this is being akko di many people we've spoken to we talked to people in the city of or 5 very close to where i am let's listen to what they have to say. we support this operation we stand with our soldiers i hope turkey will be as successful as it was in the previous operation it
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will liberate these places and enable people to breathe freely. lives will be easier god willing the border area has always been dangerous because our country was invaded by the p.k. k. . this operation is a great thing it's wonderful. terrorists will threaten us and drag our country and . us get him we stand behind our president and i hope god will never take them from us. you know many people who feel differently don't dad to criticism the turkish government has clamped down on critical voices dozens of people have been detained in the past days over critical social media for example and this is the atmosphere here right now you won't hear many critical voices because many people don't dare to speak out voice even the slightest concerns about this military operation and what we know about civilians
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on the syrian side. well according to the united nations more than 160000 people have fled the areas then north and syria they are moving deeper into kurdish controlled areas to what cities are like iraq about of course now with the troops advancing this is actually a nightmarish situation for many syrians that there are many syrians here on the turkish side of the border as well that we've talked to in the past days they're saying that this is an absolutely horrifying idea for them that i said and his troops might be returning to these areas there in north in syria we also hear that aid organizations n.g.o.s all withdrawing all pulling out not because of the turkish military operation but because of the i said to governments our army advancing that. on the turkish side of the border with syria thank you.
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all take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world police in russia have conducted nationwide raids on offices linked to opposition leader alexei the vollies i'm to corruption foundation in september mist in the valley helped organize mass protests in moscow and of local elections its foundation has since been declared a foreign agent but it's subject to spot checks ongoing creased bureaucratic scrutiny. official preliminary results from geniuses presidential election sunday confirm a victory for casey saeed the former law professor ran as an independent candidate and gained more than 72 percent of the vote with the country's 2nd democratically elected president crowds celebrated in the streets on sunday night after exit polls suggested. police in germany now believe that a syrian man who drowned or stolen truck into several vehicles a week ago did not have
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a terrorist motive 8 people were injured in the incident in the western german town of nimbin an investigation has now been transferred to local police. the head of bulgaria football federation has announced that he will resign on friday body slovenly hey loves departure comes after both gary and fans targeted england players with racist abuse during monday night's euro 2020 qualifying match in severe caught on camera making nazi salutes and direct monkey chants at a place laden bulgaria's prime minister to demand mr new head of resignation despite the abuse on the 2 stoppages it caused england 16 know. not to medal from v.w. sport can that tell us will welcome a max so bold garia has got rid of its head of its football association what is your ups european football's governing body your wife are doing well nothing as of yet they are still evaluating the referees match reports that's been done by the
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disciplinary committee and your wife in the past have issued fairly weak punishments in incidents like these in fact going into this match gary already had received a punishment for previous racist behavior from fans and games against kosovo and the czech republic 5000 seats were basically not be able to be sold by vogue area didn't really impact them at all because the stadium was half empty and this is quite systematic with this. quite common for us as punishment to be in my opinion very very weak and not strong enough and as you said the prime minister boyko boras of aust the foot will association president bill gary had to resign he initially declined and now says he will resign on friday when the. executive committee meets and bulgaria and anti discrimination organizations across the board asking for tougher punishments for instance like these and we can hear from the english a phase chairman greg clarke. what
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a disappointing no i mean it's probably one of the most appalling notes of saving football game is full of decent people and decent football fans and a few people have embarrassed the country and i would not try to take the moral high ground because we're still fighting racism in our country but i do think you a for have to take time to collect all the facts and then decide how to act appropriately. so that's why i was in the match called off well it could have been very nearly was gary obviously have previous when it comes to this sort of thing and the head of the match england had said they would walk off in the case of rice's behavior so you wait for introduce a 3 point protocol saying after 3 stoppages the match is cancelled and there was a 1st stoppage early in the 1st half a number of england players approached the referee after they heard chance and then the 2nd stoppage shortly before half time occurred in players were asked if they would like to temporarily go off the pitch they said no they want to finish the
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half at half time quite a few bulgarian fans were seen leaving the stadium and had england all the referee stopped the match a 3rd time it would have been an automatic 3 nil result now as it was england won by a higher margin and the england coach was full of praise for the defiance showed by his players the bulgarian coach on the other hand we can hear from he sort of refused to concede that racism had taken place that image when he speaks of course this is an extremely important topic not only for a bloke area but for england and for all nations. like i am for strong punishment if such a thing exists but it also has to be truth if it is not proved then it is just speculation. so max merrill and given that the coach is reluctance to see what was under his nose one has to ask how much of a problem racism in both gary and football is and indeed in the sports the whole yeah i spoke to journalists who were at the game they very clearly heard the chants
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and saw the salutes swastikas and nazi paraphernalia are quite common in bulgarian football and eastern european football as a whole but it isn't just a regional issues of worldwide issue in fact in england itself english players have been abused in their own country on social media for instance very recently the bottom line is the have to be harsher punishments you wave it isn't doing enough it clearly isn't working and people are going to be eagerly awaiting what you wasted does hear people calling for bulgaria's be kicked out of the qualification max medal from t w sport like you. know they use cheap bret's it goes as a deal with the u.k. may still be possible but will be difficult shelled body updated e.u. ministers on the state of negotiations today ahead of an e.u. summit begins on thursday to tell the meeting in love that he has asked for a written legal agreement from the u.k. by the end of today at the latest if that's not possible a summit might be held next week allowing more time for negotiations the u.k.
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shadow to leave the block by the 31st of october. a deal because we're not baba fazel joins us from brussels barbara in a weird way this sounds like positive news you bring us up to date. it sounds though and seems like somebody has lit a mining limb at the end of this tunnel that negotiators have been sitting in for days now over the weekend trying to sort of hammer out a solution and it also seems that the solution is something that means that boris johnson is going to give way even further true european demands on social media they're already joking saying boris johnson wins a big victory by giving the european union everything at once we know that this is all about the vexed question of the europe off the border between ireland and the republic of ireland which there's going to be an e.u.
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external border that is supposed to be no border at this point that's the good friday agreement it means peace in the region has to be sort of capped and guarded so what we hear from british sources is that britain is giving way and that this border is going to run in the irish sea it's going to be sort of invisible and border checks will have to be happening on the british side in the ports and on the coast there so that would be a big step it would mean that the e.u. gets pretty much what it wanted 2 and a half years ago when they started out in these negotiations then this was called the northern island only backstop a special solution for northern ireland so it seems boris johnson might be sort of going back to that but nothing is for sure yet so we shouldn't be sort of too excited yet they have 5 more hours until midnight to find out whether they really do have
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a deal and yes we will of course watch and to stay on the ball here. in brussels thank you. just a reminder the top story international pressure is growing on turkey to halt its offensive against kurdish forces in northern syria washington has announced economic sanctions on something you gratian a suspending bomb siphons to their fellow mates have been a russian meanwhile says syrian government troops now control the p towns of mounted as they seek to contain selfishness of. michael jones has your business update in just a minute top of the day. to give us a sense of the you don't need to keep a date on the ball both for over a mention home the 4th time for the whole of the most recently that we can look. at the bottom of the fan either the last dragon is worth has called the hard truth. on. entering the conflict zone with team sebastian.
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i'll be challenging those in power asking tough questions to.


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