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this is the w.'s line from britain on the european union reach a new agreement on the terms of brecht's it but any deal must get the backing off the 27 remaining e.u. member states and the u.k. parliament prime minister boris johnson's allies in northern ireland say they will not support is also on the program. defies u.s. efforts to broker a cease fire in northern syria and says it will press ahead with its offensive against kurdish forces syria says it will respond by all the just with me.
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i'm phil gal welcome to the program britain and the european union have reached a deal on the u.k.'s withdrawal from the bloc british prime minister boris johnson says this is a great new deal i desired in the u.k. parliament to approve it this week and you leaders have now begun bestsellers in which the daily is due to be agreed in principle this is resolved a range of sticking points but it's still unclear whether it will get the approval of the u.k. mr johnson's northern irish allies say that they do not support the deal as it currently stands a new commission president jiang told young mr johnson have been speaking about the breakthrough. and this is. just testament to our commitment. to provide certainty which students.
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to put the right role citizens to protect peace and stability. will be noted. by the. market committee protect. these systems above. the leaders of both peter and pieces i do think that this deal represents a very good deal both to the e.u. and to the u.k. and it's a reasonable outcome. reflects the large amount of work that's being undertaken by by both sides and i 2 really very much of what you said about protecting the peace process in the island of oahu and northern ireland and of course for us in the u.k. it means that we can deliver a real brick seat that achieves our views. let's get more from data because from
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the scoutmasters in brussels and mass and london welcome both let's start with you how does what has been agreed with boris johnson differ from the deal the british parliament rejected 3 times and the tories it might. have been the key significant difference phil really is there when it comes to northern ireland. to reason may's wanted do you. include all of the u.k. in the backstop solution so it would have kept as a safeguard if there's no deal to be found in the future it would have kept the all of the u.k. captured in a customs union that no longer is the case of boris johnson key difference here in the political declaration on only once a loose free trade deal not a close alliance relationship with the european union with the internal markets and so the solution they have found of for northern ireland is more closer to the initial proposal that the european union has made to theresa may it has some
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cosmetic differences i would say it's structurally there are some differences but it's still very close to that deal and that is now a solution that boris johnson presents and hopes he will get over the line on saturday has picked that up with a great mass in london he's still got quite a job on his hands the british prime minister to convince them quite a skeptical british parliament. absolutely still we know that there is a lot of up in the opposition here in the parliament we know that the labor party is not going to support the deal they have said that it doesn't protect for example workers' rights enough they are fearing that the u.k. in the future might undercut the european union and as his alluded to there's also a position from the northern irish party to do you piece use the alibi after as johnson here in palm and and quite crucial. for
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a lot of support that his own conservative m.p.'s might or might not give this deal sued the northern irish the u.p.a. have said they're not supporting it they are fearing that they will be treated in northern ireland different from the united kingdom and they don't want that suit it's going to be very tough folklores johnson to get this deal over the line here in london. that's the here to get some reaction than from the top of your top stop with the i'm dead but i hear all the leaders of germany i'm speaking of this afternoon leaders meeting. there to business news a few comments and of course the british an e.u. parliament have to approve the deal but before this approval we can say that a deal was struck here in an extremely difficult situation that keeps the integrity of the single market and upholds the good friday agreement. it's a very important sign that the irish prime minister is satisfied. i'd like to thank
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michelle banja and john clarke as well as their teams because years of work of going into this and we've shown that the 27 states remain together stick to me on the long haul they think until we have a draft agreement between the european union on the one hand the british government on the other i think it's a good agreement that allows the united kingdom to leave the european union in orderly fashion with a transition period which is very important for businesses and citizens across the european union and also in the u.k. and also. creates a unique solution for northern ireland recognising the history and geography of northern ireland one which ensures that there is no hard border between north sides which is the all in the condom each control and one which attacks the european single market are facing. a suburban mass in london how much ground has johnson had to give to get this deal. well i think the 1st of
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all you have to consider that it is a successful 1st johnson to get this withdrawal agreement over the line in the u.n. to get the e.u. to actually open it again because they have always maintained it wouldn't be open again so that's a definitely a success for him but he also had to give ground and particularly when it comes to the future of northern ireland because not allowed and essentially is going to be like a hybrid there somehow part of the u.k. but the old saying in some ways aligned to the european union say he had to cross some lines and this is particularly why the do you peter the northern irish party doesn't want to support the deal they feel that there is a sort of pull towards the european union they feel that south through business relationships are going to be stronger with the e.u. than with the u.k. and they feel that this is going to harm their position they want to stay much more closely aligned to the rest of the u.k.
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so a big concession from those johnson as far as that's concerned and that's exactly why he will have trouble supposedly he's going to have trouble to get this deal through parliament here love that. girl mathis is a postscript to this the commission president has said must be no prolonging what are the main. and one way of interpreting that statement is of course that he was drunk would you go once to pressure on the part of the u.k. to say look this is really a deal we've worked long and hard to to get this deal done a lot of effort has gone into this so you think twice whether you do want to reject it that's not track this on any further people in brussels really sick and tired of another extension another extension head start having said that however that does not mean that if that deal what on saturday fall through at least that is what i think what jungle gym kaminsky if that deal would fall through that he rules out an
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extension and that is in fact something that the danish leader here and a number of other leaders have already made clear if the u.k. were to ask for an extension and would present a good reason for instance the people's vote then they are have a very good chance that that extension will be granted to berg at mass london we now know as far as britain is concerned they they go into something quite unusual territory how does how or when does parse johnson go about persuading parliament. well that the proof will be in the putting i mean he will have not that much time to persuade column and tonight speaking to some n.p.c. here today and the remaining m.p.'s are really adamant to try and go for a 2nd referendum what they want to do they want to try and have a very on saturday when johnson is trying to get to steal over the line here in
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london they want to all say try and say for a 2nd referendum said they want a contact conservatory referendum on the state and so there's still a lot of m.p.'s who are fighting against anything that goes johnson has just agreed in brussels to get mass in london thank you matters in brussels thank you jim. now u.s. vice president mike pence and turkish president. have been meeting in ankara to discuss that is offensive in northern syria vice president pens is and was to persuade ankara to call for a cease fire the u.s. said uncle would face additional economic sanctions if it didn't stop its attack on kurdish forces it was the withdrawal of u.s. troops from the region that opened the way for to its incursion in the 1st place. so let's get the latest from the public. in washington welcome pablo
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what are we hearing about what has come out of the meeting at this stage. well at the moment we're not really hearing very much here in washington of course we know that mike pence. held what was meant to be quite a short meeting at turned into a longer meeting at the moment obviously here in the united states the focus has been very much on the president he was saying yesterday many are asking what exactly was the purpose behind this trip because you know president trump made it very clear yesterday that he didn't really want anything to do with syria any more or the kurds of course long term. of the united states and this has led to a lot of condemnation here on all sides against president's trumps decision and i'm quite strong words against the kurds it caused
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a lot of shock and anger even amongst many republicans here in the united states and of course many people are waiting to see what exactly comes out of this meeting which like i said before caused almost some confusion over exactly what the purpose of it was it was originally meant to lead to some sort of ceasefire or at least for turkey to change direction in some way like i said at the moment most of the focus has been on the president trumps a confusing message that he's been sending. so why does what let's bring dorian jones in istanbul into the cold so should. i just washington seem to have so little influence on. well president trump did hit turkey of sanctions at the beginning of the week but they were largely dismissed by turkey's financial markets and turkey's political leadership seen as basically symbolic because despite all the rhetoric that has been coming out of the
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crisis occasional criticisms from president trump wants to present turkish president heard one still sees trump as their main man in washington they're really their only ally in washington and while mike pence vice president pence was expected to warn one in these talks that if these talks fail than the pressure growing in the u.s. congress for much more draconian sanctions will only grow and will likely pass and maybe even override the president trying to veto uncross of the calculation that this will all take time and even if they even if it is a bigger vote and trying to veto the turkish military operation will have probably been completed by then turkey east dipping up its operation as we speak now ahead of the mike pence his visit there has been major escalations in fighting as turkey realizes it's window of opportunity is starting to close but it's nothing to do with washington it's all to do with moscow and it's calling time on this operation moscow is now seen as the main player and washington is seen as largely irrelevant
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yesterday the contents of a letter from president trying to present a league to date from just before the turkish president and nancy kersh and to northern syria let's take a look at part of what was said here's a letter let's work out a good deal you don't want to be responsible for slaughtering thousands of people and i don't want to be responsible for destroying the turkish economy goes on to say history will look favorably on you if you get this done the right and humane way it will look upon you forever as the devil if good things don't happen don't be a tough guy don't be a fall so a problem of only alice in washington is this how the white house normally talks to world leaders. well phil i mean normally you wouldn't be seeing this kind of letter from a u.s. president but of course as we've seen with president trump that the rules have been changed and you know we've seen it time and time again this sort of more informal style this informal type of language coming from president trump has become sort of
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almost a norm as you said and you know like i said it's coming at under a lot of a time when president trump is under a lot of pressure because of this ongoing impeachment inquiry at the moment and also the fact that members of the republican party have come out to basically condemn his abandonment of the kurds long term allies of the united states and it was almost felt like the fact that this was leaked by the white house it was an attempt by them to sort of show that president trump did actually care in some way what's going on there in turkey or in northern syria and you know in fact that what's happened is that it's just added fuel to the flames here in the united states of the condemnation of president trump's decision to do in jones and. regardless of the nature of this letter it doesn't look as though the president
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cares about u.s. threats. you know not really i mean all of our chris concern now is looking towards moscow and the russian president vladimir putin he's seen is now the main player in syria now president one has been working closely with putin even though they are backing rival sides in the syrian civil war but the fact that now moscow is making clear signs that they want an end to this operation is the biggest concern in ankara and while i was speaking with vice president pence at the same time there were talks going on in the same presidential complex between turkish and russian delegation and that is preparing the way for a key talks next week between one and putin at the russian sea resort of sochi that meeting is seen of critical importance in determining the outcome and future of turkey's operation on the door adjourns istanbul. us and washington thank you so much. are you watching that d.w.
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new live from a burden now here in germany the trial of a former nazi concentration god has begun the 93 year old. who you will see shielding his face is accused of aiding and abetting the murder of more than 5000 jews at the shirt off concentration camp and to dance in what is now home and prosecutors are arguing that by preventing people from escaping he made himself an accessory to them the trial is likely to be one of the last cases involving nazi war crimes. the former concentration camp stove top of naked dunks in poland during the hitler regime this is where the nazis murdered an estimated 65000 people from august 1940 april 45 served at the concentration camp as a security guard investigators were able to prove this through records pertaining
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to his uniform the 93 year old admitted to having worked in the camp still he pleads not guilty. i worked on several watchtowers i did my job as a security guard that was all. pointed he was 17 to 18 years old at the time his job was to prevent inmates from escaping or of altering therefore he's accused of contributing to the killing of 5230 people poor dear doesn't see himself as part of the mud operators as a child to have who would spend several ideas and this total concentration camp together with her family her parents and her sister did not survive what they did it's not he was not human you dance at all. the health can of water from their down make
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a child. pick up a 20 killer cement with a head the pick up. and i couldn't so i was beaten up for nazi survivors like auditor's hard to understand why trials against nazi accomplices are only taking place now 74 years after the end of the 2nd world war one reason for this is a landmark conviction in 2011 since then alleged assessor used to murder can be held responsible without being linked to individual crimes just like born or d. now. in the united states american boxer patrick de has died after suffering a critical brain injury 5 days ago during a fight in chicago he was 27 he was knocked out by charles conwell in the 10th round of a u.s. based super welterweight title fight then he went emergency brain surgery but collapsed into a coma and never regain consciousness is now the 4th boxes to die from injuries
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sustained in competition in the last 3 months. the decision to grant qatar rights to host the 2022 world cup has been a constant source of controversy especially in the country's exploitative employment system that's considered abusive to migrant workers but after pressure from human rights organizations the gulf nation has now announced that it will reform its labor system changes are expected to be rubber stamped in january but many remain cautious migrant workers in qatar many of whom have been building the country stadia for the 2020 world cup will cry approval from their boss before they can change jobs or even leave the country that is set to change next year the gulf state has agreed to abolish labor and introduce a minimum wage law that would not discriminate against nationalities. caught it is very important because we are looking at you know what ought to be an attractive
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place for investors for the skilled workers to have productive work community. amnesty international has long called for an end to the abusive system in qatar it praised the announcement as a major step forward but the organization also remains cautious the devil will be in the detail far too often workers have continued to face exploitation and abuse despite reforms. the pressure to reform has been a sticking point ever since the working conditions of to toss migrant workers were exposed as specially under the spotlight of world cup preparations one agency that has been working closely with qatar under forming its system is the united nations international labor organization. well you know for us it's it's been long overdue it still exists in many other countries and we're hoping that other countries will also follow suit and fully abolish to follow because it's not in line with
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international standards qatar is in need of an image boost before they host the 2022 world cup it's unclear how far these labor reforms will actually go what is certain actions will speak louder than words. let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world hunger is prime minister viktor orban has warned that his country may use force itself a border if ankara allows millions of refugees currently in turkey to enter the e.u. he said it was considering breaking the terms of a deal with the e.u. on migrants because of the blocs opposition to its offensive in northern syria. catalonia leader kim. says he supports holding a new referendum on independence for the spanish region he was speaking as a 3rd night of separatist unrest left dozens injured in possible thousands have been protesting against president adding brands of prison sentences 100 to 9 cuts on separatist leaders this week.
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there is congressman elijah cummings has died at the age of 68 the long serving democrat who is chairman of the house oversight committee and played a key role in the impeachment inquiry into president trouble is office said he'd had a longstanding health challenges for. nice scare bring you more now on our top story our britain and the e.u. have reached a new day the u.k.'s withdrawal from the european union it still needs to be signed by the 27 remaining member states and the british parliament prime minister boris johnson's allies in northern ireland say they will not support it in a moment we should be able to cross that live to a news conference in a brussels or the european council president donald that tosk who is speaking now so let's go straight there.
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there will be a cow soon and dolls this deal and it looks like we are very close to the final stretch. why has the view that was impossible yesterday become possible today. firstly. the new version of the deal has been positively a system by ireland. i've said from the beginning that we would always stand behind ireland and not false ideals favorable to the. secondly. the deal has been positively offset by the european commission this is. that it is favorable and safe for the citizens of the european union. the key change in comparison is the earlier version of the e.u. this prime minister joins us acceptance to have customs checks at the point of
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entry into law the island this compromise will resume will allow us to avoid both the checks between ireland and northern ireland and will and show the integrity of the single market. the reality is that today we have a deal. which allows us to avoid chaos and an atmosphere of conflict between the e.u. $27.00 and the united kingdom. and fall of the european council invited the commission the european parliament and the council to end showed that this agreement can enter into falls on the 1st of november 29th team. now we are all waiting for the votes in both parliament. other more per some a lot. of what i feel today is frankly speaking sadness. because the layouts
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i will always be remain well they hope that our business friends decide storyteller and they. will always be open thank you thank you and now president of the you think mission you know good evening that these morning of the 2 of the phone calls i had to leave for the british prime minister we reached an agreement thank you to me shouted we did an excellent job together we've his team what we have a good. is much more than the deep it's a legal text which provides his legal certainty to the problems created by bricks. to the texts to the curtains for me. protested the war didn't sit well you you put it up hit us w. surely you didn't all. of those would read paul should have passed so
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they stood up it looked like a cottage paid well because of you could send me on the sequoia 12 year old does it play into the new toys we need is a pretty dumb you want to see 20 and you buy it when you need t.v. for don't you have a bit. of continuity of evil to be of all news of all to do it because it is all i could and you don't see and it was just luck of cortez to go hosts you been if you see dumping also did you know open to view you like molten aussie you'd put what in period of the tones you know she's got a phone to do events or more you put the shoes on because she was able to feed you know the name you got to know that all don't use of them ok so you know watching that press conference that that. without donald. chairman who is the
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president of the european council and then we heard from michelle include you president of the european commission the council commission are united in their praise for the for the deal that has now been done between the e.u. and britain don't tosk. the question that so many people will be asking who are interested in this sort of thing why has this one passed. and how is it different all this was passed he said because ireland has approved it and because the e.u. commission has passed it so there is a meeting today of a new heads of state it's expected that this meeting will pass muster with them and then the real fun begins as boris johnson tries to sell that meeting to his parliament and tries to get it to past northern island democratic unity party who have said today that they will have no part of this deal as it stands that sort through some of the matters are rising that with robert mudge d.w.
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news that is a welcome robert so as i was alluding to there the hard work seems to finish now the really hard work begins yes indeed i think celebrations are somewhat premature even though we now even have a legal text but as you already mentioned in now has to pass the the biggest stumbling block in my opinion which is british parliament on saturday and we've already heard that the all the opposition parties will say no in its current form the day you pay doesn't accept it jeremy called in the leader of the negroponte has said he may be convinced if. a 2nd referendum is attached to the deal. i don't see that happening right now so i think. well brussels i think that they
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finally got to this point i think i think stumbling block supersensitive is not known and we'll talk more but let's go back to the press conference because prime minister of. the of iraq is now speaking turkey and others and also as the leader of a small nation i've really felt enormous solidarity from my european partners sometimes people in small countries believe they can be swallowed up if they join big organizations by the like the i think it's been demonstrated in the past 2 years that the european union really is a union of nations and also peoples and one in which small states are protected and respected. like. present mixed feelings today i really regret that the united kingdom is leaving the european union but i absolutely respect their decision to do so it's a little bit like an old friend that's going on a journey are an adventure without us and we re.


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