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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  October 23, 2019 6:02am-6:31am CEST

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canadian voters decided to remain true to trudeau justin trudeau will remain can of the prime minister thanks to a progressive platform a no to negativity and thanks to 2 presidents south of the border and endorsement from barack obama and no endorsement from donald trump apparently helped carry the prince of canada's camelot into a 2nd term but this is no fairy tale tonight an election seen as a clear victory over populism what it says about the popularity of justin trudeau that is not so clear i'm bored often for lent this is the day. tonight canadians rejected division and negativity they're just trying to bring
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money into the we will make life more affordable young lady and i'm going to continue to happen if you aren't there making last minute we will continue to fight climate change we feel bad and he's going to take attention. on the environment we're going to get votes we will get guns all fired streets into. the problem and the mass killings that are attached to the guy you are sending our liberal team that to what i'm going through actions are short political but they don't get stretched out the way they do. in the u.s. . also coming up 10000 years long live the emperor that is what the world's royal elites blue blood and political alike heard today as they watched japan's new emperor now ready to take his place on the chrysanthemum the room. but this is such a good day of celebration the sun shining through the clouds now and it feels
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a specious i feel so peaceful and thankful that. what you our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with an election victory that was almost an election upset voters in canada yesterday decided to stay the course with their progressive prime minister justin trudeau and at the same time they brought him down a notch his win back in 2015 considered a millennial milestone did not get that kind of repeat in 2019 despite his government's achievements scandals involving racism and corruption diminish trudeau's political shine in fact the race against his conservative rival was considered too close to call in the end trudeau has secured a 2nd perhaps shaky term in office the election outcome has echoes of the us presidential election in 2016 trudeau lost the popular vote yesterday but he still
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won the election sound familiar he's the 1st canadian leader to do that in decades while that may give him and us president donald trump something in common it was their obvious differences which many believe helped buoy trudeau during the campaign there was also that endorsement from the former u.s. president barack obama when the jury is still out on how that helped or hurt the prime minister what is certain tonight justin trudeau has his work cut out for him a minority government and weakened political power both await him we have this report. it was a close election but justin trudeau and his liberal party retained power to my fellow canadians it is been the greatest honor of my life to serve you for these past 4 years bentonite you are sending us back to work 1st. we think this is going civility seriously than we were for you for your say will is
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and for your future. 4 more years in which governing will be harder for trudeau his party lost the majority in monday's election and now has to form a minority government to pass legislation it will need the support of smaller parties it was an ugly campaign last minute help came from former us president barack obama who endorsed trudeau i was proud to work with justin trudeau as president he is a hardworking effective leader who takes on big issues like climate change the world needs is progressive leadership now and i hope our neighbors to the north supports him for another term. as young voters all over the world get more politicized canada's young activists also have clear expectations from trudeau. and young canadians have never seen in 10 years they have been. there making last minute and they are lives are generally more difficult now the older generation or
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parents are interested and so we need our government to actually do something you know something to do plans to provide and his 2nd term you are sending our liberal team back to work back to ottawa with a clear mandate we will make life more affordable we will continue to fight climate change we will get guns off our streets and we will keep. promises he can only keep if he makes friends across the aisle. all right well we are joined tonight from all the world by our correspondent published holy us public is good to see you i see you're trying to stay dry there let's talk about the dry campaign of justin trudeau he he's a weakened leader today he's facing a minority government and the election results show that canada is a country as divided as ever so all when all no one really won yesterday is that
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the impression that you have. well the impression i have is that overall there were many losers in in monday's vote of course starting with justin trudeau the liberals though they've gone from holding a minority majority government to now facing at the prospects of it while they have a minority government i'm going to need the help of some of the smaller parties who are also hoping to do considerably better most notably the n.d.p. they didn't perform as well as they had hoped even though they'd seen some sort of reserve amongst particularly younger voters in the last couple weeks of back campaigning but there were some big winners amongst the small parties probably the only winners were in fact a block of course the becker nationalist party they in fact tripled the number of m.p.'s that they're going to have in the parliament behind me and they could become very important along with the n.d.p.
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for justin trudeau one of the other big losers of course was the conservatives andrew scheer they had a poor performance compared to what they were hoping for even though their numbers were up when compared to 2015 so it's going to be very difficult now for justin trudeau to see how he can somehow manage to keep his minority government you know controlling for at least 2 years and hopefully he's saying for years you know canadians they don't wipe coalition governments i think the last one they had was 1917 so it isn't a major handicap for trudeau to have a minority government the way that it would be maybe for european countries. yeah it may seem like something that's quite unstable for many european countries you know but here in canada it's something that canadians are quite used to and sort of accept what justin trudeau will have to do is instead of going into
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a coalition he'll seek sort of a. some of those smaller parties over how he can pass legislation most notably the n.d.p. and the bloc have acquired i said and you know possibly even the greens for certain types of legislation so canadian seem a little bit on phase but what people here in canada are talking about is more of the division between the western part of the country and we'll say the eastern part of the country and in fact the liberals didn't even manage to gain one seat in cisco actually and in alberta that's in the prairie land of canada so that's where a lot of focus is now on what went wrong for at justin trudeau and how he's going to manage to garner support from some of those smaller parties on asking about trudeau and the us president last week barack obama in an uncharacteristic move endorsed justin trudeau he tweeted the world needs his progressive leadership now
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it's interesting to know that president donald trump he offered no comment before the election but today sent his congratulations to true to the twitter strong tweeted canada is well served i look forward to working with you towards the betterment of both countries so probably did the endorsement from obama did it matter in this election results i mean trump silence before the election was that a positive for trudeau i mean what's being said. a. well of course you know the politics of will say the conservatives of andrew scheer in many ways you know similarities to what we see in canada so their neighbor in the united states but really you know the focus very much was here on canada what's interesting is what donald trump said there and working together let's not forget of course that canada is going to have to ratify the new trade deal that they have with mexico and the united states very soon and let's also not forget the president
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trump coal to justin trudeau dishonest after the g. 7 summit here in back last year so it'll be interesting to see how their relationship bed develops over the next few years. are either corresponding public wholly dealing with a very rainy all the war tonight or both think you are going to get dry. human good then starting 12 noon on october 23rd within 150 hours why p.g. terrorists and their arms will be removed to a depth of 30 kilometers. their fortifications and positions will be destroyed. after 150 hours in the west and east of the area of operation peace spring with a depth of 10 kilometers turkish and russian joint patrols will begin that you should look at that in the solutions which i believe
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a very important even crucial will allow the acute situation that has developed on the syrian turkish border to be resolved he skipped well that was russian president putin along with turkish president air to one announcing today what the immediate future of northern syria will look like all according to their plan almost at the minute that u.s. brokered cease fire between the turks and the kurds expired russia emerged to bring order to chaos and to fill the void left by the united states russia is the major power broker now in syria and it says kurdish forces will have 6 days to retreat from the syrian turkish border once the kurds have withdrawn russian and turkish forces will patrol the border area there is however an alternative plan for northern syria's future a german plan germany's defense minister under great current bottler is proposing an internationally controlled safe zone in the same area that russia says its
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forces will soon take control along with the turkish military how much of a chance does this german proposal hath we have more now in this report. at german proposal a fun international military operation in north and syria at paradigm shift in german foreign policy for decades western partners have asked jimmy to to. take on more responsibility in defense of operations with burden exercising restraint foreign minister was displeased at come combo us solo effort. there is a certain you're teachin along our partners and this is indisputable to the situation as described there's currently no discussion among our partners to establish an international protections our efforts toward a security zone in north and syria seem self-evident at 1st glance the border region between turkey and syria had been previously controlled by the turkish
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i.p.g. but on october 9th turkey started a military offense to oust the kurds from the region according to the jim defense ministers proposal this area would be controlled and protected through a un mandate. because here it isn't would seek to resume the fight against terror and against isis which is currently come to a standstill into a tide some of the is the gulf and they may be there for it will also ensure that we stabilize the region so that rebuilding civilian life this once again possible and so that those who have fled can also return with entirely if it's in 5 minutes of me that could experts in the region believe any proposal that helps protect the kurdish population it's worth considering germany's opposition parties however criticized the minister's approach it raises more questions than anstice was no 20 could be any much more pressure on turkey is needed so that turkish troops are
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withdrawn a real strict arms embargo including on the weapons that have already been approved and massive economic pressure is also needed to survive through my seat for economy shed took on a good come combo us proposal could be discussed later this week at a nato meeting but even if nato partners and russia agree to a safety zone implementation would be a difficult task. well i'm joined tonight here at the big table by roderick he's a veteran he's a member of the german parliament for chancellor angela merkel's conservative c.d.u. party he's also a member of parliament foreign affairs committee and he is a former general staff officer in the german armed forces mr vegas good to have you back on the show let's let's start with what happened today in sochi and the agreement that we're seeing between russia and turkey what do you make of this common ground that they've failed you know my feeling is very ambiguous the advantage of this meeting was that we have
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a ceasefire also for the next 6 days however it is completely unclear whether there will be a kind of ethnic exchange what will happen to the kurdish people what's with the refugees in the area. there are a lot of questions the kurds said today that they've already withdrawn from the area that they're supposed to be withdrawing from the next 6 days so they say one thing turkey says the opposite do you think that we have a preprogramed military conflict between the kurds in the church in the next week i think it's also a security measure of turkey to avoid that there is any presence of kurdish fighters and of respect of syrian people who are related to the kurdish fighters so i think it's a security measure which gives also time for international proposals and it's also time for potential hugo she ations with other bodies like the united nations or
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european union are is germany prepared to germany have a plan if turkey were to get into a military conflict with turkish what with the kurds if there were to be a bloodbath a slaughtering of the kurds what would be germany's reaction our direction is already that turkey has violated the international law it's a break off the international law the humanitarian law and therefore it's not acceptable what has happened and on the other side if turkey receives a text on their ground it is not an article 5 operation because they have a while later to inject they could not create an article 5 for nato defense that they've invaded a country that's true what about the threat by the turkish president or one to open the floodgates and let refugees come to europe does that concern you no i don't think so because he has a lot of advantages in cooperating with the european union he's receiving
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a lot of money his country about 6000000000 euros already 3000000000 euros have. reached the accounts of his government nevertheless we. an interest that turkey is not pushed out of the western community and the turkey is closing the ties with the european union and others so he would not like to isolate russia only took what about turkey and russia though what we're seeing here you've got 2 foes that are actually now that the united states is out of the picture they seem to be coming together more in war is is that in your interest is that in germany's interest to see a nato member doubling up with lead in your boot i think it's in the strategy of russia of putin to split the cohesion of the western community and it's up on to show that he is already on the side of nato but i think the
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a membership of the nato membership of turkey is at stake and we have to do a lot to convince everyone to stay with nato not to to implement the s 400 and to show also to putin that the western stance course if together and we give and on a good come combo has given took a chance with with a proposal you know me ask you about that proposal yesterday she made that proposal public and it calls for a safe zone along the border between syria and turkey to be administered by what she described as it as an international force of some sort is that a realistic plan in your opinion well i think this plan has 3 or 4 different layers the 1st is the european union will care about refugees and to keep them in the region 2nd it's an offer to turkey to cooperate again with the west and
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to show that they are a step fost member of nato 3rd it's also a sign to russia russia as a region as the. we are not offering proposals now there is one very surprisingly for russia not for us and 4th it's also a sign of burden sharing towards united states they have given up the region they have created the chaos started with obama and his red lines and now with from so we show that we europeans would like to take over responsibility in the vicinity are you talking about maybe german troops sharing a patrol with russian troops in northern syria is that what we could possibly be looking at it's a question of the force approach post-show it's a question of the international law is that the united nations mandate what we at least need is russian presence our syrian liaison officers are turkey liaison
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officers but it should be in operation together of you're opinion member states of regional actors and with russia and so on so it should be open should be it need to be defined you don't think russia though is going to feel threatened because right now russia is flexing its military muscle in the region has no one to challenge it why would it live over and share responsibility with with europe i think russia needs. the western community for the restructuring of syria we need to refurbish the whole country and somebody needs to in west and i don't think that russia has the power to invest in the region and on the other side our interest is not to in west that without any or had some result so the idea is that we cooperate in the region and this is the key the core issue of the nickel come come on all right well dick he's
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a veteran member of the german parliament and imber of parliament's foreign affairs committee stickies a veteran we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us and come back as i think we're really talking about this plan again so you thank you thank you so much in haiti. emperor. has officially ascended to japan's throne at an elaborate ceremony in tokyo he has pledged to fulfill his duty as the 126 in the world's oldest hereditary monarchy the japanese government pardoned more than half a 1000000 people today convicted of petty crimes to mark the occasion at the imperial palace for many japanese people this was a long time coming emperor not officially began his reign on the 1st of may with a series of smaller ceremonies but with the centuries old ceremony of ascension or so cool you know today his journey to the throne is complete. his wife
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months ago officially proclaimed empress. i inherited imperial states are spaced on japanese constitutions as well as on japanese imperial household law. i hereby proclaim to those within and outside of the country that i have been in throned i say made. with prime minister shinzo up in attendance the emperor promised to be a symbol of the state to pray for peace in the world and to stand with the people. prime minister shinzo abbay congratulated him shouting or long live the emperor. and going to come under. the other of the.
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dignitaries from around the world witnessed the ceremony. and those who point on the official guest list just watched the ceremony wherever they could. but it was this is such a good day of celebration the sun is shining through the clouds now and it feels a suspicious i feel so peaceful and thankful. not oh he to one mustn't go appeared to be popular with the japanese public and on november the 10th the couple will have an official private. school there's a different kind of royal drama in thailand the king there has stripped his junior wife of her titles and military right. but i'd like it when see me not what you are a park became the king's consulate in july she enters the secret if in the circle
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of tons powerful royal family. also known as the 34 year old cues to be an army nurse trained pilot bodyguard and a major general for several years she was seen at the side of the king but this you see not status was formally recognized on the king's birthday she was to 1st woman to receive a royal noble consulate in nearly a century. but the honor was short lived on monday the palace announced that it was stripping her off all her official titles and ranks but at that very high credit i got my parole by the her royal naval conflict so now art is ungrateful and behaves and her eyes are unbecoming of her title that are not equal and the palace says has any not tried to block the king's long term partner citied or to become queen that didn't happen the king then appointed city not as his official consort but she was
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in quote satisfied and did everything to be equal to the queen the dramatic downfall of singing art has stunned many in thailand but the country's strict defamation laws mean there is little open comment on the king's move. the best we can do is acknowledge the situation it and talk about it online whether it's on facebook or twitter. but no one dares to criticize it and public. safety corey has become a trending hash tag on social media a user criticizes that the accused does not even have the right to explain the allegations. for now seanie not staying out of the public eye and thailand's royals are not expected to comment further. well there has always dawned the competition continues online and remember no matter what happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see then everybody.
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says. downsizing sustainable growth. the economy and economics need to be green invented. we have to change our ways in order to save the planet. but some people are willing to forgo consumerism and a mate is
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a gadget. made in germany next to a double. point and shoot a gun what happens in the brain. and why are more and more germans taking up this cause. for a long time there was an aversion to firearms in germany but not gun sales so cynical and illegal are rising. why this new interest guns where does it come from. new gun law. as you fight against w. i think it's everything channing i think i'm listening. so much different culture
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between here and there still challenging for if. i'm. serious i think it was worth it for me to come to germany. and i got my license to work as a swimming instructor here and now our 2 children wanted us to swim fast up to speed. what's your story take part cherish on info migrants dot net. growth is a key factor for prosperity in any society that's basic economics but in the face of rising concern about our natural environment and the effects of climate change
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more and more people are asking could it be that less growth is actually molts or can we achieve growth that is actually good for the planet.


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