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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 16, 2019 10:00pm-10:31pm CEST

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this is g w news live from berlin tonight on a mission to stop the fighting a u.s. delegation heads to turkey in hopes of a cease fire in northern syria turkish president. says he will meet with u.s. vice president mike pence and u.s. secretary of state. but he will not in his assault also coming up tonight how close to a deal are they u.k. and european union to go she does appear to be on the brink of an 11th hour work. agreement. and
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a major speech by hong kong leader kerry is cut short after she's shelled. by pro-democracy. plus they say a picture is worth a 1000 words so what is north korean leader kim jong un saying with these images of his question exodus. to our viewers on p.b.s. and all around the world welcome tonight u.s. president is warning that u.s. sanctions against turkey will be devastating if a meeting between vice president mike pence and turkish president to one is not successful but successful for whom one has rejected cold. for
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a ceasefire in northern syria where his incursion against former u.s. allies the syrian kurds has now also drawn syrian president bashar al assad meanwhile syrian troops have reportedly entered the city where kurdish and u.s. troops 1st defeated islamic state 4 years ago. the turkish military has been carrying out its offensive for over a week its targets are kurdish militias in. a town on the syrian border. bombs are exploding in the city center the military has released images of soldiers . from the turkish border city of. even with a clear military disadvantage the kurdish militia has been able to keep the turkish offensive in check both the u.s. and e.u. countries have repeatedly called on turkish president. to halt the attacks. turkey's offensive has forced tens of thousands to flee the region. many have gone
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to iraq but erda one has rejected international mans for a ceasefire he's holding fast to his plan to free up a protection zone in northern syria. we can end this operation once we are in control of a 35 kilometer deep area of land reaching from the sea to iraq. no one can stop us before we have reached goal. is a brutal. us president mike pence and secretary of state are set to meet with. to discuss a cease fire. ok to go through this i'm joined now by w. correspondence alexander phenomenon she's in washington d.c. and dorian jones is in istanbul a good evening to both of you are going to let me start with you the turkish president saying turkey will never declare a cease fire and negotiate with kurdish fighters so what are pompei of the
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secretary of state and pence the vice president what are they hoping to achieve with this trip. well white house officials told us that vice president pans and secretary of state pompei a wouldn't be having to turkey if the white house wasn't confident that they can achieve their goal and their goal is a ceasefire in syria but this was 2 days ago and the vice president and the secretary of state are still in washington waiting and president trump told us today that they might be going to morrow or today but maybe tomorrow so it seems that the white house is not confident no more that they can a mission can be successful durian the united states has already imposed economic sanctions on turkey what more can it do to get its message across.
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well those sanctions were broadly dismissed by turkey's financial markets and turkey's political leadership as being mainly symbolic but the u.s. congress does demanding i'm proposing far more to coney measures and if this visit by vice president mike pence is a fail then the pressure to introduce those reforms which could even have so much support to override any veto by the u.s. president trump who come into force on those could have major effects on turkey's financial markets turkey is dependent for over $100000000000.00 a year loans a much of that comes from the u.s. financial markets if that was interfered with kentucky would be in trouble earlier today the u.s. president said that turkey's incursion into syria quote has nothing to do with us and he also added that the us is former allies the kurds are no angels here's more
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of what he said. the kurds are very well protected plus they know how to fight and by the way there's no way. they were with us they are no angels but they are fighting we are largely out of that area no angels alexander how damaging are comments like that for america's reputation domestically and internationally. very damaging i would say internationally because you asked allies no question if that they can rely on the you asked when things change on the ground or whether they can be abandoned just ask the kurds so president strums decision has undermined you as credibility as a partner and it's also very damaging mess to clean for president trump he is
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facing a lot of criticism from democrats and republicans alike more than ever i would say since the beginning of his presidency the house of representatives has passed a resolution condemning keith's decision to withdraw troops from syria with an over whelming bipartisan majority and many republicans and the senate are also very critical of the president and this is very difficult and damaging for him at a time when he needs republicans support doing the impeachment inquiry yeah that's a very good point impeachment is still in the air in washington and the russian president vladimir putin says that he will ensure that turkish and syrian troops do not fight each other do you think that turkey will exempt russian troops in the role of peacekeepers. well i think will be very
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wary of any confrontation with russian forces president one is very aware of how much of a dangerous folk putin can be the 2 men have been working together closely in the region and given the fact that turkey is facing international isolation he's faced been calls for it to end the operation a coming from washington european union arab league moscow really is the only ally turkey has left in the region and present one is expected to visit moscow for talks with putin in the coming days those talks will be critical and determine the outcome of this mission putin is expected to also the possibility of talks with damascus given the fact that the mask is now working with the kurds i will secure turkey's bolder in many ways damascus talks to offer a way out of the current situation turkey but that will require a big step back from murder 101 has no diplomatic relations with syria and has been calling for bashar assad to be over firm so it would be a very difficult step back from want to take such
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a move all rights alexander phenomena in washington dorian jones in stamboul to both of you thank you. for here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world unrest has erupted on the streets of the spanish city barcelona for the 3rd night in a row demonstrators have also gathered again in their tens of thousands to protest against the long prison sentences given to 9 cattle on separatist leaders on monday with more violence expected hundreds of spanish police are on alert to not italian authorities have begun recovering the bodies of migrants who drowned near the island of lampedusa over a week ago the wreck of the boat and the bodies of at least 12 people were located earlier when today 13 other bodies had already been found. the european union's new commission headed by germany's former defense minister ursula underlying will not start work as planned on november the 1st that after the european parliament voted
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3 of the nominated commissioners dale france romania and hungary were now each have to propose new candidates. there are indications tonight that the european union and britain are close to finalizing the terms of a withdrawal agreement for the u.k. to leave the european union but unconfirmed reports from london say there will be no deal in the coming hours no e.u. and british negotiators are meeting in brussels to discuss the terms of the withdrawal treaty the talks have focused on customs issues between the republic of ireland which is an e.u. member and northern ireland which is part of the united kingdom soon to be outside the e.u. breaks it is due to begin on october 31st. and our correspondents show a lot of pomp and barbara visa war on the story for us show is in london barbara is in brussels good evening to you bush along let me start with you the indications
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from london suggest that there will be no deal tonight is that what you're sensing as well. this is definitely what we're hearing sources close to downing street telling us that there won't be a deal tonight and the main sticking point remains the d u p the northern irish party they have very little power in parliament just 10 votes there but boris johnson needs them to get a final deal through parliament at some point if there was to be a deal and the d u p really is insisting of staying as close as possible to the u.k. we don't really know what a new deal would entail on the u.k. side downing street has been very very tight lipped but the. bar is johnson has been holding intense talks over the last days with seems to be the sticking point they don't want to get on board and boris johnson has some serious convincing to do
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if he indeed wants to reach a deal. if this turns out to be true. well we're hearing from downing street and from boris johnson every indication speaks for that they are still seeking a deal that they are hoping for a deal during the e.u. summit in the upcoming days to finalize that but let's say if there was a deal we have to remind all of us that we've been there before he recently brought back the deal it was rejected by paul amend and it's very dubious if boris johnson really has the numbers and paula meant to see that deal through to get a majority of there and if there is no deal what then you are asking and no deal scenario of course is on the table but there is a law in place that keeps boris johnson from no deal he would have to ask for an extension that's called the ben act and he would have to do that by saturday and
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really if it comes down to breaking the law asking for an extension. doesn't really have a choice in the end yeah. we've been here before it seems . to me what's the status of these last minute talks. now the status is that the e.u. chief negotiator michel barnier has been talking to the embassadors of the e.u. 27 the other member states and has been informing them of out of the state of play he told them what is now in the text because there isn't in fact a text on the table has not been published yet it's not open we can see if we can read it but it says that it is said behind the scenes here as through diplomatic leaks that the e.u. and the u.k. have sort of really bridged all the gaps between and they were huge but there began
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on saturday between all for all those questions of customs of border in behind not in northern ireland but somewhere in the irish sea about how the record the compensation for the v. 8 t. and other fees will be done in the future of old control that cetera et cetera i mean this whole long convoluted list the lots of technical question it's all lawless and done it's sort of almost ready to go and then the very last minute the new from london came and this is the main point the e.u. leaders want boris johnson to come there tomorrow at the summit and see i have the numbers in the house of parliament if he doesn't they won't agree you know as you say we have been here before. the storm force and wanted to both of you thank you. well still to come daring to dream japan is gripped by rugby
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mania head of its world cup quarter final with south africa that's coming up in just a moment it's. pro-democracy lawmakers in hong kong have disrupted a major policy speech by the territory's leader kerry lam left the legislature and had to deliver her speech by video after being shouted down by legislators calling on her to meet the demands of hong kong's protest movement. a hostile reception for kerry land const chief executive had come to deliver a speech but as fellow lawmakers heckled and he could make it started. i changed my bolo make has no please remain silent for you anyone who does not stay silent we will be asked to leave the chamber. under a jungle in 5 seating poco something jungle. pro-democracy lawmakers projected the
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slogan here the 5 demands not one less from the chambers walls these include universal suffrage and an independent inquiry into police violence during demonstrations. when carolan didn't address any of these demands she was shouted down forcing her to abandon her speech she wanted to live at her address 5 video link. no make it tanya chan is one of her mom's most vocal critics she later told t w that the chief executives time is up well absolutely absolutely i don't think she can still get her call call and and after all this muddles we can clearly see her incapability and so i think that that's very 1st step for all to go forward to go forward it's her it's for her to resign as soon as possible as night fell gets
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more cause for anger jimmy shama prominent protest organizer was left bleeding in the streets after at least 4 men reportedly attacked him with hammers. is supposed to say the assault was politically motivated they have vowed to carry on their protest. leaders on horses enjoying the great outdoors a quiet ecstasy you might remember this image right here taken of vladimir putin it's on his calendar the bare chested russian in siberia and mail it seems that he has inspired another leader north korea's kim jong un has been seeking his own putin moment in a nature based photo shoot my colleague frederica baggio is here to take a closer look i know you've been looking at the calendars extra federica for this story so tell me more you brought your saddle so when north korea's state media
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they've released the syrians these pictures featuring conjunct on writing this majestic white horse while visiting snow capped amount back to mt back to is a sacred mountain to north koreans and it's also the highest mountain in the peninsula. these pictures of course have been making the rounds online people have been wondering is this a funny spin off of game of thrones and it's actually no i mean there's a lot of symbolism inspectors in the white horses of propaganda a symbol for the kim family which has been ruling north korea for 7 decades and state media have occasionally shown came in the sister and he's there on this white horses so clearly it's a way of projecting the strength and. of the king family and you almost get the feeling that he wishes he had long here so that you could you know slow and wave in the wind i mean you know all joking aside is there a political meaning behind the choice of this back real well that's what some
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think in fact what's interesting is that in the past kids of visits to despair to keep their mountain have preceded important decisions or announcements for example in 2013 he visited amount back to before or during gigs accused of the he's uncle and then he visited the mountain before. entering diplomatic talks with south korea and the us 2018 and so there's been speculation as to whether this is now proceeding some other kind of announcement says something i mean whether maybe he's announcing a new strategy in his relations with the u.s. and then with trump also the pictures came together with a press release and in this press release and there's one sentence that particularly stood out and it's this one. saying all officials accompanying kim they they believe that there will be a great operation to strike the world with wonder and so i mean it's just going to
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say whether this is just a profile gun just under whether i mean he actually has something because i wonder if u.s. president donald trump if he will appear on the boards as well who knows whether he'll take this as a child i don't know what ecstasy as we said frederica there is always that every thank you thank you. or the spanish football league have asked for the match between barcelona and real madrid to be moved to spain's capital over fears of civil unrest following days of protest in kind of lumia barcelona's campanella stadium was set to host the so-called classical match between fierce rivals in the 26th of october the league made the request of the spanish football federation both clubs will be consulted before a decision is reached. well police in bulgaria have arrested 6 football fans following monday's euro 2020 qualification match in sofia during the match england
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players were subjected to racist abuse with incidents of monkey chants and nazi salutes police have so far dignified 15 supporters who thought they were been involved the incident calls the head of bulgaria's football association to announce his resignation european football's governing body wafer has yet to issue a punishment as anti-discrimination organizations call for bulgaria to be kicked out of the competition. or japan has gone crazy for rugby the country more often associated with sumo wrestling is hosting this year's rugby world cup and the national team has booked its place in the quarter finals for the 1st time now shops are struggling to keep up with the demand for merchandise. rugby mania has reached feed a peach in japan. the world cup hosts into the quarter finals of the competition but its debt is a dream. by little 6. so it will depend showed
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its strength i've been a rugby fan for 35 years and it's like a drain on the public support is so high the officials he make a stall is struggling to keep up with demand for much in dice. now the demand for all items has been really good especially the japanese jerseys the japanese stores are just selling like crazy and we're getting them wherever we can but unfortunately a looks like most of the japanese stores in japan are sold out and i daughter and husband one tickets for the quarter final choice that they wanted to go see the match winning japanese jerseys because against expectations it is a japan match so i am disappointed not to be able to buy a jersey on. reaching the last full is the. now that goal standing in their way are 2 time winners south africa a tough test but one japan has passed before a famous victory over their opponents at the last world cup announced japan's
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arrival on the rugby union world stage. if they can do it again on sunday rugby mania might just go into overdrive. well it has been 6 months since a fire ripped through notre dame cathedral in paris and a number of problems are slowing down restoration on the way and mark structure experts say the government's timeline for rebuilding it within just 5 years is not realistic. not to them cathedral is very much a part of it in the shuns have on slice every day from a balcony she looks to see if it still standing. after the blaze denise is still not over the trauma of it. all up to survey the locks. there straight ahead it was exactly where the tower was it we saw how it caught fire started wobbling left and right and then broke off the rest
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it was terrible. sit it out that. the fire broke out on a pile of 15th why is still a mystery to build it and in fear for not with thousands of people gathered spontaneously in front of the cathedral millions worldwide in front of their screens tonight denise and her husband unjustly want strong that balcony. construction is moving ahead but it's much slower than residents would like the cathedral is still in danger of collapsing the building must 1st be stabilized says architect. she's angry at president obama call he promised to rebuild a cathedral in just 5 years she says that's completely unrealistic. renovations will take at least 10 years and that's only if a miracle happens and they find the right kinds of wood and stone and if all those
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employed work well this fire has plunged us into an enormous crisis we expected the government to ask the french people to trust us ex-pats but that was not the case than about them i think. after all not what i am is a unesco world heritage site the government must put all its can't on the table it is it to the parisians and the tourists 15000000 of whom came here every year before the fire. what eyewitnesses on the night of the fire could not have known was that more than $400.00 tons of toxic lead would be vaporized and spread over the neighborhood official information on the dangers off to the fire was almost nonexistent this so shocked metate really that she took on with your thirties failed to do she went for. door to door over the following weeks to warn the residents. yammers. actually the construction
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site must be completely sealed and the lead molecules must be prevented from getting into the environment during the construction. just assume the best of me in the dome 14 new. code and in these a devout catholics believe that god has post only protected melted down from collapse until now and it will be it was a predictable hand. at all for nothing happening to the virgin with child all there was a dead greek everywhere and she didn't even have a scratch not even a scratch that's a surprise is ceci is something on the thinking. note and in these a quite sure that they're not stand here as splendidly as before and they hope they'll live to see it. well and stream weather has disrupted australia's world so we're challenging with 40 teams race across the country in the world's fastest solar powered cars and the cars are successfully harnessed the power of the song
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but high winds proved more difficult to combat for the lightweight vehicles 2 of which were blown off the road organizers implemented a maximum speed limit of 80 kilometers per hour which was lifted later on in the day as conditions improved you have to have the sun. not the wind. you're watching the w. news after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day stick around for that we'll be right back.
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below into an official estimates more than 1200000 venezuelans live in colombia legally and illegally. already. returned a vast. to visit friends is that i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you
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know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. bearing witness global news that matters. made for mines. are always. a symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslim. the christian population. with strangers on the city center 2017 president church's response was told. my children will never let me look over. the reconquest turn to tragedy. that's not the reason at all this is not the kind of freedom that we want. how did it become a gateway to islamist terror. until now the saudi got under morsi as
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a result. of an exclusive report from a destroyed city with. the philippines in the sights of my guests starts october 24th on t.w. . when do you know it's safe to trust that's a question for german chancellor angela merkel she's all for rolling out the country's 5 g. network even if it comes with the label made in china and what to do when your future depends on the people you trust today we just ask pro-democracy demonstrators in hong kong for them the leader of hong kong kerry lamb cannot be trusted in the here and now and they say she shouldn't be trusted with their future either i break off in berlin this is the day.


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