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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  October 22, 2019 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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jones with the view from istanbul thank you dorian thanks it's it's you're watching t w news live from berlin up next it is business africa with care hard all 1st you're not going to want to miss that and don't forget you can always get the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's a t w dot com you can follow us on social media i'm sorry kelly in berlin thanks for watching a good one. please lieut.
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as nigeria instigates storage controls on all on board is an attempt to crack down on smog inflation shoots up and neighbors like billionaire are asking is choking off trade like that really the only way to combat smuggling. more women are getting the real top jobs around the world the for africa that's been quite normal for some time and still why do africa's female entrepreneurs still struggle to get fun it's. also the flying taxi it's finally that.
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call to demonstrate its prototype. this is business africa. as welcome. free trade requires open borders spot the nigerian government effectively sealed its border with been in 2 months ago when its introduced painstaking customs them trolls in an attempt to crack down on smuggling last week it went a step further and made those controls mandatory on all of its land borders with imports down to a trickle the result has been a rapid rise in inflation on x. report brings us to one of its neighbors new businesses relying on trade between the 2 countries are furious about the closure of the border. it used to be a seamless journey but the last week has changed everything trucks that once traveled freely from the share to nigeria are now being stopped at the border
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leaving drivers with no choice but to unload the goods they've been carrying. the share is one of 4 countries feeling the effects of nigeria sudden decision to close all of its land borders the idea was to crack down on smuggling but the move means that even legal goods can't get in nigeria as all important oil exports aren't affected because they leave from the country's ports. the border shutdown violates the terms of a regional grouping known as he was the economic community of west african states traders in the share state being crippled by the trade restrictions. and to be honest we are very angry. the business community is deteriorating in the name of allah and this closure of the nigerian border is causing the most possible harm to business for the lies traders to earn their daily bread has grind to a standstill we're very angry with the closure of this border and if you can if you
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say. 90 s. customs chief says the border will remain closed until neighboring countries take action to stop smuggling in the meantime some traders are already trying their luck getting their goods across the border by motorbike instead of truck. women finally breaking through the glass ceiling in business in germany for example there's a 30 percent close enough for surprise reports but none for executive board spot let's have a look at some recent news from the top slides of global economics let's start with christine lagarde she's due to become the 1st female president of the european central bank in just 2 weeks replacing mario draghi before that she headed the international monetary fund that her replacement is also a woman blogger and economist crystal your give off taking over there as managing director assume and last week to do flow said the nobel prize for economics for
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research on fighting poverty she's only the 2nd woman to win the prize which has been awarded since 969 last but not least jennifer morgan became the 1st female head head of a german blue chip company last week she is co c.e.o. of software company as a man so dominate the boardrooms of the world's biggest companies. sub-saharan africa has the highest rates of female entrepreneurship globally with approximately 26 percent of female adults and gaged in and printer elective a-t. let's hear from one my jury and business leader in the tech sector but she thinks needs to be done to foster more female leadership i want a society where wage a kid from over and i want a reality where more women are being pushed to go to school more when one i'm being empowered to to go to school and then. kills that i pick up or to somewhere as well . is not enough to educate women they also need financing the african
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development bank estimates that 20 there's a $20000000000.00 financing gap for african women causing the growth of these businesses to suffer a spring in georgia and bear and she joins us from kampala in uganda is the hope she does. joy as you can hear me africa having the highest rate of female entrepreneurship globally is quite an achievement one of the reasons for that. some of the reasons that are being put out is the fact that women across the african continent are mall and to canady oh it's just the sometimes do luck capital but do we'll to start businesses is very high but most of the businesses fall within the micro and small medium and to prizes category which means that most of these businesses get past their. old boss they're there and it master
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e so it makes it a bit difficult for them to get credit # for to run a business as sustainably but their will to economically start businesses it is a settlement the engine is very high. the african development bank says that the financing gap we thought about. found its results from gender specific challenges what are those. yeah that's for sure because we have seen costly wish underpin heirship of businesses that i ran by women is that most of them do not express the difficulty in accessing credit and it's means that these more trust we've given credit to mammal origin male entrepreneurs as opposed to giving credit to female entrepreneurs and finally this is because of just the steere attack that he's associated with gender equality or gender inequality across the african continent
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sometimes some financial institutions would trust more money with male entrepreneurs as opposed to female entrepreneurs and also the sustainability factor is that during lawn applications the strategies of collateral paying back these loans is much more trustworthy with the male entrepreneurs as opposed to the female entrepreneurs according to what some of the financial institutions in the east african region are pointing out. briefly ghana is producing more female entrepreneurs than any other companies with 46 percent of businesses being owned by women that what are they doing right there over in ghana. well one thing that has been pointed out is that these more education and that's being given to the women in ghana and they're aggressive and venturing into the same businesses or line of entrepreneurship and to mel counted which is giving them an age over the rest of
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the women around western africa and the rest of africa as well which is something that the rest of the women entrepreneurs can learn from the women who got now. let's take some lessons from ghana during vera thank you very much. going to live and then now where the government has announced sweeping economic reforms it hopes to appease hundreds of thousands of people have been protesting for 6 consecutive days now the salaries of top officials including members of parliament will be cut in half for people as well received assistance but all that has done little to ease the tensions on the streets. the protesters in beirut want to topple the entire political establishment which they see as corrupt governments wide ranging economic reforms have failed to win them over. the last we
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don't trust this political class even if they light all their fingers we don't believe them anymore because today they say something and tomorrow they change. and that's the thing that people are taking to the streets for their future and the future of their children. in reality the political class we have has left them nothing before this uprising if we can call it that the government has tried to pick the pocket of every poor person until they were left with nothing. but government to scrap to plan $0.20 a day tax for what's up and facebook messages the initial spark for the uprising last week the prime minister also promised to fight power outages and to allocate a 160 $1000000.00 for housing loans in an attempt to revive the struggling construction sector. he took. to the cabinet help my depression of the sleep. all political read with
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changing is single would. be presented to them and therefore his thinking. but for many of these reforms are too little too late the world bank says a 3rd of lebanon's population lives below the poverty line and their patience is running out the protests have now paralyzed the country for 6 days with schools universities banks and other businesses shuttered and there's still no sign of a letter. is the. taxi the future of public transport well. try. or. show today they have tested one of its flying taxis prototypes in singapore have a look through. the test flight in singapore involved a pilot but the final version will be able to fly without one of all the coptic can travel up to 110 kilometers an hour carrying 2 passengers and their luggage bill to
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cover short distances it can stay in the air for 30 minutes the company believes its biggest market will be cities like jakarta and bangkok which suffer from intense traffic congestion. many of the world's largest megacities are in asia so obviously this is an after market to us and we see great progress on the side of the authorities you know making new modes of transportation available so asia is a natural fit for profit. for the copters says the service will likely appeal to business travelers eager to save time but is hoping that the general public will one day be able to afford it to. the follow up there is an electric power drone which runs on 18 grocers as a result it's much quieter than helicopters which require fuel. to german startup is backed by car maker di miller in september it in essence it was joining up with
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the jeely holding group which will bring its air taxis to china which they hope will be the future of urban travel. it's certain those are a lot of fun and that's it for me and for the business africa team at the in for more business news interviews exclusive features on background stories check out our website which is of course the w dot com slash business and to follow us on social media world facebook and twitter all stay tuned to w culture is next right after this quick look at other global markets at this hour let's focus.
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on a show that of those are. in some. degree of the. earth home to millions of species. worth saving. the global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative
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projects around the world ideas the protect the climate boost green energy solutions and reforestation. interactive content to inspire people to take. catch him the indians in series of google 3000 on t w and on line. this is news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes this stable country on the brink of had one is the former president has shaken up the country's politics and the nation is now facing its closest election in more than 50 years. and at the giants the ones to be killed off the lifting of the hunting bad debts that the major issues in the country.


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