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this is g.w. newsline but from berlin tonight turkey and russia strike a deal on northern syria moscow and on the road agreed to set up a safe zone and extend a ceasefire in the region turkey's president ever to one says the kurdish forces have 6 takes to leave the syrian border zone also coming up tonight another breaks it blow for british prime minister boris johnson's tonight for the 1st time
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lawmakers in london actually back johnson's breaks of plans but then they reject his timetable for taking britain alex the european union by the end of the month now an election looks very like. also the emperor of a since it's the wrong japan's northeast hope formally proclaims himself the new head of the world's oldest aerated terry's monarch. and a dark side of the beautiful game the risk of dementia and parkinsons for texas football players in their later years a study of former professional raises concerns about the long term consequences of playing the sport at the highest level. i'm bring coffee. it's good to have you with us russia and turkey have
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a plan for syria's future a russian turkish plan today both countries announced that they have reached an agreement on what the future of northern syria should look like lead a reputed richard tie affair to walk on the presidents of russia and turkey say that they're adding another 6 days to a cease fire that was due to expire this evening for he wants to establish a 30 kilometer wide safe zone along the syrian turkish border from which kurdish forces would be excluded but the announcement came just as the kurds insisted they had already pulled out of the border reach. our correspondent yuri rashad when moscow had this analysis of russia's continued role in syria following the talks today in search and spied on all the statements president putin has made promising the complete withdrawal of russian troops from syria on the contrary want russia
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now dollars is not only to deliver essential military aid for president assad but also to deliver real political support for him mediating between assad and add on as a turkish president despite russia's current diplomatic balancing act on turkey's operation against the currents. i mean at the end of the day it's about russia's role on the international stage russia sees itself as an influential player in the region in the middle east which it did used to be during soviet times and right now the situation is difficult on that one hand because of the turkish military operation against the kurds but on the other hand if president vladimir putin can find a compromise with his turkish counterpart counterparts not only today in such a but also in the future he can score political points internationally. our there was very recent reporting in moscow let's take the story now to turkey our correspondent dorian jones is standing by in istanbul good evening to you dorian so how do you read this agreement that we're seeing now coming out of sort of are we
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looking at turkey and russia are they coming together or do we see 2 powers that are still competing for influence in syria well even russia and turkey are backing rival sides in the syrian civil war what we've seen in the last couple of years is. putin increasingly working together because there is a realisation that they have to work together to bring an end to the syrian civil war which is in their all of their interests now this deal is another part of this process that was a potential flashpoint of turkish forces could also make it into a shooting war with the syrian regime forces further instability in the in the in syria but that deal this present deal does seem to have ended that threat it is part of a process of restoring stability to this area the fact that they now that the kurds are now beholden to withdrawal from the from the border will be on
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a key part of turkey's objectives in this operation and we will now see turkey russian forces on the ground in forcing a buffer zone as part of that process again bringing the 2 countries closer together but beyond that this cooperation is also working towards bringing an end to the civil war this is part of a long process and this agreement on the lines that these 2 countries have to work together to bring an end to the war and this process is seen as an important step in that process. dori this new plan says that the kurds have 6 more days to basically evacuate you know 30 kilometers from the border with turkey but we're hearing from the commanders of the turkish of the kurdish forces that they're saying that they've already withdrawn so who's telling the truth here and are we looking at preprogramed military conflicts between the turks and the kurds in the next 6 days. well what's the syrian kurds
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a particular speaking about this trip of about 120 kilometers between these 2 key towns. which is the center of of this turkish military operation the scene of those heaviest fighting now turkey has taken control of those towns and the area between them and the syrian kurds a part of the u.s. deal that was brokered last week did agree to we've drawn from the area to this 30 kilometers away from the border and ahead of this touchy visit did confirm that that was well underway some 700 rebels had withdrawn and $1200.00 militia will proceed in the process of withdrawing so that deal the deal was well on the way and that will to cut said they were prepared to go along with for the rest of the strip a 450 kilometer they said they were. committed to withdrawing as part of an ongoing process peace deal now sees that they do have to withdrawal and russia has committed themselves to in ensuring that that withdrawal happens. president in one
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says that this deal will also silicate returning syrian refugees to syria when and how is this expected to happen during. well that's a key part of his objective. pressure to get rid of these 3 and a half 1000000 refugees in his country and this operation a turkey carried out that was part of this process they want to create a safe zone of 450 kilometers long 30 kilometers deep where the president said that they would send back 2000000 refugees now that process is on hold they have this 120 kilometer strip under their control which is that is consolidated under this deal with putin but the rest of the territory that's far from clear putin says that the return of refugees is part of the boat part of the deal but it's part of a wider process involved united nations and crucially damascus. if you want to see these refugees return you have to start talking to them ask us up until now that's
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been a red line for. a butcher and only today assad referred to as a 3rd rate actor putin has a lot of work to do indeed he does in the story force in istanbul tonight dorian thank you well germany's defense minister. has caused some controversy by suggesting. the creation of an international safe zone in northern syria chancellor angela merkel supports the move but the coalition partners in this government the social democrats they are angry because they say they were not consulted in an interview with g w news caterina barley and s.p.d. member of parliament criticized the way that crown current power made her syria proposal but didn't rule out that the german military will have to be involved in this polity you support the idea of a security zone in northern syria possibly with the help of german soldiers but this proposition came as
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a complete surprise and also it was as planetariums also to the foreign secretary for example so this is not the way to introduce any kind of diplomatic or military solution but now it's here if you like it it's not here if we have any sort of mission in syria it has to be backed by the united nations and i think none of us sees that really coming yes but it let's say the united nations backers are you in favor or not of this idea it's a very clear idea without possibly for the region or your paper enough we are in favor of anything that helps the kurdish population because they are the ones who are suffering and if this kind of mission. is proposing in the end helps the kurds or not is not clear at all i mean she hasn't she hasn't delivered in the details of how this should be a security zone would help the kurds we are in agreement there are very well i'm not really sure that because what everyone wants is ethnic cleansing so he wants to to get the kurds out of where they are at the moment so it's really would depend on
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where and how such is on with them if the u.n. backed that hypothetically would you support german boots on the ground we're not talking about hippa tentacle conclusions and to see russia as a permanent member. being involved in this conflict i really don't see this coming we have to enforce everything that is possible. in the diplomatic plan when it's the military in way i don't think that the military option is the one to choose them but you don't categorically oppose german boots on the ground in the region if you believe it would help i don't see it and. thank you very much my brother thanks . well in the british parliament they gave him one then they denied him another british lawmakers have voted preliminary approval to boris johnson the prime minister's bragg's bill and then they rejected a timetable for debating the briggs legislation 1st bill allows bragg's it passed
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to the next stage of the parliamentary process and was passed with a majority of 30 votes that's the 1st time the british parliament has approved a bill aimed at britain leaving the european union that's moving forward in that area but losing the 2nd vote means that johnson is unlikely to take britain out of the european union by the end of this month as he has promised to do many tough. to the listing the story now to london d.w. correspondent is on the story for us can even see you begin so here we are 2 crucial votes in the house of commons one that makes boris johnson i guess have a little bit of hope and the other one takes the wind right out of the sails when you agree. well yes trend really never a pouring moment here in london at the moment the fast food boris johnson had a good majority and this is really important he's gone further than series i'm a f.
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i got say general backing for the with shaw agreement that he is striking with the e.u. bought then and passed in the well maybe not a catastrophe but he's always made it his past no missions he say we are leaving at the end of october and in order to achieve that m.p.'s we would have had to vote for his timetable bought and he said it was too rushed and it didn't give them enough time to actually scrutinize this is really important piece of legislation that's going to shape the country for decades to come and m.p.'s were not ready to to be rushed they wanted more time to to look at it and to debate it yet so they've said no to the timetable so what does boris johnson do now i mean he at one time he said he'd rather be dead in a ditch then to have an extension but that's what apparently is going to happen.
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well yes because m.p.'s had forced him i mean this really has been for a long time a struggle between polman here and the government with boris johnson because m.p.'s really have fought against the government they wanted to make sure that there is not a leaving the european union without a deal at the end for 2 of us so they have forced him to ask for an extension if the deal doesn't get 3 suborders johnson really must adhere to this legislation and he has already asked for an extension he's now said he's going to talk again to e.u. leaders and see and see what they say in terms of how long the extension will be he has already also is that he's going to pull the bill through the bill that he has had the backing of the m.p.'s for he's going to not go any further with this even though the m.p.'s have had this backing because he hasn't got the timetable that he wants to some critics might say that's a little bit pastureland but this is so far what we know what the prime minister
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intends to do so a little bit of buying time wait and see the never ending story of richard bigger loss and want to begin it's always thank you. well here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world european commission president john paul younger is saying farewell to colleagues today after 5 years on the job despite the speech to mark his departure he will stay in office until at least the start of december due to delayed european commission elections norwegian police have now arrested a man and a woman in connection with the theft of an ambulance that ran into several people in the capital on. police opened fire to bring the vehicle to a halt and seized 2 guns and drugs no one was seriously injured in northern italy is surveying the damage after storms in heavy rain battered the area triggering flash floods at least one person died when his car was washed away.
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thousands have taken to the streets of the lebanese capital beirut for a 6th day despite the government's announcement of an economic reform package on monday demonstrators slammed the reforms as empty promises and continued the call for leaders to step down now the salaries of top officials including members of parliament salaries will be cut in half and poor people will receive assistance but that has done little to ease tensions on the streets. the protesters in beirut want to topple the entire political establishment which they see us corrupt governments wide ranging economic reforms have failed to win them over. the last time we don't trust this political class even if they light all their fingers we don't believe them anymore because today they say something and tomorrow they change. that and
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that's not a shit people are taking to the streets for their future and the future of their children. in reality the political class we have has left them nothing before this uprising if we can call it that the government has tried to pick the pocket of every poor person until they were left with nothing. but government to scrap to plan $0.20 a day tax for whatsapp and facebook messages the initial spark for the uprising last week the prime minister also promised to fight power outages and to allocate a 160000000 dollars for housing loans in an attempt to revive the struggling construction sector. here to consider reform agenda is to the cabinet help my depression of this leave. all political parties have big lead with changing. the presented to them and therefore his thinking. but for many of these reforms are too little too late the world bank says a 3rd of lebanon's population lives below the poverty line and their patience is
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running out the protests have now paralyzed the country for sick. days with schools universities banks and other businesses shuttered on the still no sign of a let up. emperor has officially ascended to japan's throne and in the lab or ceremony in tokyo or hito has pledged to fulfill his duty as the 126th emperor in the world's oldest hereditary monarchy the japanese government pardoned more than half a 1000000 people convicted of petty crimes today to mark the occasion at the imperial palace in tokyo for many japanese people this was a long time coming and officially began his reign on the 1st of may with a series of smaller ceremonies but with the centuries old ceremony of ascension or so cool in the day his journey to the throne is complete. his wife
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must like oh officially proclaimed empress. i inherited imperial status spaced on japanese constitutions as well as on japanese imperial household law. i hereby proclaim to those within and outside of the country that i have been in throned i say make us. with prime minister shinzo up in attendance the emperor promised to be a symbol of the state to pray for peace in the world and to stand with the people. minister shinzo abbay congratulated him shouting buns i or long live the emperor and though he caught on the. other.
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dignitaries from around the world witnessed the ceremony. and those who point on the official guest list just watched the ceremony wherever they could. but it was this is such a good day of celebration the sun is shining through the clouds now and it feels so spacious i feel so peaceful and thankful. not only to one month ago appeared to be popular with the japanese public and on november the 10th the couple will have an official pride. or eternalism in the legal animal trade which is highly lucrative and on the rocks millions of dogs are being smuggled across borders in the european union without the required vaccinations dealers in eastern europe are transporting pedigree animals and stray mongrels alike to countries
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including britain germany and belgium are reporter lavinia pitts who has. these big brown eyes i think gateway to a life of crime dog smugglers try to sell this puppy illegally but we caught them red handed on hidden camera i was. welcome to the rap. rap. rap rap i think and the queer for whom crime are. the police take charge animal welfare worker stuff and keep studying here on the left witnesses seems like it's almost every day. and every wal-mart. clip stein has volunteered for 5 years he looks for a dubious answer on the internet and he notifies the police. it's what i see the dog is perhaps 8 to 10 weeks old it's not allowed to be in
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germany and to be sold here. puppies can only legally be exploited within the e.u. from 15 weeks 1st they must have received all their required vaccinations for their own sake but also to a point spreading disease and if they look on e bay there are more than 16000 ads for dogs in my experience 3 out of every 4 dogs are being sold illegally and it's just on even is enough interest to get off if there are some other platforms such as dinah to revert ostia and saga and so on what about across europe this doesn't doesn't have all these millions of dogs are sold each year the profit margin is huge dogs could be bought very cheaply for example in eastern europe and sold for $3.00 to $4.00 times the price if you're far from priced difficult. according to germany's main animal welfare association most companies imported illegally come from eastern europe this specially romania there the dog mafia uses another trick some of this as well as pedigree dogs they also
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smuggle strain mongrels sourced from shady animal welfare groups or from individuals. romania stray dogs are a big problem here few people take care of them they're either euthanized or smuggled into western europe in a diseased and abused condition. ma do you think your car battles the smugglers at the other end of this criminal network he files police reports and tries to get laws changed that explains how the illegal drug trade works. putting them in the self-styled rescue was then right we need money for transport. and the germans the italians and the brits stopped to pay so a couple of $1000.00 euros is right used they load the dogs into a van and bring them to a home. with a look for sponsors again the same people who already donated money donate again
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then the next stage money supposedly needed for vaccinations papers etc they probably get 222-5000 euros for 30 or 40 dogs. key allies of the dog mafia are corrupt veterinarians who forged documents for the smuggled dawgs. think in berlin there are no plans for a ban on the online pet trade in germany on mike in austria and switzerland. is not an intrusion you can it infuriates me i find it frustrating that it's still possible to sell animals online. and so it continues millions of euros being made month after month by smuggling dogs from eastern europe. or how safe is soccer a new study published by the university of glasgow says that professional footballers face an increased risk of dying from dementia and other neurological
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diseases the studies results confirming a long suspected link between soccer and brain damage. a common sight on football pitches the risk of brain damage and head injuries a concern shared in many sports now a university of glasgow study has established a link between football and brain damage while heading the ball is suspected to be a key factor the cause has not been confirmed we find that the risk of mortality with alzheimer's disease was about 5 times higher than expected population through more sneering disease when it was around 4 times higher than to parkinson's disease where we saw doubling the study is the largest looking into neurodegenerative disease in any sport surveying thousands of men who played professionally in scotland between 190-1976 while football poses a risk playing professional sport still has
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a positive impact overall. whilst they had a higher risk of new gentle disease they had a lower risk of other common illnesses such as disease and cancer and so when you balance that together what we find is that up to age 70 or footballers had lower mortality we would expect from population controls but once we get beyond the age of 70 the mortality increases doctors to it now plans for the study hoping to conclusively prove exactly which aspects of the game up putting lives at risk. this is g.w. news and these are our top story is russia in turkey say they plan to share control 'd of a buffer area in northern syria close to the turkish border. and richard tell your parent of one also agreed today to extend a cease fire which is due to expire this evening an extension by 16 kurdish fighters will be required to leave the area in that time. the british parliament
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has voted to back prime minister boys johnson's breaks it deal in principle but they've rejected a bill to fast track the legislation through the house of commons this makes it unlikely that the u.k. will leave the european union on schedule by october 31st. thousands have taken to the streets of the lebanese capital beirut for a 6 day despite the government's announcement of an economic reform package on monday demonstrators slammed the reforms as empty promises they continue to call for leaders to step down. japan's emperor number hito has formally proclaimed his ascension to the throne and in a labyrinth ceremony at the imperial palace in tokyo he became emperor earlier this year after his father stepped down. this is a you do from berlin for more news you can always go to our web site that's d w dot com. well known historical white hells in northwestern
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denmark it has been put on wheels and moved inland to avoid the risk of it falling into the north sea the 120 year old building used to be some 200 metres from the coast but as you can see erosion has left it perilously close to the cliff edge the operation to shift the 1000 ton building went smoothly taking less than 10 hours. you're watching the w. news i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news forward body for the day i hope to see if it. comes.
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to. kick off the big magic show me what i meant to come to this nigga table by james hunt the man. comes home still mccrae from buying mechanisms. that chunk of steel to. cleaning twists of fate
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i'm going to speak out. chico next on the phone. told. now from jim and tony on juices. this is obvious and as i'm sitting on the terrace in twilight it's peaceful my 3 grandchildren strong fun trouble that's. when i was in it france is a germany was split in 2 and remain divided for decades. give on a months when your mother was born in 1069 to well almost already 8 years ago and you know my grandchildren who were born after the war felt born in a reign of 5 germans a wonderful time a time of great joy. 3 generations of one family
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on a journey through recent german history. darkness has fallen it's still peaceful may have remained so for your sakes my grandchildren also i think. the birth limited our family. starts nov 6th on t.w. . ethel.


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