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this is deja vu news live from berlin turkey says it will never declare a cease fire in syria angara rejecting calls from washington to end the fighting in northern syria even before top u.s. officials arrive in turkey but on the ground in syria russia says its troops are patrolling to keep the conflict contained also coming up. cut along separatists clashing with spanish police in barcelona for a 2nd night now after long prison sentences were handed down to 9 other long
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leaders those politicians spearheaded catalonians 2017 bid for independence. and is a laxity deal finally in sight there are positive signs from both e.u. and u.k. negotiators but brussels warns time is running out. plus doubts are growing about a timely reconstruction of notre dame paris promised to erase the damage from a bull's blaze within 5 years but critics call that a fantasy. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us turkey is rejecting calls for a cease fire in northern syria between its forces and kurdish troops u.s. vice president mike pence and secretary of state mike pump aoe are on their way to turn. yeah at this hour to push for an end to the fighting now this comes after the
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u.s. imposed economic sanctions on iran for targeting kurds inside syria president trumps decision to withdraw american forces from this area has left a military and a political vacuum syrian and russian troops have now moved into the area as part of a deal with the kurds to hold off the turkish advance. the syrian town of ras al-ain pounded by taxation to reach across the border. a week into turkey's offensive a new than syria fighting still rages here takesh backed syrian militias seen here at the link canada's fight has to have counter-attacking to retake the town. the turkish onslaught has left the kurdish autonomous administration in northern syria little choice but to turn to the assad regime for help. all syrian government troops have pushed forward to stop the turkish advance. they have
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reached the city of man bridge a strategic town situated on a major highway. syrian state television was on the ground as local celebrated the troops arrival. russian troops have also been spotted in the town and the russian foreign ministry says its soldiers have created a buffer between the syrian and turkish armies to avoid a direct confrontation. it's moscow that has gained most from the withdrawal of u.s. troops and the subsequent turkish attack. the deal between the kurds and moscow's and i are sad gives russia access to northern syria previously under us way. as washington's influence wanes russian president vladimir putin the striding the regional stage after a visit to saudi arabia he was received by abu dhabi's crown prince mohammed bin ziad on choose day. the u.s.
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of impose sanctions while the european union imposed a limited farms and bargo on cherokee german chancellor angela merkel on monday called for an end to fighting. it up go from another that also i have already said from my side that we believe that with only justified security interests this offensive should be ended because it just visibly causing a lot of human suffering and it's also bringing a lot of uncertainty with the fight against. it. but for now the offensive continues and so does the human suffering as civilians a court between the fronts like these young victims of turkish shelling in a hospital in runs a line. those who can at getting out the u.n. says that 160000 people have already fled the fighting. let's get the latest now from istanbul we're joined now by dorian jones our correspondent there good
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morning a dorian we have the turkish president aired on saying he will never accept a cease fire now what does this mean for the visit of u.s. vice president pence he's due to arrive today. well vice president pence is facing a very tough sell the president has been very clear that there will be no stepping back in this operation and that's why because one says his operation is all about guaranteeing the safety and ultimately the future of turkey and in many ways president one has put his reputation on the line in this operation at a time when he's very politically vulnerable maybe the most vulnerable he has been in more than 15 years in power because there is mounting discontent in the country over the presence of over 3 and a half 1000000 syrian refugees and a key part of this operation is to ultimately return between one and 2000000 refugees that's why turkey nice expand this operation create this 500 kilometer long 30 kilometer deep safe zone as one calls it to allow the return of these
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refugees now mike pence how have to some way address turkish concerns before taking will even consider any kind of ceasefire in the of the operation. kind of leverage does my pans have does he have to get turkey to accept a cease fire. well president tom did introduce the sanctions which have been dismissed by turkey the reason why turkey dismissed them was because they were largely seen as symbolic now president of vice president pence will be saying yes these measures are symbolic but you must be aware that there is growing pressure in washington for far more to coney and sanctions and it has bipartisan support within the republicans and democrats and pencil say if we don't need chief this ceasefire president trying will not be able to stop these growing calls for far more stronger actions against a touch of common we which ultimately could bring the economy to its knees that will be the message pense will be delivering when he visits on korea ok now now the
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turkish forces that have moved to now are confronting syrian troops along with the kurds and between them are russian troops the russian president vladimir putin says he will ensure that turkish and syrian troops do not fight each other. russian troops as effective peacekeepers who will be halting their military advance well i think will be very wary of engaging russian troops putin has developed a good relationship with her one along with backing the syrian regime but what we see now is increasingly hardening position of moscow there is growing alarm that ultimately turkish forces could engage in a full scale conflict with the syrian regime and that threatens to unravel all the cheat once a putin has achieved in the past few years and i think that the hardening starts of moscow is an indication of putin this is a term not to let that happen so my uncle is now facing
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a very difficult situation of pressure from moscow and now washington as well very vulnerable position ok a lot of stake for all the political actors involved here daryn thanks for that from istanbul. well kurdish communities in a number of countries have been protesting against turkey's offensive in northern syria and against u.s. pullout from the area as well there were protests for example on national tennessee home to the largest kurdish population in the united states. the past kurdish community in nashville is protesting president on the trams decision to withdraw u.s. troops from northern syria. mystify and us is angry and sad and his family lives on the turkish syrian border just in the morning i talk to my father's saw and his last word was do something and then the phone hangs up i don't know what happened to be honest with you is he's alive all right now is is alive or not i don't know
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so you can feel like how devastated i am now that have rami is the organizer of the rally he's been living in the usa for 21 years and is an american citizen he also runs one of the communities biggest cultural centers we asked for in the u.s. authorities president. senate congress and everyone in the united states to stop to stop the invasion of kurdistan and syria to see through stand beside the corridors for the peace and to prevent any human 3 hour crisis and that . many of the demonstrations here were granted asylum in the us. they may be up in arms about the president's decision but they also have a deep appreciation for their new home. the u.s. has done a lot for the kurds the reason why i'm here today is because of the u.s. i would rather not be anywhere else i was here i was a refugee night in 1907 i came here we are you know america's number one ally and i
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happy with is the fish were happy with a hammer glad to traipse out because his community in nashville is well organized about 15000 kurds have made the city their home the little kurdistan shopping center products from the kurds old homeland. the cultural center run by nav sat have rami is right next door for over 20 years he's been organizing youth groups and language courses as well as preparing daily press in the mosque as a young boy have rami fed a rock with his family 1st to iran and they said to the u.s. he's worried about those living in northern syria since u.s. troops started pulling out civilians have been subjected to daily attacks living under the fewer. point of view why do you think they go why they will be
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rewarded with a new job. some of the people they want to proceed with a peace. several 100 people come to the cultural centers most to worship where they pray for the safety of their friends and family. to demonstrate his continue to hope that president trump who fanned his troops back to nov and syria. well thousands of cars along separatists have been protesting for a 2nd night running there condemning the long prison sentences handed down to 9 cars on independence leaders by the spanish supreme court protesters clashing with police outside spanish government buildings in barcelona there were rallies last night in all 4 of catalonia is provincial capitals people gathering in the streets singing the catalog anthem and shouting slogans calling the spanish police occupying forces in drona east of barcelona protesters there blocking roads and
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setting fires. let's get more on the protests now from barcelona with correspondent stephen beard and good morning to you stephen can you give us an idea of the scale of these protests how serious are they and could we be seeing the beginning of a new wave of the mass protests we saw 2017. good morning well the scale was good last night was pretty huge in central barcelona and also as you say in the provincial capital letters and words all until a small particularly in assailing i fear which is a sort of emblematic street of expensive shops which you know look like a battleground for until about 3 o'clock this morning. whether i think we can anticipate more of this certainly this week on friday as a major demonstration calls and also a call for general strike and i think what we're seeing is that the organizations
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in the 2 have been managing the protests over the years a very large peaceful protests have now basically lost control. other people other organizations and it's a reflection both of the prison sentences but also a sense of frustration that after years and years of his own campaigning they have achieved their goals is it just anger and frustration who are are the protesters making specific demands. they don't make any to whatsoever. you know this is the of the log we want to prisoners out we want independence. you know they don't botching under any sort of a battle. it's basically just watching don't allow the spanish government likely to respond as these protests continue when options as madrid have.
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a little the the problem with this is that the counselor go look kim daughter has actually courage to these disturbances is called for. just vengeance. and he's no coming under a lot of criticism from spanish government or suspects a day that he's going to regret over pressure from businesses and other forces a couple in here because it seems everyone's were saying grow the world good for business it's a city. tourism stephen bergen thanks so much for that from barcelona. let's preview now on some of the other stories making the news at this hour democrats hope to become the next american president of met for the their 1st televised debate since the impeachment probe into donald trump last last month most criticize the president's approach to foreign policy and his recent decision to
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take troops out of northern syria president because. heckling pro-democracy lawmakers in hong kong have prevented leader kerry lamb from delivering her annual policy speech in the legislature she eventually spoke via video link that speech was billed as a bid to restore confidence following months of protests in the territory. under the people of again taken to streets in the haitian capital port au prince protesting against president human elmo seize refusal to step down haiti has seen weeks of protests over a growing economic crisis people blame the government for fuel shortages and worsening inflation. now could there be an 11th hour breck's a breakthrough british an even negotiators worked well past midnight last night on a draft agreement the e.u. used chief negotiator michel barnier saying a new tax must be on the table in the next few hours. that so member states have
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a chance to consider it before a crucial e.u. summit and that kicks off tomorrow now this is the last major round table before the u.k. scheduled departure date october 31st e.u. officials say london has made anough concessions to bring a long sought deal with in reach. so how close are we let's bring bring in brussels correspondent barbara vai's all good morning barbara what can we expect to happen this morning where you are. we can expect that we're not going to hear something for quite a while yet because diplomats are extremely tightlipped after they broke up by suppose from sheer fatigue last night they're not taking up talks again in the commission building here behind me and the doors are closed and there is no communication so it's only via for instance the french finance minister who gave an
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interview this morning and he is said that we hear anything and he said that there is a glimmer of hope that this deal could be yet to get across the line is so we also have crossing our fingers together was the european governments who somehow want to get this done and want to get rid of the brics that question that has been really so bothers some and so so wearing throughout the last years and of course on the other side boris johnson still hopes he can make true his promise to leave the e.u. under any circumstances on october 31st bought there is about because even if the deal is agreed tomorrow there might be a lot of technical detail that needs to be nailed down from the judicial giusti side and so that sort of means that it might go into a technical extension and sort of occupy is for some further weeks down the line up
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to christmas maybe a barber there's also some questions right now about the biggest obstacle the irish border what to do about that let's talk about that in a bit 1st look at what's at stake there at the moment you don't know which is a border issue when driving between northern ireland and the republic of ireland unless you want to stop for gas on one side of the border you pay in europe on the other in pounds everyone here is used to coming and going with ease but now it is making things complicated. at the moment the u.k. entering northern ireland and the republic of ireland are 2 independent states but because they are both in the european union there are no border posts or controls if britain leaves the e.u. as planned the rules will change. an external border would be put up
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between northern ireland and the republic of ireland and it would have to be secured after all the e.u. has strict rules on which products are allowed to be imported or export it and under which conditions the problem has no one wants a hot border between northern ireland and the republic of violent. border patrols and guard posts assembles of one of the darkest chapters in island history the northern ireland conflict the troubles and much more than 3500 people were killed starting in 1969. only with a 998 good friday agreement to the violence come to an end together with the e.u. support the deal paved the way to peace. many worry that the conflict may flare up again in the course of britain's exit from the e.u. and several attacks in recent months suggest that this concern is not unfounded.
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but how can bracks that take place while preventing a heart in an irish border at the same time a comprehensive customs and trade deal between the e.u. and britain would be one solution but this has yet to be agreed. that's why the e.u. has proposed a so-called backstop a kind of insurance that if needed guarantees there'll be no hard border on the island of ireland. the backstop stipulates that the whole of the u.k. would remain in a customs union with the e.u. following backset until a better solution is found which basically means that trade would remain as this for the time being but with one key difference britain would have to abide by e.u. regulations even after bracks it yet would have no say in the rules after all the country would no longer be in e.u.
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member. so it's no wonder that the backstop is so controversial in britain prime minister bars johnson sees this provision as unacceptable. and so the irish border question remains the greatest obstacle on the long road to bracks that are also looking like is there a plan emerging a workable plan to break the deadlock over the irish border. there is brian in fact plan emerging and the question now is how to make it workable we might call it the fantastic fudge because of course that it entails some intellectual contortions what is supposed to happen is that northern ireland will leave the european union together with great britain of course because it's part of it they will go and they will see a reticule the also leave the customs union how ever in practice in reality they will stay in the customs union they will continue to operate under e.u.
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rules so any controls that will have to take place in the future will their full be either on the british side in the harbors or on the northern island side on their harbors but this needs to be nailed down legally because it is very complicated one question for instance is who controls the controller the had does the e.u. have any leverage to towards britain or against britain in case there are problems was this solution with a controlled speed the real will this be a back door into the e.u. single market with all sorts of illegal and counterfeit goods for instance could come in all these questions need to resolve now under immense time pressure because there's just as you said a few hours left to sort of get this deal done in order for the 27th you capital to approve of it ok and we'll see if it is a fantastic fudge in the hours ahead barbara thanks very much for that.
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well it has been 6 months now since a fire ripped through notre dumb if you draw in paris a number of problems are slowing down the restoration of that landmark structure experts say the government's timeline for rebuilding it within 5 years is simply not realistic. not on cathedral is very much a part of the nation's halls life every day from her balcony she looks to see if it's still standing. half a year after the blaze denise is still not over the trauma of it. i'll always have a doll locke's there straight ahead was exactly where the tower was it we saw how it caught fire started wobbling left and right and then broke off. it was terrible if only it was that. the fire broke out on
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a pool of 15th why is still a mystery the will did and in fear for not with thousands of people gathered spontaneously in front of the cathedral millions worldwide in front of their screens tonight denise and her husband unjustly want strummer balcony. construction is moving ahead but it's much slower than residents would like the cathedral is still in danger of collapsing the building must 1st be stabilised says architect. she's angry at president obama call he promised to rebuild the cathedral in just 5 years she says that's completely unrealistic. renovations will take at least 10 years and that's only if a miracle happens and they find the right kinds of wood and stone and if all those employed work well with this fire has plunged us into an enormous crisis we expected the government to ask the french people to trust us ex-pats but that was
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not the case that a balance. after all not what i am is a unesco world heritage site the government must put all its can't on the table. it is it to the parisians and the tourists $50000000.00 of whom came here every year before the fire. what eyewitnesses on the night of the fire could not have known was that more than $400.00 tons of toxic lead would be vaporized and spread over the neighborhood official information on the dangers off to the fire was almost nonexistent this so shocked metate today that she took on what you forty's failed to do she went from door to door over the following weeks to warn the residents. actually the construction site must be completely sealed and lead molecules must be prevented from getting into the environment during the construction. it's just
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really gotten here in the jungle she knew. clarendon is a devout catholics and believe that god has personally protected not saddam from collapse until now. there was a predictable hand. negative reaction often nothing happens in the virgin birth child all there was a dead greek everywhere and she didn't even have a scratch not even a satchel that's a sad prize is sassiest supposition on the thinking. node in the knees are quite sure that they're not the dom of stand here as splendidly as before and i hope they'll live to see it. let's get your modern over top stories at this hour turkey says it has no plans to agree to a cease fire in syria that is washington and others urge all drug to end as a fans are against kurdish militias on the ground russia says its forces are patrolling to contain the conflict. and the e.u. and u.k. negotiators are heading back to the table for more last minute talks on bret's if
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there are reports they could be nearing a deal which brussels says it needs before a key summit which kicks off tomorrow. this is. it is live from berlin i'm brian thomas from the entire team thanks for. the mug.
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picture ask for a beautiful beach a romantic council and nuclear power plant. most people in france approved the use of nuclear power that sparked the country's national identity. not chong more no more. name calling. the few cohen to go and
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seek old fashioned. calls made from scratch. pretty colors from bacteria. animate not a mask for. sustainable ethical and fair that's beautiful fresh. in 60 minutes on. unity and justice and freedom the 1st words of the german national lands. in the 3 central valley was that formed the foundation of this country. how have
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these values developed in post-war germany. hard is it to live by and defend the principles of unity justice and freedom in our everyday lives. our journey of 3 part series starts october 21st on d w. such. the beaches of normandy are famously beautiful except for one blot on the landscape . the film on v nuclear power plant partly obscured by the haze on the horizon. the power plant is one of the largest in france. let's see let's here we would move away because of it i try not to assume the worst.


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