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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 15, 2019 10:00pm-10:31pm CEST

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this is d w news live from berlin going from bad to worse in northern syria a groups that suspended their work there as turkey pushes ahead with its assault on the kurds meanwhile russia says that syrian government troops now control the key town of monday show as they seek to contain the turkish offensive also coming up tonight well gary has football federation chief says he's resigning part of the fall well after monday's game between bogey area and england that was marred by the fans and their racist chants. probably one of the most appalling moments of savings
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football do you think you a fan have to take time to collect all the facts and then just sell it how to act or print. and a deal to stop the u.k. from crashing out of the european union could now be in reach talks are underway in brussels at this very hour but time is running out. i'm burnt off to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome tonight the united states is trying diplomacy hoping to broker a ceasefire in northern syria between turkey and the kurds u.s. vice president mike pence and u.s. secretary of state mike pump aoe head to turkey on wednesday the u.s. has already slapped economic sanctions on turkey for the assault on the kurds but the decision by. u.s.
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president trying to withdraw military forces from syria that decision has left a vacuum syrian government forces have moved into the area as part of their deal with the kurds to thwart the turkish led assault and syria's ally russia is also moving to fill the void that was left by those departing u.s. troops. the syrian town of ras pounded by texas at terry across the border. a week into takis offensive a new than syria fighting still rages here takesh backed syrian militias seen here at battling kurdish fighters who are counterattacking to retake the town. the turkish onslaught has left the kurdish autonomous administration in northern syria little choice but to turn to the assad regime for help. all syrian government troops have pushed forward to stop the turkish advance. they have
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reached the city of man bage a strategic town situated on a major highway. syrian state television was on the ground as local celebrated the troops arrival. russian troops have also been spotted in the town and the russian foreign ministry says its soldiers have created a buffer between the syrian and turkish armies to avoid a direct confrontation. it's moscow that has gained most from the withdrawal of u.s. troops and the subsequent turkish attack. the deal between the kurds and moscow's ally are sad gives russia access to northern syria previously under us way. as washington's influence wanes russian president vladimir putin was striding the regional stage after a visit to saudi arabia he was received by abu dhabi's crown prince mohammed bin ziad on choose day. the us have imposed sanctions while the european union imposed
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a limited funds and go on cherokee jam and chancellor angela merkel on monday called for an end to fighting. it's up to 4 men of that also i have already said from my side that we believe that with only justified security interests this offensive should be ended because it just visibly causing a lot of human suffering and it's also bringing a lot of uncertainty with the fight against one's head. but for now the offensive continues and so does the human suffering as civilians a court between the fronts night these young victims of turkish shelling in a hospital and resume line yet as. those who can and getting out the u.n. says that 160000 people have already fled the fighting. are for the latest now let's go to the w's dorian jones he's standing by in istanbul good evening to you dorian what are we looking at tonight has this operation gone from an offensive to
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push back the kurds to a potential confrontation between the military forces of turkey and syria and russia. well that is the big danger that is that he's facing these syria now and it's all focused around this strategically important town of mom beach you have to mask his forces now taking control of the town and turkish forces camped outside with the turkish president reject typer the one creator ate his commitment to take that town to turn it back to what he says his rightful owners now these people are groups that have been fighting the syrian regime for years and damascus will be equally determined not to let that happen in between now you have moscow trying to diffuse the risk of a confrontation and up until now russian president president vladimir putin was strongly backing the damascus regime has developed of working relationship with now he has to manage this feat of balancing the both damascus and in what is expect to
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be the biggest test of this diplomatic operation being carried out by putin if he gets it wrong the escalation of syria will witness a major escalation in the conflict which strengthens to unravel all the successes putin has achieved up until now and during that there is so much at stake right now and president. obviously knows that yet he is pushing forward with this offensive why is this offensive why is it so important to him. well it isn't just about security and the threat posed by the syrian kurdish militia which turkey says is linked to insurgents inside turkey a terrorist group beyond that this is all about returning millions of syrian refugees currently living in turkey and they pose in many ways an existential threat to the turkish president himself he's facing mounting pressure within the country it's already resulted in major political setbacks and he knows if he
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doesn't resolve this this could threaten his rule in the country that's why he sees his operation is so important securing this major buffer zone in which he can refer to return between one and 2000000 refugees if he fails to do that he faces major problems at home and we know that the u.s. president is demanding that turkey stop this military operation against the kurds the u.s. vice president the secretary of state they travel to morrow to basically present these demands in person to president air to one is going to make a difference. well they are going to face a very tough sell president one has dismissed these calls for a cease fire he says here they can continue until all the objectives have been achieved despite these latest sanctions from trump but i think the message pence will be presenting is if you don't deliver now there are calls in washington talk far more stringent sanctions which could bring your economy to its knees that is
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a message that pence is expected to prevent he'll say trump is doing its best to stop that from happening if we fail to deliver they'll be maybe a little that we can start to to stop this devastating effect on your economy did abuse doria jones with the latest from istanbul tonight story and thank you. well here's some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world german police now believe that a syrian man who rammed a stolen truck into several vehicles a week ago did not have terrorist motives 8 people were injured in the incident in the western german town of limbaugh an investigation has now been transferred to local police police in russia have concluded or have conducted nationwide raids on offices linked to opposition leader alexina of all these anti corruption foundation in september of all he helped organize mass protests in moscow ahead of local elections is foundation has since been declared a foreign agent making it subject to spot checks and increased bureaucratic
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scrutiny by the kremlin. thousands of cattle on separatists are protesting for the 2nd day running over a spanish court ruling that imprisoned 9 independence leaders and convicted 3 more protesters clashed with police outside spanish government buildings in barcelona today gatherings are taking place this evening in all 4 of quetta lonely as provincial capitals in jerome east of barcelona protesters have walked roads and set fires people gathered in the streets saying the cattle on anthem and shouted slogans calling the spanish police squint occupying forces. are for more now let's go to barcelona correspondent stephen burgeon joins me now good evening to you stephen so some of the protests turned violent today what's the situation there in barcelona tonight. situation here is pretty one. in pursuit of growth here which is the main shopping street and also the street of
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luxury hotels there's basically barricades there's fires burning all up and down the street has continual. acts on charges by the police but they certainly haven't been able to restore order on a smaller scale was a similar picture. i'm trying to go to the other principal cities of. the protesters are outraged or are we likely to see more violent clashes in the coming days. i think we will i think we're probably seeing a turning point here to years of being very proud of the fact that you know bounce of these vast and very peaceful demonstrations of their cause people enough frustrated and think also a section of the population feels that this is the way forward to going to get the
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attention you need some violence in is even what about the cattle on separatist leaders we know that most of them are being sent to prison are their leaders left who could keep this movement going well. in theory yes they're out because plenty more but the ones who are challenging them over them frankly don't seem to be up to the job today the council president kim. congratulates of the demonstrators who are you know basically right and in the council says hey. you know they have the support of of the prisoners and your not running situation but on the one hand he's encouraging people to it's to civil disobedience and then sending his own police force in to beat them up. all right it's correspondent stephen virgin with the latest from barcelona tonight a city parts of it on fire due to those purchased stephen thank you.
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for breaking away from spain to leaving the european union the e.u.'s chief breaks it negotiate or says a deal with the u.k. is still possible and that the coming hours will be could be decisive. updated e.u. ministers on the state of negotiations today he told the meeting in luxembourg that he wants britain to turn its latest proposals into a written legal agreement by the end of today this could then be given to e.u. leaders to sign off on at a summit which begins on thursday working against the clock to use garber of a so she joins us now from brussels you can hear the tick tock tick tock harbor here that breaks it clocks in this sounds like positive news breaks it what do you think. seriously brant i've been hearing this tick tock of the bricks of a clock for years now and it just seems to be tick tocking on and on and on but this again is
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a looming deadline within the next hours or may be told tomorrow morning there seems to be no exact cut off point there is said to be the possibility of an outline of the deal now we have to be careful here this is not a ready made deal to been signed off by everybody who is involved this is just the basic political agreement on the direction things are going in and from what we hear from mostly british sources and of course irish sources they say that boris johnson seems to have made a huge uterine sort of gone back on all these promises that never quit a british prime minister sign something that would sort of leave the northern island was in the realm of the. e.u. customs union but if we look more closely we seem to be moving in that direction yes a very good point barbara stand by because we want to take
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a look now at the biggest obstacle in those books of talks between the u.k. and the european union at the moment you don't notice a border issue when driving between northern ireland and the republican violent unless you want to stop for gas on one side of the border you pay in europe on the other in pounds everyone here is used to coming and going with east but now bracks it is making things complicated. at the moment the u.k. including northern ireland and the republic of ireland are 2 independent states but because they're both in the european union there are no buddha posts or controls. if britain leaves the e.u. as planned the rules will change. an external border would be put up between northern ireland and the republic of ireland and it would have to be
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secured after all the e.u. has strict rules on which products are allowed to be imported or export it and under which conditions the problem as no one wants a hot border between northern ireland and the republic of violent. border patrols and guard posts assembles of one of the darkest chapters in island history the northern ireland conflict the troubles and much more than 3500 people were killed starting in 1969. only with a 998 good friday agreement to the violence come to an end together with the e.u. support the deal paved the way to peace. many worry that the conflict may flare up again in the course of britain's exit from the e.u. and several attacks in recent months suggest that this concern is not unfounded.
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my but how can take place while preventing a heart in an irish border at the same time a comprehensive customs and trade deal between the e.u. and britain would be one solution but this has yet to be agreed. that's why the e.u. has proposed a so-called backstop a kind of insurance that if needed guarantees they'll be no hard border on the island of ireland. the backstop stipulates that the whole of the u.k. would remain in the customs union with the e.u. following backset until a better solution is found which basically means that trade would remain as it is for the time being but with one key difference britain would have to abide by e.u. regulations even after bracks it yet would have no say in the rules after all the country would no longer be in member. so it's no wonder that the backstop is so controversial in britain prime minister bars johnson sees this provision as
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unacceptable. and so the irish buddha question remains the greatest obstacle on the long road to break set of the long road to briggs barbara what options are left to be negotiated then let me ask you this i mean we know that boris johnson is making concessions right now do you think at the end of the day the brics a deal is going to look like the deal that the former prime minister theresa may negotiate. basically yes but with a difference because what boris johnson seems to want to agree to is a requires a massive leap of faith because it is in a way a political absurdity northern ireland is supposed to leave the european union with great britain together so they go and it also is supposed to leave the customs union but only in see it or sciri because in practice northern ireland is supposed
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to stay on the territory. within the realm of the european regulations and therefore it's a mess of leap of face and of course it seems it seems a political gymnastics off the more evolved kind political gymnastics of the devolved college or you heard it from our own or pervasive or both thank you. the head of bulgaria's football federation says that he will resign following pressure from the country's prime minister now this comes after bulgarian fans targeted in england players with recessed abuse on monday in the euro 2020 qualifying match in sofia the match which england won 6 mill was stopped twice because of the recent shelling coming from the stands. prior to the match bulgaria had already been ordered to keep 5000 seats of the wasilewski stadium empty as punishment for previous racist behavior in the home matches against kosovo and czech republic
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bulgaria fans once again attracted negative attention with nazi salutes and monkey chants. directed at england players like write him sterling marcus rushford and tyron mings in accordance with the u.a.e. for protocol the referee stopped play twice but the visitors decided not to walk off the pitch despite hinting they may do so in the build up. we had a conversation. they did want to play and if you want to. start a medical decision to continue the game we thought it was important. we've heard it but the protocols have been follows and if it happened again we would have that. moved on to the next step and come off the pitch but. no major incidents occurred in the 2nd half but the bulgarian association now face severe consequences from including a potential exclusion from all european competitions. famine and malnourishment
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remain serious issues in more than 50 countries as according to the new global hunger index which was published today the number of malnourished people increased from 785000004 years ago to 822000000 last year and the situation in the central african republic is seen as among the most alarming the lack of food is also critical in yemen chad madagascar and zambia climate change is one key factor in food shortages yields of the most important food crops such as corn and wheat those yields have been falling because of extreme weather conditions and dwindling water resources this is driving up food prices and making food an affordable for some in ethiopia the somali region in the country's west has been suffering the effects of climate extremes with several years of a nonstop drought. it's been almost 6 months since it last rained in this
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village and utopian somali region with almost no vegetation to feed on the livestock is dying. from it and her relatives have already lost 8 out of 10 towns in some sense and. our lives are very difficult now because we pastoralist dependent on our livestock 1st goats and sheep started to die in the cattle. this feed came from the un's food and agriculture organization animal specialists are also carrying out emergency treatments and vaccinations to try and save at least some animals. during the drought animals become weaker and services that support some diseases that's why we have to treat them somewhat how we come to anything for those animals that died so we hope the others will benefit from the feed and the medicine and will survive and also produce more milk. from.
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the pastoralist communities in ethiopia somali region are dependent on their livestock for their food and income with few alternatives it's vital to save their animals says i think. we've just lost a lady would she not only be very nervous and have passed. their economy kind of you know less expensive and more efficient to to to then to protect and save neighborhoods and before you know their last total more than $790000.00 kind of malice will be treated during the super rich or. thanks to the newly distributed feed families say their animals are looking stronger. i was one of the lucky ones to benefit from the program cows or even producing milk again. given you know our cows milk had dried up but now we're able to get milk college children and the cattle are much healthier. than the management. but drinking water is a people in the village is still strong and most quality river beds are almost
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entirely dry here in the somali region where pastoralist communities have been suffering for the past 5 years this year again the main winning season from march to may has failed to bring the expected watching the growth the little that is left to be shared between the households. sarra such as water for her 10 children 3 times a day she would normally need 20 jerry cans. the family. herself to just 10. this year we had less than 5 days of rain and there were only small showers so the grass to grow properly there is also little ground water people in the community have a spoken agreement to manage the water that we have so that everybody got some. hopes are high for the small rainy season that usually comes between october and december but as the somali regional continues to be affected by and seasonal weather experts expect drought there too or in the long term. and for more on this
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tonight i'm joined here in the big table by francis joe major he is the new shared director for the german aid organization built here of mr de mint it's good to have you on the show so we've got this 0 hunger goal by 2030 at the united nations that goal seems light years away do you really believe that politics can help stop or at least slow down climate change and its consequences yes i do believe so if you take the right decision at the right level it's it's achievable do you have faith in the world's political leaders at the moment to take those right decisions i'm if not people have to make them take the right decisions what or you're the manager in there is a country that is in the sahara region what effects of climate change are you observing there because i mean you're feeling the effects already right yes of
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course. for example in asia differences they can see later done in the past and it's shorter than before that means before 4 months now 2 and a half months and the opposite that lynn says and hunger to vote against it in the past and takes longer that means before about 3 months and now $5.00 to $6.00 weeks which means even if you're not having a drought it means that you're still losing the total amount of rainfall that you would normally have and if the time is always shortened you're never going to catch up to the levels that used to be normal i mean that's a that's a terrible situation is very terrible situation especially if people are of the large to make food shortage and to eat no more 3 times 20 but just one time and to be even obliged to eat to seed that one of their
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suppose to soul for the next period. and. at that moment you have the vicious circle of course hunger money tradition and poverty. will we be seeing any knock offs from the developments here in europe is there anything happening in europe that you think is going to impact here of course to the way people are living without western food and someone's not normal and we have to point out to. people in asia for example or enough into a suffering for something that the north countries are responsible for and it's why i think it's an issue of responsibility and of equity of justice all right well we're glad you came in this difference is generated from the aid organization built hunger have it is an important part of the story that needs to be told we appreciate your time thank you thank you to. all right. well have
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a short break i'll be back in just a moment to take you through the day stick around for that.
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what keeps us and say what makes us sick and how come from. my name is dr carson he can i talk to medical experts. watch them at work. and then discuss what you can do to improve your health. stay tuned and
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let's call and try to stay in good shape. d.w. . says. probably. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslim. christian population. with its fighters on the city's central temples and 17 president church's response was. i. will never again look over. the reconquest terms. that's not the reason that this is not the kind of freedom that knew. how did it become a deep way to islamist terror. until now you see so you go i mean my city has
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a personal. an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the sights of this starts october 24th on t.w. . today again u.s. president demanded turkey stop its assault on the kurds in northern syria today again trump threatened to destroy turkey's economy but the turks they are not looking back betting that the americans aren't coming back and the result the kurds are now aligned with syria which puts them in the pocket of lead to be a potent tonight without firing a single shot russia has what it's always wanted influence over syria with no americans to get in the way i burned off in berlin this is the day.


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