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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 15, 2019 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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this is g w news live from berlin tonight raising the pressure of president sends a top level delegation to turkey to demand an immediate ceasefire in syria it comes as russia says that syrian government troops now control the key town of monday and that they are maneuvering to contain the turks also coming up tonight catalan separatists clash with spanish police in barcelona for a 2nd night they are angry over in court ruling that is sending 9 cattle on leaders to prison for their role in
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a $27.00 teams bid for independence and gary is football federation chief says he is resigning part of the fall well after monday's game between both area and england that was marred by the fans and their racist chant probably one of the most appalling moments of students do you think do a 5 have to take time to collect all the facts and then decide how to act appropriately. it's good to have you with us tonight the united states is trying diplomacy hoping to broker a ceasefire in northern syria between turkey and the kurds u.s. vice president mike pence and u.s. secretary of state my pump aoe head to turkey on wednesday the u.s. has already slapped economic sanctions on turkey for the assault on the kurds but the decision by president trying to. withdraw military forces from syria that
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decision has left a vacuum syrian government forces have moved into the area as part of their deal with the kurds to thwart the turkish led assault and syria's ally russia it is also moving to fill that void that was left by those departing u.s. troops. the syrian town of reza pounded by texas at tillery across the border. a week into takis offensive a new than syria fighting still rages here to push back syrian militias seen here at battling kurdish fighters who are counterattacking to retake the town. the turkish onslaught has left the kurdish autonomous administration in northern syria little choice but to turn to the assad regime for help. all syrian government troops have pushed forward to stop the turkish advance. they have
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reached the city of man bridge a strategic town situated on the nature highway. syrian state television was on the ground as local celebrated the troops arrival. russian troops have also been spotted in the town and the russian foreign ministry says its soldiers have created a buffer between the syrian and turkish army is to avoid a direct confrontation. it's moscow that has gained most from the withdrawal of u.s. troops and the subsequent turkish attack on the deal between the kurds and moscow's ally are sad gives russia access to northern syria previously under us way. as washington's influence wanes russian president vladimir putin the striding the regional stage after a visit to saudi arabia he was received by abu dhabi's crown prince mohammed bin ziad on choose day. the u.s. of impose sanctions while the european union imposed
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a limited farms and bargo on cherokee gem and chancellor angela merkel on monday called for an end to fighting. it kept us from another thought also i have already said from my side that we believe that with only justified security interests this offensive should be ended by because it is visibly causing a lot of human suffering and it's also bringing a lot of uncertainty with the fight against. it. but for now the offensive continues and so does the human suffering as civilians a court between the fronts night these young victims of turkish shelling in a hospital in reza 9. days who can at getting out the u.n. says that 160000 people have already fled the fighting. are the latest now let's go to w.'s dorian jones he's standing by in istanbul good evening to you dorian what are we looking at tonight has this operation gone from an offensive to
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push back the kurds to a potential confrontation between the military forces of turkey and syria and russia. well that is the big danger that is that is facing these syria now and it's all focused around the strategically important town of man beach you have to mask his forces now taking control of the town and turkish forces camped outside with the turkish president project type reiterating his commitment to take that town and to turn it back to what he says its rightful owners now these people are groups that have been fighting the syrian regime for years and damascus will be equally determined not to let that happen in between now you have moscow trying to defuse the risk of a confrontation and up until now russian president president vladimir putin while strongly backing to the mask his regime has developed of working relationship with now he has to manage this feat of balancing the both damascus and in what is expect
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to be the biggest test of this diplomatic operation being carried out by putin if he gets it wrong the escalation syria will witness a major escalation in the conflict we friends to unravel all the successes putin has achieved up until now and during that there is so much at stake right now and president. obviously knows that yet he is pushing forward with this offensive why is this offensive why is it so important to him. well it isn't just about security and the threat posed by the syrian kurdish militia which turkey says is linked to insurgents inside turkey a terrorist group beyond that this is all about returning millions of syrian refugees currently living in turkey and they pose in many ways an existential threat to the turkish president himself he's facing mounting pressure within the country it's already resulted in major political setbacks and he knows if he
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doesn't resolve this this could threaten his rule in the country that's why he sees his operation is so important securing this major buffer zone in which he can refer to return between one and 2000000 refugees if he fails to do that he faces major problems at home and we know that the u.s. president is demanding that turkey stop this military operation against the kurds the u.s. vice president the secretary of state they travel to morrow to basically present these demands in person to president air to one is going to make a difference. well they are going to face a very tough sell president one has dismissed these calls for a cease fire he said here they the operations are going to continue until all the objectives have been achieved despite these latest sanctions from trump but i think the message pence will be presenting is if you don't deliver now there are calls in washington for far more stringent sanctions which could bring your economy to its
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knees that is a message that pence is expected to prevent he'll say trump is doing his best to stop that from happening if we fail to deliver then they'll be maybe a little that we can stop to to stop this devastating effect on your economy you to be used or you're jones with the latest from istanbul tonight story and thank you. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world that nigeria's president has called for a crackdown on abuse at islamic schools a day after police freed hundreds of boys who were found in chains and shackles the captives said that they had been beaten and starved and in some cases raped it comes less than a month after police raided a similar institution in northern nigeria a 7 story residential building has collapsed in the northeastern brazilian city of forth a laser killing at least one person 9 others are believed to be missing 2 people are reportedly still trapped under the rubble and are communicating with rescuers by cell phone german police now believe that a syrian man who ran the stolen truck into several vehicles that we could go did
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not have terrorist motives 8 people were injured in the incident in the western german town of limbo the investigation has now been transferred back to local police the european union's chief breaks in negotiators says a deal with the u.k. is still possible with barney a he says he wants britain to turn its latest proposals into a written legal outline by wednesday so that it can be submitted for approval by e.u. leaders at a summit which begins one day later. thousands of catalan separatists are protesting for the 2nd night running they are angry over a spanish court which handed down prison sentences to 9 catalan independence leaders protesters clashed with police outside spanish government buildings in barcelona tonight gatherings are taking place this evening in all 4 of cattle only as provincial capitals in jarana east of barcelona protesters have blocked roads and set fires people have gathered in the streets and are singing the kettle on
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anthem and they're shouting slogans calling the spanish police quote occupying force. are for more now let's go to barcelona correspondent stephen burgeon joins me now good evening to you stephen so some of the protests turned violent today what's the situation there in barcelona tonight. and here is pretty war. there which is the main shopping street and also the street of the luxury hotel. basically barricades those fires burning all up and down the street as continual. just by the police but they have been able to restore order to small as it was a similar picture. i'm trying to go to the other principal says of. the protesters are outraged or are we likely to see more violent clashes in the
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coming days. i think we will i think we're probably seeing a turning point here to years of being very proud of the fact that you know bounds of these vast and very peaceful demonstrations of their cause people in our frustration think. a section of the population feels that this is the way forward they're going to get the attention you need some violence in steve and what about the cattle on separatist leaders we know that most of them are being sent to prison are their leaders left who could keep this movement going. well. in theory yes they're out because plenty more but the ones who are charged at the most with them frankly don't seem to be up to the job today the council president kim sort of has congressional ethics of the demonstrators who are you know
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basically rising and in the council says hey. you know they have the support of of the prisoners and the or not run it situation on the one hand he's encouraging people to to civil disobedience and then sending his own police force and beat them up all rights correspondents even virgin with the latest from barcelona tonight a city parts of it on fire due to those protests stephen thank you. well the head of bulgaria's football federation has announced that he will resign on friday his departure comes after a garion fans targeted england players with races abuse during monday night's euro 2020 qualifying match in sofia fans were caught on camera making nazi salutes and directing monkey chants at england players leading bulgaria's prime minister to demand the red resignation of the federation chief despite the abuse and the 2 stoppages that it calls during the game england won 6 nil.
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and because of that raises abuse european football governing body you waif is currently investigating the bulgaria england match and the turkish national team is also being investigated by you a fit for displaying potential provocative political behavior in their last 2 matches. a goal celebration that has sparked a you a fanatic ation turkish play is paying tribute to soldiers fighting codes in syria for the 2nd game running national team play is celebrated with the military salute the tuckers sports minister believes penalizing the double celebration is hypocritical. she does have to express that there's a double standard. there's a photograph here. ok you can see the salute yes man during the french national team's meeting with president and one of. the ones who did not speak about this at
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the time now trying to twist the meanings of this kind of salute to our soldiers. i submit this to the sports community's appreciation. clear as month seemingly tongue in cheek salute to the french president equates to the turkish team's indorsement of their country's military operation in syria many players have also voiced a clear support for us on social media european football's governing body calls this potential provocative political behavior and will soon decide what punishment turkey will face. here's a reminder of our top stories for you international pressure is growing on turkey to stop its offensive against kurdish forces in northern syria washington is seeking to broker a cease fire after slapping economic sanctions on corrupt. nations are also suspending arms sales to their fellow nato member turkey protesters a clash with police in barcelona and other kettle on cities as thousands protested for a 2nd day over
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a spanish court's ruling that since 9 cattle on independence leaders to prison. christo as of next instagram for that. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language but the 1st word published in the. eco is in germany to learn german why not go with them simple online on your mobile and free shop d w z e learning course nikos fake german maybe. i'll go to the euro max.


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