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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 16, 2019 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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this is g w news live from berlin tonight on a mission to stop the fighting a u.s. delegation heads to turkey in hopes of a cease fire in northern syria turkish president. says he will meet with u.s. vice president mike pence and secretary of state month as he will not end his assault on the kurds also coming up how close to a deal are they u.k. and european union negotiated appeared to be on the brink of an 11th hour break agreement plus they say a picture is worth
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a 1000 words so please tell me what is north korean leader kim jong un saying to his with these images of a question ecstasy. i burnt golf it's good to have you with us tonight u.s. president donald trump is warning that u.s. sanctions against turkey will be devastating if a meeting between vice president mike pence and turkish president richard tie your hair to one is not successful but successful for everyone has rejected calls for a cease fire in northern syria where his incursion against former u.s. allies the syrian kurds has now also drawn in troops of syrian president bashar al assad meanwhile syrian troops have reportedly entered co bani and are also in
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control of the key town of. many of the fighting so far much of the fighting so far has been centered around the border city. the turkish military has been carrying out its offensive for over a week its targets are kurdish militias in. a town on the syrian border. bombs are exploding in the city center the military has released images of soldiers . from the turkish border city of. even with a clear military disadvantage the kurdish militia has been able to keep the turkish offensive in check both the u.s. and e.u. countries have repeatedly called on turkish president. to halt the attacks. turkey's offensive has forced tens of thousands to flee the region. many have gone to iraq but everyone has rejected international mans for a ceasefire. he's holding fast to his plan to free up
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a protection zone in northern syria. then. we can end this operation once we are in control of a 35 kilometer deep area of land reaching felicity of man bridge to iraq. no one can stop us before we have reached goal. he said little. u.s. president mike pence and secretary of state are set to meet with. to discuss a cease fire. our correspondent in washington salahi's on the story for us there is good evening to you oliver serve u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi she says that a meeting with trump on syria was just cut short what happened. those must have been bizarre moments of the white house brand reportedly the speaker of the house nancy pelosi stormed out of the white house after president
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trump called her a 3rd. rate politician pelosi later reported that the president had a melt down she says that it seems he is really really shaken up by that vote at congress earlier today where both parties the democrats and the republicans can damn. the move the decision of president trump to withdraw his troops from north and syria that's a very rare move if you consider how split both parties are at this point there's an ongoing impeachment inquiry now an overwhelming majority even of his own party the republicans damning that move the criticism is that he created a crisis in the middle east and president trump seems to realize the chaos he cost there is lashing out and defending himself it seems and today we heard the u.s. president also saying that turkey is incursion into syria has nothing to do with us
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that's the quote and he said the u.s. is former alwis the kurds are quote no angels i mean how damaging are these comments for america's reputation. well there's been a lot of these comments today made by president trump and in the last days such as that i says is a problem rather for europe because the fighters would return to europe so it's not america's business or that russia can deal with with the free isis fighters right now and that is of course very damaging and in particular even for members of his own party who think this is the season to move all day or to let down one of the most loyal allies in the fight against eyes that said this is a betrayal not only off the kurds but also off republican values and of course the position of the democrats is clear but it's also internationally
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a big problem as the administration has embarrassed itself infin its foreign policy move once again and for other countries it seems that the united states under president trying once again is not a very reliable partner it seems it's all of us now it's on the story for us in washington very fluid stories today all over thank you. all right here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world unrest has erupted on the streets of the spanish to the barcelona for the 3rd night in a row demonstrators have also gathered begin to tens of thousands to protest against the long prison sentences given to 9 kedah long separatist leaders on monday with more violence expected hundreds of spanish police are on alert to not italian authorities have begun recovering the bodies of migrants who drowned near the island of lampedusa over a week ago the wreck of the boat in the bodies of at least 12 people were located
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earlier wins day 13 other bodies had already been found. the european union's new commission headed by germany's former defense minister ursula from the lyon you see there will not start work as planned on the member of the 1st it comes after the european parliament vetoed 3 of the nominated commissioners france were mania and hungary will now each have to propose new can't it's. well there are indications tonight that the european union and britain are close to finalizing the terms of the withdrawal agreement for the u.k. to leave the e.u. unconfirmed reports however from london say that there will be no deal in the coming hours even british negotiators where they've been meeting in brussels to discuss the terms of the withdrawal of treaty the talks have focused on customs issues between the republic of ireland which is an e.u. member and northern ireland which is part of the u.k. and would be part or be outside of the e.u.
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breaks it is due to begin on october 31st. are those who stray to brussels now for the latest r t w correspondent is on the story for us tonight good evening to you barbara's one of those late nights has the focus really moved now from brussels back to london. it definitely has and it seems brant as if this story these bricks of negotiations that are ongoing since last saturday are such an emotional roller coaster they certainly have more cliffhangers than your average t.v. series because now at the very moment when the european side says ok there is enough on the table the tx isn't quite ready bought that can be remedied but there is enough on the table we've agreed on most of the open most of the contentious points if close this agreement then all of
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a sudden as some had been guessing in advance there comes a red light from london and boris johnson has to say sorry folks but i don't have the numbers in the house of commons so things are sort of thrown up against 0 again again the operative word there i mean it's deja vu for sure and i'm wondering what if northern ireland do you people and hard line conservative brigadiers what if the hold their course does that mean no further moves are concessions from brussels. you know this is finished i mean the deal is on the table once again as you said we've been there we've seen this was the reason may there was a deal it failed in the house of commons 3 times now again there's a deal on the table the you can agree to it's an offer and if then the british side somehow doesn't manage to get their people and their parliamentarians behind this that it's just too bad this ball really is in their court that's what do european
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union says and then they won't budge they will just sit here and sort of sort of scratch their heads and say ok what do we do now it's extension time once again. what do you think boris johnson is going to do to morrow do you think that the british prime minister if you if you doesn't have something there looks like. it's even going to show up for the e.u. summit tomorrow there were rumors actually that he wouldn't because i mean just imagine he's going to go in there then his slot appearance is usually after dinner so it's always a breakfast for dessert a door opens boris johnson walks in and says do ladies and gentleman i have to tell you that i'm very sorry about this but no i can't do this at the moment. i mean this is absolutely cringe inducing so he probably won't or he will probably find a form to somehow circumvent this but for the european union of course it means
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they will just have to sort of give britain more time once again and say please go home and figure out how to break that because so far somehow it has worked as you say then again barbara biggs on the story for us in brussels barbara thank you. leaders on horses enjoying the great outdoors a quiet ecstasy you might remember this image right here taken of vladimir putin it's on his calendar the bare chested russian in siberia and mail it seems that he has inspired another leader north korea's kim jong un has been seeking his own putin moment in a nature based photo shoot my colleague frederica baggio is here to take a closer look i know you've been looking at the calendars extra frederica for this story so tell me more you brought your saddle so when north korea's state media
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they've released the syrians these pictures featuring kim jong un writing this majestic white horse while visiting snow capped amount back to mt back to is a sacred mountain to north koreans and it's also the highest mountain in the peninsula. these pictures of course have been making the rounds online people have been wondering is this a funny spin off of game of thrones and it's actually no i mean there's a lot of symbolism in this big trysts and the white horse is a propaganda symbol for the kim family which has been ruling north korea for 7 decades and state media have occasionally shown came and his sister and he's there on this white horses so clearly it's a way of projecting the strength and. for the kim family and that you almost get the feeling that he wishes he had long hair so that you could you know slow and wave in the wind i mean you know all joking aside is there a political meaning behind the choice of this background well that's what some
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think in fact what's interesting is that in the past kids of visits to despair to keep their mountain have preceded important decisions or announcements for example in 2013 he visited amount back to before or during gigs accused of the he's uncle and then he visited the mountain before. entering diplomatic talks with south korea and the us 2018 and so there's been speculation as to whether this is now proceeding some other kind of announcement something i mean whether maybe he's announcing a new strategy in his relations with the u.s. with the notrump also the pictures came together with a press release and in this press release there's one sentence that particularly stood out and it's this one. saying all officials accompanying kim they they believe that there will be a great operation to strike the world with wonder again so i mean it's too soon to
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say whether this is just a profile gun dust under whether i mean he actually had something like this i wonder if u.s. president donald trump will appear on the course as well who knows whether he'll take this as a child i don't know or an ecstasy as we said frederica as always but every thank you thank you. well don't forget you can always get the w. news on the go. out from google play or from the apple store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the need to send us photos and videos when you see news happening. this is live from berlin i'm going gough's kristoff is up next with news of an agreement between general motors and union representatives that could signal the end to a bitter labor dispute stick around to be wrapped.
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