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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  October 18, 2019 12:30pm-12:46pm CEST

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west turned into tragedy this is not the kind of freedom that we want. code of morality to become a way to islamist terror. an exclusive report from a destroyed city. in the sights of ah yes starts october 24th on d w. asian stocks for treat economic growth slows more than expected for the world's 2nd biggest economy china could it be worse than we think and on a trajectory that no one wants to admit to. the break the drama is its climax the u.k. heads for a fairly high departure for me with trade ties to the fight. and the transatlantic trade spat over airplane subsidies takes off as billions of dollars in u.s. tariffs hit specialty exports wine cheese and. and it was let's
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do business there are growing fears the world could slip into recession china's economy grew at its slowest pace in nearly 3 decades in the 3rd quarter we get a mad at home and abroad is hitting production and beijing's trade war with washington is throwing a spanner into the works. from the steel works of. to the container ports of guangdong and to shanghai as luxury shopping malls growth in the world's 2nd largest economy is losing its gloss china's g.d.p. grew by 6 percent in the 3 months to the end of september that's the weakest growth since china started reporting data by quarters in 1903 officials warn of an increasingly challenging environment. let me the economy maintained overall stability in the 1st 3 quarters however we must know that given the complicated on severe economic conditions at home and abroad slowing global growth and increased external instabilities uncertainties. we commonly is under mounting downward
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pressure on eating. up. many problems china faces our home grown industrial output and fixed asset investment for. china's army of consumers provided some relief retail sales edged up nearly 8 percent. the us china trade war is casting a long shadow slowing china growth could even cause global recession. see if song is director of the so it's china institute europe's biggest community of china scholars steve what are these numbers tell you they were lower than what the forecast is thought but still in live with what the government expected do this very much confirming what we already know about the chinese economy which is that it is slowing down it also confirms the way how chinese statistics are always being want when it gets really difficult chinese statistics quiets to be
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patriotic and what you should box to surge people and therefore he exactly and you know what end of the government's target options 6 and 6.5 percent all growth so they're particularly worrying as. well as we have to accept that the economy is growing next and what the oprah show cares will indicate but china's china's economy is growing at least the low rate is equal to every the pressure on google will economic slowdown it's growing that problems with domestic demand global demand and also this trade war. that's a lot actually i think all all 3 factors are coming together and they are all having a negative impact on the chinese economy those loans we are also in a situation where the effectiveness of chinese punk crime is becoming
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less than it was say 10 years ago so they have to do more. quality easing to achieve the same level of the so step they were able to do 10 years ago that basically means it's going to become more expensive for them and that means more debt and debt is already pretty high isn't it. well yes i think we are really talking about 300 percent of the g.d.p. but and you are talking about a very large economy where there is a very high degree of opacity and therefore you are entering as a tool 5 or 10 percent to the level of that we are not necessarily going to see an immediate problem but the problem will be out and some stage if we catch up with china and when that happens we will all be paying a price for it so we can see these problems building up what is building up then and what what what's the solution i mean it is china going to have to change the
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system would opening its economy solve things. what is china's government has already been trying very hard in the last 15 years to be balance the economy. and make it much more sustainable and albeit slightly lower rate of growth now they have achieved the law rate of growth but they have not achieved the other side of the economy rebalancing so we are still seeing his multiple stance here given the economy more it will help but then you are also dealing with a trade war with the united states and it turns out you can only speak of the english in the u.s. economy and the chinese economy that causes some kind of a structural problems which cannot be resolved by the chinese on their own has they thank you very much for starting a light on the chinese economy and its was you know one of. now to some of the other business stories making news. french comic
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a rideau has issued a sales warning it's just one car company affected by the demand for cars worldwide especially in china and it's struggling to meet new european commission standards emissions standards rather shares of renault have fallen wife of 12 percent. for trading pretty current things are on the agenda and today's joint meeting of the international monetary fund of world bank political and financial aid is from around the world taking part of also discussed sustainability in the developing world and how to improve technology there. and india may soon sense a netflix and amazon prime the government's concerns come after several cold cases over content considered obscene or insulting to religious sentiments regulators are also exploring other options like self censorship or mandatory pre-approval of streaming content. one day after britain and the european union came to a tentative break that agreement the pound is down half a percent that after
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a recent rallies or sterling rise by up to 5 percent investors have doubts about prime minister bars johnson's chances of getting the new deal signed if so britain would go for a harder break that than in the agreement reached under his predecessor a series of mate the british parliament will discuss the new proposal on saturday. for months now the break the negotiations have been all about one question what will the new case departure from the european union mean for northern ireland well or more precisely i should say how to maintain an open border with it's a united the republic of ireland well to reason may try to solve the problem with the infamous backstop this would have seen the u.k. stay in the e.u. customs union until a better solution for the border was found britain would have continued free trade with the block and complied with its rules that boris johnson's revised deal would effectively create a customs border in the irish sea ports would check goods for whether they're just
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going to you know an island or distant to travel on to the republic of ireland and thus the e.u. . a let's bring in our financial correspondent in frankfurt to talk about this only 1st of all i mentioned that sea boarded there and shakes and how how on earth would you monitor that and i mean are we talking about checking what's on a boat halfway between. the both sides old houses going to work. next to impossible it's hard to fathom and talked in a condiments about this who studied it and he says it's the irish sea is basically a pseudonym for a virtual check online trusting for example when there are big companies involved the big companies to do the checks on their own and if they see the need to report something then they reported and you trust it and you have the ability to go in and check because these companies have certain electronic structures that you can go
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and you can be certain what they did with smaller companies port checks i think are also a little bit unrealistic you know have to have a spot checks these are details that have to be hammered out but it's clear that you won't be able to physically check everything in the way no check what about tariffs. tariffs for northern ireland specifically it will be the same deal as for britain if something comes in from outside the e.u. then these pay the judi's that are to be paid on things that come in from outside the e.u. the trade between northern ireland and u.k. and the e.u. stays the same until the end of 2020 nothing changes everything goes in without tariffs and that period can be extended until 2022 why because in that time until 2020 or 2022 then negotiations are to take place between the u.k.
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and between the e.u. on a free trade agreement and the aim of a free trade agreement is that then when that is in place then you don't have tariffs either so if all that works few job cuts maybe no job cuts lots of profits lots of growth if the free trade agreement falls through then you have a problem for us in frankfurt and we have to point out the view is of course that this still doesn't guarantee that the deal is going to go through is it. that's right because in british parliament tomorrow you're going to have a vote on it and as we know prime minister johnson does not have a majority as of yet it's very difficult to see him getting a majority that will be something to deal with on monday thank you with. the united states has begun imposing $7000000000.00 worth of tariffs on the european union the world trade organization approved the punitive measures for subsidies
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that the e.u. gives us planes it was originally going to the w t o back in 2004 judi's effect a long list of products like wine cheese and ham european commission has a list of counterterrorists it wants to impose on american goods. let's take a closer look at how those tariffs are affecting spain's famous all of industry now which is already struggling with a surge in competition from abroad. in and alysia they call it liquid gold but just recently olive oil has lost its luster the pharmacy produce it in 7 spain's vast olive groves have been hit by a double whammy of tumbling prices and u.s. tariffs. growers are in danger we can't compete with the oils that are coming from abroad we can't compete with the new plantations . can't compete with the tariffs that mr trump is placing on us. that's choking us
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with our own. property under the. pro is like. the european exporters in asking why they've been dragged into a dispute about airplanes the u.s. imports 320000 tons of european olive oil each year most of it pressed in spain. business 50. it's. the be. the big.
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. hello and welcome to news from the world of culture is what's coming out for you today. one of the great lyric tennis around today signing a pitcher who will be popping in for a quick chat. and we're drowning in packaging illustrated too well by photographer. the latest project. but 1st the biggest book fair and the world is on the way in germany's business
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capital frankfurt office publishers journalists and creative people from around the world networking negotiating deals as we speak and one of the big talking points there and indeed in the literary world as a whole is not surprisingly new technology and its application and less refold is more on the subject starting both in. the future human berlin is a newly open center for questions of the future here we need to write. the indian born speculative fiction author mimi mundungus from new york. and ann compton who lives in berlin and vienna they're both interested in the future of writing and fascinated by the new possibilities presented by artificial intelligence this is a. first of all it's a fantastically amusing field because it's an idea that's been around since.


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