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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 17, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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this is day 2 of the news live from berlin a breakthrough of the turkish offensive in northern syria turkey and the united states say they have agreed to a cease fire by turkey used to hold military operations against kurdish forces in the u.s. were to lift the threat of economic sanctions also on the program of britain and the european union breach a new agreement on the terms of practice e.u. leaders back the deal but it still needs to get through the u.k. following prime minister forrest johnson's allies in northern ireland have said they will not support it.
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i'm still go welcome to the program u.s. vice president mike pence says the united states and turkey have agreed to a cease fire in syria which depends announced a cease fire after meeting with turkey's presidential match up time line in ankara it was just over a week ago that turkish troops moved to attack kurdish forces after president trump and i'm so withdrawal of u.s. troops from northern syria the u.s. had threatened anchor with economic sanctions if it didn't hold its offensive its defense to nasa cease fire just a short time ago. when we were. earlier this we 1st decided. to call. for. agreed to negotiations today. i'm proud to report. thanks to the
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strong leadership of president donald trump. the strong relationship between president won and turkey. and the united states of america. the today the united states and turkey have agreed to a cease fire in syria. let's get more on this from b.w. correspondent dorian jones and estoppel welcome dorian what else have you had well we are what we understand from this agreement is that the syrian kurdish militia the white p.g. have agreed to withdraw all 30 kilometers away from the turkish boulder along the strip of several 100 kilometers now this was a key demand of the turkish president type one he did say that the operation would cease once they did withdraw so it does appear that this he's meeting a key turkish dumond now we understand it suffer 120 hours kurdish militia will be
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given to a withdrawal we understand from vice president pence that is even starting now as we speak so it does appear that now that if they do comply with this agreement and turkey will and permanently its operation expectations of this meeting had been low so what changed. well absolutely no one saw this coming in fact all the briefing ahead of this meeting was that there would be no progress no change in turkey's policy quite what happened in that meeting is unclear when i don't know it going in any indication of what was actually said but it is understood. that major sanctions were threatened against turkey and in fact the senator lindsey graham was unveiling what was considered absolutely nuclear option of sanctions targeting the lending of money to turkish sovereign debt which would effectively bring the country's economy to a halt on top of that the there were sanctions in personally the president to one's
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own finances that would also be a major concern of the president and many other sanctions help bank this turkish state lender that is facing. prosecution for violating us or reining in sanctions there with massive fines pending against that bank billions and billions of dollars potentially that too was on the agenda this was very much the nuclear option of sanctions and i think that that was a key factor in this this agreement being a meanie made but no one saw this coming and this is a complete shock to the country i think to the international world and president going to i had been very defiant saying that he would not stop this but from what you said if the white p.g. does withdraw then he can claim to have achieved his objective. well yes certainly and that is what he will be somehow he will be spinning in presenting this agreement but also the fact is the person on earth won
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a long with the removal of the y.p. she saw this safe so as it would provide the opportunity of returning millions of syrian refugees and this was unclear what is going to happen on this but we do understand though is that washington does appear now to be taking an active role in the events going forward and that will be a major will be a factor i think in persuading the syrian kurds to withdraw washington is now back in the region and is playing an active role and that is a major change in washington policy but this is this is a 5 day cease fire so will this mean peace in the border region well if the kurdish militia do withdraw back through the 30 kilometer line then we do understand that turkey is committed to ending this operation permanently so yes this does offer the opportunity to end of hostilities and given the fact that the america is now playing a very active role they're putting their reputation the international prestige on the line that will be a key factor i think in the success of this operation along with the pending threat
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of major sanctions if it does break down or injuns in istanbul thank you. britain and the e.u. have reached a new deal on the u.k.'s withdrawal from the european union leaders have unanimously backed the agreement the european council president donald tusk saying that it would have void chaos and conflict between the e.u. and the u.k. agreement still needs to be approved by the british parliament where mr johnson has a minority government nevertheless there was relief in brussels at the end of a marathon process. i. heard i heard i i have to include the boss here. the mood is high the fever of the past few days has subsided there's a deal it's a reasonable. for us in the u.k. it means that we can deliver a real brick sit that achieves our objectives and it means that the u.k.
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leaves whole and entire the fine print of this deal was hammered out by hughes chief bracks and negotiator michaud ban you know hard border on the irish soil a main sticking point that seems now to be unstuck back when you said they'd found a workable solution for northern ireland a part of the u.k. . notion i am going to remain and i'm sure a limited set of new rules should not properly related to goods this means that all applicable or procedures on good should we take place at the point of entry into. and not across the aisle e.u. commission president put it this way the deal is not a badass the deal is about people have a good time some of these constituencies spoke of stood right outside the summit meetings british remainders they are still hoping to get an extension and thus more
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time to call the 2nd referendum. now incidentally what i want is for the british people to have the final say on any deal or no deal the deal also faces political resistance back in the u.k. the northern ireland do you people party has already declared they would not approve it that's a problem for the brakes a deal while german chancellor angela merkel says she's optimistic it's hard to forget the fate of the last deal which the u.k. parliament ultimately buried. french president emanuel mccoll sees no proof just yet that the end of negotiations is in sight this is fixed in cuba neutral 2nd find your satisfaction goes hand in hand with prudence of course history shows that parliaments have difficulty in coming to agree on the north of here not in the best political. johnson has cleared an important hurdle. but the path to the finish line is still not a straight shot. from d.w.
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correspondent max hoffmann in brussels at mass and london welcome both let's start with you max they island of island has been the biggest sticking point in this process how does this latest solution different from the one that britain's parliament rejected 3 times. it is based on many parts of that deal of course but without getting into all the tiny details we have a solution here that only concerns northern ireland and not the whole of the u.k. back then there was the so-called backstop so the insurance policy to avoid a hard border between northern ireland which is part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland which is part of the e.u. and that would have involved the whole of the u.k. including the mainland in the customs union and customs union is a bad word that boris johnson didn't want to hear so now it's about wording and there is a bigger difference too but let me get to the wording 1st 1st of all what northern island and island will have in the future is not called a customs union but a custom partnership that is important so boris johnson can say look the customs
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territory of the u.k. is still the same in northern ireland is part of that and a very big difference here is that the northern irish get their say if they want to remain in this customs partnership that is different so even if you say this is sort of the backstop through the back door this is really different because the former backstop was to be eternal if nothing changed but this one can be voted down by the north that northern irish irish people ok i think i follow that well doubt that not going to work let's hear from the british prime minister barak's johnson speaking after the you lead is a meeting in brussels. we think it's not as i say 3 and a half years it hasn't always been an easy experience for the u.k. it's been long it's been painful it's being divisive and now is the moment for us as a country to come together now this is a moment for our parliament terry. to come together and get this thing done
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a burgomaster london how much as part of johnson had to give up to get this deal. he did have to give in when it comes to northern ireland and this is exactly why would why he will have a hard time and getting his deal through parliament so mark says so well explain how this new construction with northern ireland works but the northern irish party the de u.p.c. who's an ally of forrest johnson they still think that northern ireland will be treated differently from the rest of the u.k. and this is what they not want they are a unionist party they want to stay as closely aligned as possible to the rest of the u.k. and effectively there will be some changes and they fear that northern ireland will in the long run be drawn mood towards the european union that do relations the business relations will become stronger with the european union and then you would
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drift away from the rest of the u.k. so this is why they're objecting to it and this is where boys johnson had to even had to make concessions and this is why you will have difficulties getting in truth . is it just northern ireland's do you play that mr johnson has to worry about when he tries to start to parliament on a saturday or holders. exactly no it's not just northern ireland i just had a chance to speak to kids stomach who is leading the labor of his vision he's the bricks of spokesman for they've the opposition here and parliament and he seem to be quite nervous he is really looking whether boris johnson might be able. to get a 3 his deal through if some labor m.p.'s who just want to get something done if they vote for the deal say it's it's going to be a very tight vote but what would his dollars fearing what other labor m.p.'s and
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other. position fearing that the u.k. under the lead of course johnson is going to go to a very distant partnership of the e.u. they fear that. that rules e.u. rules and regulations will be undermined that there would be a deregulation and what boris johnson was called a singapore on thames this is could be the the end result of all of this will break surprises so this is why other m.p.'s are very nervous it's going to be a very tight verge on saturday that's for sure so. there was a press conference about an hour or so where lots of the great god of the e.u. had lots of warm words of regret about bay the departure of the huge british friends but it has been a long and often better 3 years this process and it's not done yet have relations between the block and the u.k. suffered in that process. let me let me focus on the part it's not done yet because
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that is very true the question the main question that was asked here at all these press conferences for example to the german chancellor but also to intrude your grow the head of the european commission was what are you going to do if the house of commons rejects this deal but forces boris johnson to ask for an extension and said no extension but i'm going to mecca was much more careful because then we are back to square one in a way to a situation where to reset may was beforehand we all know how that ended you can see though that the relationship has already changed significantly i'm going to mecca for the 1st time this week described the u.k. not as a friend or a future partner but as a potential competitor and that changes things that european union of course has changed its relation to the ok of course the relationship has deteriorated there were veiled threats there were bad words that doesn't help but what people here are hoping at the european council. is that with this deal and if the house of commons
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approves this deal things will get better again max hoffman in brussels back at mass and in london thank you both. there's africa is up next we'll have more world news at the top of the hour i myself a good day. bursts . home to moods of species. a home worth saving. you those are big changes and most start with small steps but global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. news that could turn the good news to green energy solutions and reforestation. community into.


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