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reports from a destroyed city. philippines. starts october 24th to tell you. about it. this is g w news live from berlin to the like a ceasefire in northern syria or is it in yet another unexpected turn the u.s. announces turkey will suspend military operations against kurdish forces for 5 days in return the u.s. says it will lift economic sanctions against turkey also coming up they have a deal yet again negotiators in brussels reached
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a new agreement outlining the u.k.'s departure from the european union e.u. leaders have given their blessing but the deal still needs to get through to the u.k. parliament easier said than done boris johnson's allies in northern ireland have already said they will not support. i'm brink of it is good to have you with us we begin tonight with a remarkable turnabout in syria when the u.s. vice president mike pence went to to try and persuade of turkey's president. to stop his attack on kurdish fighters in northern syria no one did his chances very high so it was a big surprise when he announced today a ceasefire after meeting at a one it was just over a week ago that turkish troops attacked kurdish forces after president trump announced the withdrawal of u.s. troops from northern syria the u.s.
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had threatened with economic sanctions if he did not hold his offensive. we've also got reports tonight that the kurds in northern syria have accepted this cease fire turkey says this agreement is not a cease fire but rather a suspension of operations but cease fire that is the word that pence used when he made that announcement today. when we were. earlier this week president decided. to call. for. my. review it is today. or. present a. strong relationship we long for. united states are. these turkey who agreed to cease fire.
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all right more on that tonight we've got coverage from turkey and the united states g.w. correspondent story of jones and public joining us from istanbul in washington gentlemen good evening dorian let me start with you what more do we know about this cease fire slash suspension slash temporary stop in fighting. detail full details of this agreement and how it actually worked there are really many of them and that is really fueling growing concerns about whether this deal will actually work how it is that there will be 120 alex cease fire during that time syrian kurdish forces will withdraw to 32 kilometers away from turkey's frontier now we have had reactions from the commander of those kurdish forces of the syrian democratic forces general muslim cavani he welcomed the decision but crucially he said that the forces will only withdraw from those that are currently
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fighting the turkish forces now that will cause concern in ankara because there understand the deal is that kurdish forces will withdraw along the whole strip of 500 kilometers of the turkish front so there's a lot of ambiguity there also there is also concern coming from syrian kurdish political leaders saying we want details of what are the guarantees of safety of our people in this area if there is a full scale we've drawn particularly as turkey has been using a syrian militias which they kurds claim a link to islamic state and other jihadi groups a fear that is echoed by some american military personnel as well so there's a great deal of unknown's on how this deal will actually work and also another major factor is what does damascus say its forces are currently joining that the syrian kurds are moving into this area how they agree to this and also moscow they too seem to be out of this agreement. the vice president today said that all he offered on group was relieved from sanctions was it really as easy as that.
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well brant i mean essentially the mixed messages of the past few days have made it very hard to decipher what exactly the out of this trip would be calling it a ceasefire we've just talked about it there you know it isn't really a ceasefire but it gives the kurds let's not forget former allies of the united states just up until a few days ago basically 5 days to leave now what this deal does give turkey is what the needs are saying over here is essentially what they want no sanctions and also relief from the sanctions now interestingly president trump who has been you know sending a very mixed messages in the past few days. very positive words for president out of the one but i think before we talk more of what president trump has been saying let's hear what he had to say earlier in texas i didn't know it was going to work out this quickly i didn't know it would work out this well it's
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a great day for the united states it's a great day for turkey it's a great day for our partners who have really worked i mean a lot of people question some of them i'm not questioning anybody they really did the kurds were great great day for the kurds it's really a great day for civilization. a great day for civilization that is quite a statement to make for any president even for president trump. is it the glory if there is glory to be had here isn't it glory for the vice president. well you would think up but of course this is doesn't come as a surprise that president trump you know these words of praise essentially for himself in many ways and we don't need to look too far to see that he has a very sort of positive view of how this whole situation has been handled in fact if we just look at his twitter account just these words are quite key brant he says
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i'm proud of the united states for sticking by me and following a necessary but somewhat unconventional path people have been trying to make this deal for many years millions of lives would be saved congratulations to all. you know essentially he's saying congratulations to all but you know he mentioned that this this path that was taken by the united states let's not forget to forget this long standing at alliance with the kurds in just essentially a matter of days they go from having this tight relationship to this essentially sort of big u.s. relationship now because when one day he's saying that you know they're basically like terrorists the next day he's praising them then he's saying so it's very hard to follow brant but. president trump is basically sending out a message that this is a big victory for the united states and for everyone involved of course even people within his own party many republicans have voiced their concern over how president
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dealt with the kurds and also it sends out a message to the international community that you know president that the united states can change its opinion or change its mind so quickly over the alliances that it currently have and that's what basically republicans and democrats have been saying here in the united states who responded public in washington. it is doable to both of you thank you. here in europe britain and the european union have reached a new deal on the ukase withdrawal from the u. e.u. leaders today unanimously backed that agreement european council president donald tusk saying that it will avoid chaos and conflict now the agreement still needs to be approved by the british parliament where prime minister boris johnson has a minority government nonetheless there was some relief today in brussels. i. heard i heard i i have to approach
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the boss here. the fever of the past few days has subsided there's a deal it's a reasonable. for us in the u.k. it means that we can deliver a real bricks it that achieves our objectives and it means that the u.k. leaves whole and entire the fine print of this deal was hammered out by hughes chief bratton negotiator michaud down you know hard border on the irish soil a main sticking point that seems now to be unstuck and you said they'd found a workable solution for northern ireland a part of the u.k. . notion i want to remain aligned to a limited set of new rules should not have really related to goods just means that all applicable procedures spun good should we take place at the point of entry into national island and not across the aisle e.u.
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commission president put it this way the deal it's not about us the need is about people have some of these constituents he spoke of stood right outside the summit meetings british remainders they're still hoping to get an extension does more time to call a 2nd referendum. know intimately what i want is for the british people to have the final say on any deal or no deal the deal also faces political resistance back in the u.k. the northern ireland do you people r.t. has already declared they would not approve it that's a problem for the break that deal while german chancellor angela merkel says she's optimistic it's hard to forget the fate of the last deal which the u.k. parliament ultimately buried. french president emmanuel back home sees no proof just yet that the end of negotiations is in sight this is fixed 2nd our
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satisfaction goes hand in hand with prudence of course history shows that parliaments have difficulty in coming to agree on the north of the bus with little michael. johnson has cleared an important hurdle but the path to the finish line is still not a straight shot and after the deal was announced today w.'s brussels bureau chief max hoffman he spoke with a member of the european parliament from belgium about the next step the vote this coming saturday in the british parliament. so i am with philip blumberg who's a member of the briggs it steering group of the european parliament. what's your message to the house of commons in the u.k. that still will have to approve this deal it's in your hands so you're facing a deal but presented by a prime minister that you merely a did you that ridiculed you tried to sideline you your decision whether you want to. to do him
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a service or you want to take charge of the next steps and i do believe that the parliament is now a chance to basically adopt a deal conditionally saying well ok we could adopt it provided that the referendum and also seats so if a majority of the british people supported then fine by us but if not then we say in the european union this is the last chance to do this and i would count on the opposition to now stand united because you know what the opposition has a majority and the government is in the minority it doesn't on the your solution is an easy solution it doesn't sound like the bugs that saga will will be over soon if we adopt your solution no but should we just listen to the brics fatigue or should we look at this as a defining choice for the future of the you and for the future of the u.k. you don't make these choices likely so indeed i do believe that i do not support those who say there should be unilateral riffle cation of directed by the british
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parliament because that doesn't feel right as a democrat i believe that if the people have been asked to give an opinion they gave an opinion $5248.00 or breaks it i would go back to the people to say ok now we negotiated a deal here it is you want it you take it desperate state so it's or sort of 2nd referendum it is a 2nd referendum and he's not the same question because now it is on a deal it's concrete now it can be theresa may steel it can be very strong some steel but one of those use must be put to the people and the people must then confirm their choice which is perfectly fine to. it's not my preferred option but as a democrat i would accept it and if they change their minds that's perfectly fine this was disease my preferred version and a propose motion of all my my friends in the united kingdom but you as a member of the briggs assyrian group of the european parliament if the house of commons says yes to the steel then it will end on your table next week is that your is there majority for this deal in the european parliament yes i think so we should . be very careful to enfolds department through the brics a certain group at every step of the negotiation and i can tell you the last few
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days i think the personal touch we seem every day so it's not that we are discovering they say we have been told all along and yes it's been changes to the irish protocol but he soon grew professor and 5 political groups together between them enjoy a wide majority of european fundamental if the british bad event decides to say yes which is illegitimate den we will say yes to if they decide to go another way and go for the 2nd try friend them i think that the $27.00 heads of states and government would be remiss not to grant. the extension that would be needed to carry out that referendum so a question i just need a yes or no all i know that's hard but will there be a brags it on the 31st of october yes or no i don't believe so thank you very much for the gunboats. all right you heard it there you're watching e.w. news business news is up next with christine stick around for that.
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