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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 22, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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w. . this is c w news live from berlin and the fate of syria's kurds hangs in the balance as a fragile cease fire expires in just a few hours time the turkish and russian leaders hold crucial talks on the future of northern syria they are giving a press conference right now we will have the very latest and the emperor a sense to his throne japan's now he told formally proclaimed himself the new head of the world's oldest hereditary monarchy. plus a dark side of a beautiful game the risk of dementia and parkinsons for textbook ballplayers in
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their later years a study of former professionals raises concerns about the long term consequences of playing the sport at the highest level. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program we begin with a meeting that could decide the fate of syria's kurds turkish president recha type heir to juan and russian president vladimir putin are currently holding a joint press conference in the black sea resort of sochi following talks on the future of northern syria after the withdrawal of u.s. troops from the area turkey launched an offensive to clear the area of kurdish militias and carve out a so-called safe cell. the kurds who were backed by the u.s. and then turned to the army of syrian president bashar al assad and his main ally russia for help erica won and who is meeting coming just hours before a u.s.
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brokered cease fire giving the kurds time to withdraw is due to expire we will go to our correspondents as soon as that press conference which is happening right now live is over but 1st we're going to head to japan because emperor nero he too has officially ascended to japan's throne at an elaborate ceremony in tokyo he's pledged to fulfill his duty as the $126.00 emperor of the world's oldest hereditary monarchy the japanese government pardoned more than half a 1000000 people convicted of petty crimes to mark the occasion at the imperial palace in tokyo for many japanese people this was a long time coming emperor another hito officially began his reign on the 1st of may with a series of smaller ceremonies but with the centuries old ceremony of ascension or so cool in the day his journey to the throne is complete. his wife
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mother co-efficient proclaimed empress. the home by inherited imperial states a space stone japanese constitutions as well as on japanese imperial household law . i hereby proclaim to those within and outside of the country that i have been in throned like i say mate as you must. with prime minister shinzo up in attendance the emperor promised to be a symbol of the state to pray for peace in the world and to stand with the people. prime minister shinzo abbay congratulated him shouting buns i or long live the emperor. and going to combat. the other. the other.
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dignitaries from around the world witnessed the ceremony. and those who went on the official guest list just watched the ceremony wherever they could. but this is such a good day of celebration the sun is shining through the clouds now and it feels a spacious i feel so peaceful and thankful. not only to one must go appeared to be popular with the japanese public and on november the 10th the couple will have an official pride. 3rd let's get a quick check now some other stories making news around the world norwegian police have now arrested a man and a woman in connection with the theft of an ambulance that ran into several people in the capital oslo police opened fire to bring the vehicle to a halt and seized 2 guns and drugs no one was seriously injured.
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thousands have taken to the streets of the lebanese capital beirut for a 6th day despite the government's announcement of an economic reform package on monday demonstrators slammed to the reforms as empty promises and continued to call for leaders to step down. the european commission president john paul younger is saying farewell to colleagues today after 5 years in his role despite the speech to mark his departure he will stay in office until at least the start of december due to the delayed european commission elections for 5 years in canada prime minister justin trudeau has won a 2nd term in office but only narrowly is liberal party lost its majority and now he will have to leave a mind lead a minority government the election has been described as the toughest test so far for sure to oh here's more. it was a close election but justin trudeau and his liberal party retains power so most of
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the canadians it is their new great is the owner of my life to serve you for these past 4 years then tonight you are sending us back to work for you. we said this is going to believe these seriously when we work for for you for your families and for your future 4 more years in which governing will be harder for trudeau his party lost the majority in monday's election and now has to form a minority government to pass legislation it will need the support of smaller parties it was an ugly campaign last minute help. in from former u.s. president barack obama who endorsed trudeau i was proud to work with justin trudeau as president he's a hardworking effective leader who takes on big issues like climate change the world needs his progressive leadership now and i hope our neighbors to the north
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supports him for another term. as young voters all over the world get more politicized canada's young activists also have clear expectations from trudeau and many youth are coming out vibrations and causes that really matter to them such as the environment and they're showing goldfish and 30 k. we really want a better future something should a plan is to provide and his 2nd term you are sending our liberal team back to work back to ottawa with a clear mandate we will make life more affordable we will continue to fight climate change we will get guns off our streets and revoke your 1st thing here forever here . promises he can only keep if he makes friends across the aisle. now a new study published by the university of glasgow says that professional footballers
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face an increased risk of dying from dementia and other neurological diseases the study is the largest ever of its kind surveying the deaths of over $7000.00 former players experts believe that they have confirmed a link between football and brain damage but are unsure of the exact cause. one of the authors of that study is dr william stewart and he joins us now from glasgow thank you very much for being on the program sar and i'd like to begin by asking you how you see the key findings of your study. i mean i think this is a line mark study in the last 10 to 15 years. the world of receptions sport has been challenges with does contact sport perhaps lead to increased risk of dementia and i think we know you have an answer to that yes contact sport is associated with an increased risk of these the germs of brain disease. i imagine that you want to be careful about how the study is discussed but but is there
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a cause do you think and the fact that that really definitively points to certain actions in football as leading then to dementia alzheimer's parkinson's disease much later in life i mean that's a really important point and that's where the research will who knows the trying to identify the specific risk factor but i think he was enough in the last say 1015 years at least over sarah's to see that the one thing that stands as a. risk factor that we should consider 1st is exposure to head injury and head impacts because we you know there's a loop to the brains of former football those with dementia and see a particular pathology that really is just associated moved with head injury and i think we also see that in the data we published yesterday the goalkeeper's compared to those that received far fewer prescriptions phone dimensionally jux even use that. on your report i mean it's not it's not only concerning is on your report
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also said that there are other clear health benefits to playing a ball up where the. well here is really important because we not only have we were looking at dimension you present disease we're looking at other lifelong health outcomes and what we saw was that mortality from his good heart disease and from some cancers was was much lower in our food by those than we saw in our own population controls and so we were going to pitch here where there is clear benefit but suspicion is that this is one problem we are looking at which is this gentle brain disease and if we could only do with perhaps we have a much basis system a much better come from that ball and you've indicated that the research on that really needs to continue now in order to establish you know if there is indeed a cause causational effect but you know given what we know right now coaches parents schools should people continue playing or you know allowing their children to play for example should stricter rules be put in place what would be your
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recommendation i mean for sure people could continue playing there's no question of that at all you know we see health benefits from sport across the board but i think what i would say is that this should be a week out no 1st for not just football but also for the head injuries that should be taken very seriously exposure to head impact should be minimized as far as possible and so i would say to parents that if they're taking their kids alone to support this weekend on top of the code they should ask the coach you know how do you react to the kid gets a head injury what's your policy and he didn't do this i'm not sure because at the kids in the supporters of the coach dr william stewart of the university of glasgow and co-author of the report that we've been discussing thank you so much for your time either. let's return now to our top story we have standing by our correspondent dorian jones on the story turkish president reza type area won and russian president vladimir putin meeting to discuss syria the fate of kurds
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there dorian in istanbul with the view dorian what have they said at the press conference that these 2 leaders just held. well the press conference in fact is still continuing but after the 2 presidents spoke the president urged one described in a stark agreement had been reached with a memorandum of understanding being agreed on between the 2 leaders seems to be a comprehensive deal to address turkey security concerns and the wider situation in this area of northeast syria which has been the scene of a turkish military operation or the key components of the deal what we understand is the 2 sides have agreed that 10 kilometer buffer zone will be created from the turkish border into syria which will be jointly per trolled by turkish or russian forces to protect turkey from its this threat posed by the syrian kurdish militia which onkar considers as terrorists now outside of that buffer zone will be the
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heir of the turkish forces have already taken control of in this operation that was launched last week one says that they will be consolidating that position and ultimately they will be seeking to return possibly up to a 1000000 syrian refugees into this area another key point of this agreement also we understand is that russia has undertaken that that they will insist on the retreating of this kurdish militia 30 kilometers away from turkey's border another key of. scribed this is in stark arrangement it seems to be a very in-depth comprehensive agreement this follows over 6 hours of talks. dorian in the meantime we have this u.s. brokered cease fire in syria which is set to expire this evening in just a few hours time to be have any indication of what happens next. well given the fact that this agreement has been reached between one and putin it does
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seem to indicate that this operation at least for now with the cease fire will continue that now they have these guarantees of security from moscow now in fact very similar to a previous deal that turkey touched out with the americans many months ago again the creation of a security officer and that will be now patrolled by russian and turkish forces he still suggests now that this operation has at least for now been halted before leaving for assault chief we're told did say that the syrian kurdish militia appeared to be complying with the withdrawal from the specific area of this 120 kilometers strip between 2 key syrian towns of russia ian and tel aviv he said that around 800 have retreated this early this morning another 1200 the process of withdrawing it does indicate that they could michel militia are pulling out of this area which does appear to can indicate that they shouldn't be any further hostilities but it's still very difficult to say it is still a couple of hours left a major deal there brokered between the russians and the turkish leaders dorian
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jones that the view from istanbul thank you dorian 3000 watching t.v. news live from berlin up next it is business africa with care hard alpha's you're not going to want to miss that and don't forget you can always get the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's a t w dot com you can follow us on social media i'm sorry kelly in berlin thanks for watching i didn't. get it. in the event.


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