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this is d w news live from berlin chaos and gold some major speech by hong kong leader kerry lack. the courage of the judge pro-democracy lawmakers shout her down and force her to leave the legislature there urging law to respect the demands upon kongs protest movement. also coming up turkey says it will never declare a cease fire in northern syria to define calls from washington but on the ground russia says it is true but are patrolling to keep the conflict contained. is
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a bret's a deal finally in sight e.u. and u.k. negotiators are sending mixed signals as brussels warns time is running out yet again. doubts are growing about a timely reconstruction of notre dame paris promised to a race damage from april's place within 5 years but critics call that a fantasy. i'm serious almost got to thank you for joining us pro-democracy lawmakers in hong kong have interrupted a major policy speech by the territory's leader kerry lab now she was forced out of the legislature after opponents heckled her and called on her to meet the demands of hong kong's protest movement demonstrators want to see 5 things implemented in hong kong including free and fair elections. oh
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the speech was in peril before it even began. in the chamber fellow to make his head coach chief executive carry. tango why even call lawmakers please be silent or you know anyone who does not say so i'm going to we will be arsed to leave the chamber will you time. laugh i would choose a goal i know i see on board the yacht the oh yeah pro-democracy lawmakers projected the slogan 5 demands not one less on the chamber's walls these include universal suffrage and an independent inquiry into police violence during demonstrations i. was carrying speech did not address any of these demands at school. i silenced by her critics. the disruption force ms lam to abandon the planned
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speech she later gave her address via video link. and let's go right to hong kong our correspondent charlotte shell some hill is standing by for us there hi charlotte so we have the protests on the streets of hong kong for several weeks now we're also seeing these dramatic pictures of chaos in the territories parliament how long can carry lamb really hang on as a later date. well kerry has always been keen to emphasize that she and authorities here can contain this situation but i think a lot of people watching the images that came out of the legislative council chamber today suggest rules would think that they suggest that she cannot in fact contain the situation the opinion polls show that her popularity is absolutely plummeting here in hong kong at the moment and this address that was meant to happen today was with meant to be a fresh start as the legislative council met once again she was meant to put
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forward her proposals for the coming years her plans it's very much like a state of the union address that the president of the united states holds annually but instead it descended into these absolute scenes of chaos that really was remarkable not once but twice was she forced to abandon her plans to hold that address instead they had to broadcast a pre recorded speech and the plan that the speech in fact focused very much on on issues like a housing and the economy housing subsidies was very light on protests she really only condemned the protesters saying that she would not accept any challenge to chinese sovereignty and it's exactly that that's really further angered processes here they've said all along that kerry has not been addressing that their demands as the been ignoring them and in doing so has has escalated this crisis in fact some legislators today have been calling kerri-anne a puppet of the authorities in beijing others including pro-democracy lawmaker tanya chan who we spoke to just
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a short time ago have been calling for her resignation charlot at the same time we've seen u.s. lawmakers pass a bill that's a aimed at upholding human rights in hong kong what do activists there thing to they think that's a good thing that it will help them in the fight for more democracy. well protesters on the streets have been calling for the international community to speak louder in support of the protests in hong kong for months now for months and weekend after weekend we've seen u.s. flags british flags on the streets so to them they think any sign of support from the international community can only help their cause in some respects so you could argue that this show of support from the u.s. will play into beijing's hands they've long accused the western world of meddling in hong kong affairs but these processes that we've been we've been speaking to say they've been trying to get their message out the months now they're very pleased to hear that this bill has been passed all right our correspondent trollish elsom poll
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reporting there in hong kong thank you charlotte. turkey is rejecting calls for a cease fire in the offensive it launched in northern syria against kurdish militias the kurds have formed a partnership with syrian government troops and syria's russian allies they have now moved into previously kurdish held areas including the city of money bitch meanwhile turkish forces are continuing to shell positions in northern syria u.s. vice president mike pence and the secretary of state mike on peo are on their way to turkey to push for an end to the fighting this comes after the u.s. imposed economic sanctions on ankara for targeting the kurds inside syria. the syrian flag raised over to city of monday it's meant to signal the syrian army's presence in the city a move that follows the between kurdish forces and the government in damascus. and damascus has brought along international allies managed together with other kurdish
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held areas was abandoned by u.s. forces leaving it vulnerable to turkey's military offensive in northern syria. in the going through we were afraid of turkey's aggression but now the turkish army won't be able to enter our city should we feel safe now. turkey has pressed ahead despite growing calls for its to halt incursion. president donald trump's unexpected decision to withdraw troops came after a phone call of with turkish president week ago after that the u.s. has imposed sanctions on turkey while the european union and post a limited arms embargo. its all too often we are watching the situation in turkey with concern i have repeatedly said that this military action should be stopped we must return to negotiations. we remain concerned about the international situation
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of food. well people in manage to remain on the a lurch residents from elsewhere in northern syria are getting out the u.n. says that 160000 people have already fled the fighting. art let's check in now and some other stories making news around the world democrats hoping to become the next u.s. president have met for the 1st t.v. debate since the impeachment probe into donald trump launched last month most criticized trump's approach to foreign policy and his recent abrupt decision to take troops out of northern syria for us and in spain thousands of cattle on separatists have been protesting for a 2nd night in a row they're angry about the long prison sentences handed down to 9 catalan independence leaders protesters clashed with police outside spanish government buildings in barcelona while east of the city in demonstrators blocked roads and set fires. could there be an 11th hour brags that breakthrough
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british and european union negotiators have resumed marathon talks on a draft agreement they use chief negotiator michel bunny said a new text must be on the table in the next few hours that is all member states have a chance to consider it before a crucial youth summit starts tomorrow it is the last major round table before the u.k. scheduled departure date october 31st e.u. officials say london has made enough concessions to bring a long sought deal within reach. and let's bring in our correspondents on this story is that in my london and knocks off one is in brussels welcome to you both max let's start with you there in brussels so is this really within reach you know what progress has been made. we're getting mixed signals at the moment there was a lot of optimism in the last day surprisingly so in brussels many said a deal could be reached by today so a day before that crucial summit that you mentioned that will start tomorrow on
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thursday here in brussels now in the last hours or so we're getting other signals some say that those negotiations have hit a roadblock over details over the workability of the plan i really don't want to get into the details just one example maybe that's really understandable is that the current plan would make it necessary for northern ireland which is part of the u.k. to have a different value added tax system so the tax that you pay for just go to the grocery store than the republic of ireland which is part of the european union and that's just $1.00 of those little problems that are haggling over the word we're hearing all the time is the proposals and the concessions that the u.k. have made are more than anything they've done in the past but the question remains is it workable so that's one side of the story the other side of the story is apparently that michelle who is the chief negotiator for the european union has told investigators of the different countries here in brussels today that he thinks
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a deal is still within reach so we'll just have to wait and see. what's come to you to get the view there in london we're hearing some voices of optimism in brussels what about there boris johnson has said he can see a way forward to reaching a deal with the e.u. before break that supposed to happen on october 31st is this optimism there really believe it will. so similarly to what max is described about brussels the same rings true in london there was definitely a big a sense of optimism in the last days and that i think was because the brics it is in bars johnson's own party just trust him more than treason may so people who are highly critical of trees amaze brecht's of strategy like david davis for example the form of rex's harry who had stepped down over to resign may's bret's a policy he came out defending boris johnson on the radio this morning i think they trust him more because he's seen as one of their own as a true brick sit here now though we also know that all eyes at the moment are on
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the d u p which is the smaller part of the conservatives in the british parliament they are watching with eagle eyes to do that is what's being negotiated in brussels they don't want anything that sets northern ireland apart from the rest of the united kingdom they are unionists they want to stay aligned as closely as possible with the united kingdom and we simply don't know at the moment whether they are going to fall in line whether they are going to go along with boris johnson's have plans so all eyes as usual on northern ireland are you both both touched on ireland there so let's take a look now at the biggest obstacle in the talks between the u.k. and the e.u. at the moment there is little in the way of physical infrastructure to tell drivers they are crossing the border between northern ireland and the republic unless you want to stop for gas on one side of the border you'll pay and euros on the other in
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pounds. everyone here is used to coming and going with ease. but now rex it is making things complicated. at the moment the u.k. including northern ireland and the republic of ireland are 2 independent states both are in the european union and have a bilateral agreement that allows free travel between the republic of ireland and northern ireland if the u.k. leaves the was planned the rules will change. an x. journal you border would be put up between northern ireland and the republic of ireland and it would have to be secured after all the e.u. has strict rules on which products are allowed to be imported or export it and under which conditions. the problem is no one wants a hard border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland. border patrols and guard posts are symbols of one of the darkest chapters in our lives
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history the northern ireland conflict the troubles in which more than 3500 people were killed starting in 1969. only with the 1998 good friday agreement did the violence come to an end together with e.u. support the deal paved the way to peace. many worry that the conflict may flare up again in the course of the u.k.'s exit from the e.u. and several attacks in recent months suggest that this concern is not unfounded. but how can breck's it take place while preventing a hard inner irish border at the same time. a comprehensive customs and trade deal between the e.u. and the u.k. would be one solution but this has yet to be agreed now that's why the e.u.
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has proposed the so-called backstop the kind of insurance that if needed guarantees there will be no hard border on the island of ireland the backstop stipulates that the whole u.k. would remain in a customs union with the e.u. following brecht's it until a better solution is found. which basically means the trade would remain as it is for the time being but with one key difference the u.k. would have to abide by the regulations even after brics it yet would have no say in the rules after all the country would no longer be an e.u. member so it's no wonder that the backstop is so controversial in britain prime minister boris johnson sees it as unacceptable but he has yet to propose an alternative all sides could live with this time is he to go to a vital move without the path to war and so the irish border question remains the greatest obstacle on the long road to brics it ok so we saw there what
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a tricky issue this really is in bags of negotiations what is the plan on the table right now to break this deadlock. well to me we don't know exactly the details of the plane we did we don't know any legal language what we do know what suggests it is that northern ireland will effectively be some sort of hybrid it will somehow be aligned to the european union but in other ways also it will still be a member of the u.k. and this is you have to go back to basically a very good report northern ireland is a special case and the beauty of the peace process of the good friday agreement that we've had so far is that people in northern ireland could feel as u.k. citizens they could feel british but they could also feel irish as europeans and i think this is what they're trying to achieve in these negotiations and brussels but
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crucially all eyes will be on the d u p on the northern irish party if they support what's being negotiated in brussels than i think boris johnson has a good chance of getting his deal through also here in london but if they don't all bets are off right max a lot of eyes also today on the german chancellor angela merkel she is meeting the french president in france for talks on bragg's it also on syria what can we expect . right well if we talk about briggs it of course it will be a topic between the 2 but we should not overestimate the role that the heads of government plays in the e.u. at the moment they have their chief negotiator who has a mandate of course they've kind of tweaked it because remember in the past they said that he was not allowed to open the this legally binding withdrawal agreement so basically that the war stock humans that has changed apparently they're willing to do that now but apart from that what people here the sherpas so the people that are negotiating say is we absolutely want to avoid having the leaders haggling over
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text on thursday when they come together through that maybe decisive summit here in brussels so really what they want them to do is either have the agreement that's negotiated so this this draft that might emerge today or not and then say yes or no but they don't want them getting into the text and actually trying to make a difference all night we've had those situations before usually they don't work out that well so even the heads of state and government are waiting and seeing what is going to happen with these negotiations here in brussels all right our correspondents there max min in brussels back at mass in london both of you bringing us up to date thank you very much now it's been 6 months since a fire ripped through notre dame cathedral in paris and a number of problems are slowing down restoration on the landmark structure experts say the government's timeline for rebuilding it within just 5 years is not
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realistic. not condone cathedral is very much a part of in the shuns homes life every day from the balcony she looks to see if it's still standing. puffy yeah after the blaze denise is still not over the tremor of it. there straight ahead it was exactly where the tower was it we saw how it caught fire started wobbling left and right and then broke off. it was terrible if only sit it it would want that. the fire broke out on a pool of 15 why is still a mystery to build it and in fear for not thousands of people gathered spontaneously in front of the cathedral millions worldwide in front of their screens tonight denise and her husband unjustly won't stream that balcony.
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construction is moving ahead but it's much slower than residents would like the cathedral is still in danger of collapsing the building must 1st be stabilized says architect. she's angry at president obama call he promised to rebuild a cathedral in just 5 years she says that's completely unrealistic. renovations will take at least 10 years and that's only if a miracle happens and they find the right kinds of wood and stone and if all those employed work well with ace fire has plunged dust into an enormous crisis we expected the government to ask the french people to trust us ex-pats but that was not the case than about them i think. after all is a unesco world heritage site the government must put all its can't on the table. it is it to the parisians and the tourists $50000000.00 of whom came here every year
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before the fire. what eyewitnesses on the night of the fire could not have known was that more than $400.00 tons of toxic lead would be vaporized and spread over the neighborhood official information on the dangers after the fire was almost nonexistent this so shocked metate today that she took on the view forty's failed to do she went from door to door over the following weeks to warn the residents. yeah. actually the construction site must be completely sealed and lead molecules must be prevented from getting into the environment during the construction. just assume the best here in the dome 14 new. code and in these a devout catholics believe that god has personally protected not saddam from collapse until now. there was a project to hand. that off for nothing happened to the verge of
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a child all there was a great everywhere and i didn't even have a scratch not even a scratch that's a sad prize is ceci is supposition on the thinking of my. note in the knees are quite sure that they're not stand here as splendidly as before and i hope they'll live to see it. and we can speak now to stefan i'll quest he's an artist story and at the university a bomb back in southern germany is part of the scientific project that forms the basis of the reconstruction and he joins us for more stefan thank you for being with us you've been looking into not for quite some time now well before the fire in april can you tell us more about how you became part of this project. yes we started in 2009 to. the exterior of the transept. we got a commission to react to scupper doing in front of the. we under. the
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exterior. pretty crummy of this culture and so on and then we started to scan the architecture of the transcript inside and outside in this case and it's now extremely. extremely good repute size and with this scale we started to construct a model of a 3 d. model. because he drew which we can see now inside and outside s.f. and this is extremely valuable information that you're describing tell us more about how these scanned images will help in the reconstruction on the skins we can see the boards that have been destroyed. by the dystrophy and this could be
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a very good basis for reconstruction now and we can detect perhaps. what has changed in the cathedral we can compare these scam from 2009 to 16 to new scans and in comparing them we can see what changed with the war with the stones and so on we're talking about really detailed work on can we really expect that it would take 5 years and and will not shut down look like it did when it stop. i don't think that is realistic because they are a lot of problems now problems of cedric's the celtics on dangerous because it will disturb very wet because they used the water of this river saying to fight against the fire and now we have to wait until all this downs.
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can drive now and that's a very. problem of the lead because they are the root of the lunatic the root of the nothing fancy of the cathedral has been led and now there is. a danger of proper sentence he of all the. people working in the cathedral so we have to decontaminate it before we can start all the work of reconstruction all right steffen outlasting art historian from the university of band act thank you for joining us trying to get to you thank you very much. this is d.w. news these are our top stories turkish president to one has rejected a u.s. call for an immediate cease fire in northern syria between turkey and the kurds meanwhile syrian and russian forces moving to stop the turkish advance have now
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taken control of the key syrian town of monday. pro-democracy lawmakers in hong kong have interrupted a major policy speech by the territories leader kerry lamb she was forced out of the legislature as opponents heckled turn called on her to meet the demands of hong kong's months long protest movement. so democrats hoping to become the next u.s. president have met in ohio dominating the televised debate was the impeachment inquiry against donald trump candidates also criticized trump's recent abrupt decision to take troops out of northern syria. thousands of cattle and separatists have been protesting for the 2nd night in a row they're angry about the prison sentences handed down to 9 cattle on independence leaders by a spanish court indeed on a easter burst alona protesters of blocks roads and set fires. this is news from berlin for more news you can always go to our website. thanks for watching dude i
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