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tv   Doc Film  Deutsche Welle  October 18, 2019 11:15am-12:01pm CEST

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that the u.s. forces when they take no part in enforcing the security of this area this is a key area that needs to be result and as of yet it remains unclear dorian jones in a some ball thanks very much for bringing us up to date. this is the interview news live from berlin i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks for being here have a great week. and welcome to the but is the game here one doesn't try to talk about is. this just coverage of. 3 more people. as a whole we have passed let's have a look at so many of them around the floor so you don't want to miss this. guy get on t.w. .
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was. conference and i love the scene and you can whenever i'm here i feel peace in my heart. you know and i'll dress it when i'm in germany somewhat but you. sound me on. that mile have to leave soon and that makes me sad. because it would be so evil i
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say i'm. saying i'll miss my mom's food. you know they are all my family are you my friends oh you know. your house and the sea. that i. am sure you can i'll be leaving soon. i like germany. i'm going there to study as a carer for the elderly well i hope that i'll works out and that i can make some friends. up. soon will be on our show at 1st my parents were against it because i'm their only child but they don't want me to go so far away by myself.
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to watch hockey and i'll miss my parents so it's the 1st time that i'll be away from home much time but i'll call often that'll make me feel better. if i tell ya what it's like but not here. i hope that i'll be happy in germany and russia why i create that wants to sell. they're.
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going to. sleep they're like you know don't be homesick when you're in germany just focus on your studies and take good care of yourself since. the fairest house show you some photos. will be living in a small villa in the black forest near the mountains. like to see those pictures. you. remember from don't worry about me about but don't go out at night stay home and. we will all learn how to cook german food and
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i'll show you when i come back i'll learn how they cut vegetables whether what the germans eat. bread salad cold cuts steak. i'm ill highest. shots that she was. born in are not enough. iraq mama my parents have always worked hard but i was a child they didn't have a lot of time from dallas so my grandparents often took care of me pampered me and they love me a lot. you know essentially i buy your leisure. so
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how should at 1st i thought my grandmother was sad that i was going away for so long and we already kind but then she said you're young you can still travel overseas you claim it was your trial she supports what i'm doing i should she should. get off on monday monday the mainframe yet either.
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have to have you got to depose. right off the out now ok your rooms are over here in my. fashion put on your slippers and get settled in.
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i want you so how do you like rooms are they ok or not yet. are we going to live here the whole time. yes. they're single rooms. single rooms. on. the one single rooms i think are you know single rooms if you know to go to a room it's not a problem when i suggest a simple what does she mean. this will do you know single rooms just doubles. or let's run together. can we how much are we paying how much do the rooms cost. that was. nice and we'll discuss all this later or not now have some theory to
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get some sleep and then we'll talk about it all right. i mean you forgot to get along with each other. so i'm fine if you don't i have to step in yeah ok then now that. you don't understand me say so you all need to get along that it was a good story and there's a and. if. that means that you should speak german now because i don't understand chinese. and english and how at least a little german ok otherwise we won't be able to understand each other. so start learning german now. than ok i'll leave you to it
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good night girls see you tomorrow morning at 9. ok see you tomorrow. oh. oh oh oh. thanks.
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let's get a move on. we're all working oh yeah yeah and off we go if he said. oh oh oh. 000-000-0000. oh. oh oh oh. oh. oh oh. oh. oh oh to have to do it my friend germany is a lot different than it is in china maybe even completely different from the 2
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countries don't have much in common though she was. sure. is it ringing. yet has anyone picked up. oh no. threats have you got through. i my our mom here is and i'm calling from a phone good solutions so i can't talk for very long i don't have any koans all right i just want to just say i'm ok and i'll call you again tomorrow oh you are you know you're going yeah everything's fine i've got to go now i'm ok. who are.
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you know. it's your. household in china they say when children are far away their parents worry. why you have power oh man i don't want them to get upset she's here so i'll just tell them about the good things that happened here are 200 the arrogance of the ha ha we are here i won't say anything that might make them nervous and for example i won't tell them that i can't speak german heritage well we're programmed with what you know that we can actually trace here. so i don't want them to worry i find. the new sound i wanted to move here.
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genius you have a pretty name to hand back. she should ask. our pilot. to clap on this is my joints a cracking. some of the people here like cloudier and tina has told me that chinese women aren't his biggest german women he. says she says and out of this is that true. half so if you told me that yourself. and i think that's true. chinese people eat different food so things like soy bean sprouts and fish are
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useless so. that's why you're all so smart right that's what i've heard. these fish eyes make you smart. almost someone that they are working with patients you have to look after everything from head to toe. well and front to back to you it's your responsibility we have 50 patients but only 5 or 6 caregivers. in the ego i saw a report that said china needs 12000000 geriatric nurses. we have a lot where you are the nurses here are different now in germany they have a lot more responsibility here is our political force does that make any sense for us when i. truly. do for you.
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ok that's enough so a lot i won't get any prettier the glamour as long gone. well . it. slowed some of the success fine thanks christian ok ok i need your classes. let's please but i won't put them on. the right time for breakfast and that's the right will have to. fold. thanks for the seat here comes the cake. if. you want to see the battle oh.
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i. think well i'm going to he's friendly and he's very sweet he's always laughing and he's always in a good mood he enjoys life in a. loud. laugh and won't. be having a laugh not yet. ok
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ok now it's empty. but that's where i'll put this away. because it's all water please all. thank you sparkling water so that so long. all i see. was some thanks for that sure simulator. the movie yes there were. why. was. i. going to settle died in the case that we're dealing with
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today it could be food poisoning. that might be caused by processed food or it could be an infectious intestinal disease gastro enter rightists an aura verus whatever. so you have 7 different statements on infectious diseases not all of those statements are correct if you find mistakes please correct them in writing. on the. off. the shelf the others who are tired feel like an idiot the teacher asks you a question and you have no idea what's going on if you so you speak with gestures that question that at 1st i did but things are better now souring still when i leave school at the end of the day my head is about ready to explode. i have asked yesterday after class a teacher came over and asked whether i was feeling ok you see him. she thought i'd
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lost weight showed me. and she wanted to know whether i was happy with the way things were going well the wow wow. surely your 1st year will get better with time and all that listening and class trips me out. what part of speech is the word spoon is it the subject or the object. you've never heard those terms right. this is the whole. fucking ok good now slowly after me. yet. but it's a good no biggie you say you can't understand the class work actually for. this . i was right but you take the test suite. how your grades.
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it's going to be burned. it varies. yeah then why did you decide to come to germany when you can you explain forces you and she dodged dance again and she now too many fish out of family in china there aren't enough nursing homes. because and by tradition the grandparents want to live at home. which holds up that this court good children to let their parents stay with them. to canada but now those children work too hard to fill up that can and they don't have time to take care of their parents we. pass in china we don't know how to take care of
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old people dodge the germans do it so we came here to learn. and i work later in trying not to mark that as a national not yet. here in germany we don't have enough geriatric nurses so we hope that you'll stay live in. this is what you probably won't. the reason you want to go back to china going to be lucky to work. here. war morning how did you and teddy sleep well. great if you look a mostly in bed a little longer just a little bit. is how i have no time. no time. that's right it is my teddy still though you know there's
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a nice day that's my teddy. it's this cold you don't notice because you're wearing gloves ok but i have to leave it on now and terrible that simply won't do who trained you they sure did a bad job small and small and how's that. i think this is. this is case and that's not ok. i knew. one of them who want to wear something out yes. the pink one isn't there
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mr. i can't understand you at all. then you know you should learn to speak proper german how instead of cutting the self-discipline. of course must do what you like but i'm not going through that again some day it was. ever. so finely you know i did tired. to please thanks. to that what time is it. 11. i'm excited. but if anything negative about it.
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it can forget the cuts they can get called forget me nots. and forget me well he certainly thinks you through forget me he's forget me not. just need not be that hard just say i don't want to get me knocked theories. out there so small. number of now nice blue. primroses. just beautiful. i've been here for a year now and i'm doing better. this time i think some settle
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down a little bit i can talk to people a bit to dissipate and ask questions and so on. and so. that's the thing i feel more comfortable speaking german and that's great. but ultimately it was a lot of. hi mom can hear me and i don't know are. you today someone at work i asked me when is your daughter coming back i said on the 3rd he asked me whether i was excited and i said fine just counting the days. to show. i am you look i'll be there soon or you count the longer it seems so don't count i
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don't know. about how i have too much luggage oh. i know now. i'll be there soon and. just 2 more days. so you soon. oh. well so they keep moving me around. oh oh. nothing easy for you to laugh you can still move and travel back to china you're doing fine. you'll still young and healthy. but. that's not. how you know the whole
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month you can't leave us alone in life you have to stay here. you know i have just one month i'm going to come back yeah. that's good. sure going to try.
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to put on fish. that you. have got. the fun worried about you you look so try it and you so thin. again i love how the city has in those video chests you look so pretty sounds kinda bit insane except that i can really smell that peanut. if the past few months were pretty rough. one little. thing is about let's try on the clothes i brought you i hope the 5th time that's all you see is the color too tight r.c.m. can you do the top button. if you want for you have to do or not the top points
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ahead and cool will do the full so it fits you it does looks great don't you like it. it's ok i did quite a belly there isn't it of course. it's healthy and yes i'm going to 18 months yes it seems longer knowledge how she was or if it was a long time how that. what's wrong with your trousers fit they're supposed to look like that they're cool here before you get it without the tough sauce mom your mom is so happy to have her that i go back and she kisses me every day. let me fix your collar. you handsome man. shout out there up.
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the road. is all that all in wheelchairs. not her some can't walk at all i can look for it. you say 101 and likes to drink red wine. he's very funny or you know he is the. only way he kept asking me whether i'd come back when i do you might be gone that would be sad it's only one month he says that his age every day he counts. there he may not live much longer. but. but he's very funny.
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story and don't think. there's no portraits there's a good new chairman mao that's why it's european money you've got to exchange it for the what you get this useless paper. if it fell on the street no one would pick it up. look here's a woman. you can get a salary if you are that they're all women. like me and i use this paper. where you homesick. pursed absolutely everything was difficult for me oh and i could hardly speak the language i didn't understand anything it was really awful. i felt like an idiot by god but it helped that i wasn't the only idiot there. that the italian of the whole of the law shall i do german women get fatter off to be merry. so after they have
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a baby and they get big bucks from. any channel there's sin from the waist up we're going to work that out that's because the weather so cold we wanted to go back helps protect the body against the cold truth about how it's not that cold to the south where we are but it is up north was now more than likely that we know you from whatever hotel the men have been it's. the older man shaved every day and other women too and the time we have that that's not really sure. yet have is how do they have dialects you. know you know better than i they also you know some say. and others say all that all but oh. if you go to boyfriends. i don't want one inch of them i mean i can't really speak the language it's still about 100 but you'll be there 2 more years so i will have
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that we knew that there's a dating show where a nurse is looking for a partner that is right out however mom you know she just worry yes when i don't come back and find a husband but you can bring one from germany if she wants. often in 3 years or 2 long but now that 1st i was really afraid that i would make it more work and now it's better. not good but better than allen oh here we take care of each other but you're all by yourself why out with the. group all right you're going to work.
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on my let's go to my office ok. 50 have a seat. why did they say it only today i said that when you need extra help the patient just asked for it. whole yeah yeah you're right i made a mistake. it's been ok relax. you did nothing wrong you're only human and you're physically smaller dementia patients can be difficult to deal with our residents need your help but it's important for you to stay healthy this is the heat does this impact. their lives and i care about you everyone opinions and our residents need us.
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take a deep breath. that's it na believe in calm down take deep breaths. good. take. it. tastes good. great.
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good. there's some water. and some tissues. i'll put them here. or here you go.
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well good night good night and you should see your tomorrow. how they were very sad so i have one of our residents has died. 101 years old and. we just heard about it really sad he was a great person and one of our favorite residents. was very nice and very serene. i am not and i'm sad that he's gone was part of what made this person's this special. was the moma most of the residents can't pronounce our names
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correctly but he always tried how i am eating something like. cleaning. staff and that was so sweet he always called us by name. oh now my question. is you know him for 2 years how was he getting along during the time he. appel i was always in a good mood always friendly and always laughing and as far as things here. in la. tengo see he didn't spend a lot of time thinking he was happy to be alive that's how he was all the time.
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that's nice makeup and thanks you look beautiful but you is just lipstick it makes you pretty sure i guess i. know you better. than mother i don't know where stan visiting grandpa at the nursing home. this week and i'm not there with my parents i'm here in germany and i don't feel at home here. but the little. guy is we all. know visitors places.
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that i didn't understand anything. i didn't know what to write. the neither. the topics were really difficult my hands were shaking but i just scribbled. that was probably all wrong. or that i just wrote single words like travelers procedures and charged documentation that's all i could think of right now it's the 1st one is probably information collection then maintenance and public areas and emotional level. there that the motional reaction rather shrug i blew it and i need me to go.
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up there with them and not step on i'm. on my results yes well done. from yesterday you did pretty well sums up. the most important thing that i've learned here is to try to be happy every day joel commercial i used to spend a lot of time worrying about the future now that that doesn't do any. good. so that wasn't you know i'd rather concentrate on the here and now so. we think that makes more sense. trying to. somehow make him sit on that musicians and.
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not says. w.'s talk show. honest clear position as international perspective what happened to never again that's a question many here in germany are posing following last week's young poor attack on a synagogue in holland how deadly is germany's far right find out on to the court. filing that was 90 minutes on the ability to.
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play a milk and i guess it was the brand new w from violence but it's close and it's divisive it's about topics that affect us all water pollution climate change and the turn of. the results check it out. if you ask. justice and freedom the 1st words of the german national anthem and the 3 central valley was that the foundation of this country now have these values to go to war germany hard is it to live by and defend the principles of unity justice and freedom and i want everyone to be more. our journey of syrians starts october 21st on d w. play
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play. play play. this is d w news live from birdland biting players up in northern syria despite a ceasefire announced by the u.s. and turkey cannot hold and are kurdish forces withdrawing as the deal calls for we'll go live to istanbul also coming up charm or strong armed forces johnson begins his campaign to persuade the british parliament to back his new grex a deal and he has just one day to do so. also coming up life on the landfill they fled violence in mali now and.


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