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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 16, 2019 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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this is d w news live from berlin president trump does 6 a u. turn and after giving turkish forces the all clear to enter northern syria he's now threatening sanctions against his nato ally the dramatic reversal comes as turkish forces advance deeper into syria trump has slammed turkey's actions as a dangerous threatening peace security and stability in the region also coming up angry catalans protests up to spain supreme court finds the politicians who pushed
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the independence guilty of sedition and disobedience one is jailed for 13 years and the nobel prize for economics goes to a trio of u.s. based research shows who have broken new ground in efforts to lift the world's poor house of property. i mean you could as mckinnon thanks so much for joining me to widespread criticism u.s. president donald trump has backtracked on his policy in northern syria he's announced sanctions against turkish officials over chris incursion against codes there and he slammed turkey's actions as dangerous trump had previously announced that u.s. troops would be withdrawn from the region and that has led kurdish fighters to ally themselves with the syrian government to which they had previously. again opposed.
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the syrian town of ras al-ain pounded by turkish a terrorist across the border. a week into turkey's offensive in northern syria fighting still rages here turkish backed syrian militias seen here at battling kurdish fighters who are counterattacking to retake the town. the turkish onslaught has left the kurdish autonomous administration in northern syria little choice but to turn to the assad regime for help. all syrian government troops have pushed forward to stop the turkish advance. they have reached the city of man bage a strategic town situated on a major highway. syrian state television was on the ground as local celebrate at the troops arrival. russian troops have also been spotted in the town and the russian foreign ministry says its soldiers have created
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a buffer between the syrian and turkish armies to avoid a direct confrontation. it's moscow that has gained most from the withdrawal of u.s. troops and the subsequent turkish attack. the deal between the kurds and moscow's ally are sad gives russia access to northern syria previously under u.s. way. as washington's influence wanes russian president vladimir putin was striding the regional stage after a visit to saudi arabia he was received by abu dhabi's crown prince mohammed bin ziad on choose day. the us of imposed sanctions while the european union imposed a limited funds and bargo on cherokee german chancellor angela merkel on monday called for an end to fighting. it up there from another also i have already said from my side that we believe that with all of justified security interests this offensive should be ended because it just visibly causing
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a lot of human suffering going and it's also bringing a lot of uncertainty with the fight against i.s.u. wins. but for now the offensive continues and so does the human suffering as civilians a court between the fronts like these young victims of turkish shelling in a hospital in russia lying just as. those. can and getting out the u.n. says that 160000 people who have already fled the fighting. all right we're joined now by all of the salat from washington d.c. all of that american vice president and the u.s. secretary of state traveling to turkey on wednesday they're going to be demanding a cease fire will that does it have to decide effect well that's one of the president is trying to achieve if he wants to stop the turkish assault against the kurds against kurdish forces against kurdish civilians
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there in north and syria that's why he sends 2 of his most senior officials off his administration mike pence his vice president as well as secretary of state might come peel to turkey to negotiate with rich a type of everyone the turkish president in order to reach a cease fire but we witnessed here a massive shift in power over the last days and it's questionable if that can be returned to how it was before we see a russian backed troops all for the syrian dictator bashar al assad now supporting the kurds filling in that power vacuum that was created there are russian troops patrolling between the front lines and iran of course standing by to extend its impact on the region getting closer to its enemies israel out of that is really in the american interest president trump receiving lots of criticism for his decision to pull out off syria and it seems like the only option he has on his hands right now is to reiterate his threats with sanctions against turkey he has done so today
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again let's just listen in will president trump had to say to bring our soldiers back home and. will be really tough when turkey had a lot of others to maintain their own properties now they have to maintain peace and safety. and do we'll see what happens the delegation were asking for a cease fire we put the strongest sanctions that you could imagine but they get a lot we have a lot in store if they don't they don't have an impact all right said donald trump that claiming the sanctions on key are very strong and yet the u.s. congress says they're thought to weaken tech he seems to just shrug them all. now be full stick i thought that all right so 1st of all he threatens tougher sanctions that what we just heard in the sound bites here and by the way neither call was more turkey were very much impressed by these threats president
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of turkey today said he's not afraid of american sanctions and congress passed a bilateral resolution today really calling demming this move to withdraw the american troops from syria there is a very rare move if you consider how split both parties are the republicans and the democrats over so many ongoing issues like the impeachment inquiry but when it comes to syria they really managed to speak out with one voice today condemning president trump's move here and that puts the president in a very tough position a very difficult one as well because he withdrew his troops already so at this point it seems he has only sanctions as a means of responding to this ok so you're saying that he is dealing with a lot of criticism his critics say that he gave tekkie a green light for a military offensive in syria how is this affecting his standing.
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right and that's just another good example where a president trump creates a problem later tries to solve it and then certainly tries to get the credit for solving a problem that he cost in the 1st place but this time is different because he is apparently losing support from his own party ranks the republicans are not complying any more it seems something is unraveling here you see some of his moles avett supporters that have really been supporting him when it comes to the impeachment inquiry right now criticizing him on a daily basis like senate majority leader mitch mcconnell as well as other republican senators that we're hearing over and over again criticizing him and the overall feeling an impression here in the republican party is that this is a betrayal of republican values as much as a betrayal of one of america's most avid and loyal allies in the fight against
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isis all right out of the in washington thanks and much. mean monod taki the sanctions seem to have had little impact so far correspondent dorian jones has more from istanbul. turkey's political leadership have dismissed sanctions by u.s. president donald trump as further financial markets in turkey shrugged off their impact there have been expectations that the sanctions by washington would be far more severe but trump sanctions were largely seen as symbolic for the turkish lira even recording a modest increase as along with the broader financial markets turkish president reject type word one vowed to continue its operation until all the objectives have been achieved turkey continued to ramp up its offensive into syria and there is mounting concern over the strategically important syrian town of mom bitch damascus forces have taken over the town of the syrian forces open the doors as part of a wider agreement but turkish forces are camped out around the important town with
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president vowing to take it the mask equally determined not to allow that to happen and russia has deployed its forces between the 2 armies russian president vladimir putin is now believed to be working hard to avoid a confrontation between syria and turkish forces door engines reporting there from istanbul now some of the other stories making news around the world nigeria's president has called for a crackdown on abuse at islamic schools a day after police freed hundreds of boys found in chains and shackles the captives said they've been beaten and starved and in some cases raped it comes less than a month after police raided a similar institution in northern nigeria. a 7 story residential building has collapsed in the northeastern brazilian city. killing at least one person 10 others are believed to be missing 2 people are reportedly still trapped under the rubble and communicating with rescuers by cell phone. the european union's chief breck's
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at negotiator says a deal with the u.k. is still possible michel barnier says he wants britain to turn its latest proposals into a recession legal outlined by wednesday that would be submitted for approval by e.u. leaders at a summit which begins a day later now thousands of cattle on separatists are protesting for the 2nd night running they're angry about the prison sentences handed down to 9 cassel on independence leaders by a spanish court protesters clashed with police outside spanish government buildings in barcelona gatherings are taking place this evening in all 4 of catalonia as provincial capitals and heroine a east of barcelona protesters have blocked roads and set fires people gathered in the streets all singing the chaplain anthem and shouting slogans calling the spanish police occupying forces. we spoke to journalist stephen burgeon
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earlier who told us more about the situation on choose day night. here which is the main shopping streets are those those for a tree to look through. basically birdcages those farmers. all up and down the street was continuing. that's all charges by the police but. they will serve as store order to small this area was a similar picture. of protocol of the of the principal cities of. now the head of bulgaria's football federation has announced that he will resign on friday maurice loves me hate loves departure comes off to guerin fans targeted england players with racist abuse during monday night's euro 2020 qualifying match and severe fans will caution on camera making nazi salutes and directing monkey chants at england players needing bug areas prime minister to demand to behave
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loves resignation despite u.b.s. and the 2 stoppages that caused england 160. and because of that racist abuse european football governing body you a fight is currently investigating the ball garia england match and the turkish national team is also being investigated by you a for the displaying potential provocative political behavior in the last 2 matches . or goal celebration that has sparked to you a fan fest occasion turkish players paying tribute to soldiers fighting codes in syria for the 2nd game running national team players celebrated with a military salute the took their sports minister believes penalising the double celebration is hypocritical. i have to express that there's a double standard. there's a photograph here. because you can see the salute one gets money during the french
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national team's meeting with president and won a landmark all. the ones who did not speak about this at the time tried to twist the meanings of this kind of salute to our soldiers. i submit this to the sports community's appreciation. clears months seemingly tongue in cheek salute to the french president according to the turkish team's indorsement of their country's military operation in syria many players have also voiced to clear support for it on social media european football's governing body calls this potential provocative political behavior and will soon decide what punishment turkey will face. now nothing has given us a 1st look at its next generation of space the equipment has been designed to protect astronauts on the optimus mission which will take man to the moon and of course because the space suits all customized to fit women as well as men although
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there have been advances in space technology for space walks during shuttle missions these are the 1st u.s. space suits designed for exploring the surface of the moon since the apollo missions back in the 1970 s. . you're watching news from there but up next d.w. news africa with christina one and don't forget you can follow us on twitter at t w news. literature invites us to see people in particular. by. my. books on you tube. you speak this language in. this year's european.


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