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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 18, 2019 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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personally and starts november 6th on d w. this is the w. news live from berlin and boris johnson begins a charm offensive that will determine the future of bricks and you case prime minister may have hammered out a deal with brussels but now he has to persuade the british parliament to back his plan and a vote tomorrow he says will succeed but others say they're not so sure also coming out. fighting flares up in northern syria that despite
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a cease fire announced by the u.s. and turkey can it hold and are kurdish forces plus drawing as the deal calls for we'll go live to stumble. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us it is less than 24 hours now since the u.k. and the e.u. clinched their backs a deal but already a new standoff is looming britain's prime minister still has to convince parliament to back the agreement and at this stage it is unclear if boris johnson can do so we'll have analysis after this report. one step closer to briggs that british prime minister boris johnson was an appointment would thanks to the new deal on the table this is a great deal for our country for the u.k. i also believe it's a very good deal for all. friends in the e.u.
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and what it means is that we in the u.k. can come out of the e.u. as one united kingdom england scotland wales northern ireland and together the fine print of the deal was approved by the e.u.'s chief bricks at the go sheeter mission on year guaranteeing no hard border on ira's sorel had been the main sticking point by nice said they'd found a workable solution for northern ireland which is part of the u.k. norseman island will remain an eye and to a limited set of e.u. rulership not of really related to goods and this means northern ireland will remain in the u.k. customs area no hard border on the island of ireland u.k. customs checks at british ports on shipments entering northern ireland and for goods that might end up in the e.u. single market e.u. terrace will be applied. with the european leaders agreeing to back the deal now
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it's up to the british parliament to give its approval but the deal faces resistance here we believe it is not in the interests of northern ireland either economically and i've explained all of that around a border essentially for not just regulations but for goods we have different vaqueros and we have no effect of consent over any of those really so all of that taken on the right means that we cannot support the state what happens if the british parliament doesn't back the steel back in brussels you commission chief didn't have a clear answer to that question oh between comforting visit and look test it has to be just when you were there would be no foreign leaders. the german chancellor was hopeful it would pass on this also. we didn't negotiate this deal for it to be voted down bars johnson told us he will do everything to get a majority and if that doesn't happen then we'll have to see the end of it. boris
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johnson said he would not meet the same fate as his predecessor theresa may who repeatedly failed to get her brakes a deal approved he has now cleared an important hurdle put the divorce is still far from done. now there's a new hurdle of course our brakes at analyst rob mudge is here to talk about this much more didn't you rob morning boris johnson is completely confident that he can he can do this people are wondering if he has the charm those are wondering about and if he has enough of a strong arm to get it done what's it looking like who does he need to get onside well he has the charm but he's got some number crunching to do the magic numbers 320 m.p.'s we now know that the northerners do you pay the 10 m.p.'s will vote against it they've made that quite clear so he really needs the hard line breaks it is the so-called european research group m.p.'s who have said it now looks like most of them will vote for the deal still leaves him short so essentially he's
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needs the former tories the 21 rebels that he expelled because they went against his plans he needs that is still the numbers don't add up so he needs the next 21 are even going to start doing the math is very nasty and so he needs there are some 20 labor and pays who represent leave constituencies and have said that they would vote for a deal so if all that comes together it may work out it's going to be very close there is still the additional permutation that some and pays abstain ok so again it leaves it hanging in the air so yes we have here is more than 40 individuals that he needs to convince that he wrong arm somehow today exactly. the northern ireland democratic unionist party the the people in northern ireland have been propping up as his government has a thin majority of course how worried should boris johnson be that they're saying they're not going back to steal i don't think if we if we look at what i've just
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outlined before he probably doesn't need those 10 votes although the d.p.p. have said they are going to lot be. skeptical conservative m.p.'s to chill and get them to vote against the deal so again it's not quite clear how many of those they can actually convince on that. matter but just looking at the numbers he probably doesn't need to do you people though it would send out a pretty bad signal if he suddenly dismisses the party that has been propping up his gun and they're going to be counter lob lobbying as he continues his traps a litany of how was this deal briefly if you could different from teresa mayes deal that was rejected 3 times that's what i was trying to get my head around yes they are reading through some of the text and essentially to me and to many other experts it essentially just a difference in nuances i've described it yesterday in one of the shows as a non backstop backstop. you still going to have that border down the irish sea
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centrally a customs border which is something that johnson and others in government and previous said over my dead body and so the difference is i think you'd have to really the devil is in the detail but essentially there's not much of a difference there to reason which was shot down 3 times ok briefly very briefly if you could what happens if it doesn't past more employment if it doesn't pass he is legally bound to seek an extension with the ben act there are suggestions that he may counter that with the 2nd letter which would then a contradiction letter to the the ben act that could spark a constitutional crisis and that again would end up in the courts so it's anyone's guess as of the votes are there this is far from over absolutely london ok rob bunch thanks very much for that. let's get your brief now on some of the other stories making the news at this hour mass protests and
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a general strike are underway in the spanish region catalonia protesters want the long prison sentences handed down to council on independence leaders overturned tens of thousands of demonstrators are expected to converge on central barcelona over the course of today. a fierce gun battle has been raging in mexico cartel gun battles with security services in the capital sanaa lowest state it's home to the notorious drug cartel led by the former kingpin chapal fighting broke out after the arrest of one of his sons that son is later lea's police say they did so out of safety concerns for civilians. protest ever up in lebanon over the government's plan to impose new taxes during a severe economic crisis in beirut thousands of demonstrators tried to storm the government headquarters and blocked roads. 2 people were reported killed in blazes that erupted near those protests. he also mentioned the white house is distancing
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itself in comments made by acting chief of staff mick mulvaney that relate to president trump's dealings in ukraine now those dealings have sparked a congressional impeachment inquiry well many appear to suggest that the white house did withhold aid to ukraine to pressure officials there to investigate president trump's political rivals in the democratic party. well reports are coming in at this hour of new fighting in a border town in northeastern syria that despite a cease fire brokered by the u.s. all other towns though do appear to be calm right now turkey agreed to suspend its military operations for 5 days to allow kurdish led forces to withdraw ankara held this deal as a victory for turkey saying it got everything it wanted. sporadic clashes and artillery strikes are hitting the syrian border town of. this just hours after
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top turkish and u.s. officials agreed to impose a pause in the fighting in the region today the united states and turkey have agreed to a cease fire in syria. turkish side will pause operation for peace spring in order to allow for the withdrawal of y.p. g. forces from the safe zone. for $120.00. the americans claim to the 5 day cease fire as a diplomatic victory but the kurdish y p g militia was not at the table for the negotiations before the agreement to pause fighting syria's president was already the scene of heavy clashes local humanitarian groups say civilians were being caught between the fronts. the announcement to freeze combat surprised some observers turkish president better one had previously announced he would not agree to halt the offensive he's denied rumors that mike pence threatened turkey with new
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sanctions should he fail to support the plan. shortly after the vice president announced the cease fire the turkish foreign minister gave the press his government's view of the day's events. out of it it's not the end of the operation it's not a ceasefire you can only have a ceasefire between 2 legitimate governments were suspending our operations so the terrorists the targets of our operation can leave the security zone. the turkish government also expects the y.p. g. militia to give up all its weapons and will continue its tie log with russia assad's military backers have moved their forces into position in northern syria in conjunction with syrian troops. damascus and moscow so far have shown little willingness to accept turkey's security zone. let's go live now to do their views dorian jones standing by for us in istanbul good day to dorian we're getting
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reports right now that fighting is continuing in the syrian city of also on our turkish troops involved in those hostilities well certainly there has been the sound of heavy gunfire and explosions possibly the use of artillery in the last few hours but it's unclear what the source of the. fighting is was it possibly celebrate 3 gun fire and possibly the militia just syrian militia destroying their . weapons depos but what we do know now is that for the last hour or so things have calmed down and it's pretty quiet as is along the rest of this area of heavy fighting in the last few days so it does seem that this cease fire does appear at least for now to be temporarily holding although it would be fair to say the situation remains very tense given that there are so many ambiguity over this agreement ok it's calm right now that's certainly good to hear but can you tell us about
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a little bit about ross all right. who's lined up there who's facing. well that's i mean it really has been the center some of the heaviest fighting since turkey did launch its operation last week and along with these were the 2 centers of the most significant fighting but and they are crucial for turkey's operation they are predominantly arab populated and as opposed to much of the region be more kurdish this was seen as the beginning of a bridgehead which they would eventually expand into a much wider safe safe zone as hurdler president calls it so it is a very important town part of turkey's operation but for now at least it does appear that the cease fire is now holding in this area ok now this cease fire does here on kurdish forces withdrawing from this 30 kilometer safe zone are there indications that they are moving that they are pulling out of the safe zone. well this really is the key question and it seems that the americans in striking
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this deal have reached 2 different kinds of agreements the agreement they reach with turkey turkey understands that the syrian kurdish militia will withdraw from a strip of land 450 kilometers long and moved back 30 kilometers deep now what we understand from the leadership of the kurdish militia in syria the head of the syrian democratic forces general muslim called bani he said that we've only agreed to withdraw from these key towns up. and tell or be out and we will root draw 30 kilometers back and the territory in between those 2 towns which is about 100 kilometers they say for withdraw from the rest of the region that requires further discussion and what they are particularly concerned is about the safety and security of the area and the indigenous people living there who are predominantly kurdish and many families of these militias that are currently fighting the turkish forces and they're very concerned that turkey is using the syrian rebel forces which they claim are linked to the hardest groups and even former islamic state
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members and they're very worried what role they would take in this area and particularly as the vice president might pen. it's like knowledge that the u.s. forces when they take no part in enforcing the security of this area this is a key area that needs to be result and as of yet it remains unclear daryn jones in a ball thanks very much for bringing us up to date. this is the interview news live from berlin i'm brian thomas of course the entire news team thanks for being here have a very weak. player . welcome to the but is the game here one does he. have plenty to talk about and. let's just saw the coverage. 3 more. people we have got her let's have a look at so many of them at least look so you don't want to miss that.
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