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this is d.w. news live from birdland biting players up in northern syria despite a ceasefire announced by the u.s. and turkey cannot hold and are kurdish forces withdrawing as the deal calls for we'll go live to istanbul also coming up a charm or strong armed force johnson begins his campaign to persuade the british parliament to back his new grex a deal and he has just one more day to do so. also coming up life on the landfill they fled violence in mali now they've been forced to build their homes i think
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garbage dump even as officials deny that they exist. i'm called aspen welcome to the program reports are coming of a new fighting in a border town in a northeastern syria despite a cease fire brokered by the u.s. other towns do appear to be calm turkey agreed to suspend its military operation for 5 days to allow kurdish led forces to withdraw ancora has hailed the deal as a victory for turkey saying it got quote everything it what it. sporadic clashes and artillery strikes are hitting the syrian border town of. this just hours after top turkish and u.s. officials agreed to impose a pause in the fighting in the region. the today the united states and turkey have
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agreed to a cease fire in syria. turkish side will pause operation peace spring. in order to allow for the withdrawal of y. p.g. forces from the safe zone. for 120 hours. the americans claim to the 5 day cease fire as a diplomatic victory but the kurdish y p g militia was not at the table for the negotiations before the agreement to pause fighting syria's proselyting was already the scene of heavy clashes local humanitarian groups say civilians were being caught between the fronts the announcement to freeze combat surprised some observers turkish president rich uptight a pair to one had previously announced he would not agree to halt the offensive he's denied rumors that mike pence threatened turkey with new sanctions should he fail to support the plan. shortly after the vice president announced the ceasefire
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the turkish foreign minister gave the press his government's view of the day's events do little at the heart of it it's not the end of the operation it's not a cease fire you can only have a ceasefire between 2 legitimate governments were suspending our operations so the terrorists the targets of our operation can leave the security zone. the turkish government also expects the y.p. g. militia to give up all its weapons and will continue its style log with russia assad's military backers have moved their forces into position in northern syria in conjunction with syrian troops. damascus and moscow so far have shown a little willingness to accept turkey's security zone. let's get more now and for that we had to d.w. correspondent dorian jones is standing by for us in istanbul now dorian we're getting reports as we heard that fighting is continuing in the syrian city of ras
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ein who is involved there and is this a sign now that this cease fire is already starting to fall apart. well it's very difficult to confirm any of these reports but yet seen since the morning there has been reports of heavy fighting gunfire and even the use of what appears to be artillery suggesting possible turkish military involvement in the sea in the fighting but still difficult to know who and why who is responsible for this well the latest reports are suggesting that there has been a law in the fighting whether that is going to be permanent remains to be seen but it just starts on the line how fragile the ceasefire agreement is given the fact that there are so many ambiguity about this deal now one thing that is clear in that deal is that the cease fire requires kurdish forces to leave the 30 kilometer so-called safe zone or are they doing that. well this really
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is a big problem with this deal because it does appear that the americans have agreed different things with the turks and the syrian kurdish militia now following the un curry deal turkey 8 announced that it expects to create this 450 kilometer long 30 kilometer deep safe zone which they expect all the syrian kurdish militia to leave from within 120 hours now a leader of the syrian kurdish militia general miles room barney said that we yes welcome the cease fire but we only agreed to withdraw from the towns of tally of the art and the territory between which is around 100 kilometers so there are a very different versions and takes from this agreement and the fact that they could publish agreement doesn't specify what the safe zone is adds to the ambiguity and the syrian kurds are also worried about the safety and security in this area if they were to withdraw given the fact that many militia have their families living there and of particular concern about the syrian rebels that the turkish forces are using syrian kurds claim that these are hard this link to al qaida and of
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a radical group and they are concerned about the security of the people living there and i think adding to that ambiguity is the fact that vice president mike pence ruled out any of the point of u.s. forces to in forces deal course as another part of this as well president everyone has said that he wants to resettle some one and a half 1000000 syrian refugees from turkey into this area what about the refugees themselves i mean would they be willing to move there. well that is another big question turkey is hosting over 3 and a half 1000000 refugees many of them have been here for many years and have carved out a life now are they prepared to move on mass presidents talking between one and 2000000 to an area many of them who do not live come from that area they come from other parts of syria into a potentially hostile environment is very unclear how will turkey persuade these 2 people to leave will they force them on kris's they will not but there is a big question over how they would achieve this want 2000000 removal of refugees but it is a priority for a while because he is facing mounting public discontent across the country over the
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ongoing presence of all these syrian refugees and it is posing for the president a major political threat to his power so that's why it is so important that he secures his safe over safe haven and the cheaters goal of moving these refugees back door engines for us and as stumble thank you very much. i was we heard part of turkey's plan is to set up a so-called safe zone in northern syria the turkish government wants to resettle up to $2000000.00 syrian refugees there who are currently in turkey it's a controversial idea and here is determined to follow it through to your heart has been speaking with some of the refugees who could be affected. in the distance i mean a mohammed can still see her homeland. just over the horizon the syrian city of course . when i say kabbani i remember my childhood my life there
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all my memories are over there. 5 years ago militants of the so-called islamic state laid siege to forcing a mina and part of a family to feed to sow roach in turkey. from here she watches as their homelands fate once again hangs in the balance the kurdish fighters who are driven out to jihadists and 2015 after months of these fighting are now on the back foot in northeast syria in the wake of turkey's military offensive and there are growing concerns that i as militants could regroup. and. we've heard that many i.a.'s fighters managed to escape and that scares us we're still afraid of the islamists and the fighting we have family over there and we're worried about. we talked to many syrian refugees who are in the border area and they all told us more or less the same thing how grateful they all on the one hand that turkey has taken them in
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and all skeptical they are on the other hand that the so-called safe zone president reza tie bet on wants to establish in syria will really be safe. a villa has sons family fled to turkey 5 years ago from there saw in syria. they live in tents and try to make ends meet with odd jobs currently there helping with the cotton harvest . it's not an easy life but it's still better than living across the border in the conflict zone says a. full of. this and this man who. we hear they want to set up a safe zone to send back syrians who are living in turkey. but i don't think you'll be safe. and. nobody wants to go back to a place where they feel scared. if it's safe or go if not we'll stay here. schundler firs one of the largest cities here in the border region with around
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2000000 inhabitants every 5th president is a refugee from syria most of the turks we speak with support the military offensive it's important they say because of the refugees and for their own safety. i don't think the operation is a great thing otherwise terrorists will turn into a big threat for us and drag our country into war. because. you can do what almost is that homeland and when this area is cleared and free of terrorists they can return. to turkey is hosting many refugees it's difficult for our economy. i think the operation peace bringing will bring good results at least our syrian brothers can return home. i mean a mohammed who fled with her family is not that optimistic she would rather stay
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here in taki it's hard to see a future for her children she says in the images coming out of syria. u.k. prime minister boris johnson is on a mission to secure support and british parliament after reaching a brac said withdrawal deal with the e.u. on thursday parliament will decide whether or not to back the deal in what's expected to be a very tight vote on saturday johnson who leads a minority government will need the support of some opposition lawmakers in order for that deal to pass he says he's confident he can gain the support that he needs but even some of our allies have bound to vote against it. and with more our correspondent ashore lot of potts joins us now as she is in london factor of westminster today how does it look to you what are you hearing this morning does johnson have the support that he needs to get this deal approved by parliament.
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paul johnson there is that it's going to be very very tight and that is why he rushed back to london from brussels last night at 3 am and he is talking to m.p.'s in the paul the man that you see behind me in westminster trying to convince them and trying to convince them to vote for his deal on super saturday tomorrow when parliament is sitting for the 1st time in 40 years on a weekend an emergency debate there and let me walk you through the different groups impala men there so he doesn't have the support of the do you of the northern irish unionist polity 10 votes less for him they will vote against him against the deal they said because they are not happy with what it's been agreed upon with the european union then looking at a boris johnson's own party at the conservative party he'll have to convince a hotline one of them said this deal looks like bricks it smells like bricks that
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is bricks and so we can we think that they might be on his side to vote in favor of a deal and then he has to convince the rebels that he kicked out of his own party and a few labor opposition m.p.'s so he has a lot of what to do in the next 20 hours a so we'll certainly be crunching the numbers there tomorrow as soon as this deal was was and we heard m.p. you speaking out against it as you mentioned on both sides really is there anything that the prime minister can do at this point i mean what tools does he really have to get m.p.'s to change their minds to vote for this deal. yeah absolutely right a lot of criticism coming there from all sides and we have to remember to resume a was there at this point she brought. deal to palm and 3 times and it was rejected 3 times so what can boris johnson do different now that he has his own deal that is not that much different from 2 recent may steal
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a downing street source this morning said that he will act as a salesman and as a cheerleader so he really has to reach out across the aisle but the problem there is everybody wants something different from bricks that someone to hot of bricks that someone to softer one staying more aligned to the european union so really he has a lot of convincing to do there and we'll have to see if the numbers will hold in his favor if we are crunching the numbers ourselves it looks like it could be a vote could come down to 3 votes either in favor or against this new deal tomorrow looking ahead to tomorrow as you said it will be very tight and what happens if this deal is in fact been turned down in parliament. boris johnson is trying to make this a binary choice for parliamentarians he says we leave the european union on october 31st do or die he said he said that over and over again and he is putting in front of parliament a choice either a vote for my deal or we crashed out on october 31st but the reality is he can't
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just crush out there is a law in place that prevents him to do that so he would have to ask for another extension and this process would drag on we would most likely see a general election at some point to change up the numbers and palm and so we'll just have to see what comes out of this vote tomorrow on super saturday and i will be watching the super saturdays sure a lot of pots in london thank you very much. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world protesters and lebannon are holding a 2nd day of rallies against government plans to impose new taxes the demonstrations are some of the biggest in years in the country overnight riding. overriding protesters that fire in the cow. well beirut with 2 people aboard li killed by the blazes. us democrats say comments by the acting white house chief of staff implicate president trump in wrongdoing mick mulvaney appeared to tell
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reporters that the white house did withhold aid to ukraine in order to pressure officials there to investigate trump's political rivals or they now says his comments were misconstrued. was the gunman in mexico have waged a fierce battle against security forces after police detained the son of a notorious drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman the assault took place in a town in guzman's home state of sinaloa police later released months saying that he has they did so to call him the streets and save the lives of civilians caught up in the shootout. mexican security forces were on a routine patrol in similar as capital city when gunmen opened fire on them. security forces returned fire initially capturing 4 men among them the son of the former head of the saloon drug cartel. just one of them was
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identified as a video lopez result several organized crime groups surrounded the house with a 4th grader and out of the patrol unit other criminal groups initiated violence against other citizens. to get. caravans of cartel gunmen took over the city setting fires blocking major intersections and killing civilians indiscriminately. the force wielded by the cartel gunmen so superior that the authorities decided to release the video guzman in order to avoid a further escalation of violence the incarceration of former cartel top man el chapo in one of the highest security prisons in the united states has left a dangerous power vacuum in the sinhala and drug cartel it's triggered a surge of violence in mexico as various would be contenders fight for control of the powerful drug cartel. mass protests and
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a general strike are underway in the spanish region of catalonia protesters there want the long prison sentences handed out to qatar independence leaders overturned hundreds of thousands are expected to take part in bally's and be counted on capital barcelona today many back independence for catalonia protesters say they are furious of the tough sentences being handed to the region's former leaders for holding an referendum on independence in 2017. or let's go to barcelona now stephen burgeon is there for us now stephen we just saw those images of this citywide strike just bring us up of up to speed what's the latest there now. well it's pretty difficult to get in and out of the city. by road over our rail because of the strike the roads many of the major roads are blocked because these 5 different marchers are converging on the city from from far
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just points and. they're using things. so not a good day to travel via portals was affected. least this is all sold meanwhile the city is very quiet the. protesters have put a ring around because they got a funny little of a tourist attraction here. and not allowing people to get in or out. there's no reports of of the violence you're. looking at live pictures there now of the situation in the city center last night we saw intense clashes between demonstrators and police will be expecting more of that today. probably. the clashes of more intense each night starting with the heart of the clashes. last night was definitely things ratcheting up quite
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a bit. a couple of building was set on fire this happened before the reports of people throwing petrol bombs of the police. the game of cat and mouse with the police seems to be escalating every night so it would be surprising if we don't see more of them tonight what happens beyond course is the big question given how large these protests have been how are they being received in madrid by the spanish government. well the you know the routine conversation of violence. calls from right wing parties for direct rules have been reintroduced. claims by. the government. there are now infiltrators from france and germany because from elsewhere in europe arriving to join the joint riots. but in terms of a political response not neither the spanish nor the council on the source is seem
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to have any ideas. stop this and take things forward in a more constructive manner we're also hearing reports that the former consul on leader of card list pushed him on has been has handed himself over to belgian authorities what more can you tell us about that. his arrest warrant you're in a restaurant was reissued on monday. under a slightly different from the one that was issued 2 years ago and he hands himself a divorce it is. he says he's for prepared to comply but he's going to be extradited obviously. the spanish course ringback supreme court sent a message to their belgian counterparts that mr to the hmong does not have immunity as an elected member of the european parliament because he did not take his seat
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and did not swear allegiance to the constitution. stephen burgeon in barcelona for us thank you very much. thank you. all right somali now in a country that has been battling a 7 year long insurgency which has seen islam as forces take control large parts of the country thousands have also fled their homes because of interethnic violence and many of these people have been displaced within mali funny. this report from the capital bamako 3rd. it's only a stone's throw from here to downtown only a short drive from the bustle of the city to this camp but it may as well be on a different planet many in the city say they are unaware of this camp for displaced herdsman built on a waste dump this is definitely not the home for anybody would want to live for anybody should live yet it has become the home of more than 1000 people who fled
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from interethnic violence in central mali and yes this is their home on a landfill full of waste and their homes also made of ways the smoke that you see around me is because of the waste that's being burnt around them. the smell is overpowering people burn waits to clear a little space creating thick smoke that drifts through this site. you know we will file a complaint against the government this can't work like this it's not ok to leave trash here if you have trash new you how are you supposed to keep healthy this is not easy. to do closer to home to their mother made the camp receives occasional donations of food and water every day the children play in the trash the threat of disease is constant. this woman is 63 like everyone here she fled from
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a region in central mali when the violence broke out. but i'm living with her mother and her newborn they are sick i used to have a good life there we lost everything and came here she says her village was burned by people farmers who fight the flooding over land and access to food. i want to find out from the government if there is plan in place to help these people but they insist they don't even know that the camp exists. i haven't seen anyone living in a waste dump telling you honestly if i said i had seen them when i would be telling a lie i saw people in tents yes well arranged nice tents and a temporary shelter. the mullion government is busy trying to distinguish different fires at once expanding islamist militancy and ethnic violence.
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the whole challenge that needs a global response not just to mali in one by. one if they cannot come up with a plan together then the whole charlie stays of the. people in just one of many makeshift camps across mali living in a dire situation 1000000 government says it can't even begin to address on this there is peace. this is news and these are our top stories 1st classes fresh clashes and shelling are being reported in northern syria that's despite turkey agreeing with u.s. officials to implement pause in fighting in the area turkey launched a controversial fence of against northern syria as kurds last week. mass protests and a general strike are underway in the spanish region of catalonia protesters project
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long prison sentences that were handed to come to la independence leaders this week hundreds of thousands of pro separatist demonstrators are expected to converge on central barcelona on friday. british prime minister boris johnson says he's confident the u.k. parliament will ask a new deal on breaks it the e.u. and johnson agreed on the do. on thursday johnson is working to persuade u.k. lawmakers ahead of saturday's votes on the greek. clashes and gun fights have broken out in the city of cool a con in mexico home to the drug cartel formerly led by the notorious kingpin el chapo cartel gunmen battled with security forces after the arrest of one of those sons police later released in. this is the news from berlin for more news you can always go to our web site d w dot com. watching the news from berlin d w business is up next and i'll have more news for you at the top of the hour don't
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forget so all the latest news information around the clock playable on our website that's dot com for follow us on twitter and news. thanks want. to.
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double talk show. host clear positions from international perspective. what how can we never again that's a question many here in germany are posing following last week's young kapoor attack on a synagogue in holland how destiny is to. i mean he's far right to find out on to the court. filing that was 60 minutes on the d w. d affronts dear antonio there's
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a scene here and when your mother was born in 1969 the world was already 8 years old and you know my grandchildren were born after the wall fell morning and i read the fine sure. 3 generations one family on a journey through recent german history. starts to number 6 on d w. 16 rooms are a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslim and the christian population last night as fighters occupied the city center in 2017 president church's response was told. by a different. name book called game of. the ring conquest
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turned into tragedy this is not the kind of freedom that we want. code of morality to become a gateway to islamist terror. an exclusive report from a destroyed city. film of the sights of our guests starts october 24th on d w. asian stocks for treat economic growth slows more than expected for the world's 2nd biggest economy china but could it be worse than we think and on a trajectory that no one wants to admit to. the brig's of drama is its climax the u.k. heads for a fairly hard departure from me you with trade ties it's a fight. and the transatlantic trade spat over airplane subsidies takes off billions of dollars in u.s. tariffs if specialty exports wind she.


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