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tv   Drive it  Deutsche Welle  October 19, 2019 8:30am-9:01am CEST

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my grandchildren were born after the wolf born. 3 generations. journey through german history. starts nov 6th on d. w. . hello and welcome to drive with your motor magazine on the w. today camping is very popular we show you the latest. new type of combustion engine from mazda. hybrid s.u.v. . it.
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has a chance to test the most powerful s.u.v. porsche are currently offers with 500 kilowatts not everyone's ideal car and in time when environmental protection takes such priority but he proposes that even this monster can do its part to cut c o 2 emissions he knows he's taking a risk but. it's hard even to imagine that a car with that much performance. and this kind of sound could in any way be considered ecological. a minimal find some grounds for his optimism about its environmental qualities in the admittedly long name. and turbo as a hybrid it's powered by a combined gasoline engine and electric motor bringing average consumption to below 4 liters per 100 kilometers many compacts can even match that it's achieved with a. 1000 kilowatt hours of electric current are remarkable given so much more power
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. sustainability generated electricity and c o 2 neutral this kind of batteries are recharged partly through recuperation and mainly from an electric outlet. charging can take 2 and a half to 6 hours depending on the connection. a model has experienced the power train in the panamera turbo as he hybrid but it hasn't simply been transplanted directly from the panamera to the cayenne that different platforms by themselves require some redesigning and optimization for the kind and . the hybrid packages and additional 130 kilograms a weight is barely noticeable when pulled by $500.00 kilowatts on the contrary it provides some advantage. when you want to likes best
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about the kayani hybrid is that they can be driven on all electric powered claims a range of 40 kilometers on all electric which is about what you might have will die and that's quite sufficient for driving around town was 0 emissions. also cites a top speed of 135 kilometers per hour on all electric drive for the hybrid car and only possible with a driver doesn't go to every on the accelerator. to push a minimal describes the pickup as ferocious it leaps from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in under 4 seconds not surprising given the 900 new meters of torque and that puts a smile on the mind of us face. once again the specs and summary.
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at 1st glance there's no clue to the hybrid drive technology installed under his cayenne. on this model the only visual indication of the presence of electric drive his porsche is acid green brake calipers. the 4 leader v. a gasoline engine contributes $404.00 kilowatts the remaining $96.00 come from the electric motor. are crushed the rear is the familiar pole with light strip. the luggage space ranges from 64521600 5 liters just
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a bit less than in the regular. the interior to reveals for little immediate evidence of the electric drive. except for a small d power indicator in the instrument cluster. as accustomed to starting switches on the left the cayenne doesn't make a sound at 1st you know we starts an electric motor. and hybrid auto mode the car selects the appropriate driver on its own the electric motor serves primarily as a booster adding a little extra power to the gasoline engines out in partial load range the cayenne switches to electric drive automatically the transmission to electric is done with no. interruption only noticeable by the shift in engine sound.
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is fun now it's time for his verdict if you can't dismiss the seedings of fossil fuel that his car makes compared to the gasoline powered car and turbo but if he stifles his need for speed and tries hard to listen to reason alone it's quite clear that nobody really needs this much power output but then what is life without fun so if it has to be hundreds of kilowatts then it should at least be a hybrid like this. car to stay young explains that mazda spotted a gap in its product portfolio between this e x 3 n.c.a.a. x 5 and filled it with a new c x 30. c. x 4 because it already exists in china and it's the c x 5 coupe a what's new about the c x 30 the engine under the hood is must this newly
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developed sky active and. most a has always gone its own way and drive systems take the route orientation which is soon to be revived as a range extend therefore an electric car or what they call right size we're building larger travel less gasoline engines in japanese are also experimenting with new technical solutions to make their cars more fuel efficient. and explains that with the sky active x. engine mazda is combining the best of gasoline and diesel engines out as a word through greater pressure which means higher compression. the sky active-x. in the c x 30 is a gasoline engine it works like a diesel a spark plug is only needed for cold starts or under demanding high speed conditions like a. diesel the sky active-x.
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compresses gasoline and air until they make serious near ignition then a small amount of additional gasoline is injected to ensure combustion the ratio of aired of fuel is significantly higher than in a regular gasoline engine so the amount of fuel required is lowered according to mazda the new engine technology can cut fuel consumption up to 30 percent to $132.00 kilowatt c.x. 30 consumes $5.00 leaders per 100 kilometers by the world why do any vehicle test procedure. knows that the innovative combustion process is barely noticeable long driving if you listen carefully you might hear a slight track from the front but it's not bothersome. on the principle is more this c.x. 30 like the most of 3 follows the brands current cotto design language with
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a large grille and flat headlights the compact s.u.v. is 4.4 meters long and 1.8 meters wide. the cargo volume ranges from 432-1406 leaders with the rear seats folded down. on likes of the steering it's a pleasure only tight not too smooth and the suspension does a good job somewhat stiff perhaps but still not uncomfortable the car doesn't wobble even during fast cornering. and usually for the segment the c.h. 30 is available with all wheel drive upon request in addition to compact cars for sky with it's what your use standard equipment this also includes numerous assistance systems such as adaptive cruise control. they have all the knicks. ways
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that the interior of the c.x. 30 is really nice and similar to the most a 3 d. thinks that's good because in his opinion the mazda 3 looks quite smart. inside mazda reliance on the japanese principle of jim but intact the unity of horse and rider the instruments are neatly arranged in the cockpit to minimize distraction so attention is focused primarily on the road. when it thinks that on explains it if you see x. 3 is too small for you but as c.s. 5 is too big you should take a look at the see extern it is becoming a real i can't share that simple and straightforward design that there i dish and it offers the best of both worlds with a newly developed sky active x. engine with a slightly higher prices worth of been managed by c.b. to fuel consumption it's up to the individual to decide.
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how these presented the new are is for a bunch of kids twin turbo charged me 6 quid so $331.00 killer wants a power and googles of torque a good $600.00 newton metres in the 19025000 read french list prices for the arias for avant start around 81000 euros in germany. is putting out a plug in hybrid version of the 508 the familiar 1.6 liter pure take gasoline engine has been combined with an 81 kilowatt electric motor this 5 travels up to 54 kilometers an all electric drive prices started some $44000.00 euros in germany.
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in the country and a home on wheels this is a major holiday trend this year the spirit of the times in well developed different structure and given motor home vacations a real boost. 2019 is a record year for the industry this is apparent if the caravan so on one of the most popular holiday and recreation fairs in europe the 90 trade fair in dusseldorf shows the latest in motor home trends above all visionaries fairgoers are interested in the compact. california has been the trendsetter among compact motor homes for decades it is now
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also available with a kitchenette neatly stowed away in the left hand side. but the competition isn't asleep at the wheel some interesting developments are on display. the higher cross cam scores high with its removable kitchen and california layout its toyota base helps keep the price reasonable it starts at 43000 euro. like the cross camp crystal cams to is built in the dead plant the kitchen section came removed in both the starting price stays below the $40000.00 euro mark. the rival outfitter also provides freedom of travel for the small v.w. caddy too narrow beds compact equipment and a low price starting at $33000.00 euro. the
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only way to get it any cheaper is with modules afaik caravan salon various manufacturers are presenting individual solutions that have been found through down to the last need to. find a way toilet and shower and a v.w. multiband. here in the style van der but they cost about $65000.00 euro. the new generation tavern said levy promises home like comfort with its futuristic exterior and maximized interior space to selenium offers on wheels or clamping instead of camping. gear how many leashed oath explains that a life is the central interior design element which can be adjusted by
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a voice activated smart home systems from the seating area or with other electronic devices. to ensure that. the comfort level of the interior seating is pneumatically control and an electric slide out section ensures optimum space shoes and germany this one starts at $80000.00 euros. it can be even more luxurious and individual with fully equipped motor homes as big as buses anything is possible and this model of the patented central garage space set standards. for. the folks their performance as is one of the most luxurious motor homes individually manufactured to customer specifications and a $500.00 horsepower engine price up. 1.5000000 euro
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excluding sports cars. and then there are the trucks suitable for off road expeditions like this model from mam with optional 6 wheel drive such vehicles can take on even the roughest of terrain anyone who ventures into the wilderness on their own with a 900000 euro vehicle is best advice to learn how to help themselves in an emergency. escape that almost 7 explains that it's about driving on every terrain as the including santa without getting stuck one has to know how to drive through a mountain pass and change a tire and most people say that's the wheels are too heavy to change on one's own he says one person can do it alone but obama has to know how it. a one trick mobility and cutting c o 2 emissions are also on the agenda at the caravan salon. and is that last 1st
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hybrid motor home it has a range of a 50 kilometers on electric power the small gasoline engine exclusively as a generator on longer distances the maximum combined range is $500.00. the 2nd generation of carrier has seen major chicagoan improvements such as the iridium electric motor lithium iron phosphate batteries separators can increase range up to 4 kilometer. today we're going to take a spin in a top selling car from the 1936 the original. the
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compact sedan was introduced in 1936 with the selling price of 2100 ice marks that made it a mid range vehicle and sure many a rare breed of time. back then opel was growing in introducing new models in the hopes of attracting new groups of buyers as classic car expert christophe bauer explained it said that as he got out he says that in the mid 1930 s. opel was riding a wave of success in 1935 when he became the 1st german manufacturer to build over 100000 cars a year that made opel the largest maker of passenger cars in europe however this impressive growth was only possible thanks to f.t. cash injections from american parent company general motors which took the majority stake an opel in 1929 during the great depression back when the german economy starting to pick up the middle class developed its interest in cars so it's.
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hearing this time opel began using progressive american production methods like assembly lines and modular construction systems in 1035 opel started producing germany's 1st mass production car with a motto cock body the olympia. a slightly more compact version of the olympia's body was used to create the cadet it's simple technology was largely taken from oakland's entry level model the p 4. s. got it big cypress just says a cadet is a military training who often hopes to become an officer but is still far from reaching that goal and he thinks that's an apt description of the open a cadet that i would add on a cock body. but on the olympics i'd like some of that ice and much more expensive
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cars finished still at its premier in berlin in 1936 opel sales director how did they could ask about how as an every day car for discerning customers things that i say they don't even know that's what i was speaking. to. and the cadets was a hit. soon the compact model from her since time had become the best selling car in its class and the quickest though it has 23 horsepower out of its 1 point one leader engine it's still left the competition in the dust thanks to its low curved weight of just $757.00 kilos. to do it with a little patience and a heavy foot christopher could almost push the kid to the 100 kilometer an hour mark to stop it the braking system features hydraulic prongs brakes on all 4 wheels
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if the base model cadet has to go rigid axles on the leaf springs making for a company ride on country roads however get this special variant as an independent front suspension it's tuned quite softly though so when he rounds kurz fast a car really tilts. about my little mistake. the demise christof says that when i close the thirty's era vehicles the opel cadette has that streamlined shape and rounded aerodynamic design that was so popular at the time to what sank then integrated headlights who were a real novelty before that automakers had simply stuck lights on to the body or add executive sang the praises of the cars design saying the front and keeps the cabin air tight while driving and added smooth rounded shape makes it easy clean good to know. we can pick it. as
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style wise simple in adorns the cadets hood it was only in the 1950 s. and sixty's the fear ship was gradually replaced by the lightning logo will still use this today. it's semi for type turn signals instead of blinkers and the externally mounted spare tire distinguish the cadets as a free more model. the interior is very spartan with just a few instruments and a lot of bakelite like other cars have it stay. there trunk space is only accessible from the insight not very practical. when it came to the engine opel employed low cost tried and true technology as a dam wall to a crist of says the engine is a pretty spectacular cast iron model with a 1 point one liter of to be capacity in $23.00 horsepower and that's that had
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powered vehicles since 1931 what's innovative was the cars monaco construction and which the body shell before and the under kerry journey to create a single unit office and this construction method saved weight making the car faster and more fuel efficient and it also reduce production costs while heightening safety because for along the way opals engineers had invented the problems. the crumple zone was a byproduct of the car's uni body construction though it was only patented at the end of the 1950 s. by recedes engineer. still bad oversight didn't hurt a kid at a local found over $30000.00 buyers in its 1st year alone. take a 1st go says it's progressive. soon made the kid at the best selling car in his
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class in germany with a market share of 59 percent of fortune even used it as a comparison while developing the v.w. beetle germany's 1st true people's car if this in spite of its success they could add that didn't earn that distinction while it was a relatively low cost car at the time for the masses it was still an affordable luxury modified with their primitive vehicle but he was the. that's why over 30 percent of the production was sold abroad cadets could be found on the roads in south africa argentina and china and new zealand after world war 2 broke out production ceased the last original model cadet rolled off the assembly line in may 1940. yanis that christe of toes was the wild production of the opal olympia resumed in a postwar years that could if it wasn't resurrected as because as part of the war
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reparations the entire production line and russell's time was confiscated and shipped off to russia their thought they could that was reborn as the mosque which 405 and remained in production until 1959 thanks to its innovative want to call quality the opel could that remain competitive for many years which christophe says qualifies it as a milestone in the automotive history you can find my inside automaticity to. more than 107000 rolled off the assembly line in 4 years making the kid at germany's best selling compact car of the pre-war era in 1062 the model was reintroduced with the snappy slogan ok why could that. be. a total of 6 generations of the kid that were produced until production in the early 1990 s. . on the next edition of driving
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them v.w. i.d.r. sets out to set a record in china. and we tested kias new compact and she'll leave the. familiar.
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to. the good chamber. a multiple sclerosis diagnosis. from. this neurological disease with countless serious ones is the wrong. to come up with i must describe their daily lives and we discover how a healthy gut is especially important for a masturbations. good shooting 30 minutes d.w. . welcome to the
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bureau max new to channel. mode a good line of students. with exclusive insights. into a must see concerning part culture to ensure a. place to be for curious minds. do it yourself networkers. subscribers and don't miss out. i'm not laughing. because sometimes i am but i stand up and whip it up and thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotypes the question that anyone thinks leaves the country that i not. needed same to take his grandmother day out to me it's all that. i might show join me for me to devon from d.w. . post. says he. are always. symbol
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of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslim and the christian population . minus funds occupied the city center 17 president 2 terms response was. an interesting. name book over. the reconquest turned into tragedy. this is not the kind of freedom that we won. how did move forward become a deep way to islamist terror until now the sincerity garnered more sitting as the original an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the sights of starts october 24th on t.w. . it's. never heard of that but. this
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is d. w. news live from berlin boris johnson's the day of reckoning the u.k. prime minister urges lawmakers to back as a last ditch breaks a deal mont without a majority in the house of commons success is far from certain and also coming up kurdish led forces say turkey is violating the cease fire in northern syria ankara and says the violence is just skirmishes but turkey's president says he'll restart his military offensive unless kurdish militias leave the border area.


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