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exclusive report from the destroyed city. room of the science of our universe starts october 24th on w. play . play. play. this is d w news live from berlin and barcelona is at a standstill there is growing anger over the jailing of cattle and separatist leaders tens of thousands have taken to the streets for a 5th day of mass protests spain's acting the prime minister insists that illegal actions are punished not political ideas also coming out a fragile ceasefire in northern syria kurdish led forces accuse turkey of violating
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the truce but denies any clashes in the area. and breaks it in the balance british prime minister boris johnson tried to convince lawmakers to contact his new deal for the u.k. to leave the european union there is just one day left until the crunch vote in parliament. i'm sumi so much got to thank you for joining us. in spain it's now day 5 of mass protests gripping the cattle on capital barcelona as uproar over the jailing of independence leader sweeps through the region a general strike by pro independence unions has brought much of the area to a halt flights have been canceled and road and rail links have been disrupted many factories have stopped work tourist attractions are closed and a soccer clash between barcelona and real madrid has been postponed. the view from
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above hundreds of thousands of protesters converging on downtown barcelona from 5 different directions many started marching from their home towns on wednesday. a show of mass dissent after spain supreme court sentenced 9 separatist leaders to severe prison sentences for a failed secession attempt in 2017 but madrid's hard line did not deter catalonians regional president from calling for a new independence referendum. joe i would like to see us exercise our right to self-determination in this legislative time. the protests have impacted the entire city dozens of flights have been cancelled trains and metro lines are running on a reduced schedule during the night some of the protests turned violent but these
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outbursts don't seem to be intimidating the city's many tourists and i think it's. i don't think. it's quite. we didn't see the protests we didn't see too much danger it was just last night returning to the. demonstration but we didn't feel safe to. spanish authorities say they won't tolerate rioting. their actions as we have already said will not go unpunished. because the legal system provides for both criminal and economic sanctions for people who commit delinquent acts such as those we are seeing. you know. friday's protests have been peaceful as the demonstrators repeat their call for liberty. and let's go right to
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barcelona journalist stephen bergen is standing by following the latest for us hi stephen these protests really have mushroomed you know roads are closed as we saw we also heard that the barcelona rail madrid football match has been postponed and we're also hearing that pedro sanchez has made comments in brussels what more can you tell us. well yes everyone just converts from his 5 to 5 marches around the countryside. and how. those of thousands of people are certain have converged on the place where the march is supposed to be good and if there won't be a march for service and it room for the works of march. most of it is ringback off to one side of the city is. already running battles with the police and students outside headquarters of the spanish police. and this evening there be more trouble but at the moment. as we once again the cattle and
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independence movement has shown its extraordinary capacity to mobilize its base and to get a hold of people in the street a lot of people indeed stephen as you're speaking we're looking at live pictures of these huge crowds amassed there in barcelona last night we saw some images of those very intense clashes between demonstrators and police do you expect to see more violence tonight they're still all old all week the process has been much the same i mean today's demonstrations much bigger seems of assertions of sort of 405-0000 people. which then dispersed in at around nightfall and these. more 'd groups of smaller groups then several probably running battles with the police. to me last night it was consecutive and spencer building was on fire. that was still going on 6 more. people would just say that these mass protests are
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on par with what's been happening in hong kong. it's. i think it played a difficult to make those i think you know there is things you could criticize about this by mistake but comparing it to china which is a democracy is perhaps an appropriate i think some of the ways of people who organize it in using apps and social media is taking a leaf. book i think you know they can flood situation is unusual in many ways for one thing this is not you know what uprising of the poor and oppressed from what is you know those 2 middle class people it represents a big. hotel very well that was very very cold and the spanish government's response all along has been to basically provoke some and make things worse all right journalist stephen burton speaking to us from barcelona thank you for that analysis. now turkish
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president. has warned that he will restart operations against kurdish forces in syria if they do not withdraw from a safe zone he denies reports that his troops have broken the temporary truce in the region but kurdish led syrian forces accused the turks of failing to stick to a deal brokered by the united states after sporadic clashes flared up in one border town now a spokesperson for the syrian democratic forces which are part of the opposition and in syria tweeted despite the agreement to halt the fighting air and artillery attacks continue to target the positions of fighters civilian settlements and the hospital and russell i in turkey is violating the cease fire agreement by continuing to attack the town since last night. sporadic clashes and artillery strikes are hitting the syrian border town of something. this is just hours after
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top turkish and u.s. officials agreed to impose a pause in the fighting in the region. today the united states and turkey have agreed to a cease fire in syria. turkish side will pause operation few spring. in order to allow for the withdrawal of why puji forces from the safe zone. for $120.00. the americans claim to the 5 day cease fire as a diplomatic victory but the kurdish y p g militia was not at the table for the negotiations before the agreement to pause fighting syria's brazile and was already the scene of heavy clashes local humanitarian groups say civilians were being caught between the fronts. the announcement to freeze combat surprised some observers turkish president which a better one had previously announced he would not agree to halt the offensive he's
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denied rumors that mike pence threatened turkey with new sanctions should he fail to support the plan. shortly after the vice president announced the ceasefire the turkish foreign minister gave the press his government's view of the day's events do little out of it it's not the end of the operation it's not a cease fire you can only have a cease fire between 2 legitimate governments were suspending our operation so the terrorists the targets of our operation can leave the security zone. because the turkish government also expects the y p g militia to give up all its weapons and will continue its style log with russia assad's military backers have moved their forces into position in northern syria in conjunction with syrian troops. damascus and moscow so far have shown little willingness to accept turkey's security zone. for more on the story let's go to our correspondent dorian jones who's following
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the latest for us from istanbul hi dorian the kurdish led administration in northern syria has accused turkey of violating this cease fire what is the latest that you can tell us. well it's very hard to verify these claims but we do know from substantial reports all through the day the fighting has continued in these crucial town of rochelle i mean there has been have reports of heavy gunfire and also sporadic use of artillery presumably from the turkish forces now anchor insists no this isn't true the ceasefire is holding in fact president speaking to reporters said this is all to some from asian one is very keen that this agreement does stick because in many ways it is a it has agreed to everything that turkey sought to achieve from this military operation so on could really does have an interest in it continuing on the ground it does appear that there is still ongoing fighting who actually is responsible
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that the syrian kurds militia claim it's is mainly the syrian rebels that are fighting with the turkish forces have blaming them for this but it remains really unclear who is responsible there is a blame game going on but the end of the day underlines how tenuous a ceasefire is during at the same time president said that turkey would respond if the syrian government makes a mistake what does he mean by that. well he didn't really elucidate on what turkey would do but given the fact turkey has no diplomatic relations we have syria the only response we're presumably military although it has to be said also very careful saying we have no problem with syrian regime forces being in the same area that is turkish operation is presently. carrying on he stressed that they were not planning to stay permanently that they will respect the territorial integrity of syria now why one is being very careful is that the main backer of the damascus regime is moscow and almost be very careful not to cause
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a rupture in with the russians and brahimi of putin who he has developed a close relationship with but having said that you have so few forces and syrian forces in the same area turkey does plan to pay to stay for some time $1.00 is talking about saying that they will stay there until a safe zone is created talk about creating 12 observation posts and talking about resettling millions of syrian refugees he says until that's well completed the turkish forces will remain to have a potentially explosive situation given the fact that the massacres are saying that this turkish operation is an invasion what about the logistics of that as you said the turkish president wants to resettle millions of refugees there do they want to go are they willing to be resettled. well that really is a big question turkey's hosting over 3 and a half 1000000 refugees many of them have been here now for several years they've carved out a new life for themselves will they be prepared to go back to this proposed safe so most of them are believed not to even come from this territory so i mean given the fact that it the security situation is far from clear it's very big question mark
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being raised how uncle will persuade those people to go back on princes there will be no question of them being forced to return to there is growing questions how ankara will achieve this but for earth one it is a priority given the fact that there is massive public discontent over their presence and no one knows he has to some way remove that threat from his political leadership our correspondent reporting from istanbul thank you. let's get a round of now of some other stories making news around the world demonstrators in lebanon are gathering for a 2nd day to criticize the government plans to impose new taxes the protests are some of the biggest in years overnight some rioters set fires in the capital beirut with 2 people reportedly killed by the places. here in germany a memorial service has taken place for one of the 2 victims of a gunman's attack in the eastern city of hama last week family friends and politicians gathered to bid farewell to the 2220 year old man who was shot dead in
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a nearby shop after the attacker failed to shoot his way into a synagogue a 40 year old woman was also killed. and china's economic growth has slowed to its weakest pace in nearly 3 decades with weaker demand at home and abroad hitting production 3rd quarter data show that china's growth slowed to 6 percent fueling fears of a possible global recession in the months ahead. gunmen in mexico have waged an intense battle against security forces after police located and tried to detain the son of the notorious drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman the assault took place in guzman's home state of sinaloa police later released over the month to restore calm in the streets and save the lives of civilians caught up in the shootout. mexican security forces were on a routine patrol in similar as capital city when gunmen opened fire on them.
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security forces returned fire and missionary capturing 4 men among them the son of the former head of the senate alone drug cartel york in el chapo guzman. judge your one of them was identified as a video. last result several organized crime groups surrounded the house with a 4th grader and out of the patrol unit other criminal groups initiated violence against other citizens and. caravans of cartel gunmen took over the city setting fires blocking major intersections and killing civilians indiscriminately. the force wielded by the cartel gunmen so superior that the authorities decided to release the video guzman in order to avoid a further escalation of violence the incarceration of former cartel top man el chapo in one of the highest security prisons in the united states has left a dangerous power vacuum in the signal and drug cartel it's triggered
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a surge of violence in mexico as various would be contenders fight for control of the powerful drug cartel. here watching d.w. news still to come living on a landfill the herders forced to flee ethnic violence in mali and left to seek shelter on a giant garbage dump. but 1st u.k. prime minister boris johnson is on a die hard mission to secure support in british parliament after reaching a break sit withdrawal deal with the european union on thursday government ministers are meeting today ahead of tomorrow's key vote in parliament on that new breaks that deal johnson who leads a minority government will need the support of some opposition lawmakers in order for the deal to pass he says he is confident he can gain enough support to see it through but even some of his allies have vowed to vote against it. let's get the very latest now our correspondent berkut moss is covering the story for us from london hi bereket boris johnson johnson has
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a really scrambling for support here what are you hearing will we have enough to get the deal approved. really big questions and we know that many m.p.'s are still struggling with the concent and still making up their mind they don't have a lot of times you can read through everything i guess and also take to digest it and say some of the legal advice is not even economic impact state they don't even know what the deal would really entail we know that the labor party is trying to get their m.p.'s on board but we know that within the labor party there are several who are 10 suits to vote with the government they might be in constituencies where the voters have voted to leave and that might be a reason for them to actually vote with the government now we hear reports that the labor party is actually whipping their own m.p.'s are trying to force them to vote for an amendment which would bring more more clarity in in the industry says and
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more clarity what the implications are legal and economic implications would be but we know that really still some are tempted to vote with the government and be spoken earlier to one of these m.p.'s actually deciding to knott's edia to the advice from from his own party leader from jeremy called in let's listen what he has to say. i'm going to vote for the deal i think people in this country are a federal politicians who fought this so well next for 3 yes never return with me and the bill being put in front of would stop with. all the remain as of you all or will we alone ole usually goes cold. even the queen was involved in the supreme court have you everybody's been involved in stopping parliament doing its work no will go to do you think we should grab a book science might be the best course it's not but it's
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a deal and it might be and work and we'll leave in europe and also maintain. all right berg i'm sure boris johnson will be very happy to hear those words there but i want to ask you about the 2 scenarios on the table 1st of all what happens if the deal fails to get through parliament. well of course johnson doesn't get the votes that he needs and you have to remember he doesn't have a majority in parliament so it wouldn't be from that point of view a surprise if he doesn't get the votes he needs then the so-called panic could come into force m.p.'s mostly from the labor opposition side but also from your students and so on conservative party who have tried to bind his hands and who are legally forcing him to then if there is this deal if it's not pausing to good to the european union and to ask for an extension so that there could be further negotiations so that the future could be decided also with the help of pall of that
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now boris johnson a said that he'd rather dull you need to ask for an extension and he's really maintained sewage review really interesting to see who would really happens if the deal doesn't pass tomorrow and if it does pass that would essentially mean that brags it is finally a done deal. yes in some ways but not in every way because the future relations with the european union i mean all this work you've had decades of the u.k. being in the you it needs to be disentangled any it needs to be built up again so that all this work hasn't even started so it's not going to be the end of everything a lot of people will say will politicians let's just get it done let's just leave the seems to be the public opinion and it seems to be a bit of the momentum i have to say that i'm sensing year in the u.k. but if the deal does go through it's definitely not the end of greg's
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a because then all these negotiations all this really detailed work to decide about the future between the u.k. and the e.u. all this will then have to start come right back of mass reporting for us from london thank you. to mali now a country that has been battling a 7 year long insurgency and a senior islamist forces take control of large parts of the country thousands of civilians have also been forced to flee their homes because of interethnic violence many of these people have been displaced within mali is funny for char sent us this report from the capital bamako. it's only a stone's throw from here to downtown only short ride from the bustle of the city to this camp but it may as well be on a different planet many in the city say they are unaware of this camp for displaced full and hurts men built on a waste dump this is definitely not the home or anybody would want to live for
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anybody should live yet it has become the home of more than 1000 people who fled from interethnic violence in central mali and yes this is their home on a landfill full of waste and their homes out also made of waste the smoke that you see around me is because of the waste that's being burnt around them. the smell is overpowering people burn waits to clear a little space creating thick smoke drifts through this site. from here we will file a complaint against the government this can't work like this it's not ok to leave trash here if you have trash you how are you supposed to keep healthy this is not easy. to prophesy. from today a 1000000 men in the camp receives occasional donations of food and water every day the children play in the trash the threat of disease is constant. this woman
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is 63 like everyone here she fled from a region in central mali when the violence broke out. and i'm living with her mother and her newborn they are sick i used to have a good life there we lost everything and came here. she says her village was burned by dog and people farmers who fight the flooding over land and access to food. i want to find out from the government if there's a plan in place to help these people but they insist they don't even know that the camp exists. i haven't seen anyone living in a waste dump i'm telling you honestly if i said i had seen and then i would be telling a lineup of i saw people in tents yes well arranged nice tents a temporary shelter been a minute. the mullion government is busy trying to distinguish different fires at
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once expanding islamist militancy and ethnic violence. the whole challenge that needs a global response not just a mali in one. must win if they cannot come up with a plan together then the whole challenge stays as it is. people in just one of many makeshift camps across mali living in a dire situation 1000000 government says it can't even begin to address all know as there is peace. right now to one of the biggest rivalries in sports england and australia face off this weekend in the quarter finals of the rugby world cup in japan both are strong contenders australia might know something about their opponent that could tip the balance in their favor how do you prepare against an opponent that you've lost to 6 times in
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a row that is australia stripped for record against england since 2016 but australia's players may have some insight knowledge having played with some of their opponents at club level. i know all their weaknesses by the way in telling everyone. i miss them now or if you want your. mom is a terrible snake. george ford never pays for a beer. ben youngs isn't even the best rugby player in his family so i have the money country. the chicken journey may very weird and call it as of now is that. not the most useful information for quarterfinal rugby match in the world cup given that england will go into the game a spade for it so what could possibly help australia cause the news that england have to walk they keep they make a george fort from the starting line up. will george george in the 23. will we have starting in the finishing to face going to finish 1st instead of
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starting australia may not have the upper hand against england but that won't stop the land from down under from exhausting all possibilities. right now panda cubs born at berlin zoo in august have opened their eyes for the 1st time the zoo says the 1st few weeks of the lies are gone well but panda mothers normally raise just one baby at a time so zoo staff are having to help mother men bang rear at the 2nd cup they're germany's 1st ever baby at. the for ok let's get a reminder now of our top stories on t.w. in spain a 5th day of mass protests has brought the cuttle on capital barcelona to a standstill tens of thousands have taken to the streets of the northern spanish city to express their anger at the jailing of pro independence leaders and turkey's
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president rajapaksa one is denying reports that his troops are violated a cease fire in northeastern syria kurdish led syrian forces accused the turks of failing to stick to a deal brokered by the u.s. after sporadically clashes 1st out in one former child. up next our show eco india a look at the ecological impact of a t. shirt stay tuned for that.
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on a journey through recent german history. living. darkness has fallen and it's still peaceful. and they have remained so for your sakes of my grandchildren. you. may. start cylinder 60 d.w. . water is a basic human need the portable water depleting every day it's also becoming the bottle from big business bottled water chemical filters water purifiers are a part of everyday jogen in many parts of the world hello welcome to india i'm
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