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this is deja vu news live from berlin is this ceasefire in northeastern syria already crumbling kurdish led forces accuse turkey of violating the troops but ancora says there were no more clashes in the area also coming out of thousands take part in a mass rally in catalonia in northern spain to protest against the jailing of separatist leaders bringing parts of the region to withstand state. charlie over
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strong arm boris johnson begins his campaign to persuade the british parliament to back his new grex a deal and he has just one more day to do it. plus qatar promises to reform labor laws for the migrant workers building the venues for the 2022 world cup will it be enough to improve the dire conditions they face. i'm calling ousmane welcome to the program turkey's president recha tie affair to want is denying reports that his troops have broken the ceasefire in northeastern syria kurdish led syrian forces accuse the turks of failing to stick to a deal brokered by the americans after sporadic clashes broke out in one border town has hailed the deal as a victory for turkey. saying adot quotes everything it what it. sporadic
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clashes and artillery strikes are hitting the syrian border town of. this just hours after top turkish and u.s. officials agreed to impose a pause in the fighting in the region today the united states and turkey have agreed to a cease fire in syria. turkish side will pause operation for peace spring. in order to allow for the withdrawal of why p.g. forces from the safe zone. for $120.00. the americans claim to the 5 day cease fire as a diplomatic victory but the kurdish y p g militia was not at the table for the negotiations before the agreement to pause fighting syria's brussel lane was already the scene of heavy clashes local humanitarian groups say civilians were being caught between the fronts. the announcement to freeze combat surprised some
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observers turkish president richard a pair to one had previously announced he would not agree to halt the offensive he's denied rumors that mike pence threatened turkey with new sanctions should he fail to support the plan. shortly after the vice president announced the cease fire the turkish foreign minister gave the press his government's view of the day's events do little at the heart of it it's not the end of the operation it's not a cease fire you can only have a ceasefire between 2 legitimate governments were suspending our operation so the terrorists and the targets of our operation can leave the security zone. because the turkish government also expects the y p g militia to give up all its weapons and will continue its dialogue with russia assad's military backers have moved their forces into position in northern syria in conjunction with syrian troops.
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damascus and moscow so far have shown little willingness to accept turkey's security zone. for more let's bring in our correspondent dorian jones he is in istanbul for us now dorian we're getting reports that fighting is continuing in the region and now we're hearing a kurdish military spokesperson saying that turkey is in fact violating this cease fire agreement what more can you tell us about all this well yes the blame game has already started over these sporadic clashes that have been going on since the morning mainly in this town the important town of ras al-ain kurdish fighters the same blaming the syrian rebels that occur that are fighting with the turkish forces for violating the cease fire and saying that they are defending themselves we haven't had any reaction from uncreate over this other than the turkish president reject the one speaking before prayers saying that they are committed to this deal
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to create this safe so that will cover several 100 kilometers and be 30 kilometers deep and they say that they see this is a very important step forward but on the ground it does appear that he sees thought isn't at least in the town of rosalin he's not holding with even reports that. a hospital we haven't got confirmation of but this hospital in russell i was apparently treating the wounded of fighting it just another indication of how difficult and tense the situation is at the moment now this cease fire which clearly is quite fragile at the moment it does ask kurdish forces to leave this 30 kilometer zone what's being called a safe zone by turkey are they doing that. well this really is the key point of this deal and there appears the americans have already reached 2 separate agreements the agreement struck an un crowd which i understand says that there will be this safe zone of over 400 kilometers and 30 kilometers deep but the leader of the kurdish militias in syria muslim bani said that no this deal only
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applies to the strategic towns of. which has been the center of heavy fighting and the more or less 100 kilometers difference between different. gap between these 2 towns they will retreat from so there is a major chasm of difference of understanding in the remit itself doesn't lie and how big this safe so will be and that adds to the ambiguity and beyond that there the kurdish militia are voicing concerns about the safety and security of the people in this safe so given the fact that they are alarmed what they see this syrian rebels they claim a thing to hide its groups and even al qaida an islamic state now unquote and nice that but there is profound concern about the safety of the people there and given the fact the vice president mike pence on speaking after the deal ruled out any deployment of u.s. forces in this area only adds to that concern so yes at the moment that does seem to be a big difference in the understanding of this agreement is very much a ceasefire a work in progress but time is running out and i do i am president i don't want to
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said he wants to resettle one and a half to 2000000 a syrian refugees from turkey and put them into this area what about the refugees themselves would they be willing to make that kind of move. well that is a very big question turkey is hosting over 3 and a half 1000000 refugees many of them who have been here for many years now and have carved out a new life for themselves would they be prepared to move back to the safe so that turkey wants to create many of these people don't even come from this area given the fact that there will be big concerns over the security of this area is very unclear whether they are prepared to go on cross said they won't be forced out but this is a major problem but one this is a key part of the deal because the presence of refugees in turkey is becoming deeply unpopular boy in jones for us in istanbul as the situation in the area continues to develop thank you very much in spain mass protests and a general strike are underway in the region of catalonia protesters want the long
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prison sentences handed out to cattle on independence leaders overturned hundreds of thousands of people are expected to take part in rallies and the council on capital barcelona on friday many back independence for catalonia protesters say they are furious at the top sentences handed to the region's former leaders for holding an outlawed referendum on independence in 2017. let's go to barcelona now that's where stephen burgeon is for us now stephen we just saw those images of this strike i mean we're hearing that roads are closed and we're now even hearing that a big football match so barcelona madrid as also been postponed and just walk us through the situation there for us. the situation is right now is the sign of marchers were converging on the city from various parts of. the now arriving there are about 60 or 70000 people in the city center i expect to grow just several
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100000 by this awful news which is one of them right. as a result the city is pretty much. impossible or difficult. there's this story there's the delays and. cancellations at the airport also there's a demonstration going to happen at the cruise port to try to stop people on cruise ships. as the biggest cruise board. through just in barter. last night we saw those intense clashes with between demonstrators and police are we expecting any more those violent clashes now today. yes i think the short answer is that nothing has been. given the way this week has planned out so far it would be surprising if there was basically the
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passengers we see a big peaceful demonstration as it disperses it breaks into smaller and smaller groups and so the version we're just a few 100 people. wishing with the police into the small hours and i think that was more later on given what we're seeing i mean daytime massive protests nighttime those sorts of violent violent images what have you heard from the spanish government. by this government has done nothing except predictably condemn the violence doesn't know the spanish government nor the translight movement are making any constructive moves to towards her. talks and try to find some some way out of this feeling feeble. really because of her frustration has descended into violence there's nothing really happening on the political front right stephen burgeon for us he's in barcelona thank you very much
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thank you brother. well the demonstrations in barcelona are already being compared to the pro-democracy protests those watan call in recent months and i'm joined now by a reporter sherry chen oh sure you've been covering those protests for us in hong kong now what similarities do you see between these 2 movements even the protesters maybe learning from each other right so one of the biggest similarity is the strategy they use a specially when the protesters in catalonia they decided to go to the airport to stage a demonstration because it was is usually not a very common site for demonstration but it has been very important to hong kong protesters and actually the group that mobilized the public to go to the airport and they tried to photo of the demonstration and they use this. water my friend now is actually a very important strategy for hong kong protesters is actually
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a quote from the famous actor bruce lee and it means to be flexible to be fluid and to be fast moving and the other strategy of the protests is there he's actually the use of technology and social media to organize a protest and one group of activist group they actually are going public forum to specifically look at the examples in hong kong on how they use telegram to organize these protests so you can see that they are really learning from each other so that's protesters in hong kong specifically or in. looking at what hong kong protesters are doing you know what about hong kong i'm assuming the protesters are kind of keeping up keeping tabs on what's going on in barcelona right there. really accepting and i on what's happening there and they actually circulate a lot of news and updates of the protests now going on in and they are actually also fairly proud to see that some of this is being exported to the other parts of
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the world and actually some of the protesters in hong kong they planned to organize stand with us along with a rally in hong kong to show stuff solidarity. thanks very much. our let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world demonstrators in lebanon are gathering for a 2nd day to criticize government plans from posting taxes the gatherings are some of the biggest in years overnight some protesters set fires in the capital beirut with 2 people reportedly killed by those blazes china's economic growth has slowed to its weakest pace nearly 3 decades with weaker demand at home and abroad hitting production there quarter data shows that china's growth slowed to 6 percent fueling fears of a possible global recession in the months ahead u.s. democrats say comments by the acting white house chief of staff implicate president trump and wrongdoing they call they need told reporters of the white house did
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withhold aid to ukraine to pressure officials there to investigate trump's local rivals he defended the use of what he referred to as a quid pro quo now says his comments were misconstrued. with. u.k. prime minister boris johnson is on a mission to secure support in british parliament after reaching a brac said withdrawal deal with the european union thursday u.k. government ministers are meeting today ahead of tomorrow's key vote in parliament on that new bracks a deal johnson who leads a minority government will need the support of some opposition lawmakers if the deal is to pass he says he's confident he can gain enough support to see it through but even some of his own allies have bound to vote against it. our correspondent charlotta ponts joins us now from london charlotte or you've been speaking to m p's at westminster all day today what are they telling you i mean does it seem that the prime minister has enough support to get this deal approved tomorrow.
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nobody knows that it's the short answer it's going to be a very very tight vote for boris johnson and to downing street source actually said this morning that boris johnson will have to act both as a salesman and as a cheerleader and the cause of the day to convince those parliamentarians that i'm not on board yet with his deal. let's crunch the numbers a little bit do you peter the northern irish unionist party has said they are against this deal they will vote against it tomorrow so that's 10 votes less he has trouble within his own conservative policy the hotline a seems to be on board the rebels said boris johnson kicked out of the party a few weeks ago they are considering but not sure and then there is the labor opposition party where a few m.p.'s are actually considering voting for boris johnson it's going to be a very very very tight vote that is what we're hearing and i was talking to
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a labor m.p. before who has told me how busy things are and westminster right now in the hallways behind me in the offices people are crunching the numbers themselves looking at the legal text and considering if finally voting for this deal and that labor m.p. i was very surprised to hear that he will actually vote for the deal let's listen and. i'm going to vote for the deal i think people in this country said oh politicians who fought this so well for us never. being put in front of would. rather remain as are you although we are usually goes cold. even the queen was involved you know supreme. i mean everybody has been involved in stopping paul and do we. know we're going to do you think we should grab a book sounds might be the best deal because it's not what it should be it might be
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and work and we'll leave in europe when off limits and. you may need a lot more of those sorts of votes tomorrow but look ahead or to morrow what happens now if this deal is in fact turned down in parliament. well of course it would be a huge political disaster for johnson and boris johnson himself is presenting this to parlay parliament as a binary choice he's saying look here's my deal with the european union go for that one or let's the u.k. crash alex of the european union on october 31st that is the next brics that deadline but it's not really a binary choice the reality is that there is a law in place polman have put has put that in place as a safeguard that makes boris johnson asked the european union for another extension and so if that vote sails tomorrow then he will have to go to the european union and ask for another extension and this whole process could be prolonged even further and that is what boris johnson is on the other hand counting on he's hoping
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that this stretch of another extension maybe will convince m.p.'s to finally get a deal over the line and get bricks that done get your calculators ready as are all the pots in london for us thank you very much. the men in mexico have waged a fierce battle against security forces after police detained the son of the notorious drug lord joaquin of shuffle. to place in guzman's home state of sinaloa police later released over the months saying that they did so to calm the streets and same for the lives of civilians who have been caught up in the shootout. mexican security forces were on a routine patrol in similar lois kapleau city clearly a car on the. when gunmen opened fire on them. security forces returned fire initially capturing 4 men among them the son of the former head of the saloon drug cartel in el chapo guzman just one of them was identified as
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a video. result several organized crime groups surrounded the house with the force great and out of the patrol unit other criminal groups initiated violence against other citizens. caravans of cartel gunmen took over the city setting fires blocking major intersections and killing civilians indiscriminately. the force wielded by the cartel gunmen so superior that the authorities decided to release the video guzman in order to avoid a further escalation of violence the incarceration of former cartel top man el chapo in one of the highest security prisons in the united states has left a dangerous power vacuum in the sinhala and drug cartel it's triggered a surge of violence in mexico as various would be contenders fight for control of the powerful drug cartel. somali now in a country that's been battling
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a 70 year long insurgency and has seen islam as forces taking troll large parts of the country thousands of civilians have also been forced to flee their homes because of interesting violence many of those people have been displaced within mali and eva shar sent us this report from the capital bamako. it's only a stone's throw from here to downtown but only a short ride from the bustle of the city to this camp but it may as well be on a different planet many in the city say they are unaware of this camp for displaced herdsman built on a waste dump this is definitely not the home where anybody would want to live or anybody should live yet it has become the home of what it 1000 people who fled from interethnic violence in central mali and yes this is their home on a landfill full of waste and their homes also made of waste the smoke that you see
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around me is because of the waste is being burnt around them. the smell is overpowering people burn waits to clear a little space creating the smoke that drifts through this site. we will file a complaint against the government this current work like this it's not ok to leave trash here if you have trash new you how are you supposed to keep healthy. this is not easy or. some to the 1000000 man the camp receives occasional donations of food and water every day the children play in the trash the threat of disease is constant. this woman is 63 like everyone here she fled from a region in central mali when the violence broke out. but i'm living with her mother and her newborn they are sick i used to have
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a good life there we lost everything and came here. she says her village was burned by dog and people farmers who fight the flooding over land and access to food. i want to find out from the government if there is plan in place to help these people but they insist they don't even know that the camp exists. i haven't seen anyone living in a waste dump them telling me honestly if i said i had seen and when i would be telling a lie i saw people in tents yes well arranged nice tents a temporary shelter. the mullion government is busy trying to distinguish different fires at once expanding islamist militancy and ethnic violence. so. the whole challenge needs a global response not just to mali in one by. one
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if they cannot come up with a plan together then the whole challenge stays as it is. people are just one of many makeshift camps across mali living in a dire situation 1000000 government says it can't even begin to address as there is peace. well qatar has promised labor reforms ahead of hosting the 2022 football world cup the gulf state has faced intense international criticism for exploiting the migrant workers who are building the venues for the matches the changes are expected to come into effect at the beginning of next year. migrant workers in qatar many of whom have been building the country's stadia for the 2022 world cup require approval from their boss before they can change jobs or even leave the country and that is said to change next year the gulf state has agreed to abolish labor and introduce
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a minimum wage law that would not discriminate against nationalities. it is very important because we are looking at you know a lot to be an attractive place for investors for the skilled workers to have productive community. amnesty international has long called for an end to the abusive system in qatar it praised the announcement as a major step forward but the organization also remains cautious the devil will be in the detail far too often workers have continued to face exploitation and abuse despite reforms. the pressure to reform has been a sticking point ever since the working conditions of could toss migrant workers were exposed as specially under the spotlight of wood cup preparations one agency that has been working closely with qatar under forming its system is the united nations international labor organization. well you know for us it's it's been long
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overdue 88 still exists in many other countries and we're hoping that other countries will also follow suit and flew up all the stuff i love because it's not in line with international standards qatar is in need of an image boost before they host the 2022 world cup it's unclear how far these labor reforms will actually go what is certain actions will speak louder than words. both one of the biggest rivalries in sports england and australia over knew their hostilities this weekend in the quarter finals of the rugby world cup in japan both are strong contenders but australia might know something about their opponent that could tip the balance in their favor how do you prepare against an opponent that you've lost to 6 times in a row that is australia stripped for record against england since 2016 but australia's players may have some inside knowledge having played with some of their opponents
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at cup level. know all their weaknesses by the way been telling everyone. i miss them now boy if you want your. money is a terrible snake. but george ford never pays for a beer. ben youngs isn't even the best rugby player in his family said the mining country. the chicken journeyman a very weird and danko is no there is no exact. not the most useful information for quarterfinal rugby match in the world cup given that england will go into the game as favorites so what could possibly help australia cause the news that england have dropped they keep they make a george fort from the starting line up. with george jones in the $23.00. will we have the starting in the finishing to face going to finish 1st instead of starting us truly a may not have the upper hand against england but that won't stop the land from
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down under from exhausting our possibilities. coming up on d w news asia china expands its sphere of influence into the pacific by way of the solomon islands and that means i won i was last in allied taiwan's representative in germany tells t w that the $992.00 consensus between taiwan and china is no longer relevant to. the stories and more coming up with the rush bungy i'll be back with more news of the top of the hour so you.
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can show that of those. in support of. what's a big what's a. degree of. our
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own work or you. know me. and i'm getting close to the brand new w. bunnings book it's personal it's device it's about topics that affect us all a solution climate change and turn. all of this says check out. to you france dear antonia dear cecilia this is opposite us i'm sitting on a terrace in twilight it's peaceful my 3 grandchildren sleep on trouble that's asked out when i was 8 trances age germany was split in 2 and remain divided for decades and it was my given among your mother was born in 1969 the world was already 8 years old. my grandchildren were born after the wall fell born in
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a 5 german a wonderful time a time of great joy. 3 generations of one family on a journey through recent german history. living. for . our friendly and us starts nov 6th on t w. this is the doctor news a shot coming up new found friends the solomon islands and china have recently established diplomatic ties to china says this is to both countries benefit at the exact speed. but this comes at the cost of taiwan what options does president citing one have when taiwan keeps losing diplomatic allies to china.


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