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this is the deputy of news live from berlin chilling under a state of emergency days after deadly protests of writing continues even after the government canceled a metro fare hike that sparked that on grass we'll look at what is fueling the outrage also coming up empty austerity protests bring levanon to a standstill the government braces to come up with an economic rescue plan as protesters vow to fill the streets for a 5th straight day and recent scandals have taken the shine off of canada's prime
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minister justin trudeau is in a close race with conservative challenger with canadians voting today. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program chile is reeling from 3 days of protests deadly violence and looting unrest in the capital santiago over the weekend has led to at these 7 deaths with over 1500 people being arrested a planned hike in public transport fares sparked that on rust and it's now been canceled but protesters say their discontent runs deeper and they're calling for an all out general strike. capital sente all go. protest started by hugh. dence have exploded into much wider ranging violence.
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including writing. and some looting. several people have already been killed by fires and more than a 1000 people have been arrested. she is under an official state of emergency. that. we are at war against a powerful implacable enemy who does not respect anything or anyone. and who is willing to use violence in crime without any limits the. soldiers are on the streets for the 1st time in nearly 30 years the 1st time since general pinochet's military units are. originally about a hike in public transport costs these protests are now about much more inequality and the cost of living. yes disappointed about this rhetoric president pinera met
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with lawmakers and has pledged to reduce excessive inequality the writing has however divided people. especially the mass torching and destruction of santiago subway systems which ordinary people are now cleaning up. for us thank god i was born and raised here so i saw them build all the metro stations and this metro should be for my grandchildren. what 10 should be for everyone at the world but at the level of some of that the local authorities say it will take months to fix meanwhile people are now stockpiling fuel for the week ahead as cheaply braces for more of the same. let's get more background on what is going on in chile we are joined by to muscatine as who is from spanish and you're actually from chile therefore i'm wondering are you surprised by this anger that we're seeing spilling out onto the streets to be honest i'm not surprised maybe about the reasons given
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a strange sense are actually showing right now but not quite we pressed me is the level that say of violence we have i know a country at the moment. details of the amount of people that is in the streets right now actually asking and demanding the state of chile some change in the political system some change in the economy system and i think that is like the most impressive thing at the moment right now these kind of demonstrations have never been seen before since the dictatorship which are going about like 51 years ago so they're probably totally let's say like shocked by what is happening right now so let's talk a little bit more about the economics of what is going on internally within the country because we have to mention chile is the is the richest country in latin america but you know that prosperity is not shared by all is it exactly actually also brother a couple of facts. they're also from from they should in that case also from the
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economy commission for let america and the caribbean for example to state 1000000000 did more what is inequality about we have an in one hand for example that a 50 percent of the population earns around $500.00 not a lot not a lot in compared to the only 1.01 percent that earns more than $800000.00 so you can see the level of inequality we have right now in the country which is also one of the main reasons that people are now protesting in the street but the other hand we have also less report for example in general from the economic commission for latin america and the caribbean which is states actually that 26.5 per cent of the wealth of the country is only hold by one percent of the country so basically as you can see this is like one of the most let's say the heaviest reason that is moving to people what do you make of the government's response to this because we are seeing the president kenyatta describing the situation as the country being at war at war with its own citizens essentially
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how do you think those citizens are going to respond exactly i think it's also important to maybe to add to that quote is that he said also about an unknown enemy that we are at war with and on an enemy which also kind of like i said the situation kind of like in a. dangerous situation right now. the people didn't take this well to be honest right now most of them are shocked by even the military military already being in the street which is also as i told you like only seen before in the dictatorship so only space saying this also some people and media also are saying it's only to put some oil on the fire you know so it's not of course it's not a nice book to say in this moment which is a kind of funny because at the same time the general which is in charge of the state of emergency for example today in the morning he'll he said already that he's a happy man and he's not in war with anyone which is kind of like a contradiction. with what the government said the cracks in a society so apparent with this explosive response we have to say over the past
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couple of days to muscatine us from date of the spanish joining us with more on chile thank you for. now to lebanon where the president's office has said that a package of reforms to ease the country's economic crisis is on the way prime minister saad hariri had ordered his government to come up with a rescue plan after 5 straight days of anti austerity protests outrage over new taxes and corruption has sparked the largest wave of dissent the country has seen in years. monday in central beirut protesters gather in martyrs square for a 5th day of protests on monday morning lebanon's government hurriedly passed a sweeping reform bill promising to end secrecy for politicians and cut ministers salaries and house. they want to appease both the protesters as well as middle eastern creditors and western donors who have dubbed tilled with these historic demonstrations to voice their concerns about corruption love and on as one of the
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most indebted countries in the world and this religiously diverse country is standing united in its condemnation of high unemployment poor public services and corruption. warning these ministers and legislators should be thrown in jail this thieves they were begging for money from other countries on behalf of the lebanese but they then put the money in their own pockets because the money this government has done nothing but divide us as well as making us poor citizens must retain their dignity this is why we won't leave the streets without taking down the regime and forming a transitional government with exceptional powers to rebuild the country to the very. fact that. these protests show little sign of abating. over the weekend there were widespread calls for a job will strike. let's bring in correspondent basel of. he who is standing by with the latest from they root and bustle we've heard the prime minister has just
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addressed the public tell us more yes. first of all you can indeed i ground the protesters there if you hold these 3 form and unity the prime minister's speech shouts in log voices revolution and they don't hold this is the 1st reaction of the protesters why the prime minister was that he is a speech we caught some of the speech that's directed to the protesters mainly to the deputies in general so we called some of his speech now. the prime minister. that they decided no no today to achieve all to meet all the demands of the protesters. since these demands these demands from 2 years ago should be done and said moreover. they took a decision to shut down the ministry of information this is whilst it was one of
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the demands because they said there is no need in such country if you come to there is no need for 3 of information braman to the saadi to continue saying that the decision to stop the demonstrations is back to the demonstrators themselves and said that it's the duty of all it is a duty to hold the needs of all the demands of the people. behind you and i just want to articulate here we can see that people actually going toward the protest so i mean these reforms which are now just absolutely clearly many people there in the lebanese capital beirut are not you know satisfied with what has been announced just walk us through what exactly the government plans to do. this is a major question though as you said the. us in beirut and in all other major cities
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in lebanon. with droughts more and over and over again today saying it's not same like yesterday but the clouds are already the streets in these squares so not the major questions what's next this is the major question of the speech. demonstrators here not just the right of. the they surrounded the old to demonstrate to the illustrators we are the protesters we didn't notice that existence yesterday and the day before today we cannot just hold the sponge. officers and personnel out surrounding the streets and. so what's going next it's up to the decision that will be taken by. the politicians whether it has to go to the street. i really am joining us there from beirut where we know it's
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a developing situation i'm going to let you hop off and do some more reporting and then we'll check back with you again in the next hour to see how the situation is shaping up thank you so much hassle thank you. let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world and the united states several drug companies have reached a last minute settlement over their role in the country's opioid crisis that's according to a report in the wall street journal the settlement was reached just as landmark federal trials were about to start in cleveland ohio. australia's major newspapers have published redacted front pages and a coordinated campaign to protest against laws that restrict press freedom this follows federal police raids earlier this year on the national broadcaster a.b.c. and a news corp journalists home over 2 stories that have proved embarrassing for the government. and according to london has refused to give the wiki leaks founder julian assange much more time to find fight his extradition to the united states
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the u.s. wants to extradite a sauce to face espionage charges a sauce made headlines back in 2010 when we cubics published hundreds of thousands of secret u.s. diplomatic documents. the kurdish led forces are withdrawing from towns in northern syria apparently aligned with the terms of a deal between the u.s. and turkey ancora wants to establish a so-called safe zone in the region and is demanding that kurdish forces withdraw completely the u.s. and the kurds once fought together in syria now the kurds feel betrayed the. kurdish residents abuse and potatoes up their one time allies they say they're being left for dead. traffic in the border town of commish lee was brought to a standstill as u.s. troops passed through heading to iraq leaving betrayal in their wake i forgot this morning that the cargo started. at the dock below the car but
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one day i think of it but i feel it was the car that the company that. was that if i. it was a different reception over the border armored vehicles bearing the stars and stripes have begun arriving there they will be deployed to counter a result of the so-called islamic state but claims that the u.s. have abandoned the cards to a turkish offensive still persist to go back to what our mission was our mission was to work with by with and through the to defeat isis. we believe we defeated the physical caliphate of the isis in march and but nowhere in there was that we would fight a long standing nato ally and in defense of the kurds to enable the establishment of an autonomous kurdish state no kurdish forces are in a race to get out of northern syria ahead of
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a ceasefire dateline ambulances and vans were seen leaving. in suckled by turkish troops speaking in istanbul their president hinted at a continuation of the offensive once the truce ends on tuesday night. resume. we have a trip to sochi russia. in this meeting we will take up this process with mr putin. that god willing we will take the necessary steps. and further same's that moscow is looking to fill the void left by the us russian trucks in another 2 city in times on sunday. and i'm joined now by andreas nick c.d.u. member of the bundestag and foreign affairs committee and the c.d.u. c.s.u. parliamentary group spokesperson for turkey i welcome to the program and thank you so much for joining us i'd like to begin by asking you because the german foreign
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minister says that turkey's operation against those kurdish forces in northern syria is a violation of international law given that what action should germany be willing to take. i think it is clear that there is no justification under international law for this military operation it is not covered i think under immediate self-defense it is politically and militarily risky. i think we have taken this to the un security council laws we had a debate here in parliament we have initiated some action on the un on the e.u. level with regard to military procurement issues to turkey but i think we should. avoid the temptation of just focusing on punishing turkey we should. look for solutions to to the to the region and i think the ceasefire that has been agreed at least is an initial 1st step on which we should build further but mr nic is that
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enough because he last week president and one he called the german foreign minister a political ad mature heir to one doesn't listen to what berlin has to say does it . well i think there is a specific political rhetoric in the bilateral relations which i think emerges to the to the front every now and then i think from my experience we will be able to influence turkish behavior the more and the better if we are seen as also having realistic fuel an exultant of turkey's legitimist security interests and of turkey's contribution with regard to hosting 4000000 refugees if that's a starting point you can also have a more tangible and more. targeted the conversation on what what should be done and some of that is better done behind closed doors than. diplomacy megaphone diplomacy meantime you know we have the situation on the ground on the dynamic
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dramatically shifting we have russia syria turkey really now the key players after u.s. troops pulled out of northern syria and i'm curious to hear how you see the shifting dynamic and potentially a changing role for europe. i think clearly what has happening has 1st and foremost strengthened the role of the assad regime and strengthen the role of russia in syria the potential for the e.u. to contribute to a solution so far is rather limited i think if we if the chance is there to extend the ceasefire further and give room force for political agreement political solution and what should be done this would require at some point not only an agreement with russia would probably also mandate from the u.n. security council the you should be willing to make a constructive contribution. to create a buffer zone that would. stop military violence for more. sustained period but i think the stakes of this would require
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a broad agreement with syrian government with russia and will probably at some point also require the willingness of countries to commit peace troops to this region which i think would be a major challenge but that's wishful thinking isn't it i mean what if the ceasefire is not extended because turkey has only agreed to a pause in fighting for 5 days how concerned are you about what will happen to the kurds in the area when it runs out on tuesday i think that's another thing where the top row needs to be to extend that cease fire i think we should. keep all options open on increasing broke pressure on turkey but on the other end i think any solution will require to also take into account the turkish legitimates interest and to do everything we can to maintain a turkey's alliance with the west and with the west with nato and with positive relations with the european union i think pushing turkey out of that and pushing
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turkey even closer towards russia and china is not helpful it would also not contribute to solving the issue in syria and syria snick member of the german bundestag foreign affairs committee thank you so much for speaking with us here and each of you thank you. now voting has begun in canada's national election and it could be a nail biter for prime minister justin trudeau his reelection campaign has been hope by allegations of racism and ethics violations recent poll showed those liberals in a virtual dead heat with the conservatives and that could be good news for small parties. in the lead up to kind of those elections it's been all but a smooth ride for prime minister justin trudeau his approval ratings drop to almost record lows and his liberal party is engaged in the neck and neck race with the conservatives both are polling at around 30 percent. despite a strong economy and low unemployment trudeau is popularity dipped after a series of scandals like this old photo of trudeau wearing blackface for his
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violation of conflict of interest rules. during the last weeks of campaigning to do is been trying to make up for his missteps often attacking his main opponent the conservative party here's the question you have to ask yourself do you want 53000000000 dollars worth of conservative cuts or do you want a progressive government that will continue investing in families and investing in communities that's the choice it's that simple. and it's that important. it's not true those attacks aren't the only wary of conservative leader andrew here but he is also quite unpopular according to the polls in one of the closest races in recent years most of the conservatives and the liberals may not win a big enough majority to govern alone. this is where jack meet seeing leader of the left leaning new democratic party could come into
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play with approval ratings soaring for is party saying could become the kingmaker of canada's election as a prospective partner in a liberal minority government. another exciting weekend in the bundesliga back smell from v.w. sports is here with the breakdown so there's so many teams jostling for the top spot. what happened to shock at that one sunday yet they played yesterday and went into the game with a chance of going top if they won and they have previously won 4 games then drawn one so they were in good form but they faced hosts often time who the previous much they had beaten the reigning champions by in munich so let's see how it all shook out. hoffenheim welcome shellcode to the southwest looking for back to back wins off the last match stage shot victory of a boy it would have to be a nother upset with david wagner's side meeting just 3 points to go chop off the match day 8 and shall come in close after just 3 minutes on your caligiuri clipping
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the outside of the post with a sumptuous free kick close but not close enough. as they did against by and it was hoffenheim who struck 1st though alexander newbill could only parry for the last baby on break or march did the rest one nil to the hosts. the croatians 1st goal of the season arriving in the 72nd minute. and they put the gangs of bat in the 85th minute table racing clear of the shock at offense. before applying the finishing touch to wrap things up. mid offending from shell babeu on cloud 90 sunil the final score david wagner's side holds it as the hoffenheim revival continues. well a bad slip up for shall korea is the 2nd time they've done this 2nd time they've had the chance to go top and just didn't quite get it done not
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a very good track record on that but you know if you talk about generally speaking i mean it means that we have 9 teams there just 2 points apart at the top what does this say about the state of the bundestag and save competition right now yeah well i think it's great it's an exciting time to be a bundesliga fan right now especially in neutral you're just watching all these games and every week the tables completely different shape at the top and i mean this is actually a record never ever has happened in the bundesliga before that at this stage there are only 2 point separating 1st from the 9th ever since the bundesliga went 2 or 3 points for a win system that was in the mid ninety's and we look at other leagues across europe france there's 10 points between those exact same places spain 6 points a little less because the top sides are struggling but it's only 11 england teams so just 2 points we can take a look at that table where we can see that you know among those teams is pretty much all quality sides fribourg you would expect to drop off but everyone else in that list has a fighting chance of finishing at the very least in the top 6 if not the top 4 so
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a couple of teams that are struggling for consistency that would be the criticism that people would level that but i think it's an exciting time for the blandest again the real chance for one of those teams to kind of be an outsider to make it into the champions league or europa league but you know you're talking at the top of the table we look at the bottom of the table that's actually quite a different story isn't and yet there's one team that really stands out that is not doing so well they were beaten yesterday by cologne who we can we can take a look at the goals 3 nil cologne home victory they are promoted side as a part of born to a playing in that rather garish yellow they have no other good time cologne his scoring 3 times and had a ball and still yet to win now how to bowl and were in the bundesliga a few years ago then dropped down quite dramatically 2 runs so into the 3rd division then bounced back with back to back promotions i think it's just come a little bit too soon. i'm cologne looking a little bit more at home in the bundesliga especially after that 3 know when they'd only scored 5 goals this season so far now they've got 8 slowly but surely
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getting accustomed where as possible and i think a down on one point so a 5 point margin already for them to get out of the bottom spot ok but the bottom line is if you want to see action terms of the bloodlessly of this season x. mail from database for its thank you. well now how about this as a special place for a round of golf with mount everest in the background golfers in nepal have been taking advantage of the himalayan scenery on the most spectacular course imaginable there's only one real way to get to the course and go between holes and that is with a helicopter it's thought to be the 1st golf tournament ever played at an altitude of almost $4000.00 metres. up next on news asia on the frontlines in the battle for democracy we will need the 82 year old standing between police and protesters on the streets of hong kong and bangladesh is to start relocating thousands of refugees on an island camp next month we'll speak
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with bangladesh as foreign minister about the controversial move. all that more coming up with melissa chan i'm sara kelley in berlin you're watching d.w. news don't forget you can always get the latest information around the clock on our web site that's at dot com thank you so much for joining us have a good cook. it's
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a blanket our fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers everyone of them as a planet are you still. planning is just around the children who have already been the boy and those that will follow are part of
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but who is monitoring the subcontractors. and investigative documentary goes to sleep and china and looks behind the glamorous facade of fashion houses of. luxury behind them early starts no membership t.w. . this is news asia coming up the octogenarian on a mission and how this hong kong hero of democracy has become a familiar sight at protests times along with him as he tries to keep the peace. and bangladesh is big the government says it will start relocating thousands of ranger refugees to this island camp next month what if they don't want to go we ask bangladesh's the foreign minister. people are willing to give these ring though
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their oath would suit. only probably.


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