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for the last possible one after all of these various adjustments we've made. and major changes particularly far on into northern and we for our part true for me except to each that we remove the banks up we replace it with a new approach. to the corner i said this is a cornerstone and this justifies the consent procedure by the way it will be for the solution that we found for adults and on and should be sustainable it has to be with democratic support and i think it's legitimate democratic support be very fine frankly that's one of the conditions that have been changes that we have made change in the line in the interests of the year 2000 and wishing to leave see european union the single market and the customs union and us as a european which wishes to remain as it is a strong single market which is much more the free trade area before the supreme
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who wants to defend its interests and i think we've come up with a duty to nominate compromise if i can describe it between the united kingdom and ourselves and what i can say you can still cause you questions. this week ok yes and you have been listening to michelle there the chief brag that negotiator confirming there is a draft withdraw agreement with the u.k. and brags that he said that this text should provide legal certainty in every area war breaks out like any separation creates uncertainty even on the key point of how to solve the issue of avoiding a hard border between the republic of ireland northern ireland he said they've also laid the groundwork to open negotiations on a future free trade agreement now let's break down all of what we just heard there we have our correspondents are on the story for us and brussels at the ports in london good to see you both garrick we have to start with you were all the action is at the moment you've been listening in there to michel barnier as well what did
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you take away from what he said. so me who would have thought we finally hear those was we have the liberty to gather and someone speaking of a dynamic compromise i mean off the really weeks and months of negotiations we're back where we have already been with to resolve may only this time there's i would say a lot more optimism then you've heard michele bunny's saying that he could imagine that boris johnson may well convince his parliament to support this deal but believe you me i mean you leaders will want to hear from boris johnson how exactly he's going to do that before they endorse this revised withdrawal agreement as it's called now garrick i'm going to task you with the difficult job of taking us through some of the points that were on the table just there from michele bending it because again that key sticking point was what to do to avoid a hard border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland and he listed 4 points there can you describe what exactly the solution is that they have agreed
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upon. i mean he spoke of a dynamic compromise and i see your compromises in what michelle banias printed out for us all mapped out for us on both sides let's start with the u.k. and a key compromise being that the northern island will remain aligned to limited set of rules of the customs union and the internal market that means on paper northern island which is part of the u.k. will remain part of the u. case custom territory but effectively on the ground there will be checks for instance in the irish sea and spoke of points of entry and i can't see any other place than the irish sea where there will be controls where customs officers will adjust to the east custom system and made also clear that this is u.k. personnel here i can see a bit of an e.u. compromise then another place where we would could talk about compromise is the
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e.u. has for a long time said the backstop so that guarantee that there will be no hard border cannot have an expiry date well now the every 4 years the house of the parliament in northern ireland will have a say whether they do want to continue this day facto part of the customs being the cust part being part of the customs union of the e.u. every 4 years a simple majority will decide yes we want do want to keep that scenario or no so in a sense this is an expiring date be. coming in through the back door but michel barnier is absolutely right to say that it is also democratic consent so i think these are the key pillars and the key sticking points that remained on the table of course there's also the v.a. t. where a solution has been found he didn't go into greater detail here but it looks like they have managed to find a way to organize a backstop i haven't called it backstop anymore so i would say it's
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a regulatory arrangement let's call it that way where the you. that you can live with we'll have to see if the do you give the green light as well all right that takes us to london there are following this for us as well you know we've heard a lot of optimism now in brussels but also from the british prime minister boris johnson who tweeted out about the agreement a little earlier saying this is a great new deal that takes a back control tell us what you've been hearing there. well obviously a very happy boris johnson here in london he has reached the impossible so to say the european union had said we are not going to open that withdrawal agreement again and he accomplished that he made them open it and revise it i've just looked at the text 64 pages. with the details some of them just mentioned and we've been hearing from downing street that this is the best deal for the u.k. and that the prime minister singh said the members of parliament should now rally
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behind it because that is the next obstacle the british parliament on saturday will be sitting for the 1st time on a weekend in 40 years and members of parliament will have to decide whether now this time around they will indeed rally behind this new deal as mentioned again we've been here before there was a withdrawal agreement that theory some may have brought into parliament that was rejected 3 times the numbers really haven't changed and paula meant if you can go boris johnson has lost his conservative majority he does need the northern irish the u.p.a. on board he does need substantial parts of his own party and maybe even of the opposition party to pos that withdrawal agreement and so this is going to be the next big step here in london that he needs to rally the members of parliament behind this deal show that we do want to ask you about the deal this is the northern union yunus party is. this is boris johnson's these are his northern irish
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allies and they have actually propped up his conservative government and the g.o.p. has said until now they are not going to support this deal that is on the table and that doesn't seem to have changed i mean what are you hearing there. well i think that boris johnson is trying to strong arm the do you in supporting this deal . but you've made significant changes to the deal you so you have to get on board brussels us happy we are happy the conservative party is happy with it so get your act together and finally support that deal but for the do you cause this is a very fundamental issue they want to be as closely aligned as possible to london to the united kingdom and not to brussels and dublin and they will look very
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closely now at the legal text at the $64.00 pages of documents that have just been coming out of the european union and then they will see if in the end they might finally be able to rally behind it but for now as things stand they've just made another statement they are not on board yet so that is 10 votes less for boris johnson on saturday and paula meant and for his deal and just a follow up on that it appears that this question of a value added tax regime really has been where the do you have said it cannot get on board is that right. yeah that was one of the issues and a very big issue for northern ireland was the issue off consents now as far as i've been reading those words draw agreement they do get a say every 4 years so on whether the status quo should should continue are not but they don't or they won't get
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a veto in the 1st place on whether they are going to take part in the deal and that remains a very big issue for them the other details we will need to look at more closely and also see what do you p.d. is saying in the next few hours here another issue i want to raise so it is of course not only about the do you pm parliament on saturday because as i mentioned it's only 10 votes on there and but it is also about johnson's own party about the conservative tory party because they're the hotline us have not supported the deal in the pasta bricks of tia's they have said this morning that they will look very closely at the legal text that they do trust boris johnson more than 2 reason may last year to negotiate after this divorce agreement has been reached with the european union and that he can get
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a better future relationship with the european union so they might be on board but then boris johnson also needs the opposition labor party or a few of them to be on board and we are hearing from them that they are now very much behind supporting a 2nd referendum on this revised deal they want to bring it back to the people and they will not allow a single labor. members of parliament to vote in favor of boris johnson's deal so it is really crunch time on saturday in the british parliament and we will see if boris johnson's apparently. good negotiating skills now that he has reached a deal with the european union will also apply to the members of parliament here in london garrick coming back to you in brussels this is a question that we heard. that was posed by reporters just after michel barnier spoke there asking did you get any assurances from boris johnson commitments that he does have a majority to pass this deal through his own parliament to tell us more about what
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michelle bunyan said there that will be there will be really interesting to see and i think michelle bernice. seeing all that have put into this and also seeing that he has made all these concessions regarding the backs of and let's remind our viewers why the specs of solution which is safeguarding solution in case the e.u. and the u.k. in the future will not work out a greater. closer relationship a new relationship that something that is still has to be found and why that is so important and it is so important because boris johnson also change the political declaration he only wants a loose trade deal with the european union so it is already clear that this backstop solution for northern ireland the customs union regulation to rescreen will be needed if in deed the u.k. and the e.u.
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in the future will only have a loose but close free trade agreement between each other to regulate economic exchanges. will come back to you both and speak a little bit more about this news in a little bit thanks so much and i get to a quick recap now of our breaking news that we have coming in from brussels as we said britain and the e.u. say they have. meant to approve it this week the deal lays out terms on sticking point irish. they do not plan to back the deal. while global stocks are surging on the news so is the pound let's bring in market
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analyst craig girl i'm from in london hi greg it does look like investors are excited. yeah the very excited i think there's still that's being achieved today while it doesn't guarantee it's going to get through parliament on sausage day it's certainly the bridge obviously bridge the divide that is existed for so long between. brussels the question is now one of the finer details how much of an issue is this going to be for the do you pay all of the m.p.'s going to be able to get on board or we going to have to have an extension on the election in order for the top one to but even that is probably not the end of the world because if we do get an extension on the election there's a good chance that boris johnson then those got the numbers in parliament posset later on in the year so do investors have the feeling we're coming to the end of this saga. i mean investors are eternal optimist we've seen is so many times before that we've become very excited about the prospects for improvements whether it's on bragg's at the trade deals or anything else only to be sold short so it's still early days i feel like there's still
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a few more twists and turns to come starting this saturday but i think it's going to be exciting and i think there's going to be an overall sense of relief now that we all eventually moving towards an agreement towards a deal and towards talk about something else well you mentioned some of the has a tendency because boris johnson described this deal is great but there are questions about his ability to sell it back home so what do you think its chances are. i think it's going to be really difficult to get the numbers through if we look at the state of parliament right now got 10 to you people 1. suggested they're going to oppose the deal we have labor who is going to whip their m.p.'s to only back deal with a 2nd referendum of course the probably will be some who will but the deal who all pays for leave can stitch heavily leave constituencies i don't imagine the lib dems or the s. and p. are going to buy the daily or the so the numbers are going to be extremely tight like a side if worst case scenario this deal doesn't get through parliament i don't think
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that's the end of the world for the deal like it was with tories amaze because i think if they stand goes to an election boris johnson is in a very strong position having negotiated a deal that keeps the u.k. out of a backstop all the vast majority of the u.k. i should say all right frank early in london thank you for the insight. thank you all right let's listen in now in more detail to some of the points of agreement outlined by michelle in particular the new points of agreement with the u.k. compared to the previous break that deal agreed with boris johnson's predecessor theresa may. or may want to do all one full. agreement. people. on an island more. committed to protect.


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