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this is d.w. newsline from berlin the deal is done britain and the e.u. say they have reached an agreement on the u.k.'s departure from the european union the e.u. calls it fair and balanced but anything else still needs to be backed by all the e.u.'s member states and at the u.k. parliament so what are the prospects of success. and the top u.s. officials arrive in turkey to try to broker a ceasefire in northern syria they'll try to persuade ankara to end the offensive it started when u.s. troops withdrew but turkey's president is valid to push i have forgotten what.
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i. am. i'm serious oh my god it's good to have you with us britain and the e.u. say they have reached a deal on the u.k.'s withdrawal from the european union the break that agreement is set to be agreed in principle at a european union leaders summit that's due to start in brussels shortly now british prime minister boris johnson is helling it as quote a great new deal here on twitter he's urging the u.k. parliament to approve it this week the deal lays out terms on sticking points including border and customs issues between e.u. member state ireland and northern ireland which is part of the u.k. but johnson's northern irish allies in parliament the day you can say they do not plan to back the deal. and the 1st official announcement that a deal had been reached came from michelle obama and brussels here and he is the chief breaks that negotiator. they have arrived at an agreement with the british
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government on an order that it was true all of the united kingdom up from the european union and also on the framework for our future relationship this is the result of intensive work so you on the part of the 2 negotiating teams and i'd like to thank them in person or let's bring in our correspondents scared matus is at the european council in brussels where you leaders will be meeting shortly and fell at our ports is covering the story for us from london good to have you board both kerry let's start with you so after all this time in years of negotiations suddenly it all seemed to move very fast and take us through what happened. exactly look at the 1st the reaction from the jungle gym to the outgoing head of the european commission has been to say where there is a will there is
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a deal and it just gives you an indication of how important this is for the european union they've always wanted to avoid a disorderly practice and they also wanted to come want me make sure they are not the ones to be blamed for a disorderly practice that and so they are quite happy here that an agreement has been hammered out negotiators work for 3 nights in a row to achieve this and some concessions have been made on both sides i would say single out 2 of them the key concession from the u.k. is that a northern ireland remains aligned not only to the standards of the internal market but also to some parts of the customs union that is what boris johnson had just brought to the table if you look at the of the at the e.u. sides i would say the 2 that the main concession here really is that it will be u.k. customs officials who will be controlling that he use customs laws will be applied when it comes to goods crossing from the u.k.
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in general the niland all right let's come to you in london boris johnson the prime minister tweeted out that he has a deal a great deal at that he certainly sounds a lot more confident than he had this morning. a conference. call for celebration let's say for him being here at the cost of the jolly going out if you think everybody else boris johnson celebrating that would be free and you but. that. said i'm. certain that you will be people that you were just comments coming from and they will hold on to. you. yesterday on a saturday to fight. like hell that thank.
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you thank you can't thank you the pressure is on let's listen to some more of what that you brace of a negotiator michel barnier had to say he made it clear the new deal would prevent any side from driving any unfair advantages over the other of the key concept being a level playing field for a future economic relationship that's awesome. we have agreed. on are solid guarantees for the level playing field to facilitate an ambitious free trade agreement that is without terrorists and quotas. on this point i would like to testify having discussed is often when i've visited various parts of the european union to the fact that all member states the european parliament national parliaments of and obviously businesses and members of the business community whom i've met have paid a great deal of attention and will continue to do so in terms of having. a
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common pillar of standards that will apply at the end of the transition for social rights environmental protection stage age and taxation matters so care of this idea of a level playing field how important is that to the e.u. member states. the key thing really for the european union is that they have seen that want to change the political aeration i think that's a significant difference from teresa mayes. deal although the 2 are quite similar but here's the real difference boris johnson in the future does not want to ask close the relationship as to reason may would have in visaged in the political declaration he wants a loose free trade agreement the good news for the e.u. in that is there will be some form of free trade relationship with the u.k. the problematic part however is that for northern ireland this would be
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a threat for the free trade between the eye on the island of islands or between the republic of ireland northern ireland and it is therefore that it was all the more important for the you to secure that deal that sort of sort of a backstop a regulatory alignment is in place. i want to ask you about that point as well because the most ardent present here is they are in favor of a complete free trade deal for the u.k. as we heard from garrett so they will presumably not be particularly happy with this level playing field. well what we've heard from bank city is this morning was that they trust boris johnson more than they've trusted to resign main especially when it comes to that negotiation of the future relationship and i think they will now look closely at the legal text. but it seems like they can get on board with what has been negotiated with the european union so
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boris johnson has some more votes in his own party reserved for him than before the hard liners have always voted against this deal of the hotline us of the tory party so i think that this is something that they can get on board with how is this jail cell at a fundamentally different from the agreement that the former prime minister theresa may reach. well it is not so different in general it does remove the idea of the backstop this insurance policy to avoid a hard border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland and with the backstop the u.k. would have been trapped basically in a customs union with the euro with the european union so not much what if change for a transition period now that has changed and that is the main difference but here comes a problem because this new deal will leave northern ireland basically in
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a northern ireland only backs that they so the rules will apply to northern ireland that won't apply to the rest of the u.k. and this is where the opposition from the day u.p.a. from the northern irish unionist party comes into play because they say we don't want to be treated differently in this deal than the rest of the united kingdom we don't want in the long term to be aligned closer to brussels and dublin than to london this is our fundamental core issue of this is what we are about as the unionist party staying as close as possible to the united kingdom and that really fundamentally hasn't changed in this deal and that is why they are still opposed to it which could pose trouble for bars johnson on saturday when he brings this deal to parliament ok i want to ask both of you about where things go from here starting with you in brussels care there will presumably be an agreement at the summit today and then what happens. so there's some material let's see endorsers this deal then
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the next step would be the crucial step and that is will the british parliament agree to this deal if yes then the next in line is the european parliament that has altered who gets the green light and then basically it's just a formal question of consent from the european council again. that will give the green light and once we've been through all of that we'll have to see to what extent potentially maybe a technical extension is necessary for this paper to to really be completely rectified that it's too early to say as yet ok we heard there from garrett the next big hurdle for perth johnson is in parliament on saturday so take us through what's coming ahead in the next few days. will have some serious convincing to do because of course not everybody is on board and not everybody will vote in favor
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off is the oh so we've been mentioning the d.s.p. the northern irish party hill have to convince them he's been throwing a lot of money at them and that might in the end change their minds at the moment they are opposed to this deal but it will also have some convincing to do within its own party and maybe even getting some of the opposition labor party members on board to support this deal so that will be the key factor in the upcoming days and he will focus on saying look i've got the best deal possible now for the european union the last the final deal and if you don't support that then i will take the european u.k. out of the european union without a deal so a disorderly breck said that we've mentioned before that had could have catastrophic consequences and this is what he's putting what he's saying polman has a choice now it's my deal that i think go see it it or no deal so you better support my deal and so we'll see if the m.p.'s in the end will rally around on that
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on super saturday all right our correspondents are left out parts braving what appears to be hail there in london and in brussels thank you both. and let's get a reminder of the top story we've been covering for you britain and the e.u. say they've reached a new deal on the u.k.'s withdrawal from the european union british prime minister boris johnson is hailing this agreement and urging parliament to approve it this week the deal lays out terms on sticking points including border and customs issues between the e.u. member states ireland and northern ireland which is part of the u.k. bought johnson's northern irish allies and part of the already say they will not back the deal and u.k. opposition leader germany corben also says he will not support the agreement. let's check in now on how investors are reacting in europe's biggest economy
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germany are markets correspondent ali barth is in frankfurt for us hi ali so finally something for a financial markets to cheer about how is this news playing out there. it. caused a collective sigh of relief i think you can see behind me the docks that's the market barometer for the biggest german companies listed on the exchange and it took a big leap as soon as the news flash came that there was a deal that had been agreed on and the share prices didn't go through the roof but they they clearly gained and i talked to just a few minutes after to a trader here he had a big smile on his face and he was visibly visibly relaxed more relaxed than at any point during the past days even though optimism at all already been there but then you know we just talked about the nitty gritty of the deal what can happen what must happen all the dealers are thinking about that too and that's why the initial share price gains are practically trickled away now right so investors are relaxed but what about all the companies that have essentially prepared for
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a no deal. i don't think they're in any better position at the moment than they were before a lot of them have prepared by reserving cargo space and planes or on ships or on rail storage spaces possibly already stockpiling on the u.k. territory and of course there's going to be losses of there's a free trade deal if that was all for naught then they would have to have something right off but i don't believe there will be any bankruptcies because of those preparations business is about hard decisions possibly risky possibly expensive and if there is a deal and maybe a fair. free trade deal in the end everyone will be better off preparation or not all right now correspondent lee parts for us in frankfurt thank you. let's get a roundup now of some other stories making news around the world catalonia as leader says he supports holding a new referendum on independence for the spanish region this is as a 3rd night approached separatist on rest left dozens injured in barcelona
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thousands have been protesting the long prison sentences handed to 9 catalan separatist leaders earlier this week. climate protesters in london have disrupted rush hour commuters by climbing on top of a subway car and on for a wing a banner the protest sparked angry confrontations on the platform with at least one protester being dragged from the train and some scuffles breaking out climate activists are staging several weeks of civil disobedience in major u.k. cities and officials in the philippines say at least 4 people have died after earthquake caused a fire at a mall as well as a landslide a 6.3 magnitude quake hit the south of the country on wednesday in the region surrounding north quarter profits. in hong kong as legislature opposition lawmakers have heckled the territory's leader kerry lam for a 2nd consecutive day she is being urged to address the demands of hong kong's months long protest movement it comes as
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a prominent pro-democracy activist was violently attacked. i a g after being forced to abandon her annual policy address hong kong's embattled leader kerry lamb returned to the chamber where opposition politicians accused her of having blood on her hands several were ejected from the session as it descended into chaos and was repeatedly suspended. by the. amid all the anger and the shouting moments of silence where held for protesters injured in hong kong's months long demonstrations not least activist jimmy sham one of the public faces of the movement he was licked bloody 2 in the street after a knife and hammer attack sham has urged others not to retaliate while his colleagues remain undetected. no matter who the target is it won't stop us
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insisting on our 5 the months. the protesters and activists want to secure greater democracy while many or position lawmakers are calling likely for carry law to stand by. turkey is continuing its offensive against kurdish militias in northern syria with further shelling of towns near the border this morning president has rejected international calls to halt the operation nonetheless u.s. vice president mike pence and secretary of state mike on pale have arrived in turkey to try to broker a cease fire the u.s. has threatened punishing economic sanctions over the operation which turkey launched after the u.s. unexpectedly with through troops from the area trump has been accused of abandoning kurdish fighters who were washington's main partners in the battle against the so-called islamic state in syria. and let's get some analysis on this story
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in istanbul we have our correspondent dorian jones standing by for us and here in the studio we have henning reka with us from the german council on foreign relations good to have you both dorian let's start with you there in istanbul do we know anything about the talks so far and whether turkey really would agree to a cease fire. well we don't really have any information about the talks other than they are believed to be continuing in fact turkish officials have been playing down any hope of any kind of breakthrough if you can say suggesting this will just be a frank exchange of views on crime washington really are at loggerheads over this operation and relations have been plummeting ever since it was launched and following sanctions being enforced by trump earlier this week and turkey's message and a message from the turkish president as you have typer heard on was that we will not in this operation until all our objectives are achieved and dismissed calls from president trump of some kind of mediation saying we don't sit down with terrorists so turkey really has been setting out to stall ahead of these what were described
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as critical talks saying don't expect any compromise what we expect is support from our allies so it is expect to be very tough meetings but given the fact that expectations are so low they could be possibly some kind of gestures from both sides i think is a direct recognition of course part that it may not suit his interest to escalate tensions with washington at this moment or it heading let's talk about how this looks from the u.s. perspective because the president trying very defensive about his position to withdraw u.s. troops there that decision and he said that the u.s. has no stake in defending kurdish fighters so why is he sending this delegation of my pump a 0 and mike pence so 1st of all he wanted to withdraw american troops to fulfill complain promise and to play to it's his populist arguments that he wants to have no soldiers fighting in somebody else's war and this is the sound of his message here but i think he has lost touch with his own base a bit and with the report was with the republicans in the congress were there to
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support him and he was he was surprised over the criticism and the anger the cold and of course all these people know that america by withdrawing looks like betraying its allies it gives room for russia it might bring the. states to the fore again it might give room to iraq and all the other little very closely whole america so the democrats great yeah he's been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism also from his own party as you said heading during and coming back to you you know president air to one is said under no circumstances will i talk about a ceasefire why does it seem that washington has so little influence right now on ancora. well despite threats from president just trying to obliterate turkey's economy and introducing sanctions earlier this week they were largely seen as symbolic and pretty much meaningless although my vice president pence is expected to leave a message saying look if you carry on like this there are far more to coney and
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measures being demanded in washington from congress who are calling for much more severe sanctions which president trump may not be able to veto given that there is bipartisan support from both democrats and republicans for those messages for those measures but aren't could well be calculating that it will take time for those sanctions to pass and then to be in force and by then uncle will be hoping that this operation will be coming to an end to his defense minister did say that the end could be possibly in sight soon but on creates a where he is facing growing international isolation not only from washington the european union and the arab league but crucially now moscow moscow is now calling for this operation to end and president one is due to meet with the russian president vladimir putin next week and those talks are seen as crucial because moscow is seen now with the key player in this region. and heading mean what you know we saw yesterday there was a letter from president trying to present aerator one that was leaked it was dated last week i think we can bring up those pictures of that letter there we have it
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there he says and i'm going to read this out of part of this he says let's work out a good deal you don't want to be responsible for slaughtering thousands of people and i don't want to be responsible for destroying the turkish economy and then he goes on to say history will look upon you favorably if you get this done the right and humane way it will look upon you for ever as the devil is good things don't happen don't be a tough guy don't be a fool and this was sent just before anyone announced that incursion what do you think it says about what the president and the u.s. are willing and able to do to stop it on here. it is of course a threatening letter it says if you go on with this operation we will destroy the turkish economy is something the trump also has said publicly. but. of course it's not very sensitive and i wonder if you have the stubborn determined turkish leader wants to go ahead with this operation that he has announced long before with lots of domestic support. to treat this man without the slightest modicum of
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respect and bully him in a decision don't be a fool this clock with way of saying things i think this will this will simply go the wrong way in turkey and it shows a bit. the lack of diplomatic skills and negotiation skills that trump s.s. in this moment. i think basically the the end will be that russia that turkey has the strip of of. syria under its control that it wants to have and what you can hope for is that might come out of the meeting today that this is done in a way that respects human hearing needs of the people that has. very gradually. control of what the term what the turks do and. i think this is the best we can expect ok well we'll have to see how the meeting plays that will be following it of course very closely heading reka from the german council on foreign
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relations and adoring jones for us in istanbul thank you both for your analysis but . now the trial has opened here in germany of a former nazi concentration camp guard the 93 year old defendant who you see here concealing his face with a file is accused of aiding and abetting the murder of more than $5000.00 jews that start off camp near skin what is now poland prosecutors argue that by preventing people from escaping he made himself an accessory to their murder it is likely to be one of the last legal proceedings of its kind. the former concentration camp still talk of naked dunks in poland during the hitler regime this is where the nazis murdered an estimated 65000 people from august 1044 to april 45 served at the concentration camp as a security guard investigators were able to prove this through records pertaining
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to his uniform the 93 year old admitted to having worked in the camp still he pleads not guilty. i worked on several watchtowers i did my job as a security guard that was all. boarded he was 17 to 18 years old at the time his job was to prevent inmates from escaping or vaulting therefore he is accused of contributing to the killing of 5230 people will not be doesn't see himself as part of the mud a parade has as a child too who would spend several ideas in the shtetl concentration camp together with her family her parents and her sister did not survive what they did he was not human you dance it all child into a halt can off water. it down
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make a child. pick up the 20 killer cement with the head of the pick up. and i couldn't so i was beaten up for nazi survivors like a horde it is hard to understand why trials against nazi accomplices are only taking place now 74 years after the end of the 2nd world war one reason for this is a landmark conviction in 2011 since then alleged assessors to murder can be held responsible without being linked to individual crimes just like bono d. now. ok let's get a reminder now for our top story here on britain and the e.u. say they have reached a new deal on the u.k.'s withdrawal from the european union british prime minister boris johnson is hailing the agreement and urging parliament to approve it this week. coming up next our show conflicts elena we'll have more for you at the
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top of the hour thank you for watching g.w. .
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conflicts a. poison pill. rising in venezuela hong kong protests for exit blockage the world is in crisis mode just this week we've lost track of the key interviews of the season the point is that middle wants to change they implied in the mail on jay leno this certainly wouldn't you. like some of. the
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details of. the city. are always a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslim and the christian population . last lions fans occupied the city center in 2017 president to turn his response was. interesting. to me book called. the. the reconquest turned into tragedy. is not the kind of freedom that we want. how did mubarak become a gateway to islamist terror until now the same sort of god was sitting as the
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result of an exclusive report from a destroyed city in. the philippines in the sciences starts october 24th on the d.w. . cut. he's trying to frighten you know it's a fact what do you expect that it did to jerry means white dog that that's what does it mean extreme right populist did not have the earthquake they expected would you mind letting me finish my sentences please knows. it's no secret that europe's populist and nationalist parties are gearing up to try and make a splash at the coming european elections.


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