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this is day to believe years lie from britain and the european union reach a new agreement on the terms of bracks that deal must get the backing of the 27 remaining a new member states i'm thinking parliament british prime minister boris johnson's allies in northern ireland have said that they will not support it also on the program turkey defies u.s. efforts to broker a cease fire in northern syria and says it will press ahead with its offensive against kurdish forces syria says it will risk all legitimate means.
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goddess and nazi concentration camp goes on trial in germany the 93 year old is accused of being involved in more than $5000.00 largest case could be one of the last trials of nazi war criminals. i'm full girl welcome to the program. britain and the european union have reached a new deal on the u.k.'s withdrawal of from the block british prime minister johnson says it's a great new deal in the u.k. parliament to approve it this week even leaders have now become a nasa mission which the do this to to be agreed in principle it resolved a range of sticking points but it's still not clear whether it will get your proof of the u.k. parliament i'm boris johnson's northern ireland allies have said that they do not support the deal as it currently stands you. commission presidential and boris
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johnson have been speaking about the breakthrough. does it. really. just to our commitment to. provide certainty. it's uncertain. to protect the right of citizens to protect peace and stability. that would be noted. by the. market protecting. these. people. i do think that this deal represents a very good deal both for the e.u. and for the u.k. and it's a reasonable outcome and reflects the large amount of work that's being undertaken by by both sides and i really very much recruited what you said
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about protecting the peace process in the island of ireland and northern ireland and of course for us in the u.k. it means that we can deliver a real brick seat that achieves our views so let's get the latest on this situation from the correspondents in brussels in bogotá mass and london welcome both let's start with you in brussels to talk us through what's been agreed. still the revised. withdrawal agreement that is now on the table and their 2 leaders are looking into after boris johnson has presented it has one clear difference from the deal that theresa may had put on the table and that was almost a year let's remind viewers that we have been in exactly that situations which we have now already with the previous british prime minister and that difference here
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is that the irish backstop the solution for a northern ireland or to prevent heart border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland in case there would be no future agreement and. that point really is that boris johnson as said he wants northern island to remain on paper part of the customs union but in reality on in everyday life it will be aligned to the customs regulations of the european union and that is the key difference if you want it is a cosmetic change but it's it's quite a bit of a change that he now hopes will bring this deal over the line as well because a fudge burgomaster in london boris johnson now has to convince a skeptical british parliament. absolutely fell here was around and it's really very increase will the next vary it on the deal it's supposed to happen on saturday but we really don't know where their voice johnson
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is going to get this deal is how it went here in brussels through parliament he's called the deal u.p.a. the northern irish partners that he has had so far he does not have them behind him and he's some self short of a majority even and parliament then there's also the labor party the main opposition party who is not going to vote for it also the other drollery main parties in parliament are definitely not going to vote for the deal say it's true. really a question how many m.p.'s he can rally behind and whether he's going to get this deal straight let's take a look back at some of the reaction from dublin from the leaders that before they went into this afternoon's leaders meeting. the 2 dismissing yourself the fundamental of course the british an e.u. parliament have to approve the deal but before this approval we can say that a deal was struck here in an extremely difficult situation that keeps the integrity
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of the single market and upholds the good friday agreement. it's a very important sign that the irish prime minister is satisfied. i'd like to thank michelle bunya and john clarke as well as their teens because years of work of going into this and we've shown that the 27 states remain together stick with the off and on all the things we have a draft agreement between the european you know the one and the british government on the other i think it's a good agreement that allows the united kingdom to leave the european union in orderly fashion with a transition period which is very important for businesses and citizens across the european union and also in the u.k. and also. creates a unique solution for northern ireland recognising the unique history and geography of northern ireland one which ensures that there is no hard border between north sides which was the all in the condom each continues to develop and one which rejects the european single market are facing its. mass in london we have been here
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before i'm much as boris johnson had to give up to get this deal. well you could argue that he had a victory and getting the e.u. as so far as to open up the withdrawal agreement when the e.u. would always maintained that they were not going to do that for him but he has a persuaded to do that and he has a new deal however he also had to make concessions and the biggest concession is really. involving northern ireland and this is also the reason why the do you p.s. no the niren and unionist party are at the moment saying that they're not going to vote for the deal because it basically draws it kind of border between north and island and the rest of the united kingdom there are different customs relations when it comes to know the nolens and there's more bureaucracy for northern ireland businesses and this is why did you piers saying well we're treated differently from
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the rest of the the u.k. and this is a big concession that prime minister has johnson has had to make. as well everyone's congratulating themselves on a good deal. has tweeted that there must be no prolonging what is in me. i would say what he means is that this hard fought for deal that you really worked on for 4 weeks on end and made some concessions some clear concessions as well it is something that should be brought over the line so there shouldn't be any extra delay regarding that deal i think what he does not being and also where he doesn't have the all sorry to say that is to take the opportunity possibility for an extension off the table should the u.k. ask for one for instance if the u.k. would give a good reason saying we would want to have a 2nd referendum on the question whether we should want this steel or whether we want no breaks it at all and that is something that the e.u.
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would take as a good reason to get an extension to the u.k. so what he really means is this is a good deal please take it and so all our work in the past 3 years has been in vain on account of matters in brussels of burke at the masters in london thank you both . and global stocks are surging on the news of this new deal so is the pound and let's bring in the market analyst to craig earldom from in london welcome to day it does look like investors are excited. you know they certainly got excited earlier on we have to remember that this is actually a deal that's been building really for the last week ever since that meeting between johnson and leo for in the northwest of england when they sold the pathway to an agreement this is when people start to get excited the idea that the may be a compromise who made that compromise is still not clear when it seems that the biggest losers in this deal is the day you pay but we have got
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a deal now so we've seen big surges in the pound over the course of the pasta week we saw nice surges as well eliot and u.k. stocks as well things like house builders banks companies most exposed to the potential for nodes now we have to see it bought look at the details see if it's going to get through parliament and ultimately see what it means for the u.k. and what do you think what do you think of boris johnson's chances of getting it through parliament and the not very much depends on what you've just been discussing which was those young closed younger comments if he is speaking on behalf of the 27 in this is an agreed law and that's the u.k. must take a deal of accept no deal then i think the vote could be very interesting on saturday because then they effectively have 3 choices they have to choose between boris's deal no deal over vote where it is if he has been misinterpreted as the previous guest was alluding to that he wants the u.k. to really seriously consider this deal this is the best deal available and they
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want to move on beyond bragg's it's then that the raise a few more choices on the table and not allowed parliament to reject the deal if if he was meaning the lots of which is what i perceived it's a b. then i think there's probably a good chance this deal is rejected on saturday unless it's company by a 2nd referendum because boris just simply doesn't have the numbers in parliament to get that it's got the backing for that they alone in the 1st round so you see this dragging on. i always see breaks it dragging on 3 years in and it's hard to ever expect that it's going to come to an abrupt and simple conclusion i think you'll probably get rejected because like say the palm entry of arithmetic is not on his side i don't think partial see this is a particularly big defeat i don't think he saw the bend billed as a particularly big defeat i think he just soars a process on route towards getting at the end over the line if it's rejected then someone has to request the next tension i don't think boys who want to be don't want to do that then we have an election and then i think he's confident that he
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will achieve a bigger monday than it does now that will give him the numbers in parliament to get the backing for the deal and then we can leave some point later on in the year and start to move on move on with our lives it's very clear thank you for joining us that market analyst craig urban from in london thank you but take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world catalonia leader kim torah says he supports holding a new referendum on independence for the spanish region he was speaking as a 3rd night of separatist unrest left dozens injured in boston on thousands have been protesting against the prison sentences 100 to 9 cuts on separatist leaders out of this week. u.s. congressman elijah cummings has died at the age of 68 the long serving democrats was chairman of the house oversight committee and played a key role in the impeachment inquiry into president trump and his office said he had longstanding health challenges. under is prime minister viktor orban has warned
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that his country may use force at its southern border if ankara allows millions of refugees currently in turkey to enter the e.u. turkey said it was considering breaking the terms of a deal with the european union on migrants because of the blocs opposition to here turkey's offensive in northern syria. speaking of u.s. vice president mike pence has been meeting turkey's president in an attempt to hope that offensive the united states has had had announced that ankara would face additional economic sanctions if it didn't refrain from its attack on kurdish forces it was a big draw all of us troops are from the region that opened the way for turkish incursion in the 1st place president trump has been accused of abandoning the kurdish fighters who were washington's allies in the campaign against the so-called islamic state. 3. so i see where we are then in turkey and the us that the doubly correspondent story and jones and alexandra
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from naaman join us from istanbul and washington welcome both and start with you in istanbul dorrit any news from the meeting. well the meeting between vice president mike pence and turkish president reject type one has concluded it lasted for over an hour but reporters invited in after the meeting of the company my pence he refused to take questions particularly has to touch president agree to these calls for a cease fire so it does suggest that there doesn't appear to be really any break for such and in fact we're getting reports that the turkish president reiterated his stance that there will be no ceasefire until all the goals of the syrian operation have been achieved creating a safe so safe zone of several 100 kilometers along syria's border and 30 kilometers deep the removal of all of the syrian kurdish militia who are calling terrorists and the safe return of refugees from in turkey so there doesn't appear
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to be any step back from turkey but having said that the company delegation with mike pence is holding talks as we speak what they're talking about is really unclear and it does appear that little has been achieved or many people are asking why device president pence cumbia given the fact that one had made it clear the day before that there would be no stepping back by ankara all that door and why does washington seem to have so little influence that. well the beginning of the week president did impose sanctions but they were just dismissed by turkey's financial markets and the turkey's political leadership has just been symbolic and there is this belief that the end of the all the heat coming from washington president trump is still standing by earth one but mike pence is believed to have warmed to one 3rd despite its perceived support there is growing calls in congress for far more draconian sanctions sanctions that would hurt the turkish economy but uncle could be believed to be calculating those sanctions will
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take time to pass on even longer to have any effect and that will give him the opportunity to achieve its goals and turkey is stepping up its military operations ahead of his visit and they're expected to further step up as turkey does believe that the window of this opportunity because of operation could be closing. down to fall norman in washington reports from syria suggest that president trump actually approves of the kurds allying with syrian president assad and moscow now that u.s. forces of withdrawing what are the implications of that if true well president truong told us yesterday in the oval office that he basically doesn't care who is partnering with whom in northern syria because he is convinced that it's not in the u.s. interest to be engaged there so therefore it's ok for russia to play and more important role there he suggested in the oval office but of course he is
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facing a lot of criticism here in washington from democrats and republicans alike for his decision to. pull out troops from northern syria because they say that this is a devastating blow to america's image and standing in their world. just just on not just picking up on one of those points i was under so as far as we can tell president feels that the united states is now done with syria. well basically he is saying it's not our job to fight there over sand this is a direct quote from the yesterday's pulled straight in the oval office he say is saying that he was his companion promised to bring you ass troops back home and it's now up to other parties to seoul for the crisis in northern syria however he has dispatched the vice president pants and secretary of state pale to help to
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reach an agreement a cease fire to as he's saying protect civilians in the region. thanks for that yesterday the contents of a letter from president trump to president a word leaked it dates from just before the president announced this incursion into northern syria and let's just read you part of what to the president trump said he said let's work out a good deal you don't want to be responsible for slaughtering thousands of people and i don't want to be responsible for destroying the turkish economy went on to say history will look upon you favorably if you get this done the right and humane way it will look upon you forever as the devil is good things don't happen don't be a tough guy don't be a fool 100 for norman is this the way the white house normally talks to other world leaders. now of course that's nothing that you would be expecting for from a sitting u.s. president you wouldn't expect a letter like that to be sent to
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a foreign leader but that is we have to say the way president travis conducted has been conducting foreign policy in the last 3 years stats his style definitely and the fact that this letter was leaked to the press could be interpreted as a sign that the white house thinks dead it's totally ok to send a letter like this ok dorian jones and so we have presidents here in washington who doesn't seem to care about much about what's going on in syria he sends his vice president to turkey to issue threats it doesn't look as though president cares about u.s. threats and the current sanctions don't even seem to be biting well well absolutely in fact washington isn't really seen as a player anymore in the region given trump's apparent step back and washing his hands of this region who really counts now is moscow and while these talks with
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between earth one and pence were going on a russian delegation was in the same presidential complex having talks with their turkish colleagues ahead of a crucial meeting next week we've heard one in the russian president president vladimir putin at the black sea resort of sochi moscow it's a real play here and crucially for moscow is appearing to be calling time on this operation what that means for turkey so far more concern that whatever washington says at the moment is worried about moscow and how to deal with the growing pressure it's feeling from the russians thank you for that dorian jones in istanbul alexandra phenomena in washington thank you bill. here in germany the trial of a former nazi concentration camp guard is underway the 93 year old defendant is accused of aiding and abetting the murder of more than $5000.00 jews and shot off can they get danske in what is now poland is likely to be one of the last legal
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proceedings of its kind. the former concentration camp stove top of naked dunks in poland during the hitler regime this is where the nazis murdered an estimated 65000 people from august 1940 april 45 served at the concentration camp as a security guard investigators were able to prove this through records pertaining to his uniform the 93 year old admitted to having worked in the camp still he pleads not guilty i worked on several watchtowers i did my job as a security guard that was all. boarded he was 17 to 18 years old at the time his job was to prevent inmates from escaping or revolting therefore he's accused of contributing to the killing of 5230 people will not be doesn't see himself as part of the mud up her rate has as
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a child to have would spend several ideas in this total concentration camp together with her family her parents and her sister did not survive what they did he was not human you dance at all at the halt can off water from their downed and make a child. pick up a 20 killer cement which i had to pick up. and i couldn't so i was beaten up for nazi survivors like old it is hard to understand why trials against nazi accomplices are only taking place now 74 years after the end of the 2nd world war one reason for this is a landmark conviction in 2011 since then alleged assessor used to model can be held responsible without being linked to individual crimes just like bono day now.
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in the united states american boxer patrick de has died after suffering a critical brain injury 5 days ago during the fight in chicago he was 27 patrick tate was knocked out by charles conwell in the 10th round of the us be a super welterweight title fight the only when he wouldn't see brain surgery but lapse into a coma and never regain consciousness he's the 4th of boxers to die from competition sustained injuries in the last 3 months. they decision to grant qatar rights to host the 2022 world cup have been a constant source of controversy especially given the country's exploitative employment system that's considered abusive to migrant workers but after pressure from human rights organizations the gulf nation has announced it will reform its labor system changes are expected to be rubber stamped in january but many remain cautious. migrant workers in qatar many of whom have been building the country
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stadia for the 2020 world cup will cry approval from their boss before they can change jobs or even leave the country that is set to change next year the gulf state has agreed to abolish labor and introduce a minimum wage law that would not discriminate against nationalities. it is very important because we are looking at you know how to be a and attractive place for investors for the skilled workers to have productive work community. amnesty international has long called for an end to the abusive system in qatar it praise the announcement as a major step forward but the organization also remains cautious the devil will be in the detail far too often workers have continued to face exploitation and abuse despite reforms. the pressure to reform has been
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a sticking point ever since the working conditions of qatar's migrant workers were exposed as specially under the spotlight of world cup preparations one agency that has been working closely with qatar on the forming it system is the united nations international labor organization. well you know for us it's it's been long overdue 88 still exist in many other countries and we're hoping that other countries will also follow suit and fully up all the stuff. because it's not in line with international standards qatar is in need of an image boost before they host the 2022 world cup it's unclear how far these labor reforms will actually go what is certain actions will speak louder than words. this is day doubly news these are top stories britain and the european union have reached a new deal on the u.k.'s withdraw from the block british prime minister bars johnson is having it as a great new deal and is now urging the u.k.
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parliament to approve it this week the u.k. is due to leave on the 31st of october. u.s. vice president mike pence has met turkey's president one to try to persuade him to halt turkey's offensive against kurdish militias in northern syria but certain began its relish operation last week after u.s. troops pulled out of the region turkish president says the incursion will continue . the trial of a former nazi concentration camp guard has begun here in germany a 93 year old is accused of aiding and abetting the murder of more than 5000 jews that chertoff count naked danske in what is now poland the trial is likely to be one of the last legal proceedings of its kind. this is d.w. news from but for more you can always go to our website at www dot com. focus on your outlets here all day you don't need to get the site up more on the website
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i'm up i'll be back at the top of the garbage our mothers of the from. the flock. the from.
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a oz. the last of their kind in cyprus birds are threatened with extinction every year around half a 1000000 of them end up as a delicacy. it's prohibited but for the bird mafia it's a lucrative business. and by our presence or never location on the creaminess nice to know that we're going to be there. next on.
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2 fronts dear antonina here's a scene here he sits opposite us i'm sitting on the terrace in twilight it's peaceful my 3 grandchildren sleep on trouble. when i was 8 transpositions of germany was split in 2 and remain divided for decay and induced by. the months when your mother was born in 1969 the world was already 8 years and you know my grandchildren who were born after the war felt born in a dream and find. the full time a time of great joy. 3 generations one family on a journey through recent german history. that mimics. darkness
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has fallen and it's still peaceful and they have remained so for your sakes my grandchildren. starts to limber 60 and d.-w. . hello and a warm welcome to focus on europe i lie about below it's nice to have you with us the debate around gregg's it is dividing britain as the rhetoric between supporters and opponents escalates employees on both sides are accused of sowing division was inflammatory scoots the debates in the house of commons are becoming increasingly heated.


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