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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 22, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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lots of reports from a destroyed city. somewhere in the search. starts october 24th called w. this is e w news live from her legs turkey and russia strike a deal on northern syria must go in and cover agree to set up a safe zone and extend a cease fire in the region turkey's president aaron wants and the kurdish forces have 6 days to leave the syrian border. also coming up to the emperor in a sense his throne japan's now key to formally proclaimed himself the new head of
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the world's oldest breaded tarried monarchy. i'm sorry kelly walk into the program russia and turkey have reached an agreement on the future of northern syria and of meeting in the black sea resort of sochi letter reputing and wretch of type the presidents of russia and turkey say that they are adding another 6 days to a cease fire that was due to expire this evening turkey wants to establish a 30 kilometer wide safe zone along the syrian turkish border which kurdish forces would be excluded but the announcement came just as the kurds insisted they had already pulled out of the border regions. we have team analysis our correspondent you are shadows in moscow dorian jones is in istanbul and yuri i'd like to begin
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with you walk us through what exactly russia and turkey have agreed to here well russian foreign minister sergei lavrov presented to after the talks in sochi here in russia a plan which includes several aspects of points i think 3 of them are essential 1st to moscow and ancora have agreed to that to the kurdish militias would to pull back 30 kilometers away from the turkish syrian border 2nd to love russian military police and syrian border guards would be deployed to on the syrian side of the border with turkey outside of the zone of turkish military operation and 3rd target extends to the ceasefire forms of the north from syria which was initially scheduled for tonight by another 10150 hours or more than 6 days which is pretty long so dorian what does this mean for turkey is offensive in northern syria. well for now at least it is is on hold and i think that
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this agreement in many ways what it sees is the consolidation of turkey's gains turkey has basically taken sick control of a border about 120 kilometers pertwee in these 2 key towns of tel aviv. and they are pushing up to 30 kilometers deep now those gains are consolidated under this agreement but beyond that any talk of a further expansion and turkey was talking about expanding its operation along 450 kilometers of border that plan is now on hold if not at an end given the fact that this deal this following a 6 hour discussion between putin and the one many ways addresses all of turkey's main security concerns driving back the syrian kurdish militia back to 30 kilometers was always a key aim of this operation but one point of concern for one will be that this operation was only about security it was also about the return of over 2000000 refugees which would be in this massive long 450 long kilometer strip now that is
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on hold as well and this will be a key issue of concern going forward talk with us yuri about the russian perspective now because i mean this is surely going to have implications for russia's role in the region. well russia warned to leave syria and in time soon certainly sorry and spied on all the statements president putin has made promising the complete withdrawal of russian troops from syria on the contrary what russia now dollars is not only to deliver essential minatory aid for president assad but also to deliver real political support for him mediating between assad and out on a turkish president despite russia's current diplomatic balancing act of a turkish operation against the kurds. i mean at the end of the day it's about russia's role on the international stage russia sees itself as an influential player in the region in the middle east which it used to be during soviet times and
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dr know the situation is difficult on the one hand because of the turkish military operation against the kurds but on the other hand if president vladimir putin can find a compromise with his turkish counterpart counterparts not only today in such a but also in the future he can score political points and tonight you know it's interesting and worth noting that this is a deal that is brokered between 2 parties and 2 parties only dorian i'd like to turn to you with that kenneth stand 1st of all and 2nd of all what does it mean for the kurdish forces that are in the area. well i think the fact that it is between putin and following this mammoth discussion they really are the 2 powers in this region is now north a lot of diplomatic momentum behind this deal succeeding is a very comprehensive and detailed memorandum of understanding and dressing many issues all across this region so there really is an interest in both of these 2 men making this deal succeed because it's not only about resolving the the current
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military operation that turkey had launched there is also about finding a long term solution to syria this constitutional committee of bringing together all the parties to finally hammer out an agreement that will finally bring an end to this syrian civil war turkey is a key partner in that given it is the main supporter of the rebels and putin is a key backer of damascus are these 2 putin know they have to work together so this deal making it succeed is part of an wide up process but for the kurds this is the 2nd agreement that has been hammered out between the powers of the world without the kurds being at the table last week you had the americans agreeing with turkey on a deal now it's now it's putin and heard one agreeing on a deal and the kurds aren't at the table and this is on the line underlines what a precarious and theri difficult position they're in ever since a president trying to pull out they really are beholden to the whims of the main powers in the region they're in a very difficult position now they are beholden now to moscow to guarantee their
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safety now they are required now to withdraw to 30 kilometers there's a lot of speculation out of school pressure on the kurds to incorporate themselves within the syrian army now that will add to turkish concerns at this y.b. she hasn't gone away they've just changed their lapel badges from y.p. g. to the syrian army and given the fact that the massacres and anchors relations are very bad this will only add to their concerns and this again will see putin playing the cards saying you've got to make make up with damascus and that's another key part of this deal that has been reached reviving the donar agreement from 1980 which. commits our current damascus to cooperate to give a potent message is if you're really worried about the long term security concerns you have to work with damascus that's going to be very difficult for considering he calls assad of butcher and today assad destroyed and that's a great. story and jones with a view from istanbul you're even a shadow in moscow thank you so much to both of you think. let's get
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a quick check of some other stories making news around the world thousands have taken to the streets of the lebanese capital beirut for a 6 day despite the government's announcement of an economic reform package on monday demonstrators slammed the reforms as empty promises and continue to call for leaders to step down. northern italy is surveying the damage after storms and heavy rain battered the region triggering flash floods the most affected regions were in people want and. at least one person died when his car was washed away. norwegian police have now arrested a man and a woman in connection with the theft of an ambulance that ran into several people in the capital oslo police opened fire to bring the vehicle to a halt and seized 2 guns and drugs no one was seriously injured. so called emperor now he too has officially ascended to japan's throne at an elaborate ceremony in tokyo is pledged to fulfill his duty as the $126.00 emperor in the
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world's oldest hereditary monarchy the japanese government pardoned more than a half a 1000000 people convicted of petty crimes to mark the occasion at the imperial palace in tokyo for many japanese people this was a long time coming emperor another hito officially began his reign on the 1st of may with a series of smaller ceremonies but with the centuries old ceremony of ascension or so cool in the day his journey to the throne is complete. his wife months ago officially proclaimed empress. by inherited imperial status spaced on japanese constitutions as well as on japanese imperial household law. i hereby
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proclaim to those within and outside of the country that i have been in throned i say mate as you must. with prime minister shinzo up in attendance the emperor promised to be a symbol of the state to pray for peace in the world and to stand with the people. prime minister shinzo abbay congratulated him shouting bonzai or long live the emperor. and going to calm under. the. load of the. dignitaries from around the world witnessed the ceremony. and those who point on the official guest list just watch the ceremony wherever they could. but this is such a good day of celebration the sun is shining through the clouds now and it feels
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well spacious i feel so peaceful and thankful. not ohi to one month ago appeared to be popular with the japanese public and on november the 10th the couple will have an official pariah. now a new study published by the university of glasgow says that professional footballers face an increased risk of dying from dementia and other neurological diseases the study is the largest ever of its kind surveying the deaths of over $7000.00 former players experts believe that they have confirmed a link between football and brain damage but are unsure of the exact cause. one of the authors of that study is dr william stewart and he joins us now from glasgow thank you very much for being on the program sarah and i'd like to begin by asking you how you see the key findings of your study i mean i think this is a lot of our study in the last 10 to 15 years. the world of research and sport
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has been charged with this does contact sport perhaps lead to increased risk of dementia and i think we know how the answer is yes their contact sport is associated with increased risk is the gender brain disease i imagine that you want to maybe be careful about how the study is discussed but but is there a cause do you think and the fact that that really definitively points to certain actions in football as leading then to dementia alzheimer's parkinson's disease much later in life. i mean that's a really important point and that's where the research will who knows the trying to identify the specific risk factor but i think he was enough in the last say 1015 years at least over sara's to say that the one thing that stands as a. risk factor that we should consider 1st is exposure to head injury and head impacts because we have others that have looked to the brains of former football
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those with dementia and see a particular pathology that really is just associated with movement hit injury and i think we also see that in the data we published yesterday the goalkeeper's compared to a player who has received far fewer prescriptions phone dimensionally jokes even as they hit. your report i mean it's not it's not only concerning news on your report also said that there are other clear health benefits to playing football where they say. well here is really important because we not only have we were looking at dimension you present disease we're looking at other lifelong health outcomes and what we saw was that mortality from his good heart disease and from some cancers was was much lower in our food all those than we saw in our population controls and so we were going to pitch here where there is clear benefit of suspicion is that this is one problem we are looking at which is this gentle brain disease and if we could only do with perhaps we have a much basis system i must place where you come from football and you've indicated
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that the research on that really needs to continue now in order to establish you know if there is indeed a cause causational effect but you know given what we know right now coaches parents cool's should people continue playing or you know allowing their children to play for example should stricter rules be put in place what would be your recommendation. i mean for sure people could keep as you continue playing there's no question of that at all you know we see health benefits from sports across the board but i think what i would say is that this should be a week out notice 1st for not just football but also for the hate injuries should be taken very seriously exposure to him but it should be minimized as far as gospel and so i would say to parents that if they're taking their kids along to support this weekend on top of the over the court they should ask the coach you know how do you react to keep his head and do you want your policy if he didn't do this i'm not sure that the 2 kids in the supporters of the coach dr william stewart of the
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university of glasgow and co-author of the report that we've been discussing thank you so much for your time. a historic lighthouse in northern denmark has been put on wheels and moved inland to avoid the risk of it falling into the north sea the 120 year old building used to be some 200 metres from the coast but erosion left it perilously close to the cliff edge the operation to shift a 1000 ton building went smoothly taking less than 10 hours thanks for watching. us after the fall of the berlin wall november night w. . every journey begins with the 1st step of every
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language the 1st word and it's going to.


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