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claim. this is p.w. news live from but tukey at turkey and russia strike a deal on northern syria moscow in ankara agreed to set up a safe zone and extend a ceasefire in the region turkey's president everyone says kurdish forces have 6 days to leave the syrian border zone. also coming up. another branch of low for british prime minister boris johnson members of parliament initially backed johnson's breakfast plans but then they rejected his attempt to fast track the u.k.'s break away now an election looks highly likely. and danger
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in the beautiful game the risk of dementia and parkinsons for ex football players in their later years a study of formal professionals raises concerns about the long term consequences of playing the sport of the highest level. i'm told me a lot of both thanks for joining us. russia and turkey say they have a plan for syria's future both countries announced that they have reached an agreement on the future of northern syria following talks in the black sea resort of sochi russian president vladimir putin and his turkish counterpart rich of type 2 and say they are adding another 6 days to a ceasefire that was due to expire on tuesday evening turkey wants to establish a buffer zone 30 kilometers wide along the syrian turkish border from which kurdish
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forces would be excluded. the kremlin had predicted long and difficult negotiations perhaps that's why the greeting was particularly friendly organized extra nice weather for you 6 and a half long hours of negotiations between vladimir putin and air to one mostly in private the hardest thing to decide was hi big this so-called security zone should be and who controls it. in a very low temps discussions we have succeeded in finding a solution which in my opinion is very important and promising. it is the solution for the very complicated situation that the turkish syrian border. the main outcome is that russian military police and syrian border guards are to work together during the ceasefire to ensure that syrian kurdish forces retreats russian and turkish troops will take control of
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a buffer zone 10 kilometers wide. had demanded 35 kilometers. syrian refugees will move into the areas that are to be cleared of terrorists. to facts around 1000000 people in. turkey and russia will be hoping for international help in refugee resettlement proposal to establish an international safe so and was not considered in the sort she talks. do you need europeans for another unnecessary big player in a situation that's very difficult anyway and then you add in some strangers i don't think russia wants that the fewer partners the better. the sochi deal will enhance putin's rule in the region even aired to one had to accept that in the search for a solution to the syria conflict there was no way of the russian president. so are russia and turkey coming together or are they still competing for influence
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in syria correspondent dorian jones has more from istanbul on what's been agreed even russia and turkey are backing rival sides in the syrian civil war what we have seen in the last couple of years is. putin increasingly working together because there is a realisation that they have to work together to bring an end to this syrian civil war which is in their all of their interests now this deal is another part of this process that was a potential flashpoint the turkish forces could ultimately get into a shooting war with the syrian regime forces further instability in syria but that deal this present deal does seem to have ended that threat it is part of a process of restoring stability to this area the fact that they are now that the kurds are now beholden to withdraw from the from the border will be a key part of turkey's objectives in this operation and we will now see turkey
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russian forces on the ground in forcing a buffer zone as part of that process again bringing the 2 countries closer together but beyond that this cooperation is also working towards bringing an end to the civil war this is part of a long process and this agreement underlines that these 2 countries have to work together to bring an end to the war and this process is seen as an important step in that process. why are we with bricks it well when british prime minister boris johnson presented his breakfast bill in parliament on choose day lawmakers approved it but then they blocked his timetable to get the u.k. out of europe by the end of this month it was the 1st time parliament has backed of breck's in a bill and it means the legislation can move on to the next stage but losing the 2nd vote means that johnson is unlikely to meet his deadline of october 31st so a snap election is now on the agenda. european council president donald tusk says he will advise e.u. leaders to grant the u.k.'s request for a bracks
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a delay the doubly correspondent bigot must follow those votes for us he has more on what the on the significance of what happened in the british parliament earlier . so 1st of all an important victory for boys johnson and these broadly speaking agreed to his deal with the european union and that's fatter than any government before him has ever come when it comes to leaving the e.u. but then quite dramatic turn of events m.p.'s do not approve of the timetable they feel that everything is too rushed that they don't have enough time to scrutinize the bill to scrutinize this agreement with the e.u. and to vote for it they fear that this is something that they can't rush through in a matter of days that this legislation is going to shape the future of the country for decades to come so what's the government now doing they are saying they're pulling the legislation there 1st of all speaking to the european union but it's
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clear that that britain cannot leave the at the end of october because polman has made clear that this is not going to happen the speculation is that now this will end in a general election that brought us johnson would do everything he can to get a general election to come about because he wants to have a majority so that when it comes to future legislation he can posit easy in the houses of parliament when he has an actual majority in the house of parliament. now to some of the other stories making news around the world protests continue in bolivia over worries of vote tampering in the country's presidential election opposition groups of call for a nationwide general strike after electoral authorities seem set to hand another term to long term president evo morales another formal tally of sunday's election showed him heading for a risky runoff international election monitors have also expressed their concern.
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thousands of taken to the streets of the lebanese capital beirut for a 6th day despite the government's announcement of an economic reform package on monday demonstrators slammed the reforms as empty promises and continued to call for leaders to step down. in iraq a government committee has blamed security forces for the deaths of nearly $150.00 people killed during protests at the start of the month no official order had been given to shoot at the protesters who are calling for an end to corruption and poor living conditions. emperor naruhito has officially ascended to japan's throne at an elaborate ceremony in tokyo now he has pledged to fulfill his duty as the 126th emperor in the world's oldest hereditary monarchy the japanese government pardon more than half a 1000000 people convicted of petty crimes to mark the occasion at the imperial
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palace in tokyo for many japanese people this was a long time coming emperor nero he too officially began his reign on the 1st of may with a series of smaller sermons but with the centuries old ceremony of ascension or so cool in the day his journey to the throne is complete. is wife massacre officially proclaimed empress. by inherited imperial states or spaced on japanese constitutions as well as on japanese imperial household law. i hereby proclaim to those within and outside of the country that i have been in throned i say made us. with prime minister shinzo up in attendance the emperor promised to be
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a symbol of the state to pray for peace in the world and to stand with the people. prime minister shinzo abbay congratulated him shouting or long live the emperor and going to combat. the other. the. other. dignitaries from around the world witnessed the ceremony. and those who weren't on the official guest list just watched the ceremony wherever they could. but this is such a good day of celebration the sun is shining through the clouds now and it feels a spacious i feel so peaceful and thankful. not only to one month ago appeared to be popular with the japanese public and on november the 10th the couple will have
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an official pride. in champions league football and munich travelled to greece to face olympiakos and escaped with a narrow victory use of gave olympiakos the lead in the 23rd minute but 2 goals from 11 fired by anahad the polish international is now the 5th highest score of all time in the champions league a spirited olympiakos pressed to the end but by and came away with a 32 win. still in soccer but now to its dockside a new study published by the university of glasgow says professional footballers face an increased risk of dying of dementia and other neurological diseases the study's results confirm a long suspected link between soccer and brain damage. a common sight on football pitches the risk of brain damage and head injuries
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a concern shared in many sports now where university of glasgow study has established the link between football and brain damage while heading the ball is suspected to be a key factor the cause has not been confirmed but the risk of mortality with alzheimer's disease was about 5 times higher than we expect from population through more sneering disease where it was around 4 times higher to parkinson's disease where we saw doubling the study is the largest looking into neurodegenerative disease in any sport surveying thousands of men who played professionally in scotland between 190976 and while football poses a risk playing professional sport still has a positive impact overall. higher risk of near gentle disease they have a lower risk of other common illnesses such as z's and cancers and so when you balance that together what we find is that up to age 70 or footballers have lower
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mortality we would expect from population controls so once we get beyond the age of 70 the mortality increases dr stuart now plans further study hoping to conclusively prove exactly which aspects of the game of putting lives at risk. what do you do when a historic lighthouse is about to fall into the ocean simple you put it on wheels and move it in land it's not theory it's already been done by danish engineers take a look and buckle up. perched spectacularly at the edge of a cliff but the coastline that it was expected to tumble into the north sea by 2023 the ruby canoe to lighthouse 120 years old 25 meters tall weighing 720 tons engineers here in denmark came up with a solution put it on wheels and move it inland on rails to a more secure location it used to be 200 meters from the coast before sand shifting
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and erosion left it only 6 metres from the precipice. after weeks of preparations the lighthouse was moved around 60 meters inland on tuesday at a maximum speed of 8 meters per hour. the lighthouse stopped operating in 1968 when sands started burying adjacent buildings. the surrounding dunes attract over a quarter 1000000 visitors a year. and hundreds of people braved the cold and when to watch the spectacle on tuesday now the lighthouse should be safe to visit for decades to come. now to an elephant's long journey from chile to a sanctuary in brazil rambo finally made it after being mistreated for 14 years as a circus animal has finally found his feet in
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a safe space for elephants in western brazil she's estimated to be over 50 years old but she's still not too long in the tusk to have fun. coming up in just a moment a deed of new documentary new gun law i'm told me a lot of all thanks for watching. he affronts dear antonio here's a scene that when your mother was born in 1969 the world was already 8 years old and you know my grandchildren were born after the wall fell born in a marina find your. 3 generations one family on a journey through recent german history. the birth. starts november 6th on d w.


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