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this is deja vu news live from berlin the deal is done britain and the e.u. say they have reached an agreement on the way the u.k. leaves the european union at the end of the month brussels calls calls it fair and balanced fox any deal must be backed by all the member states and the u.k. parliament what are the chances of success. also coming up u.s. officials arrive in turkey hoping to broker a cease fire in northern syria will try to persuade angora to end the offensive that started when u.s. troops withdrew bucks the turkish president vows to push ahead regardless. and
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a former s.s. guard at a nazi concentration camp goes on trial in germany the 93 year old is accused of being involved in more than $5000.00 murders the case could be one of the last involving nazi war crimes. i'm sumi so much gunboats good to have you with us britain and the e.u. say they have reached a deal on the u.k.'s withdrawal from the european union british prime minister boris johnson is hailing it as quote a great new deal and urging the u.k. parliament to approve it this week a johnson and european commission president have just been talking about the breakthrough in brussels a little earlier the deal has resolved a range of sticking points and is set to be agreed in principle at the european union litter leaders summit that has is just about to get underway but johnson's northern irish allies in parliament the do you piece say they do not back the deal
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. well let's hear what you had to say about some of the key issues. and this is. really. just testament to our commitment to you. to provide certainty which is uncertain. to protect the rights of all citizens and to protect peace and stability and. it will be noted. i don't. consider market committee for. these. leaders of all people to. pieces i do think that this deal represents a very good deal both to the e.u. and to the u.k. and it's a reasonable outcome and reflect the large amount of work that's being undertaken by by both sides and i read very much rooted what you said
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about protecting the peace process in the island of oahu and in northern ireland and of course for us in the u.k. it means that we can deliver a real brick seat that achieves our views. all right let's talk about all of this with our correspondents caird matters is in brussels very good mass is in london good to have you both garrick let's start with you this is the long awaited moment this deal is finally appears to be done so who was the biggest influence behind getting this breakthrough. so i mean i think what we should say you're in let's be clear crystal clear about that the deal we have on the table is almost the same deal the e.u. proposed theresa may our then theresa may be cited that she wants all of the u.k. in that backstop solution rather than just a northern ireland so what we have now is i would say that almost cosmetic change
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there's one thing that has been changed and that is the spec stop solution that on paper the northern island remains part of the u.k.'s customs union in reality it's not does not and so i would say it is this concession made by boris johnson or if you want to call it a cosmetic change that was made by boris johnson that brought this deal back to life back up come to you in london now they're just saying this deal is not that different but still can you take us through the main points of disagreement. well if you take a step back basically this deal is a divorce agreement it recognizes that the u.k. is leaving the european union and it settles all the terms of of the splitting up so it settles citizens' rights and also financial contributions and also as has explained the crucial issue was the situation of northern ireland and that it
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declares that northern ireland is no way a bit of a hybrid it's going to be in some ways still aligned to the european union but in other ways stays aligned to that to the e.u. and that's very important for many people in island because there are different loyalties in all the nodder and some people feel more ira. and the law into the e.u. and some feel more very strongly about staying part of the united kingdom say so this is the crucial bit that has now been sorted out but we don't know yet whether it's going to go through this place where the house of parliament because the house of parliament needs to agree to this deal now that is the big question now because everyone looking to london the super saturday as people are saying where a problem and full of talk about this deal german chancellor angela merkel she arrived in brussels a short while ago and i want to ask you bear going about what she said she said as she arrived quote of course the parliaments that means the british an e.u. parliament has to approve this deal but before this approval we can say that the
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deal was struck here in an extremely difficult situation that both keeps the integrity of the single market market and upholds the good friday agreement so the german chancellor sensing essentially saying this is a good deal but who for whom is it a good deal is it better for the e.u. or the u.k. you know did the british prime minister get what he wanted. well syria if they do really depends who you ask i think if you ask a lot of people who was standing here behind me these people wall for remaining in the u.k. and they would say it's a bad deal and trying everything to to stop but there are also many people here in palm and who are hoping for another referendum on this deal and hoping that in the end the u.k. will actually decide against leaving the european union after all however. we don't know whether that's going to happen and as you said that's going to be decided most
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likely this set today is to create the next hours and the next couple of days are going to be crucial here in the u.k. when it comes to the future within the eurozone notes. they are coming back to you there in brussels we heard john question for say a short while ago that there are a must be no poll on patient. what did he mean by that. too there's been some speculation here in the council among scholarly can and experts on that question what younger means by that a has he taken off the idea of an extension that the u.k. would potentially get i don't think that is the case i think what he means is clearly this is a good deal which worked hard for it if that deal flies we won't need an extension a technical extension of sorts to get that deal over the line i don't think he takes off an extension from the table because that. if that's that that always depends on the reason given by the u.k. if they would ask for an extension let's say for a 2nd referendum that be
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a good reason for all of your leaders to grant such an extension. all right and a quick question to both of you and they're good if you can take so just what happens next starting with you garrett at the summit is getting under way a take us through the next few days. let's presume the summit and endorses this deal and i think that it's very likely from what i've heard from leaders arriving here the next thing will be the big day on saturday in london whether this deal will pass the finishing line in the house of parliament in the british isles parliament and. i think i would say it's only a formal question because it it will then go to the european parliament and then formal concession a formal agreement by the european council again but basically then the deal would be over the line all right and i get to you in london i'm assuming boris johnson has a lot of talking to do in the next few days to convince people to come on to a site. well for sure because we know you that even within his own
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policies there are m.p.'s who are doubting whether they can of age with this deal we know that the no they're not irish policy the d u p was supportive of the conservative government has said they're not going to vote for it interestingly i've spoken to 2 m.p.'s just now who are very on the remains side and one of them several voices in the independent m.p. used to be a conservative m.p. said she's very worried about what's coming from brussels if it's true that there is no extension because m.p.'s like how really hoping to push for another referendum and of it would be to set the day for for another referendum all right our correspondent reporting the very latest for us about that mosque there in london and garrick motus in brussels thank you both. let's get a round up now of some other stories making headlines around the world a fire broke out in a shopping mall in the southern philippines after an earthquake there were no
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reports of people being trapped there but elsewhere officials say the 6.2. the magnitude quake took at least 5 lives more than 200 aftershocks have been recorded . climate protesters in london disrupted the morning rush hour by climbing on top of an underground train and on for a banner the protest sparked angry confrontations on the platform at least one protester was dragged from the train and some scuffles broke out an organization called extinction rebellion is staging several weeks of civil disobedience in major great british cities. and the us congressman elijah cummings has died at the age of 68 the long serving democrat was chairman of the house oversight committee and had played a key role in the impeachment inquiry into president trump his office said he had longstanding health challenges. the u.s. vice president mike pence has met turkey's president airto on in an attempt to halt turkey's offensive in northern syria pence and secretary of state mike pompei or
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were expected to warn everyone that he would face additional economic sanctions if he did not stop his assault on kurdish forces it was the withdrawal of u.s. troops from the region that prompted turkey's incursion in the 1st place president trump has been accused of abandoning kurdish fighters who are washington's allies in the campaign against the so-called islamic state and let's get some analysis on this story in istanbul we have our correspondent dorian jones standing by for us in here in the studio we have heading reka with us from the german council on foreign relations good to have you both dorian let's start with you there in istanbul do we know anything about the talks so far and whether turkey really would agree to a cease fire. well we don't really have any information about the talks other than they are believed to be continuing in fact turkish officials have been playing down any hope of any kind of breakthrough in say suggesting this will just be a frank exchange of views on chrome washington really are at loggerheads over this operation and relations have been plummeting ever since it was launched and
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following sanctions being enforced by trump earlier this week and turkey's message and a message from the turkish president as your type urged on was that we will not in this operation until all our objectives are achieved and dismissed calls from president trump of some kind of mediation saying we don't sit down with terrorists so turkey really has been setting out to stall ahead of these what were described as critical talks saying don't expect any compromise what we expect is support from our allies so it is expect to be very tough meetings but given the fact that expectations are so low they could be possibly some kind of gestures from both sides i think there's a rescue recognition of course part that it may not suit his interest to escalate tensions with washington at this moment all right heading let's talk about how this looks from the u.s. perspective because the president very defensive about us position to withdraw u.s. troops there that decision and he said that the u.s. has no stake in defending kurdish fighters so why is he sending this delegation of
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my pump a 0 and mike pence so 1st of all he wanted to withdraw american troops to fulfill a campaign promise and to play to its to his populist arguments that he wants to have no soldiers fighting in somebody else's wars and this is the sound of his message here but i think he has lost touch with his own base a bit and with the report was with the republicans in the congress were there to support him and he was he was surprised over the criticism and the anger the cold and of course all these people know that america by withdrawing looks like betraying its allies it gives room for russia it might bring the. states to the fore again it might give room to iran and all the other as they look very closely whole america so the democrats great yeah he's been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism also from his own party as he said heading during and coming back to you know president air to one is said under no circumstances will i talk
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about a ceasefire why does it seem that washington has so little influence right now on ancora. well despite threats from president just trying to a blitter a turkey's economy and introducing sanctions earlier this week they were largely seen as symbolic and pretty much meaningless although my own vice president prince is expected to leave a message saying look if you carry on like this there are far more to coney and measures being demanded in washington from congress who are calling for much more severe sanctions which president trump may not be able to veto given that there is bipartisan support from both democrats and republicans for those messages for those measures but uncle could well be calculating that it will take time for those sanctions to pass and then to be in force and by then uncle will be hoping that this operation will be coming to an end take it defense minister did say that the end could be possibly in sight soon but on creates a way it is facing growing international isolation not only from washington the european union and the arab league but crucially now moscow moscow is now calling
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for this operation to end and president one is due to meet with the russian president vladimir putin next week and those talks are seen as crucial because we dated last week i think we can bring up those pictures of that letter there we have it there he says and i'm going to read this out and it shows a bit the lack of diplomatic skills and negotiation skills that trump this moment. i think basically the the end will be that russia the turkey has the strip of. syria under its control that it wants to have and what you can hope for is that might come out of the meeting today that this is done in a way that respects humanitarian needs of the of the people that has. very gradually. control of what the term what the turks do and. i think this is the best we can expect ok well we'll have to see how the meeting plays that will be
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following it of course very closely heading reka from the german council on foreign relations and daryn jones for us in if them both thank you both for your analysis. but. now spanish and catalan leaders are appealing for an end to the violence in barcelona and other cities after protesters clashed with police for a 3rd night in a row the demonstrators want catalan independence leaders who received long prison terms to be released they also want to have a path to nationhood police fired rubber bullets and tear gas after reportedly being attacked with petrol bombs. one small thousands took to the streets. and one small clashes erupted between demonstrators and police in a televised address the spanish prime minister trying to calm the situation appealing directly to catalonia spro independence leader. this who i think to express what i would like to make
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a special plea to the catalonian president but do it. member of the school year he and other members of his government have a political and moral duty to condemn without any excuses and with maximum clarity and determination the use of violence i mean it. in capital was late on wednesday night the catalan leader then responded. if i call for calm. and you see independence movement is not violent. we have always condemned violence. we cannot allow the incidents that are taking place in the streets of our country. well you have got there is no reason or justification to burn cars or to carry out any of the active vandalism protests should always be peaceful. but that was not the case as to clashes continued into
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the night and demonstrators are calling on people across the region to make their way to barcelona for more protests on friday. the trial was opened in germany of a former nazi concentration camp guard the 93 year old defendant who you're about to see here can see concealing his face is accused of aiding and abetting the murder of more than $5000.00 jews that's still tough camp and what is now poland prosecutors argue that by preventing people from escaping he made himself an accessory to their murder it is likely to be one of the last legal proceedings of its kind and let's bring in correspondent minute she is outside the courthouse in hamburg you know the war ended really 75 years ago and the queues to we're talking about here is 93 years old why his he only being prosecuted now.
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well that's true the german criminal justice system hasn't prosecuted a concentration camp guards just like bruno day in the past because they couldn't present any evidence that he actually has committed specific crime but that changed in 2011 when john demjanjuk also a former guard in a concentration camp was sentenced in a landmark ruling so the court found that someone can be sentenced for being a cog in the nazi killing machine even though he can't be linked directly to a specific matter so actually at the moment german prosecutors are investigating 27 similar cases but as time's passing it's really difficult to say they will end up in a courtroom in the end of the day because the suspects are already very very old and so this case this could be actually the last criminal case of an individual. charged over the holocaust ok so besides the state prosecutors who are behind this case there are also additional joint plaintiffs what does this trial mean for them
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and other survivors of the startup concentration camp. yes so they are around $25.00 coal plant of. today there were there was no one of them here so i want to get there from countries like israel like the u.s. or poland and i want to point out one specific case so. she's now a 994 year old woman she's lived in the u.s. she couldn't make the font trip to hamburg but she was represented by her lawyer and her grandson and the lawyer actually read out a very emotional very strong statement today in the courtroom and in it she describes. the last moment that she had with her mother because her mother was also in the concentration camp she herself was only 14 years old and she describes how they were queuing in front of a gas chamber naked because they were told that they would get a shower in there and they had the feeling that something was wrong. that's
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something bad would happen so that was actually the last moment because she managed to escape her mother couldn't and she actually says darts like him like bruno day are actually responsible for the murder of my mother and she would should also take the responsibility for our reporter maya miller reporting for us there from birth thank you. now in the u.s. american boxer patrick de has died after suffering a critical brain injury 5 days ago during a fight in chicago he was 27 day was knocked out by charles kahn while in the 10th round of their u.s.p. a super welterweight fight title fight he was rushed to the hospital and underwent emergency brain surgery but he lapsed into a coma and never regained consciousness they is the 4th boxer to die from competition sustained injuries in the last 3 months. now the decision to grant qatar the rights to host the 2022 world cup has been a constant source of controversy not least because of the country's exploitative
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employment system which ties the hands of migrant workers but after huge pressure from human rights organizations the gulf nation has announced it will reform its labor system changers are expected to be a rubber stamp in january but many remain cautious. migrant workers in qatar many of whom have been building the country stadia for the 2020 world cup will cry out approval from their boss before they can change jobs or even leave the country that is set to change next year the gulf state has agreed to abolish labor and introduce a minimum wage law that would not discriminate against nationalities. it is very important because we are looking at you know to be an attractive place for investors for the skilled workers to have productive border communities. amnesty international has long called for an end to the abusive system in qatar
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they praised the announcement as a major step forward but the organization also remains cautious the devil will be in the detail far too often workers have continued to face exploitation and abuse despite reforms the pressure to reform has been a sticking point ever since the working conditions of kotov migrant workers were exposed as specially under the spotlight of wood cup preparations one agency that has been working closely with qatar forming its system is the united nations international labor organization well you know for us it's it's been long overdue 88 still exist in many other countries and we're hoping that other countries will also follow suit honestly of all the stuff i love because it's not in line with international standards qatar is in need of an image boost before they host the 2022 world cup it's unclear how far these labor reforms will actually go what is
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certain actions will speak louder than words. our that's going to reminder now of our top stories britain and the european union have struck a deal for the u.k. his departure from the bloc british prime minister or strong stand is urging parliament to approve the agreement this week but johnson's northern irish political allies say they will not back the deal. and of turkey is pushing ahead with its offensive in northern syria despite international calls for a cease fire and the u.s. has sent a delegation to uncorrect to try and persuade president bridge of tire to want to halt the operation against kurdish led syrian forces. coming up next on the d.w. news asia delhi gasps for air as a toxic smog descends over india's capital forcing the government to take action. we need the quiet crusader fighting to make the streets of his city
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a little less noisy. and the restoration workers who work trying to piece together afghanistan's rich heritage. those stories are coming up with theories funder g r d w news asia don't forget you can always get data of your news on the go and download our ops from google play or from the our store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and you can also use the d.w. off to send us photos and videos. thank you for watching today if your use of stay tuned for t w news asia in just a few minutes. the
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