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this is. tonight a ceasefire in northern syria or is it and yet another unexpected turn the united states announces turkey will suspend military operations against kurdish forces for 5 days in northern syria in return the u.s. says it will lift economic sanctions against turkey also coming up tonight they have a deal yet again she enters in brussels reaching new agreement outlining the u.k.'s departure from the european union e.u. leaders have given their blessing but the deal still needs approval by u.k.
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lawmakers that's easier said than done prime minister boris johnson's allies in northern ireland say they will not support and it could be one of the last nazi war crimes trials a former guard as nazi concentration camp goes on trial here in germany the 93 year old accused of being involved in more than $5000.00 murders. i'm off to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and our viewers all around the world welcome we begin tonight with what the u.s. vice president mike pence did today pence went to ankara to try and persuade turkey's president. to hold his attacks on kurdish fighters in northern syria no one rated pins his chances very high so it was a big surprise. he announced that
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a cease fire is coming after just meeting once with mr everyone it was just over a week ago that turkish troops attacked kurdish forces after president trump announced the withdrawal of u.s. troops from the region the u.s. has threatened to one with economic sanctions if he doesn't halt his offensive so turkey says the agreement is not however a truce ceasefire but rather a suspension of operations but cease fire that is the word that pence used today when he made that announcement take a look. when we go for. it's here. for this week for us and decided. to call. for. a. review. today. for. the. president of. the relationship.
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was. there today the united states and turkey have agreed to cease fire. all right more on that tonight we've got coverage from turkey and the united states g.w. correspondent story of jones and public joining us from istanbul in washington gentlemen good evening dorian let me start with you what more do we know about this cease fire slash suspension slash temporary stop in fighting. well detail full details of this agreement and how it actually worked there are really many of them and that is really fueling growing concerns about whether this deal will actually work how it is that there will be 120 alice sees far during that time syrian kurdish forces will withdraw to 32 kilometers away from turkey's frontier now we have had reactions from the commander of those kurdish forces of
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the syrian democratic forces general muslim cavani he welcomed the decision but crucially he said that the forces will only withdraw from those that are currently fighting the turkish forces now that will cause concern and because they're on the senate deal is that the kurdish forces will withdraw along the whole strip of 500 kilometers of the turkish front so there's a lot of ambiguity there also there is also concern coming from syrian kurdish political leaders saying we want details of what are the guarantees of safety of our people in this area if there is a full scale we've drawn particularly as turkey has been using a syrian militias which they kurds claim a link to islamic state and other jihadi groups a fear that is echoed by some american military personnel as well so there's a great deal of unknown's on how this deal will actually work and also another major factor is what does damascus say these forces are currently joining that the syrian kurds are moving into this area have they agreed to this and also moscow they too seem to be out of this agreement. the vice president today said that
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all he offered on group was relieved from st john's was it really as easy as that. well brant i mean essentially the mixed messages of the past few days have made it very hard to decipher what exactly the out of this trip would be now calling it a cease fire we've just talked about it there you know it isn't really a ceasefire but it gives the kurds and i let's not forget former allies of the united states just up until a few days ago basically 5 days to leave now what the deal does give turkey is what you're saying over here is essentially what they want no sanctions and also relief from the sanctions now interestingly president trump who has been you know sending a very mixed messages in the past few days. very positive words for president out of the one but i think before we talk by more of what president trump has been saying let's hear what he had to say earlier in texas i didn't know it was going to
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work out this quickly i didn't know it would work out this well it's a great day for the united states it's a great day for turkey it's a great day for our partners who have really worked i mean a lot of people question some of them i'm not questioning anybody they really did the kurds were great great day for the kurds it's really a great day for civilization. a great day for civilization that is quite a statement to make for any president even for president trump. isn't the glory if there is glory to be had here isn't it glory for the vice president this to. well you would think but of course this is doesn't come as a surprise the president. you know these words of praise essentially for himself in many ways and we don't need to look too far to see that he has a very sort of positive view of how this whole situation has been handled in fact
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if we just look at his twitter account just these words are quite key brant he says i'm proud of the united states for sticking by me and following a necessary but somewhat unconventional path people have been trying to make this deal for many years millions of lives would be saved congratulations to all now you know essentially he's saying congratulations to all but you know he mentions that this this path that was taken by the united states let's not forget to forget about this long standing at alliance with the kurds in just essentially a matter of days they go from having this tight relationship to this essentially sort of ambiguous relationship now because when one day he's saying that you know they're basically like terrorists the next day he's praising them then he's saying so it's very hard to follow brant but. president trump is basically sending out a message that this is a big victory for the united states and for everyone involved of course even people
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within his own party many republicans have voiced their concern over how president dealt with the kurds and also it sends out a message to the international community that you know president that the united states can change its opinion or change its mind so quickly over the alliances that it currently has and that's what basically republicans and democrats have been saying here in the united states who responded publicly announced in washington. it is doable to both of you thank you. well here in europe a britain and the european union have reached a new deal on the u.k.'s withdrawal from the e.u. e.u. leaders today unanimously backed that agreement european council president donald tusk saying it will avoid chaos and conflict of the agreement still needs to be approved by the british parliament where prime minister boris johnson remember has a minority government and that's the situation in london in brussels today there
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was guarded really i've. heard. i have to include the boss the. the fever of the past few days has subsided there's a deal it's a reasonable outcome for us in the u.k. it means that we can deliver a real bricks it that achieves our objectives and it means that the u.k. leaves whole and entire the fine print of this deal was hammered out by hughes chief bracks a negotiator me said no hard border on the irish soil a main sticking point that seems now to be unstuck back in the east said they'd found a workable solution for northern ireland a part of the u.k. . notion ireland will remain and i and to a limited set of e.u. rules should not every related to boot this means that all of
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a peekaboo procedures on good should we take place at the point of entry into national 9 and not across the island. e.u. commission president put it this way the deal is still the boss the need is a bond people have a good time some of these constituencies spoke of stood right outside the summit meetings british remainders they are still hoping to get an extension and thus more time to call the 2nd referendum. know intimately what i want is for the british people to have the final say on any deal or no deal the deal also faces political resistance back in the u.k. the northern ireland do you people party has already declared they would not approve it that's a problem for the brigs a deal while german chancellor angela merkel says she's optimistic it's hard to forget the fate of the last deal which the u.k.
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parliament ultimately buried french president emmanuel back home sees no proof just yet that the end of negotiations is in sight yes it's fixed thank you to new to 2nd time you know our satisfaction goes hand in hand with prudence of course history shows that parliaments have difficulty in coming to agree on a number of you not in the best political. johnson has cleared an important hurdle . but the path to the finish line is still not a straight shot. all right we've got complete coverage tonight d.w. correspondent max hoffmann he is in brussels on the story for us and here at the big table with me as you do online editor robert much gentlemen welcome let me start with you max we know that the irish border has been the big sticking point in all of these breaks it agreements how does this new solution how does it differ from the backstop the one that the british parliament has rejected 3 times. it
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draws heavily of course on prior versions of this but it doesn't include the ugly word backstop and that was a bad word for forced johnson he wanted that out of the deal and he got what he wanted at least in this respect just a reminder the backstop was supposed to be the insurance policy to avoid a hard border between northern island which is part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland which is part of the european union what they have now is a customs partnership so boris johnson can keep on saying that northern ireland is part of the customs territory of the u.k. so the same customs territory as mainland u.k. and those are the 2 points she can really sell back home. that's true 2 points otherwise the 600 pages look a lot like the agreement that theresa may try to get passed through rob the u.k. people there are they just so sick of this situation are they going to be cheering this and are we going to see it passed on saturday well i think once they and if
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they get their heads around it some might be cheering don't forget that on saturday there's another huge march for a 2nd referendum there was one last year which i feel huge huge turnout this is supposed to be bigger so i think the country is still divided and then as you mentioned the the big stumbling block will be. super saturday when parliament sits again i think for the 1st time since the falklands. and it's not always sure the boss just got his deals. the d.p. has already said. label ireland to no islands to the day unionists jeremy called in because initially i think a few hours ago i was saying yes we may approve the deal if we can at the 2nd referendum questions pountney he has backtracked again slightly because he i think has maybe seen the light that there's no chance of that going through so it's very fluid again as if you should. take
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a listen to what words johnson said after the this this latest deal was announced. we think that it's not as i say for 3 and a half years it hasn't always been an easy experience for the u.k. it's been long it's been painful it's been divisive and now is the moment for us as a country to come together now this is a moment for all parliamentarians to come together and get this thing done. i'm going to bob here already let me ask you so bored johnson what does he have to do to deal with sooner a 2nd referendum or general elections i think he's pushing for a general election a snap election i think even if this deal were to fail and right now is ticking pretty close i think he will come out strong with the populist message that he
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tried everything he was in brussels they got a deal and it was attracted by parliament now we go and put it to the country again and i think with with that populist message that what he's been saying about that the country needs to move on and get on with the domestic problems the big sitting on the sidelines is them tweeting about that very much like donald trump with with yes and so he's going to push for that i think that's what he's been banking on norman long so i think we would be heading for us general election sooner rather than later he needs the support of the northern irish the d.p. party which you mentioned if he wants to get this deal through parliament we know that they've said that they're not going to support it was just listen to what the party chief for the u.p.a. said today. which the prime minister is bringing back from brussels today we believe it is not in the interests of northern ireland either economically and i've explained all of that around the border essentially for not just regulations but
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for goods we have different rules and we have no effect of consent over any of those really so all of that taken on the right means that we cannot support the state and. he really he can't change her mind at this point candy at this point he con unless he has been rumors that he's been dangling financial carrots. the worst i don't know how many billions the question is whether he would fall for that or whether they would have to give up their positions just for that financial clout. it's very. opaque this is not a good way to describe the whole process max you know how many times i mean i've also count how many times we have been in this situation talking about the deal that has been approved by e.u. leaders and we're waiting for the parliament in london to pass it would you say though that through all of this relations between the e.u. and the u.k. have they been permanently damaged today i mean we heard you know e.u.
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leaders today talking about how they regret still that the u.k. is leaving but is there permit other permanent scars here. well nothing is permanent but of course you have a change in the stance of the u. leaders that you 27 so all the member states excluding you the united kingdom and it was probable this week for the 1st time when i get a medical at a press conference i believe it was in toulouse in france and she used the word competitor for the u.k. for the 1st time and not potential friend or partner so they have accepted that with the gold that boris johnson has of a free trade agreement no longer a customs union so no longer the closest possible partnership but a free trade agreement that the u.k. will indeed more be a competitor right outside of the european union and that's what's making them so worried that's different from canada for example and they also have a free trade agreement or with japan when they recently struck a free trade agreement because the u.k. is so close of course culturally tied so close also to the european union that they
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want to avoid it really being dangerous to the union and of course you still have that point that if you the u.k. is too successful with its strategy outside of the european union it doesn't look good for the e.u. itself and i'm looking at these images there of all of these leaders shaking hands patting words johnson on the shoulder they know that he has to go back to london and get parliament's approval for this if not they're going to have to ask for another delay what's how high do you think the willingness is in brussels to say yes to yet another extension. 1st of all they really tried to give boris johnson a little something at least so he might have a chance to pass this in the u.k. what i didn't mention earlier for the d. you be because we've been talking about this very little party you know the whole scale i believe they have 9 seats in the house of commons at the moment but the northern irish assembly will have the right to vote whether they want to remain in this construction and this customs partnership either every 4 or every 8 years
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depending on which method they choose but bottom line they will have their say over that but that is not convincing them either and that's why of course the question we put to i'm going to back here was what do you do when they ask for an extension so you sort of sidestep that she did not want to answer that's typical i'm going to back off you know she says 1st things 1st and then we'll see afterwards but john claud you look at the head of the e.u. commission was much more outspoken he said no extension problem here is he doesn't really have a say it's the leaders that will decide this year that's a very good point to make that in northern irish assembly i don't the assembly has it convened i think in 2 years so it's interesting you know we were wondering how is that going to work. or give you the final word he's going to have the final say then here. the people if it goes to a 2nd referendum which of origins or if it's a general election runs the general elections that either way i think it will go to the people. the question is whether you can actually money survey a country that has been waiting for so you know hafiz to get things done. to turn
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out for a general election that would be i think an interesting point to see how how high voter turnout is i think we've reached the point where it is breaking point now and people just want to see something done what they want something to be done robert much here in the studio with me and max hoffman in brussels gentlemen thank you. well here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world opposition lawmakers in hong kong's legislature have heckled the territory's leader for a 2nd consecutive day kerry lam has been urged to address the demands of the territory's protest movement the disruption comes after a prominent pro-democracy activist was violently attacked yesterday. catalonia as leader kim torah says he supports holding a new referendum on independence for the spanish regional he spoke as a 3rd night of separate is unrest left dozens injured in barcelona thousands have
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been protesting against the prison sentences that were handed to 9 keta long separatist leaders earlier this week hungary's prime minister viktor orban has warned his country may use force at its southern border if turkey allows millions of refugees to enter the european union turkey says that it's considering breaking the terms of a deal with the e.u. on migrants because of europe's opposition to its offensive in northern syria. well here in germany the trial of a former nazi concentration camp guard has begun the 93 year old seen here shielding his face is accused of aiding and abetting the murder of more than $5000.00 jews at the should hold concentration camp east of good danskin what is now poland prosecutors argue that by preventing people from escaping he made himself and accessory to their murder now the trial is likely to be one of the last
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cases involving nazi war crimes. the former concentration camp stove top of naked dunks in poland during the hitler regime this is where the nazis murdered an estimated 65000 people from august 1940 april 45 served at the concentration camp as a security guard investigators were able to prove this through records pertaining to his uniform the 93 year old admitted to having worked in the camp still he pleads not guilty i worked on several watchtowers i did my job as a security guard that was all. boarded he was 17 to 18 years old at the time his job was to prevent inmates from escaping or revolting therefore he's accused of contributing to the killing of 5230 people. doesn't see
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himself as part of the mud operators as a child to who would spend several ideas in the shtetl of concentration camp together with her family her parents and her sister did not survive what they did he was not human you dance at all at the halt can of water. you don't make a child. pick up that 20 killer cement which i had the pick up. and i couldn't so i was beaten up for nazi survivors like a horde it is hard to understand why trials against nazi accomplices are only taking place now 74 years after the end of the 2nd world war one reason for this is a landmark conviction in 2011 since then alleged assessors to murder can be held responsible without being linked to individual crimes just like bono did now.
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or the decision to grant qatar. the right are we going to do qatar are we going to do the boxer story ok so the decision to grant and so are the right to host the 2022 world cup has been a constant source of controversy especially given the country's exploitive employment system that's considered abusive to migrant workers but after pressure from human rights organizations the country has announced that it will reform its labor system changes are expected to be rubber stamped in january but many still remain cautious. migrant workers in qatar many of whom have been building the country stadia for the 2020 world cup will cry approval from their boss before they can change jobs or even leave the country that is set to change next year the gulf state has agreed to abolish labor and introduce
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a minimum wage law that would not discriminate against nationalities. it is very important because we are looking at you know at the upper to be an attractive place for investors for the skilled workers to have productive border communities. amnesty international has long called for an end to the abusive system in qatar it praised the announcement as a major step forward but the organization also remains cautious the devil will be in the detail far too often workers have continued to face exploitation and abuse despite reforms. the pressure to reform has been a sticking point ever since the working conditions of kotov migrant workers were exposed as specially under the spotlight of wood cup preparations one agency that has been working closely with qatar on this forming it system is the united nations
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international labor organization. well you know for us it's it's been long overdue 88 still exists in many other countries and we're hoping that other countries will also follow suit and fully of all the stuff follow because it's not in line with international standards qatar is in need of an image boost before they host the 2022 world cup it's unclear how far these labor reforms will actually go what is certain actions will speak louder than words. or dutch dreams of victory in the world solar challenge of going up in flames within sight of the finish line in australia team new x. had only just hit the lead when the car called fire was completely engulfed by flames. the driver escaped unharmed from the vehicle but the incident so what but it was the end of the race for the team from holland belgium's of oriya took the lead and would go on to take the checkered flag in adelaide in a time of just under 35 hours that's an average speed of 86 kilometers an hour over
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the 3200 kilometer distance. you're watching news live from berlin after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day to stick around for that.
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test. i'm ill and i'm getting close to a brand new zealand virus called explosive device that's about topics that affect us all modelers climate change and turn it.
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all is a challenge. to france dear antonio there's a sea of distance opposite us i'm sitting on the terrace in twilight it's peaceful my 3 grandchildren straight one trouble as our dad died when i was 8 france is a trip to germany was split in 2 and remain divided for decades since it was my ivana months when your mother was born in 1969 the world was already 8 years ago and you know my grandchildren who were born after the war felt born in a great unified germany a wonderful time a time of great joy. 3 generations of one family on a journey through recent german history. of. this. darkness
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has fallen and it's still peaceful and they have remained so for your sakes my grandchildren also i think. the birth of our family. starts to limber 60 on d.w. . a break deal again $600.00 pages outlining how the u.k. will depart the european union but most of it we've read before in fact one of the only difference is this time around is the name of the british leader pushing the deal tonight back to the future with bracks it this coming saturday prime minister boris johnson will ask the u.k. parliament to approve this new plan if recent history is any guide lawmakers will decide to make this deal the moment when breaks it begins or the moment when bragg's it begins its end yet again.


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